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Bergen- Belsen. SAS entry into the Camp

LT John Randell RA/SAS

April 15, 1945, Lieutenant John Randall, then a 24-year-old SAS officer, was on a reconnaissance mission in northern Germany. He and his driver were heading down the road to Lüneberg when he noticed a large,
imposing iron gate in front of a track leading off into the woods to their left. Curious, Randall decided to investigate, and so discovered one of the most horrifying aspects of Hitler's Germany.

We were totally unprepared for what we had stumbled across,'' says Randall,
''I just drove through these gates because they were open. There were one or two totally dejected-looking German guards, but they made no effort to shoot. They didn't even stop us.''

So when did it dawn on you that this was a concentration camp,..
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Remember @Gillette’s uber-woke #MeToo ad that insulted the very customers who buy their products?

Well #SAS Scandinavian Air has one-upped Gillette’s woke-ness! Their new ad actually attacks the culture of the entire region they serve!

This pro-globalist, anti-nationalist ad was so poorly received in Scandinavian countries that SAS pulled it...until the globalists lashed out and accused SAS of giving in to the “nationalists.”

So they put it back up...but disabled the comments—plugging their ears to critics.
Attacking the proud culture of the Scandinavian people doesn’t make sense? Or does it?

Leftists are allowing this region to be decimated by immigrants not interested in assimilation—who are only there to leech off the social programs.

Are they hoping to appease these newcomers?
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ini #CeritaRumah @S_ArsitektropiS yang dibangun di kawasan banjir Ibukota. Kelapa Gading

A thread;
Jadi begini, ini adalah proyek pertama kali #SAS (Studio ArsitektropiS) di kelapa gading. Jelas masalah utama di sini ya banjir. Meskipun ini proyek pertama, tp jangan kuatir, arsiteknya sudah kenyang sama air karena selalu jadi korban banjir sejak tahun 96!
karena sesama warga kelapa gading, jadi waktu klien dateng pertama kali, lgsg berchemistry. Ibarat kata, cmn saling menatap mata aja dah paham maunya apa 🥴
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1. Secret trials in 🇦🇺? Surely not. Expunging the convicted's name from public record? It couldn't happen here could it?

READ ON... It happened to @WitnessJ8

"Who is Canberra’s mysterious ‘secret prisoner’?" By Robert Macklin

#Auspol @OZloop #WintessJ…
2. Author ROBERT MACKLIN finds himself drawn into murky, security intrigue as Canberra’s “secret prisoner”, an Australian soldier stripped by the government of his real name, takes on the Alexander Maconochie Centre in court. Who is this man and what is his story? 

3. THERE is no end to the cost of war. The battlefield casualties grab the headlines, but so many of its crises take place behind the darkened shutters of our hospitals and, occasionally, our courtrooms.

One occurred in Canberra’s Supreme Court 4 last Friday (November 8).
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Week of July 30, 2018
1. Las Cruces Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Pornography Charges.

#childpornography #projectsafechildhood #ICAC #NewMexico…
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The Kenyan Vets were sidelined to pave way for AFRICA PARKS who will manage our Game Parks. Balala @tunajibu has been paid, it's not about 'race'. It is about a new regime in the North run by the British. Africa Park's President is Prince Harry
@alaminkimathi @Citizen_Alert1
mathenge joe @mathengejn >>"Ian Craig is the new Cecil Rhodes,the new #coloniser who confirms the adage that colonisers never went anywhere; they have just changed tactics and that's why we need to be entirely vigilant.
We agree: Let us look at the timelines
Our President @UKenyatta did a "deal" back when he was confirmed as President. He did this with the Royal Family. Recently, he signed a secret letter with Space For Giants. And @BrandKenya was unveiled....
Maasai were the most important natives on the branding - as servants
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