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Exciting news from #climatebookclub!

We’re taking December off, but our next TWO books are lined up, so get the books 📚, start reading for 2020 and grab your calendars... 🗓️

Brief THREAD with all the deets! 🧵
In January, we will read “RISING: Dispatches from the New American Shore" by @ElizabethaRush. We will meet here on Thursday January 23 at 4:30 PM PST / 7:30 PM EST to discuss the book.

Mark your calendar for January's #climatebookclub!
@ElizabethaRush Apart from being a finalist for the Pulitzer, RISING is also @ucsantabarbara’s 2020 pick for UCSB Reads — a program where everyone on campus reads the same book! For locals, I’ll also be giving a talk on campus about the book on Tuesday January 28th.
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I recently spent some time digging into cement & concrete emissions, and they are FASCINATING

(apologies to all my friends who’ve had to hear about this at length)
#climatetwitter #energytwitter
I should mention that I used to be a little obsessed with cement and concrete — I grew up next to a cement plant and won my school’s science fair with a project on strengths of different types of concrete — but I didn’t realize just how big their impact is
The current form of cement, Portland Cement, is the most common man-made material on the planet and it basically hasn’t changed at all in 200+ years
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There have been some great threads over the weekend about what makes #climatetwitter and #energytwitter productive spaces, and what makes them less so. You'll find some those threads, if you haven't already, from @leahstokes, @DoctorVive, & @LetsFishSmarter and probably others.
I've been thinking about how the less productive moments I've seen fit on here, are pretty similar to the common difficulties people have communicating with each other about complex systems.
#1 - Sometimes people are describing different sub-systems of the same system. Very old wisdom traditions teach about this, like the Indian parable of the 'blind man and the elephant. Here's the version from wikipedia:
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A thread about #ClimateTwitter, community, and disagreement.

I think we'll lose something if we use this space only to hate on climate denial, self-promote, & backslap.

While remembering we're all allies, I think we *should* ask hard questions, & argue with each other.

Climate twitter is a miraculous thing: a space where people working on climate change can talk to each other.

Scientists & longtime activists are immensely generous with their time and expertise. I personally have learned a ton from them and from every journalist here.

I am so deeply grateful that climate twitter exists.

The climate complacency in the real world is so surreal and insane that sometimes I feel like I'm in one of those nightmares in which you scream as loud as you can but no sound comes out.

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I’ve taken a Twitter break this week. I want to share some reflections about why I did this and how we are treating one another on #climatetwitter right now.

In short: I think we need to be more open as a community to constructive dialogue. THREAD.🧵
With the primary, people in our community support different candidates. That is normal. We should be open to the fact that different people have different ideas about how to solve the climate crisis without resorting to "they are deniers" or "they are fossil fuel hacks."
This isn’t just happening to a few men quoted in a recent article. In the past two weeks, I have been told I’m "not an energy expert" that my concerns about feasibility are akin to "climate denial” or that I am "spreading misinformation."
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0/ I've enjoyed the #climatetwitter discussions about whether climate scientists should be reducing or eliminating airplane flights and I thought I'd add my own thoughts and opinions to frame this question.
1/ I think that on an individual level, the "let's fly"/"no fly"/"reduce fly" decision is an interesting and complex issue. On the one hand, the marginal impact of one additional passenger flight is, of course, negligible, for several reasons.
2/ By deciding to get on a plane that is already planning to fly to its destination, you are going to perhaps use a tiny bit more fuel because the plane weighs a bit more with you and your luggage.
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THREAD: In a new study in @nature we present a way to avoid the bias that burdens future generations and the risky strategies that current #climate change mitigation pathways suffer from.

A #climatetwitter explainer

#Fridays4Future #ClimateStrike #ParisAgreement

Existing #ClimateChange scenarios focus on reaching a target in 2100

but by doing so weirdly suggest that the best way to achieve a #climate target is to delay action first, miss it over the next decades, and then to try to make up for it later

This puts put a disproportionate burden on future generations, who:
-will suffer higher #climate impacts in their lives
-are burdened with later cleaning up the mess by actively pulling #CO2 out of the air

This strategy is very risky and can be avoided

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mini-THREAD on a new debate between @KevinClimate and myself in @nature's @NatureNV column on the role of integrated assessment models (IAMs) in #climate strategies which inform much of @IPCC_CH recommendations. #climatetwitter #energytwitter 1/3
.@KevinClimate argues IAMs accelerate climate policy failure by promoting technocratic solutions & detracting attention from necessary social change. I respond that IAMs are indispensable to analyse driving forces of climate change & the scale of transformations needed 2/3
Both technocratic and social solutions can be represented in IAMs, but whether it is more feasible to deploy massive negative emissions or to radically change lifestyles should be established by disciplines other than IAMs. 3/3
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1/ Okay #climatetwitter and #energytwitter. Today I've been compiling a list of the top models I used for energy analysis. I figured I would make this publicly available as a resource for other folks, and to hear about what I'm missing.
2/ First a shameless plug for our (@EnergyInnovLLC) free model, the Energy Policy Simulator. The EPS covers 8 regions (US, China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, and KSA) and forecasts how policies affect energy, emissions, and cash flows.
3/ Next, work by others A-Z:

Asia-Pacific Energy Research Center Energy Demand and Supply Outlook

Energy projections for many Asian-Pacific and other countries through 2050, with information on types of energy consumed and power sector composition.…
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Message to fellow climate scientists & #ClimateTwitter: After seeing many variations on theme "Are we going to reach a catastrophe in 12 years?”, I think it could be more helpful if we were focusing instead on: "How much climate change can still be considered safe?” (Thread; 1/n)
This thread builds upon my recent @theAGU webinar (see below) and the @IPCC_CH #SR15 report… (2/n)
Many scientists point - rightfully - to the fact that we cannot state with certainty that climate would suddenly go berserk in 12 years if we weren’t doing any climate mitigation. But who can state with certainty that we would be safe beyond that stage or even before that? (3/n)
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Dear #ClimateTwitter - I've seen your recent tweets about mental wear-and-tear from the staggering amount of work before you, often draped in a blanket of hateful resentment about your work. I have felt it too, for 15 years. Let me tell you a true story about why you matter. 1/n
I'm from Oklahoma. You know about a big part of our climate history. They've written novels about it. Woody wrote songs about it. We lost a fifth of our population to it. 2/n
The girl standing on your left / her right is Idris Grubis. That's probably her little sister Gladys on the lap. That's probably their birth mother, Lutie. This was during good times, near Crowder, OK, in the 1920s. My grandmother, Vivian, told me about these girls. 3/n
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There are a couple insights in this @sullydish piece (referencing @NiskanenCenter) that are being missed by #energytwitter (yay) and #climatetwitter (yikes), which are easily titillated by invocations of nuclear power 1/…
The scale of climate is massive and the empirics—shrinking carbon budget—rising emissions) show we are going in exactly the wrong direction. So even if you have moderate tendencies, there is every reason to demand immediate policy changes and shift action. 2/
For the moderate, that means less technocratic solutions, but ambition must be similar. So big up to @aoc @DataProgress @newconsensus @rgunns et al for raising the stakes for us all and @PostOpinions for offering a counter 3/…
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