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Ditching the F35 would allow the US to invest in 17,937,000 AI-enable small and nano drones. Combined with swarming a few hundred could neutralize an entire J-20 squadron This won't happen because the DOD lacks insight into future technology & grand strategy. A short 🧵👇1/39
Did you know, DJI produces more UAV's then the rest of the world combined? 3.75 times more to be exact. Millions of those can swarm and deny the F-35 the ability to take-off / land. No problem for this 👇. 2/39
Sure these drones may only have a 2-3 lb warhead. But we can launch 30-50 at a single target. Sure they may only have a 2 hour endurance but that's easily solvable. The J-20 has absolutely no counter for this. It's amazing how much the DOD has dropped the ball on this. 3/39 Image
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Zeit für einen Überblick über die 🇸🇩 Sudanesischen Luftstreitkräfte. "Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya As-Sudaniya" (Quelle: World Air Forces by Flight International) 1/9 🧵 #Sudan #airpower Image
Jagdflugzeuge / 10 x MiG-29S + 1 x MiG-29UB (NATO: "Fulcrum"; 3 x MiG-23 (NATO: "Flogger"); 4 x MiG-21 (NATO: "Fishbed") [eingelagert?]; 20 x Chengdu F-7 (NATO: "Fishbed") [eingelagert?] ; 8x Shenyang F-6 (NATO: "Farmer") [eingelagert?] 2/9 ImageImageImageImage
Angriffsflugzeuge / 3 x Su-24 (NATO: "Fencer"); 14 x Su-25 (NATO: "Frogfoot"); 20 x Nanchang Q-5/A-5 3/9 ImageImageImage
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Interessanter, gelungener Bericht von @nicolange_ zu möglichen #LessonsLearned aus dem #Krieg in der #Ukraine mit spannenden und dringenden Diskussionsansätzen für Innovation in den eigenen Streitkräften!

#Leseempfehlung & #thread⬇️…
Für die lesefaulen unter euch habe ich die Empfehlungen der einzelnen Abschnitte hier rausgefasst. Spannend dabei, wenn man mal mental die Checkliste durchgeht, wie gut denn die #Bundeswehr in den jeweiligen Bereichen aufgestellt ist.
(Natürlich wird hier ein Optimum gezeichnet)
1️⃣ Total Defense

Möchte jemand nochmal das beliebte Buzzword "gesamtgesellschaftliche Resilienz" bemühen? Nein? Schade😔

Auge @drfranksauer @krawallerist @VorgBeob
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Es ist wirklich zum Heulen, dass seit #UnternehmenMerkur die #Fallschirmjägertruppe immer und immer wieder derselben Kritik gegenübersteht - die zu 99% auf einer EKLATANTEN Unkenntnis bzgl Einsatzgrundsätze und -verfahren von #Luftlandoperation zurückzuführen ist!
Ein #Rant
case in point...
Allein hier geht es doch los: wenn wir seit 70 Jahren dieselbe Frage stellen - und seit 70 Jahren Fallschirmjäger ungebrochen integraler Bestandteil der Streitkräftekonzeption (weltweit) sind - stellen wir vllt die falsche Frage?
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Lots of talk today about the Battle of Amiens and the start of Canada's 100 Days. It's rightly marked as the "black day of the German army," but it was also important as the greatest air battle of the First World War. #RAF #airpower #OTD
➡️🧵 Image
The RAF employed all the tasks of modern air power: air superiority, reconnaisance, interdiction, and close support missions among others. It was the first thoroughly modern and comprehensive application of air power on the battlefield and set the standard for future air ops. Aircraft Training Poster CW...
The RAF played a major role for this battle and more than 40 squadrons and 800 aircraft took part in the offensive. The French to the south contributed another 1,025 aircraft. The principal objective for the RAF was to support the ground battle. © IWM (Art.IWM PST 5277)
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Thread @IAF_MCC Chief at @OfficialCLAWSIN webinar: In past rise n fall of nations was dictated by size & prowess of fielded forces. However, conflicts in last few decades clearly established w/o doubt preeminence of air power as instrumnt of choice for almost all op contingencies
Knowing that budget will always remain a constraint, prioritization of procurement at national level for key combat elements and enablers becomes very critical. We need training and equipment not to fight the last war but to fight n win tomorrow's wars: ACM VR Chaudhari #AirPower
In future, we could be attacked on all fronts, starting from economic strangulation to diplomatic isolation and military standoffs to information blackout in the form of distributed denial of services: @IAF_MCC Chief ACM Chaudhari #AirPower #IndoPacific #IOR
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Important thread here👇from @bsarwary on how the country’s northernmost Badakhshan province appears to be rapidly falling under Taliban ctrl.

The Talib’s focus on this province is a highly significant geopol dvlpmnt as US forces are about a month away from a complete pullout.
Badakhshan was the one province that did not fall under Taliban control even during the heyday of the jihadist regime prior to 9/11.

Thus it served as the staging grounds from where the U.S. backed Northern Alliance forces began the ground offensive to topple the Talib emirate.
Given its location the former Northern Alliance forces were supported by Russia, India & Iran from across the border in Tajikistan.
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For the first time ever, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels debut a F-16 Fighting Falcon and F/A-18 Super Hornet flight formation known as the “Super Delta” during a joint training evolution this afternoon over the Imperial Valley.
The formation grew out of a series of joint training opportunities held in 2020 and 2021, and serves as a symbol of the teamwork, discipline, and skill of the men and women of our United States military forces deployed around the globe.
We are humbled to have the opportunity to virtually debut a full flight this Memorial Day weekend during the nation-wide broadcast of the National Memorial Day Parade:
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The AN/APG-78 fire-control-radar, the heart and soul of the AH-64D Longbow. The Ka radar enables the AH-64 to detect, recognize, and classify as many as 256 ground and aerial targets up to 5 miles (8km) away.

[1] Image
The system can simultaneously categorize sixteen targets and based on their identity prioritize them for attack (automatically). AN/APG-78 coupled with the AN/APR-48A radio frequency interferometer (RFI) emission detection system, .....

.... and advanced AGM-114 Hellfires make the AH-64D one of the deadliest helicopters in the world.


Source: #AirPower
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It’s the final round of @CNASdc’s wargame looking at #airpower in the context of a China-Taiwan warfight in 2030.
Just to reiterate, this scenario and all actions taken within the game are notional.
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As promised, Round 2 of @CNASdc’s remote wargame looking at #airpower in the context of a China-Taiwan warfight, but first a quick recap of yesterday’s events.

@mack0352 @edmcgrady @SusannaVBlume @evanbmontgomery @JessieDietz5
The purpose of this game is to develop new ways of fighting which will be necessary to deter and compete with China long term, as former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work and I describe here:…
Developing a New American Way of War and associated capabilities is just the defense portion of a whole-of-nation competition with China that will shape U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century.
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Today @CNASdc Defense Team is hosting a remote wargame looking #airpower in a China-Taiwan conflict in 2030.
This is a key strategic challenge in the #NDS, as I described in my 2019 report:…
The focus of this series of games is on developing new operational concepts as I described last year in a policy brief for Congress:…
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