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I've put all three of my #agu20 talks online so you can watch them without needing an (expensive) registration! (short thread)
My first #AGU20 talk lists 10 things climate change and coronavirus have in common - from their disproportionate impact on the marginalized & poor to rampant disinformation. What can we learn from this past year that could help us fix the climate crisis?
My second #AGU20 talk is for my fellow scientists who are interested in communication beyond the ivory tower. How can we be more effective? Focus, learn, practice ... and evaluate!
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I just participated in this session on failure, and I learned so much from my fellow panelists and the amazing, supportive comments from attendees. I wanted to share a few concrete strategies that have helped me. #AGU20 #INV15 #AGUEarlyCareer
In grad school, my advisor normalized rejection, which really helped. I've passed his advice on to my own students: give yourself a day to mope and grieve, eat ice cream, cry, etc., and then dust yourself off and move on.
What I like about this is that it gives you space to feel perfectly valid emotions, but you don't let yourself get bogged down or to dwell. You can the review comments on the shelf and come back a week or a month later, and re-assess with a clear head and heart.
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Excited to be in #AGU20’s tutorial on #MachineLearning for #Geoscience today with over 1200 registered participants from across the world!
First time I'm hearing about the Zarr data format for breaking large datasets into a large number of small binary files that are good for cloud storage.
Thanks so much @DJGagneDos for a great intro ML talk at #AGU20 and for sharing a link to your recorded talk/slides as presented to the NCAR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE (AI4ESS) Summer School!…
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How did the Landsat mission go from the spark of an idea to a 50-year legacy, with 350 posters & presentations citing the mission at this year’s #AGU20 meeting alone?
Discover in Landsat 9: Continuing the Legacy, narrated by @MarcEvanJackson
In the 48 years that @NASA/@USGSLandsat has documented Earth from space, technology has changed dramatically – and the Landsat 9 satellite launching next year carries instruments that will provide an even richer view of the planet than its predecessors.
The images collected by Landsat are often beautiful, sure.
But it’s the freely available data within those scenes that appeal to scientists and resource managers around the globe.
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Just getting around to watching the many excellent #AGU20 talks on the atmospheric effects of COVID-19-driven societal changes. While I would've liked to have attended the live sessions, I am loving watching these on demand at 1.5-2x speed. A few highlights (of many) in a thread:
Greg Frost presents a scientific smorgasbord of @NOAA's COVID AQ research in the United States over recent months. Measurements and fuel-based inventories show significant reductions in motor vehicle emissions that are confirmed by satellites.…
Daniel Sauer (@dns4861) reports exciting results from the @DLR_en #BlueSky Falcon campaign that suggest the ~80% reduction in commercial flights over Germany translate into reduced particle and reactive traces gases concentrations in the upper troposphere.…
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Webinar on tools for assessing national #climate pledges (NDCs) by @WRIClimate. @davidwaskow reminds: #ParisAgreement is meant to work thru an iterative process of increasing ambition (faster emission reductions), leading to #netzero emissions by 2050. (Thread 1/n)
The world is currently WAY over our #carbonbudget for where we need to be to align with #ParisAgreement. Orange= countries will do under any event; red = conditional (e.g., will do if they get needed finance). We have LOTSA emissions to reduce fast @davidwaskow @WRIClimate (2/n)
Of 21 indicators assessed for #ParisAgreement:
2 are on track (e.g., crop yields)
13 right direction but too slow (e.g., need electric vehicle sales to be 22x faster than now)
2 in wrong direction: forests, ag emissions
@davidwaskow from @climateactiontr, @WRIClimate et al 3/n
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Interested in forecast verification? #AGU20

I pitch climpred ( dev w/ @rileyxbrady @AndrewDrew1 @KPegion) powered by @dask_dev @xarray_dev @pangeo_data

A110 - Advances in ESM Across Timescales I eLightning…

Friday, 11th 13:39 CET
Video run-through of the poster:…

Meet me at my poster (also if you’re not officially attending AGU): Friday, 11th 14-15CET. Please ping me when interested in different times.
BTW: The visualisation at the right in the first tweet is the dask labextension in JupyterLab @ProjectJupyter. It shows how @dask_dev parallelizes the workload on to 72 CPUs of one node on the supercomputer I am using.
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.@theAGU hosts a massive conference of Earth and space scientists every December, usually in San Francisco (photos below from previous years). My 1st meeting was in 2003 as a masters' student. In this #thread I'll share highlights from #AGU20, my first time attending virtually! ImageImage
#Agriculture (esp replacing forests with cropland) has been changing the #climate for 6,000+ years. Ancient warming made Europe + East Asia more suitable for cultivation, lengthened Eur. growing season, find @Chris_Kucharik @NRamankutty et al. #AGU20
Something cool I discovered this year at #AGU20 (thanks to @KateBrauman) is the MacGyver session, w/ hacks including a test for #COVID19 in wastewater & a system to lure vineyard pests away with mating calls instead of harmful sprays.…
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Our special #AGU20 session on "Climate Change & Coronavirus: Crucial Conversations" is TODAY. If you're registered for #AGU2020, join us for interactive discussions starting at 12P. If you aren't, you can still watch all the amazing keynotes anytime for FREE. Here's how (thread)
I'll be kicking off the session with "10 things climate change and coronavirus have in common" from their impact on the economy and our health to the misinformation and communication challenges they pose. Watch here:
Next up, @DrAriBernstein, pediatrician + director of @HarvardCCHANGE who speaks powerfully to the intersections between climate, covid, pollution & our health. He's my personal go-to on this topic so you don't want to miss his talk, "salvation comes cheap"
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It's Monday morning and my AGU digital poster that I worked on tirelessly over break is showing up completely erased 😥 ...strongly resisting the urge to go back to bed
Ok yeah even though it was still showing up with all my content in edit mode, now even that is blank--everything is gone, only visible in the preview thumbnail #AGU20
Trying not to have a panic attack, good thing I downloaded the "print poster" thingy earlier; hoping others do the same!!! This is not fun lol
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