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Heat pumps are an essential climate solution. But there's very little data on how much they actually cost.

To fill some of the gap, we surveyed homeowners and analyzed publicly available data.

Here's what we learned:


#energytwitter #climatetwitter
First, I should start with the problem that motivated this research:

Most data on the cost of heat pumps is widely inaccurate.

If you look up how much a heat pump costs on Google, you'll probably land on a page from This Old House, Angi, or HomeAdvisor.
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This work session at the @PUCTX is starting now. I will tweet about the discussions throughout the day on this thread.

#energytwitter #txlege #txenergy
They begin by delaying a decision on HCAP, the $9000MWh price cap until they've decided on ORDC (Operating Reserve Demand Curve) as the two are related. Their analysis of ORDC change impacts is not ready so they will hold off on any decisions on either.
Long discussion here of ORDC. Cmsr. Glotfelty asks What is ORDC for? What problem are we trying to solve? Cmsr. McAdams makes the point that ORDC can incent distributed generation and demand response like at @HEB and @bucees. Talks about varying cooling load for freezers
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I’m writing a #CartoonClimate 2nd ed, and the draft has our best guess for BAU as SSP3-7.0. Here’s my case, but I invite #ClimateTwitter and #EnergyTwitter to disagree! @hausfath @ramez @DrKateMarvel @AdrianRaftery1 @RogerPielkeJr @KHayhoe @JosephMajkut @RobertStavins [Thread]
2/ Context: The draft mentions the possibility of a low-emissions future (“electrify everything”) and a high-emissions future (fossil-fueled catch-up) and specifies key issues—economic growth, technology, policy—before laying out our best guess for a no-more-policy BAU.
3/ A good part of my case comes from this chart from EIA’s IEO 1994, modified to include 2010 actuals. One modification was to move the legend because China 2010 was almost off the chart! (Note that this shows C; multiply by 3.67 to get CO2.) Take-off growth is unpredictable.
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#ClimateTwitter Direct Air Capture (DAC)

In 2011, Rob Socolow estimated that 1MtCO₂/yr DAC would require a contact structure with height 10m & length of 5km.

Is that still the case?

If I look at these pictures of Climeworks Orca via @EdgarHertwich

The height is ~3m, the length ~10m, & 4 units
Area: 120m² for 4000tCO₂/yr
Or: 30,000m² for 1MtCO₂/yr (120/4*1000)

If 10m high (Socolow), then contact structure ~3km long.

This is rather crude, but is quite similar to the original Socolow estimate. If true, this is fascinating…

If contact structure is 10m high, then 1MtCO₂/yr requires 3-5km structure

1GtCO₂/yr requires 3-5000km
5GtCO₂/yr requires 15-25,000km

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"Have you ever published a paper that *never* would have happened without twitter?" @dsquintana

Hmmm, certainly yes, & most of my papers are in some way influenced by Twitter, & five minutes on Twitter can generate lots of new paper ideas...


Perhaps the most (in)famous climate paper in recent times only came about because @MLiebreich provoked 90% of #ClimateTwitter with #RCP85isBollox, laying the foundation for this paper with @hausfath & myself…
I met @Oliver_Geden on Twitter, & we have written several papers together (& have many ideas that are waiting some time & resources).

I suspect the trouble paper with @KevinClimate was heavily influenced by debates on Twitter…

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Food security and climate change: a critical warning for humanity-

Thread synthesizing peer-reviewed research, current news, market intelligence analysis & more.

#CodeRed #ActNow #ClimateCrisis #foodblogger #foodsecurity #news
1/x Image
In sum:

1) Significant climate change impacts on food systems are already happening, & the risk of multi-breadbasket failures is increasing,

2) We will need to adapt, but

3) There are limits to adaptation - we urgently, urgently need to cut GHG emissions & draw down CO2.
This thread consists of 3 parts:

Part 1 - The Present
Part 2 - Warnings
Part 3 - Choosing our Future

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I am thrilled to announce that in partnership with @EvergreenAction @ClimatePower @350 @ClimateHawkVote @stopfundingheat @YEARSofLIVING & @fossilfreemedia, @EndClimtSilence is today launching a CAMPAIGN to tell @nytimes 💥STOP PROMOTING FOSSIL FUELS💥

Since founding @EndClimtSilence in 2018, I have come to realize that the biggest problem facing climate journalism is the influence of fossil-fuel money on the executives running news outlets.

This influence emerges in many ways.

Broadcast network execs are, I believe, insinuating to their production and reporting teams that it's "political" or "biased" to cover the #ClimateCrisis precisely becuz they don't want to alienate their oil and gas advertisers.

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#ClimateTwitter we need to talk about percentages and denominators.

Depending on what you divide it by, any measure bringing about carbon emission reductions can be made to look ridiculously small, or huge.

Good to be aware of these things [THREAD]
For illustrative purposes, let's take this measure I've been tweeting about lately: introducing a generalised 130km/h motorway speed limit in Germany (where there isn't any) would cut annual emissions by 1.9MTCO2e.

Is it much? Is it little?
So I get people in my mentions dividing that by the *total amount of global emissions in any sector, in any country*

The precise figures below may or may not be accurate but obviously if you do that, the impact will inevitably look very small
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India is now a "chamber of horrors". I haven't experienced suffering so deep & paralyzing! In this @Lionsroar piece I share how to help India breathe, how to confront oppression in the long term, organizations to support and how to send loving-kindness 1/n
It has been absolutely brutal soaking in the collective trauma of my people. My family, friends & colleagues live in Delhi - epicenter of the current crisis.

It feels like everyone I know is on their knees begging for oxygen, medicines & places to bury/cremate the dead. 2/n
I have experienced anything like this before. I have gone through feeling utterly frozen and unable to act or grieve, to crying bitterly or being in fight and flight organizing fundraising campaigns.

Nights have been sleepless. Days have been surreal. 3/n
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Still catching up on everything I missed last week. This one is REALLY important: Aus is setting up to "backload" its emissions reductions. That is: set a net zero target, but lump all the work 2045-2050

Morrison said this very clearly and directly:…
As I explained in this @AustCCR post, it matters A LOT - LIKE, REALLY - A LOT - whether you act now or act later.

Why? Because a fast path to 0 = fewer total emissions. A slow path - more total emissions

I pick on Shell, but it's everywhere:…
Scott Morrison even literally draws a graph with his hands here - showing "achievement of net zero over time" - ie, the output of zero emissions energy - as extremely slow at first, and then fast:…
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As US convenes a Climate Summit, are developing regions a distraction from where the real action should be: emissions from HI emitters?

LDCs should focus on 1) electrification, regardless of fuel 2) slowing C growth & peaking lower 3) avoiding lock-ins.…
The real problem isn’t rising emissions from the poor, it’s lack of reductions from high-emitters (mostly the rich).

It’s worse than the graph shows. The High Emitters’ *share* is falling, but absolute emissions are still rising (0.79% annually till '19).

{photo tags are cc} Image
Developed countries: “Why should we do anything when developing regions will emit more than us?”

This is FALSE.
Increase from HI emitters over last 15 yrs > increase from LO emitters.

Conveniently also ignores per capita or past emissions.…
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*Very Biden voice* Folks, here's the deal:

At ~$1 TRILLION in total clean investment, what Biden is proposing in #JobsAct is not just bigger than clean investment in the Recovery Act of 2009 (~$90b), it's bigger than the ENTIRE Recovery Act (~$831b)!

Details #EnergyTwitter ⤵️
The White House Fact Sheet here details more than $550 billion in what we can classify generally as clean investment, incl:

$174b for EVs
$165b for public transit & rail
$100b for grid
$46b for clean energy manufacturing
$35b clean energy RD&D
& more:…
IN ADDITION, @washingtonpost reports "The plan will also include approximately $400 billion in clean-energy credits on top of the $2.25 trillion in new spending."

That takes the total clean investment in the American Jobs Act to >$950 billion.…
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Webinar on tools for assessing national #climate pledges (NDCs) by @WRIClimate. @davidwaskow reminds: #ParisAgreement is meant to work thru an iterative process of increasing ambition (faster emission reductions), leading to #netzero emissions by 2050. (Thread 1/n)
The world is currently WAY over our #carbonbudget for where we need to be to align with #ParisAgreement. Orange= countries will do under any event; red = conditional (e.g., will do if they get needed finance). We have LOTSA emissions to reduce fast @davidwaskow @WRIClimate (2/n)
Of 21 indicators assessed for #ParisAgreement:
2 are on track (e.g., crop yields)
13 right direction but too slow (e.g., need electric vehicle sales to be 22x faster than now)
2 in wrong direction: forests, ag emissions
@davidwaskow from @climateactiontr, @WRIClimate et al 3/n
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1/ Book announcement!

Making Climate Policy Work
(with David G. Victor)

🇪🇺🇬🇧EU/UK release Oct 2020, 🇺🇸US Dec 2020
@politybooks, discount code VBT99…
2/ The book pulls together big ideas in a short, accessible package. David and I look at the global experience with carbon pricing — particularly carbon markets — and ask what’s gone wrong. We set out to explain why carbon pricing hasn’t been working, then offer solutions.
3/ We’re not the first to point out political problems with carbon pricing, of course. Recently @mmildenberger and @leahstokes made their case in @BostonReview, drawing on my work in California.…
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"The idea that a tech-only solution will even work—that it's the power source, not the power structure that's the problem—seems like something only a very privileged demographic could believe"

New @RealHotTake is great -->>… Image
(obviously the power source *is* a problem, but it's a problem born of a collection of deeper, structural problems, so it makes sense to cure the root cause and treat the symptom)
At some point every person on #ClimateTwitter is going to have to come together and just all post their angry, reproachful Shellenberger emails in one go (if you haven't got one yet, I highly do not recommend it) Image
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Thread. @nature encourages authors to recommend and exclude reviewers. My personal views on the strategies that are likely to increase/decrease the chances of your recommendations being taken up ... #peerreview #scicomm #climatetwitter
What to do …
Recommend scientists with minimal connections to the author group. One could argue that your previous co-authors, advisors, etc. will be familiar with your work and are therefore well placed to comment. But I will worry about a personal COI.
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Here's a thread of some articles surrounding these topics from the @culanth archives! All free and open access! Any other ideas, #AnthroTwitter, #ClimateTwitter?
This 2017 article by Sarah Vaughn details the epistemic politics that shape the climate adaptation of sea defense in Guyana.… Image
In this article from 2018, Jason Cons explores recent development projects that seek to instill resilience in populations likely to be severely impacted by climate change.… Image
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@ShellenbergerMD wrote an opinion piece in
@Quillette with some very big claims on environment issues in order to push his new book sales. Here’s a thread on the accuracy of these claims. @EcoEye
#energytwitter #climatetwitter @gimenezbarbat @BlairKing_ca
Claim 1: “Humans are not causing a “sixth mass extinction”
False (unfortunately) - this statement completely misrepresents the view of actual scientists in the field.

“Although biologists are still debating how much the current extinction rate exceeds the background rate,
even the most conservative estimates reveal an exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity typical of a mass extinction event.
In fact, some studies show that the interacting conditions experienced today, such as accelerated climate change, changing atmospheric composition caused
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1. Check out my latest on California's cap-and-trade program:
2. At the quarterly auction last week, the state collected only $25M instead of the usual $600-800M. Why?…
3. The answer is simple—the program has too many allowances.
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Want to follow a brilliant climate economist on Twitter? Follow @MarkVinPaul! He's super sharp.

Let's get him a ton of new followers for his birthday tomorrow!!!
🎂🍰🧁🎉🎁 🎊🎀🎇🥳
30 new followers in 3 minutes! #climatetwitter, I ❤️ you.
50 followers in 5 minutes...
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The new and mindboggling numbers on the methane emissions from the Permian Basin makes me wonder: has most of the progress to date in reducing U.S. GHG emissions been illusory, given much of it has been secured by coal-to-gas switching? #energytwitter #climatetwitter 1/n
Alvarez et al established an overall methane leakage rate for the natural gas sector at 2.3%, much higher than EPA estimates, and disturbing given that at 2.7% there is no net gain from coal-to-gas switching. 2/n
Now, with Zhang et al and Negron et al, we know that the Alvarez et al estimate is too low, and the EPA estimates are WAY too low. 3/n
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Friends! I'm selling signed copies of my new book, Short Circuiting Policy, to support my local bookstore @chaucersbooks during this hard time. I've got 100 copies to sell.

Can the power of #climatetwitter + #energytwitter sell these books? LET'S DO THIS.…
Special thanks to @OUPPolitics which gave Chaucer's a great discount on the books. That means every copy you buy goes a *long* way to supporting this local bookstore. Thanks friends!
If you are wary of using a google form (note: I am the person with the information -- just me!) you can alternatively email me your shipping information and venmo me money and I will pay the store on your behalf. The details are on the Google form. Thanks!
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Okay - since the CSIRO's modelling has come up a few times, it is really worth digging into the specifics of what that report says - and specifically, what the *science* says about *policy* (because they're deeply linked, no matter what Taylor insists).
The report is called the "Australian National Outlook" - ANO - and it's a compendium of forward-looking projections. They're stories of the future where Australia stagnates, and where it thrives.

One aspect of 'thriving' is net zero by 2050 emissions.
The 'technical report' is good. For the net zero by 2050 scenario they model, this shows exactly what the "net" means: electricity does most of the heavy lifting, transport sees big reductions, but ag and stationary don't change that much.

The rest? offset using reforestation.
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Thread: Bezos will spend $10 billion of his own fortune to give out grants to scientists, activists and nonprofits to help fight climate change. Bravo!
Lots of hot takes today about the new #BezosEarthFund... most of which focus on Bezos’ idiosyncrasies, Amazon’s environmental footprint, or the role of wealth in society. Note: This is not a thread about whether billionaires are bad.… @teddyschleifer /2
As someone who was responsible for $100M+ worth of climate grants for another, ahem, relatively high-profile billionaire philanthropist, I think there’s a relatively obvious yet under-appreciated question posed by Bezos’ $10B pledge... /3
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