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Happening now: "The president deals w/the world as it is-we deal w/dictators & authoritarian regimes as they are, not as we hope them to be" US Nat'l Security Adviser @robertcobrien tells @HudsonInstitute Image
"We don't turn a blind eye to their conduct expecting somehow that they'll change" per @robertcobrien

"He's done the hard work of strengthening our alliances & in doing so has put substance over style, & he's been criticized for that" he adds
"We think that his actions have demonstrated that the US will no longer be a party to arrangements, organizations, int'l conventions, treaties where our sovereignty is not respected" per @robertcobrien

".. led to demonstrable results that have made the American ppl safer"
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SAIC's new energy vehicle
Sino-German auto joint venture ushers step to explore green energy vehicles market in China
#China #SAIC #Volkswagen
SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (#China) participates in cooperative efforts with foreign automakers that see the products of large international companies such as General Motors, Volkswagen & others. Image
New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Market : Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027
#SAIC #China… ImageImage
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NEW: A week ahead of #Election2020 @facebook announces takedown of 3 networks, 2 of which targeted the #UnitedStates

One operated from #Mexico #Venzuela w/individuals posing as Americans supporting various social/political causes

2nd originated in #Iran…
Network operating from #Mexico #Venzuela involved 2 Facebook pages & 22 @instagram accounts, per @Facebook

It began in April 2020 using "fake accounts to create fictitious personas and post content"
Topics included: humor, race relations / racial injustice, feminism / gender relations, environmental issues & religion

"A small portion of this content included memes posted by the #Russia|n Internet Research Agency (IRA) in the past" per @Facebook
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#Iran #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Russia #Turkey #NagornoKarabakh

The Iranian reigme wants to publish today later or tomorrow a possible solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh war wich "would garant peace" and would help to get "terrorists" out of the area.
Iran’s Deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi will visit Baku, Moscow, Yerevan and Ankara aiming to promote Iran’s initiative for solving Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Irans regime Foreign Minster sayed during a conference of the National Security and foregin policy,
“The Islamic Republic has drawn up a plan with the approval of the country’s top officials for a permanent solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which will be presented today and tomorrow, and we will follow it up later in Moscow and Yerevan.
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Key US official expressing optimism for #Election2020 w/#ElectionDay a week away

"Even w/ the activity we've seen from #Iran & #Russia we have confidence in the security of your vote, & you should, too" per @CISAKrebs
More from @CISAKrebs #Election2020 & voting early: "Early voting options help from a security/resilience perspective, as we have more opportunities to identify, isolate, investigate, & fix any issues early on. So give your election officials a break and vote early, if you can"
A warning #Election2020 will not be over on Nov. 3

"in the days & weeks that follow we will see efforts to delegitimize the process" warns @CISAKrebs "Don't fall for it..."
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At his first of 3 #Pennsylvania rallies of the day, in Allentown, @realDonaldTrump remarks that "your governor made it almost impossible to find any site" to hold this event amid social distancing restrictions by the state government. Image
"We're going to win in Florida. We're going to win in Pennsylvania, I think," says @realDonaldTrump. (@RealClearNews survey of major polls has @Joe Biden leading by 5.3 points in the commonwealth.)
"it's the only way we can lose -- massive fraud," says @realDonaldTrump, again complaining about mail-in ballots. "It's happening." Image
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#BREAKING: #Russia Air Force targeted headquarters of #AlQaeda affiliated Faylaq Al-Sham of #Turkey between #Salqin & #Armanaz in North of #Idlib. Over 25 terrorists are killed & 100 are wounded. #ShamLegion is the most important terrorist group of #Turkey in #Idlib, #Syria!
#BREAKING: #Russia Air Force has now kept bombing the #Turkey backed #Syria National Army in #Idlib. This Su-24M2 strike bomber of #RuAF from #Hmeimim AB targeted the camp of #TFSA in Jabal Al-Duwailah area in the western countryside of #Idlib 4 hours ago! (CreditLZaid Al-Jabali)
#BREAKING:The #Turkish backed Arar Al-Sham terror group has had its leadership divided in #Idlib today. While #Russia Air Force is bombing them, they are also fighting against each other on the ground. Ex-#AlQaeda member, Hassan Soufan has now formed a faction out of #AhrarAlSham
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Today, Ilham Aliyev openly criticised the behaviour of the #OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, especially #Russia & #France. Although he did not name Kremlin directly, he accused third country for supplying arms to #Armenia during last #KarabakhWar. ⬇️
The main criticism was on passive role of co-chairs for implementation of UN resolutions in past 27 years.
Criticism of AZ officials on #KarabakhConflict increased since the occupation of #Crimea in 2014 and separatism in Eastern #Ukraine. ⬇️
They demanded that #Armenia should be punished in the same way, citing sanctions on #Russia for violating Ukraine's territorial integrity. It is clear that the AZ side will insist at the next Geneva meeting withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories and ⬇️
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International solidarity with Belarus:
Valencia, #Spain 🇪🇸

#StandWithBelarus #Belarus source:@svaboda
International solidarity with Belarus:
Warsaw, #Poland 🇵🇱

With one of our dear team members present💕
#StandWithBelarus #Belarus source:@svaboda
International solidarity with Belarus:
Katowice, #Poland 🇵🇱

#StandWithBelarus #Belarus source:@svaboda
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#Belarus Despite increased brutality,people show resilience. Look at the crowd chanting,”Leave” for the 78th day. #Lukashenko doesn’t know how to behave: at first the rally is quiet, then brutal. He jails his rivals,then goes and talks to them. He blames #Russia,then loves Russia
Speaking of the ultimatum,the rally was the largest in a week. As to the nationwide strike,private companies,language schools,shops and more are taking a day off tomorrow. It’s hard to predict,but I heard from many workers across #Belarus that they are ready to join,though scared
Issuing the ultimatum two weeks ago brought the momentum: people began self-organising,connecting striking committees,spreading leaflets. Today’s bigger rally is a success. Even several plants and large companies partly striking will be a success. The real ultimatum only begins
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1/8 #ArmsControl #Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey #Ryabkov:
We call on the #US administration to properly assess the flexibility that we have shown and to abandon their unfeasible demands or any excessive expectations. ( @USArmsControl
2/8 #ArmsControl #Ryabkov: At this stage, we can’t say that #Russia and #USA are on the verge of agreements on the New #START treaty.
3/8 #ArmsControl #Ryabkov: #Russia repeatedly explained to the Americans that verification is a derivative of an agreement #START itself
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My latest: These police cadets are on display in #Egypt where the more men undress the more they are celebrated for virility, strength and hypermasculinity, whereas women are arrested for dancing on TikTok, fully clothed…
Those bare and barrel-chested cadets on floats that people joked looked like Pride parade graduated into a police force paid to entrap, arrest and torture #LGBTQ people. #Egypt
There is nothing funny about a country where men parade shirtless for the fascist dictator whose regime criminalizes and slut-shames women whether in “revealing” clothes or hijab, including fully-clothed women for selfies and videos on TikTok… #Egypt
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Everyone is concerned about what Trump said in a presidential debate regarding AQI of India,Russia and China.
This might be a time for education.
#Thread #AQI #India #Russia #China #US #Trump #Modiji
↗️The discussion was regarding the Paris Climate Agreement, under which all countries have to commit to reduce/control their respective carbon emissions WRT the agreement.
↗️ According to this agreement developing nations like India and China were not covered under the ambit of carbon emissions restrictions.
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#PresidentialDebates should not happen without #LiveFactChecking, especially when our #despot is infamous for lies! This is a thread which attempts to dispute some of #TheHateYam's lies. The #SecondPresidentialDebate2020 begins at 24:19 on this video.
At 28:00 #PresidentDeathBreath congratulates himself on what he's done in terms of #PPE. All he did was loot the #FederalStockpile they sold it at auction abroad for #TrumpCrimeSyndicate profit, then #Kushner said it was their own not #ThePeoplesStockpile!…
Then he replaced the quality, American made #PPE stolen from #ThePeoplesStockpile w/substandard mice chewed expired crap he bought from #Putin, he allowed #Putin to fly it into #Boston on fighter jet! #Russian fighter jets do not belong in our airspace!…
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#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells the US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that anyone responsible for so many #COVID19 deaths should not be president
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that Iran will pay the price for interfering with American sovereignty
#WATCH: @JoeBiden tells US #Election2020 #PresidentialDebate that @realDonaldTrump is one of the most racist presidents the US has had in modern history
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#LIVE: So with all the changes made to the protocols for this #PresidentialDebate, here's hoping we have a slightly more civilized affair from the first debate between #Trump and #Biden earlier this month...

Follow live here:
#LIVE: The two men are on the stage, so we're ready to go in the #PresidentialDebate - #Trump v. #Biden all over again...

Follow live:
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Armenia - Azerbaijan - Russia - Turkey

#Turkey: 80 million people, $800 billion GDP, important trading partner for #Russia, only #NATO nation that bought Russian weapons, #Putin needs #Erdogan in #Syria, Turkey controls the only Black Sea exit.

#Azerbaijan: 10 million people, $50 billion GDP, important trading partner for Russia, unlike #Georgia doesn't hate Russia.

#Armenia: 3 million people, $14 billion GDP, poor, broke, has a Prime Minister #Putin hates, surrounded on two sides by countries that hate it.

So: if you believe #Putin will go to war to preseve #Armenia's criminal occupation of Azerbaijan territory, & in turn turn #Azerbaijan & #Turkey into eternal enemies of #Russia, you are delusional.

Russia's base in Armenia is safe & that's all Putin cares about.

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🚨BREAKING: over recent days, #Russia🇷🇺has hacked into state and local computer networks in US voting infrastructure.

US intel agencies say Russia plans to interfere in the election in its final days or immediately after the election to *help Trump*.🤬…
US intel says there is “no evidence that the Russians have changed any vote tallies or voter registration information.” US officials expect that if the race is not called on election night, Russians sow chaos and doubts about the integrity of the results.🤬

‼️The Russian hackers got inside some election administrators’ systems and had access to voting information. What alarmed officials was the targets, the timing—the attacks began 2 months ago—and the adversary.
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BREAKING: @CISAgov confirms #Russia-linked actor - known as #BerserkBear - has compromised US state and local government targets

The actor "successfully compromised network infrastructure, & as of October 1, 2020, exfiltrated data from at least two victim servers"
"The #Russia|n-sponsored APT actor is obtaining user & administrator credentials to establish initial access, enable lateral movement once inside the network, & locate high value assets in order to exfiltrate data" per @CISAgov
"To date, the @FBI & CISA have no information to indicate this [#Russia|n] APT actor has intentionally disrupted any aviation, education, elections, or government operations" per @CISAgov "However, the actor may be seeking access to obtain future disruption options"
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