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A 2nd pre-monsoon tropical cyclone off the Indian coast, #CycloneYaas, has formed over the Bay of Bengal, just a week after #CycloneTauktae made landfall on Gujarat’s Saurashtra coast on May 17, 2021. Follow this thread to know more:
#CycloneYaas is very likely to cross the north Odisha-West Bengal coasts between Paradip and Sagar Island around May 26, 2021, at noon with wind speed between 155-165 km per hour, gusting up to 185 km per hour
#CycloneYaas will cause rainfall ranging from moderate to extremely heavy in Odisha’s Jagatsingpur, Kendrapara, Bhadrak, Balasore, Jajpur, Ganjam, Mayurbhanj, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Khurda, Puri, Angul and Sundergarh districts between May 25 and May 26…
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Early prediction for #WestBengalElections2021: Unless @BJP4India makes any major mistakes in cadidate selection & election is fair; #BJP hs distinct edge. Poor ground level organisation in South Bengal & complacency among boothlevel leaders are only weaknesses. @SandipGhose 1/n
Near zero resentment in BJP over 1st list of candidates. Very few late inductees found place. Only 4 candidates of Shuvendu. Almost all r free from major charges of extortion, corruption. Only 1 filmstar. #BJP shud follow example in future lists. #WestBengalElections2021 2/n
#TrinamoolCongress standing on weak wicket hit by a cocktail of anti-incumbency, subaltern Hindutva, eroding trust on #Mamata. Failure in law & order, dadagiri, extortion & throttling of residual democratic space aftr #Left rul killd TMC's perspects #WestBengalElections2021 3/n
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Extreme #Weather Events Like Devastating #Floods Cost #India $10 Billion, Finds UK Report…

(📸: C Suresh Kumar/TOI, BCCL, Chennai) Image
Fifteen extreme weather events, influenced by #climatechange, were identified globally this year, including the terrible #floods that struck India cost $10 billion, killing 2,000, a UK charity report said on Monday.

The #London-based Christian Aid's report, 'Counting the cost 2020: A year of climate breakdown', said 10 of those events cost $1.5 billion or more.The #US was hit by the highest costs due to the record-breaking #hurricane season and #fires.

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Protests @MamataOfficial over corruption, nepotism and politicization #Amphan relief distribution are rocking the State.

Worrisome Law and order scenario in East Midnapore, South and North 24 Parganas as BDO offices are being gheraoed. (1/4)
List of beneficiaries must be at Panchayat level- this will throw up lapses that call for correction @MamataOfficial

Sadly my alert to have relief distribution in transparent and accountable manner has not been heeded.

Relief distribution is not a political party affair. (2/4)
Lip facade will not work. Officials @MamataOfficial must face consequences for such omission acts and abandonment of their work to political party.

Officials must be booked for acts of omission and commission. Non entitled beneficiaries be penalized and benefit retrieved. (3/4)
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To all #Mumbai citizens
From our cyclone #Amphan experience in Kolkata few days back, pointers ! #Nisarga

1. Fill extra water buckets
2. Charge your phones and battery packs to full
3. Be prepared to lose electricity, internet and phone network for 2-5 days.
4. Get mosquito and insect repellant as water logging will increase bug infestation around you.
5. lastly in case of rain accompanied with 100kmph wind, water will find its way through window gaps at home and office. Be prepared with towels to cover those gaps.

Good luck 👏🙏🏻
Retweet if helpful !!
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A depression over southeastern & adjoining east-central Arabian Sea this morning will likely turn into a severe cyclonic storm #Nisarga by June 3…
By June 3, the storm is likely to hit coastal areas in northern Maharashtra & southern Gujarat b/w Harihareshwar in Raigad district and Daman, with wind speeds of 90-100 kmph & gusting 110 kmph. These regions are on pre #cyclone alert
Very-heavy to extremely-heavy rainfall is expected in parts of both of these states and fishers have been advised to stay away. This would be the 2nd cyclone to hit India this year, 13 days after the super cyclone #Amphan lashed parts of West Bengal & Odisha on May 20
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India is going to face a worst locust attack in past 27 years affecting its Agri-economy largely. The threat has just begun with huge swarms of insects entering Indian territory mainly Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra.1/7 Image
India is already going through tough time due to #coronavirus pandemic, #amphan cyclone and migrant workers issue. #Rahu and #Ketu govern insects and mosquitoes. Currently, Ketu is transiting the #nakshatra of Moola whose presiding deity is Nritti, the goddess 2/7
of destruction. This placement is in 8th house of India’s chart resulting in many natural disasters and #LocustAttack is added in the list. Rahu is transiting mrigashira nakshatra and mars is transiting shatabhisha. This nakshatra exchange between these two planets is 3/7
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Is Nature The Saviour ?

Year 2020 started with fire in Australian forest and severe loss of lives. World is witnessing series of earthquakes and tremors all over the world ranging from 3 to 6 at Richter scale. This has resulted in loss of lives and property.April 2020 saw Image
2. proximity of asteroid (52768) 1998 OR 2 that missed the Earth by few million kilometres. Such a close approach raised a question on the survival of our planet in case of a hit. Super cyclone #Amphan, in May 2020, caused huge loss of life and property. #LocustSwarm, the
3. worst attack of locust in 27 years has left behind destroyed crops.Then there’s Covid-19. This pandemic has caused lockdowns, standstill of business, and the worst economic crisis.These calamities are causing destruction, or, these are the vaccine to get rid of humans to
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Keeping any eye on these thunderstorm cells.. may touch n go #Hyderabad if upper level winds favor
@pavanpuli1234 @Rajani_Weather Image
Western parts of Hyderabad may receive moderate rainfall during next 1hr
@Rajani_Weather @pavanpuli1234 @HiHyderabad Image
Convergence was unfavorable over Hyd. N & SE parts of Hyd still received light to moderate rain.
However the good news is moisture incursion from the Bay has already started after #Amphan has squeezed it all last wk. Expect showers to increase going forward.
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#CycloneAmphan cracked Sundarban's lifelines: embankments. Why are these vital? Thread 👇Maybe we need to be more imaginative in how these lifelines and lives on the peripheries are reconstructed @moefcc @MamataOfficial @MahuaMoitra @India4Climate @UNEP @WWFINDIA @SanctuaryAsia
This is a photo I took in 2017 when the concrete embankments post #CycloneAila had just been constructed. The #Embankment Reconstruction Project was allocated a whopping Rs 5,032 crore/ GBP 562 million funded by @WorldBank to build cement and block walls @sayantanbera
After #AmphanSuperCyclone, several of these concrete embankments, 5 meters high and 30-40 meters wide, concretising 35,000 km peripheries of #Sundarbans
have collapsed, broken, and in many places have taken massive chunks of the riverbed down with them @GhoshAmitav
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Cyclone amphan is currently proving to be a destructive source all around the coastal India disrupting the normal lives mainly in West Bengal and Orrisa. We have tried to decode the major astrological reasons for large scale natural Image
2. destruction going on in the coastal areas.

The major planets triggering this event are
1.Ketu in Moola Nakshatra
2.Moon, Rahu, Venus and mercury in Mars in Rahu nakshatra & Rahu in Mars nakshatra-This exchange of nakshatra between mars and rahu is catastrophic and
3. trigger destructive events like earthquakes and cyclones.
3.All planets are under vedha from mars and rahu
4. India is going under dasha of moon-Saturn-ketu for 35 days starting from 31st may. This can trigger many major calamities in India.
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Those who are abusing me, Bengal CM, other Bengalis because I simply tweeted that the Prime Minister should help in this hour of #Amphan crisis, you guys can be all the great things you claim to be but not Indians. Please stop playing politics in the middle of this devastation.
No one blamed the PM for the cyclone. He is a very powerful man but even for him to orchestrate a cyclone of this severity is bit of a stretch. Was only asking for some attention and help in this hour of catastrophe which has unfortunately been missing.
The state government is doing its bit from what I hear. If the centre also helps out, maybe the healing will be faster. This is not the time for us vs them. It's the time to join forces and help save a state of the country, which is in dire straits.
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Hearing :

- @airindiain 's hangars in Kolkata hit hard by #Amphan

- Assessment on of damage because of water logging. One plane looks hit.

- AI has around 6 - mostly @Airbus A319/A320 planes - there, it had flown off 3 @ATRaircraft to Ranchi before cyclone. ImageImageImageImage
Here is a video forward from Air India hangar :

#Kolkata #Amphan
Some more forwards:

#Kolkata #Amphan ImageImageImageImage
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#CycloneAmphan | Landfall process commenced since 2:30 PM, it will continue for about 4 hours.
#CycloneAmphan | South Bengal districts, including Kolkata, and some parts of Meghalaya and Assam are all likely receive more than 250 mm rainfall within 48 hours from Wednesday morning to Friday morning.

#CycloneAmphaUpdates #Ampha Image
#CycloneAmphan | Extremely heavy rains in isolated places are possible. All three regions are under an orange alert, and must therefore 'be prepared' for extreme weather.

#CycloneAmphaUpdates #AMPHAN
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A crisis on top of a crisis: millions of people in India and Bangladesh brace for #Amphan, the strongest cyclone ever recorded over the Bay of Bengal, just as #Coronavirus has reached the Cox's Bazar refugee camps: Our teams are responding w/local partners Image
Estimates suggest up to 14.2m people in coastal districts are likely to be affected, with nearly 1.4 million displaced and up to 600,000 houses damaged in Bangladesh. Evacuation from high-risk areas is to begin today in Bangladesh, and is already underway in India. #CycloneAmphan Image
Working with our local partners, our India & Bangladesh teams are preparing life-saving assistance including safety equipment, clean water, sanitation, food and shelter for people in the path of super #CycloneAmphan - all taking into account the #coronavirus context. Image
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Ricordatevi che potrebbe sempre andar peggio.
Il superciclone #Amphan è diretto verso le coste di #india e #Bangladesh
Una cosuccia che muove venti a 270 all'ora.

E pensare che è solo il primo ciclone della stagione 2020, che si preannuncia pesante fin dagli esordi.
Ad alcuni sembrerà strano, ma gli scienziati collegano l'inedita potenza di questo fenomeno all'eccezionale riscaldamento dell'Oceano Indiano, che ora sta attorno ai 30°

#Amphan visto da sotto:
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Update: Cyclone #Amphan is now on its final approach toward landfall in less than 24 hours near the India/Bangladesh border.

The storm is no longer a super cyclone, but @IMDWeather is still expecting a surge of sea level of up to 5 meters (16 feet). This storm is deadly serious.
The worst of Cyclone Amphan's storm surge (up to 5 meters / 16 feet) will be near and to the east of the point of landfall. The entire delta area of West Bengal and Bangladesh, and to a lesser extent, Odisha and Burma, will be greatly affected.
The eye of #CycloneAmphan has begun to show up on India's weather radar.

Landfall on Wednesday evening, less than 24 hours from now.
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#Amphan Becomes Most Intense Cyclone over BoB in 21st Century; Strongest on Earth This Year…

#CycloneAmphan #Amphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate
With 3-minute maximum sustained wind speed (MSW) of 230 km/h (145 mph), Cyclone Amphan, on Monday, May 18, became the strongest cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in the 21st century.

#CycloneAmphan #Amphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate
The monster storm is also the joint-most intense cyclonic storm that the Earth has witnessed so far this year, tied with Cyclone Harold that formed over the South Pacific basin last month.
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We are expecting high wind speed and heavy rainfall to occur together. - DG,

#CycloneAmphan #Amphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate

(Source: PIB)
@Indiametdept The devastating wind speed is expected to cause large scale and extensive damage to structures, poles, thatched and asbestos houses, hoardings, trees. Speed unfavourable for trains and road travel.

- DG, @Indiametdept
#CycloneAmphan #Amphan

(Source: PIB)
@Indiametdept #Amphan will cross West Bengal and Bangladesh coast between Digha and Hatia Island tomorrow afternoon / evening, speed during landfall will be in the range of 155 - 165 kmph, gusting to 185 kmph, a very devastating speed

- DG, @Indiametdept
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Just in: The JTWC has upgraded Super Cyclone #Amphan to 145kt (270kph).

Amphan is now the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, passing the 1999 Odisha cyclone (260kph).

Amphan is a potential catastrophic disaster for West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Burma.
Super Cyclone #Amphan is still on course for landfall in West Bengal on Wednesday, in about 36 hours.

Even if the storm's winds weaken, it will bring a massive surge of sea level ashore, as high as 6 meters (20 feet).

This storm should be the main focus of people in its path.
The future track of Amphan is clear. It will make landfall just west of the India/Bangladesh border.

The main uncertainty is the storm's strength at the time of landfall. The winds will be weaker than now, but storm surge could be enormous – the deadliest part of any cyclone.
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Media alert : DGs of @IMDWeather and @NDRFHQ will be addressing a press conference at 8.30 pm today ie 18th May 2020 at National Media Centre. This is regarding Super #CycloneAmphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate
#Amphan #AmphanCyclone

Press Conference by Director Generals of @Indiametdept and @NDRFHQ, on Super Cyclonic Storm '#AMPHAN'

📍: National Media Centre, New Delhi

#CycloneAmphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate

Watch on PIB's🔽

Amphan has now converted into a super cyclone, this is very significant: DG, @NDRFHQ #CycloneAmphan #CycloneAmphanUpdate
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Terrifying image of #Amphan, expected to morph into a Super Cyclone in 12 hours.

Stay safe, Odisha and Bengal. Prayers.
This is #Amphan an hour or so ago. An absolute monster gusting to 255 kmph, 930 mb. (h/t @sanjju118)
Track here:
#Amphan clicked two hours ago, hurtling at speeds upto 270 kmph, now officially the strongest Cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, surpassing Bob-06, the 1999 Odisha super cyclone.

Stay safe Odisha. In our thoughts.
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