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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
2nd stage phase 1: cyber-enabled crime+cyberattack
-hacks customer accounts to stalk for marketing.
-adopted #Japanese / #korean #Asian physical #stalking activities to #harass #women.
-#hatred toward anyone against his will. Find cyberspace can #abuse power.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
2nd stage phase 2:
- maliciously #hacks & #compromises several online accounts-violates #privacy.
- collects info from customers for account hacking.
- continues to monitor all hacked accounts & devices.
- expand #botnet
- steal sensitive info as he sees fit.
#Anime_UK ImageImage
3rd stage: convert to #techabuse
Launches cyberattack against anyone for the UK
Damage/destroy all target’s associates’ accounts+devices with zero-day attacks / pre-stored malware.
Track the target’s location against the UK.
#Animez_UK’s attacks matched NCSC reports ImageImage
1- #Aggression and #violence:
He does not speak up and verbally reveals his #extreme aggression and violence towards individuals, organisations and #Britain.
He expresses all forms of anger and violence via #techabuse in secret.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 2 Enjoys persistent #revenge for total #domination online
-hack& #control his customer interests.
-sends #pornographic videos to #women to how to have #sex with him.
-whoever is for the UK
will be #damaged/ #destroyed for China and Russia. #Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 3 #Hatred
He hates #failure, #rejection & #losing #control on cyberspace against UK.
Hatred-prime purpose of his #persistent, #unchangeable, #inflexible #criminaliy to attack targets until all summit under his unconditional will. #dictatorship
#Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 4- narcissist:
Tells whoever tracks him to ‘piss off with a cold smile.

He believes:
-the best to cyberattack anyone anytime inside the UK.
-The UK would not be able to do anything.
-his lone capabilities were greater than all intelligence. #Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 5
Highly aware of any abnormal detections to reveal his #malicious #hacking-completely purse any attacks- prevent being detected; stalk, monitor & attack organisations including #NHS, various universities, #army and anyone for the UK. #Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 6
Wing impersonates himself as a Chinese agent (2018>) & for #Morocco, #Russia (2022)
Both ideologies may not be directly connected to China and Russia but are based on his own national interests to manipulate and divide countries further. #Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 7- extremely persistent in his daily hacking routines. He won’t stop his hacking & attacking until he meets his goal, even if it takes weeks, months, years or decades. Keep failing till he becomes the #dictator.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
Characteristics 7a: He never stopped his #persistent physical daily routine patterns to maliciously #hacking and #attacking any individuals online. if he fails, he prepares and attempts to continue the malicious cyberattacks when appropriate.
#Animez_UK ImageImageImage
Characteristics 7b
The specific date & month of cyberattacks are his #anniversaries when he found his victims or targets. #Obsessions. The level of #cyberattack illustrates #punishment against his unconditional will for #money, #sex or #political outcome.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
Observation against cyberattacks: Confirmed hacker identity, unethical #hacking skill strength & vulnerabilities, intention, characteristics, time & schedules, #prevention and languages. #Animez_UK ImageImage
What do you want to do with the #Britisharmy & their info with your #hate deep down to your core, #Animez_UK ? Still, a joke for you to cyberattack whoever is for the UK #Justice and UKGOV? Have enough fun labelling yourself to hack for China and Russia inside the UK? Image
You have #Britisharmy’s info from at least since 2017, hack their family, friends & associates. Have rewards for stealing info? You quietly monitor & stalk their activities. You hate the UK isn’t under your command. You hate whoever associates with the UK
so much, #Animez_UK Image
Why do you think you can cyber #control and #destroy the UK citizens without UK’s acknowledgement? You had weekends off from the shop, but you couldn't #cyberattack on Mondays. Mondays seem special, #Animez_UK. Image
Sending #phishing emails and #malware to #compromise, monitor and #cyberattack British organisations, institutions, university facilities, staff, students, researchers and professionals against the
, why do you hate the UK so much? #Animez_UK Image
Enjoy launching #DoS and #DDoS #cyberattacks to whoever is for the UK? Enjoy #coding to send #zeroday exploits and attacks? Enjoy finding #vulnerabilities in some old applications to attack whoever benefits the
UK, #Animez_UK? Image
#Excited to #cyberattack #women’s account to #stalk them online violate #privacy for nearly two decades, sends #pornographic videos on how #women should have #sex with you, #Animez_UK? #sexualharassment #feminism #pornography #porn Image
Enjoy hacking into all your customers’ online and social media accounts to #monitor and #controling all your customers #interest and #behaviour or #threat them with #cyberattack for #finanical profit, #Animez_UK? #cybercrime Image
Enjoy launching #cyberattack to #damage and #destroy other’s life for the UK with all your #hate to #uplift your quality of life with #positivity and #harmony around individuals physically, #Animez_UK? Image
Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
#Animez_UK maliciously hacks & stole #IPaddress to #fabricate some #Googlemap #reviews for his shop, so it appears to be more legitimate & popular for profit as well as to conceal his actual #unethical #hacking activities against the UK. #blackmarket #fruadulent #cyberattack Image
Enjoy maliciously hacking to stalk, #humiliate #women and bullying, harming, damaging and destroying all individuals who are for the UK but lack knowledge in coding, programming and #cybersecurity, #Animez_UK? Image
Enjoy maliciously hacking to stalk, #humiliate #women and bullying, harming, damaging and destroying all individuals who are for the UK but lack knowledge in coding, programming and #cybersecurity, #Animez_UK? Image
If anyone intends to mass report ¶ suspend this Twitter account with #Animez_UK, this is the malicious intention to eliminate 1st-hand analysis against his ongoing 14yrs of #harassment online, offline & zero-day #cyberattacks against me, my family, friends and all my associates. Image
I am one of the many targets he finds to #cyberattack for financial,#sexual & #political motives. Hence, I expose his malicious conduct against not only me but any individual and organisation for the UK inside the UK as #Animez_UK sees fit. I do not need to handle him alone. Image
#Animez_UK’s #vulnerability to #cyberattack: shows difficulties launching attacks against up-to-date #cybersecurity; show some glitches in coding to launch some #zeroday exploits(app); the patterns of #malicious #hacking activities online are #persistent and #consistent. #APT ImageImage
#Animez_UK’s associate demands #women to take #selfie+hold paper with handwritten note to please #abuser-#sexual& #online #harassment,connects to #pornography, #sexual #abuse. #CyberHell shows #sexualoffender used the same method to abuse #victims.
msn.com/en-gb/news/wor… ImageImage
Individuals cannot provide analysis unless the accused chooses to commit crimes. The accused's own criminal activities destroy the accused’s personal quality of life rather than the analysis of the accused’s crime. Take responsibility for your own doings. #Animez_UK Image
I was so young when I walked into #Animez_UK’s shop as a customer in NCL, Aug/Sept 2008(Corrected). We were never friends. Wing took my Facebook&landline for granted & began your physical stalking to 14yrs long of malicious cyber activities to me & everyone around me. #Animez_UK Image
I spent 12 years just forgiving you & hoped my cyber preventions would stop your malicious online activities, but you took that forgiveness as weakness & rejection & increased the seriousness of your cyberattack to hate with your everlasting cyber revenge over time. #Animez_UK ImageImageImage
You do not have any position to ask for my apologies for your criminal activities and ever try to #oppress everything you have done to every one of us, but to only think of your own pleasure and profit so you can continue to cyberattack anyone you see fit. 4 #Animez_UK Image
I finished my analysis of your cybercrime. If you continue attacking everyone you hate via networking, I won’t be the one who stops you but the authority. So take this long thread as a LAST act of mercy for you to still live freely. #Animez_UK Image
Remember, it is never my thread that damages your life. It has always been you, yourself & the choice you make for yourself & how you treat people around you to determine how you can live inside a country. Stop your cyberattack, delete prohibited files and walk away. #Animez_UK Image
Life doesn’t merely build upon punishment and prosecution but with mercy and forgiveness. So eventually, you can still live as a free man < This is the primary purpose of the entire thread to you directly. You have one very LAST chance to stop yourself. #Animez_UK Image
After #Animez_UK told me he made persistent silent calls to me in 2008 on #Facebook, I blocked him but forgave his unacceptable behaviour online & offline bc his confession indicates he can’t control his #malicious #hacking. So I had to stop him over time. Image
If anyone mass reports against my Twitter account for #Animez_UK based on #disinformation, this is the #malicious intend to eliminate 1st-hand evidence against his 14yrs of #harassment online, offline & all zero-day #cyberattacks against me,my family, friends & all my associates. Image
Exploit #disinformation & using #transpride #TERF, to intend to #gaslight & #suspend my account based on a separate issue-my experience of 14yrs of #harassment & #cyberattack from Wing from #Animez_UK against me and many, malicious #hacking activity. ImageImage
Exploit #disinformation online to #abuse my #identity and #threat to report+potentially suspending my account after I expose #animez_UK’s 14yrs of cyber #harasment and threat against me since 2008.

twitter.com/elstoleno?s=21… ImageImageImageImage
I will begin step by step and eventually explain the dots and connections why #animez_UK hates the UK and has the info from British army.

How @Animez_UK perceives me as a threat is for the UKGOV & launches #cyberattack to me & spread #disinformation to #silent me. Image
NCL TravellingManUK employee given name begins M, employee given name begins R,former employee given name begins K&her husband(employee) know me in reality. Former employee K knows I have gone to #Animez_UK 2008, told me to avoid Animez for business bc of his odd behaviour 2009. Image
Must correct my misinformation:
I arrived in NCL 28Feb2008,stayed at an accommodation for 6 mths.I moved to a flat with Vrigin Wifi & provided landline number. I gave my Facebook and Landline number to #Animez_UK must be from August or September 2008. It is testing my memory... Image
I was excited that I had my 1st landline num. I gave this num to 5 people, 4 ladies 1 man. The man was #Animez_UK. I asked Animez, name Wing, ‘I moved to my 1st flat and I have my 1st landline number, I am so happy, do you want the number?’ It wasn’t my first time meeting Wing. Image
After I gave my num to #animez_UK based on excitement then I stopped giving out bc I kept receiving silent phone calls. I kept thinking who did it. I only gave out my num to 5 people. I was so annoyed but wouldn't assume.Then I received W’s message on Facebook that he did it. Image
I was so shocked and scared that I wouldn't want to reply and talk to #Animez_UK anymore so I blocked him on Facebook. I was so annoyed by those silent calls and I wouldn't want to talk to W again. Image
The 6mths accommodation for 2008 postcode was NE4 5AU.

My very first flat from late 2008 was NE1 4DD, where I had my first landline number. I chose Vrigin bcs I thought the name was ‘cool’(not anymore) I still remember how excited I was with my 1stnum.

#Truth Image
I do not live in either of the addresses now, it is not necessary to show the full addresses, for now at least.
All addresses are registered and I still have those registered documents with me. Image
Side note: I am so proud that I can understand Northern British English accent, Geodie and Scottish accents English but not the direct dialects themselves. I met Manchester people and I can understand theirs too. Not every British has this ability to understand them. Image
I still remember #Animez_UK ruined my excitement to have my 1st landline num. I cancelled my landline a yr later & gave my three physical landline phones (Panasonic) to my parents & use mobile phones only till now. I won’t forget the frustration of receiving silent calls. ImageImage
The new analysis (15 july 2022 - 17th July 2022) how he organised mass bullies with his ‘friends’ who did not acknowledge his #cyberattack in secret while ‘friends’ attacking on social media and his true intention for him to eliminate his targets #Animez_UK ImageImage
The girl you met was never the woman you know 14 yrs later. I forgive everyone who believed in #Animez_UK and came to attack me because he lied to you too, and he pretended so well because he has been doing and acting with all these #malicious activities for the past 15-20 yrs. Image
These 2 quotes look alike. #animez_UK more of using #coercivecontrol with #cyberattack but was #techabuse to him. I had only known him for wks on Facebook in 2008, and barely talked in person. He does fit #coercivecontrol’s characteristics, horrific. ImageImageImage
Have to keep learning so much more from the professionals in different fields. #Coercivecontrol fits #animez_uk’s malicious hacking patterns so well. Selecting targets and persistently assaulting them but he has a lot od targets though. ImageImage
Keep learning about #abusers characteristics. Can’t stay ignorant about their #control tactics. The #coercivecontrol characteristics fit so well with #animez_UK and his friends. I love #knowledge so much. ImageImageImage
Wanted to end the thread before, but people made noise. So I continue the analysis bcs W’s #malicious #behaviour reminds me of his malicious #hacking activities I haven’t mentioned - exploit targets’ break-time to plot serious #cyberattack against his targets. #animez_UK ImageImage
Wanted to end the thread before, but people made noise. So I continue the analysis bcs Wing’s #malicious #behaviour reminds me of his malicious #hacking activities I haven’t mentioned - exploit targets’ break-time to plot serious #cyberattack against his targets. #animez_UK Image
Correct my misinformation: former employee K told me to avoid #animez_UK for business in 2010 rather than in 2009.

I doubled check my document to ensure the facts are correct and accurate. Image
If #animez_UK Wing is quiet from malicious #hacking, he is cracking #passwords & securing his access to every account, wait & prepare for a #cyberattack when he believes the time is appropriate to his targets who would suffer a significant loss compare to attack in regular days. Image
I stopped interacting with all 5 people who had my landline, including #animez_UK. He confessed his #harassment,hope I would talk to him again. He lost my #Facebook after I blocked him. So he ensured I felt the great suffering and pain he felt from not having my Facebook #revenge Image
#animez_UK waited & prepared for his entire 2009. The 1st or 2nd week after I landed in Tokyo,June 2010, my Facebook(FB) & the Hotmail(HM) for FB were hacked. I couldn’t gain access to my HM and I still can’t today. I had to call FB physically to grant my access again. Image
This was #animez_UK 1st revenge(2010) for me to feel the suffering & pain by losing my accounts. So he guaranteed he #maliciously hacked & took 2 accounts from me for me to suffer a significant loss, so he felt the #domination and #control over me.
Evidence2: he still has my HM. Image
Sidenote: I was only to declare every of #animez_UK W’s #malicious #hacking characteristics to hope others can stay cautious of his #criminality and cyberattack. His malicious online conduct (15-17July 2022) forced me to expose everything he did to me. So I will expose them all. Image
Sidenote: I was only to declare every of #animez_UK W’s #malicious #hacking characteristics to hope others can stay cautious of his #criminality and cyberattack. His malicious online conduct (15-17July 2022) forced me to expose everything he did to me. So I will expose them all. Image
I told the former employee K that my HM was hacked and I can’t gain access to it at all 2010. She told me to create #Gmail account(more secure). I hoped the incidence in 2010 had nothing to do with #animez_UK. Image
My FB: 2012- 2014: had glitches to my FB
I changed password, added SMS 2nd authentication, but it was not enough.
2016: W registered his login device to my FB account twice: 永恆 (Chinese: Yǒnghéng), means ‘eternal’,the Chinese is also his FB account name. (evidence) #animez_UK Image
There were never notifications someone logged into my FB/ SMS to login to my FB. ‘How can he do this? It has been 8yrs since I met #animez_UK W. Why is he still here with me?’ 2016
I never known my accounts & devices were all #compromised by W.

He never stopped #stalking me. Image
From 2010- 2017, #animez_UK W gradually compromised all my, all my family’s, all my sister’s family’s, all possible friends, all my male associates’ accounts,devices, wifi & all networking. #stalking #revenge #monitor #control

I never known I dealt with a pro #malicious #hacker. Image
All men I dated, #animez_UK W picked up the military man. You hate him to your core & hope they receives the deadliest, most extreme & unreversible #cyberattack that ruins & destroys their life, their lives are uprooted from EVERYTHING they have built-in life to serve a country. Image
#animez_UK Wing hates them. You made sure anyone who associates with the #Britisharmy will have the same deadliest result from your most extreme form of cyberattack that would ruin people’s lives for good. So you feel victories that nobody shall overcome your national interest. Image
#animez_UK Wing's purpose is to maliciously hack and stalk many people so they will all be under your supervision and control. Hence, you can continue to hide from everyone while seeking prohibited information & punish whoever rejects your domination behind those toys. Image
Your toys fooled me that you weren't extreme but a sick stalker. I was wrong about you until I associated with the military, you hoped I was destroyed psychologically & emotionally with the most deadly #cyberattack to ruin my profession for crime prevention 2018. Image
#animez_UK Wing added me to his list to attack us all until we are all destroyed. I was a girl you wanted to punish based on male domination, to now I am an official enemy of yours who, against your national interest, to attack and ruin the UK inside out. Image
I had zero knowledge of cybersecurity in 2018. It only took me 4mths to observe, comprehend, learnt and analyse your extreme malicious hacking activity patterns. What is wrong with you? Where are your ego and arrogance coming from, #animez_UK Wing? Image
Those persistent & repetitive #cyberattacks have gotten so boring lately. I had nothing else to observe from #animez_UK Wing. I was like, ‘it is getting so BORING.’ So I cut you off and converted all your malicious hacking skills into networking security. #cybersecurity Image
Wing found me and picked me as his target. So I was forced to take up all his knowledge and everything he has to prevent cybercriminals like you. So I wouldn't get destroyed by him. My understanding of cybersecurity is more advanced than usual citizens, #animez_UK. Image
After you choose to attack me for 120days daily(except your Mon morn & noons), I can draw a complete picture of you. I shut down this computer and stored it somewhere safe. It stores all your malware, app attacks and all your footprints everywhere, #animez_UK Wing. Image
This physical computer is stored somewhere safe. The evidence is stored inside this computer will trace back to your cyberattack 2018, #animez_UK Wing. (Evidence 4)

You never wanted to stop the deadly cyberattacks after 120days. It was me who cut you off bcs of boredom. Image
After 3mths of observing #cyberattack 2018, all the facts pointed to #animez_UK Wing. I was so disappointed. I wished someone else hated what I was doing for people in the UK, but it was Wing(W). Why does someone who sells Japanese toys wish me to be destroyed for good? Image
Sidenote: why did you deny that you know me as a customer, Wing? You wouldn’t have had anything to hide by knowing a person in reality, except you are so guilty of everything you have done that you even exploit people’s trust in you to eliminate us ‘eternally’. #animez_UK Image
Till the very last moment, the very last chance when people choose to have mercy, #forgiveness and hope in you, you mocked people’s kindness, chose humiliation, destruction and tried even harder to destroy anyone you #hate, #animez_UK Image
You only know to hide behind #toys, hide behind legitimate status, and hide behind computers to watch #porn & #cyberattack for your COWARDLY goal. You're never powerful but a #COWARD from the beginning and a COWARD to the end. You only know to Hide in the dark, #animez_UK Image
You spread rumours that the #UKGOV monitored locals. It is #criminals like you who exploit the name of UKGOV to #control citizens, monitor and fool them psychologically; induce conflict and division among the trust between the UKGOV and citizens. #animez_UK Image
You thought people would believe in your rumours. You felt powerful to #monitor & #control their activities to ensure they do not betray your national interest (#China and #Russia). You want to become the government. You never respected or thought of #UKGOV existed, #animez_UK Image
You believe #cyberattack could treat anyone you hate to spread false #political messages online; individuals would trust your #disinformation about anything. You thought you were powerful to influence them #politically. You are nothing but a toy seller, Wing from #animez_UK Image
Do not try to #manipulate & influence any British citizen that malicious #Russian #hacker attacked them rather than a toy seller, #animez_UK, or it was #UKGOV to #monitor & control local citizens. So you can continue to #hide and attack anyone like a COWARD. Image
After I kicked you out, you did not stop from there. You continued to #punish your official #enemy everywhere, including my #elderly #parents. You believe they deserved to be punished bcs of the British #military. You exploit the name of #governance to control people. #animez_UK Image
#animez_UK sent #pornographic videos to #sexually #harass me 2018. Wing wants #women to be #housewife, and treat women as #sexual objects, #submissive to #domestic abuse. You #humiliate women;you treat us based on #porn; women were secondary & used for #sex & #prostitution. Image
How #Animez_UK perceives women as a disgrace. Using #porn video to tell #women should behave. You, Wing want me to be uneducated,lack of intelligence & incapable of anything. So you have absolute control over me & submit to your abusive domination or cyberattack us for obedience. Image
#animez_UK even sent a #pron video to me to detail how you wanted to have a #pornographic characterised #woman, ME, to sit on the top of you. You warned me on Twitter if I spoke against your 14yrs continual #harassment, I would be sentenced for 6mths? You tried hard to #abuse me. Image
This thread doesn’t end,does it? Bcs you labelled yourself the ‘eternal’, your malicious stalking, harassment & hacking activities against anyone never end. Good to know your shop keeps all your crimes, #animez_UK/Wing / 永恆. I am refunding your criminalities as a customer. Image
Now you officially labelled me as your formal enemy after I associate with the British #military. You are determined to destroy my life ’eternally’. You made sure my family and associates are under your supervision & #consequences based on your national interest #animez_UK Image
2017-2022 You began treating your malicious #hacking life as an ‘eternal’ MISSION to attack the UK for China and #Russia. #Animez_UK Image
You are determined and guaranteed that anyone close to me will receive your #punishment through persistent cyberattack and threats of being targeted by #Russian(or just you, the toy selling life) because of association with the #Britishamy. #animez_UK Image
Enjoying your ‘mission’ continuing to launch #cyberattack against the UK for #Russia ever since #Russians began the war(2022)? Enjoy witnessing how #soldiers are #dead because of Russia #animez_UK Image
Now Wing from #animez_UK, what do you want to do with the locations of #military locations? What do you want to do with soldier F, my friends, his friends and all associates’ identities and online accounts, their positions from the military, all for #Britisharmy? Image
Have fun labelling yourself as #Russian to launch #cyberatack against the UK right inside the UK? Have lots of excitement? Is it funny? And exploiting British justice system to threaten your targets with criminal prosecution will justify your act against the UK? #Animez_UK Image
Why don’t you put your national interest against the UK in the shop front and declare to the public that you hate the UK try destroying the UK daily via #cyberattack inside your shop and your home, that the toy shop is the cover to your malicious intend against the UK? #Animez_UK Image
What do you want from soldier F, and our friends in the military, theirs parents & family outside of the campsite -not 24/7 protected? What have you done to them? What do you want from my friends at the camp? You identified yourself as Russian,Wing #animez_UK don’t you hurt them Image
What do you want from soldier F, and our friends in the military, theirs parents & family outside of the campsite -not 24/7 protected? What have you done to them? What do you want from my friends at the camp? You identified yourself as Russian,Wing #animez_UK don’t you hurt them Image
I have friends/ associates who are not directly associated with soldier F, and some are military's close friends outside of the military with an army background. #animez_UK Don't hide behind toys to maliciously seek and stalk everyone and cyberattack your enemies, Wing. Image
Although I am extremely secure with everything connected to the #networking, you saved all my sensitive personal information. I acknowledged all your methods to #track me. I won’t allow you to exploit my cyber #vulnerabilities for you to steal any information, #Animez_UK Image
#animez_UK sent a #porn video to me to detail how he wants a #pornographic characterised #woman, ME, to sit on top of Him. He warned me on Twitter if I spoke against your 14yrs continual #harassment, I would be sentenced for 6mths? You tried hard to #abuse women.#feminsm Image
If use #Animez_UK’s made up #threat of #imprisonment to me to calculate his sentence regardless of the rule of law:
1 week of harassment=6mths imprison
12mth1 yrs x 2yrs=24yrs
24 yearsx14yrs=
He would be imprisoned for 366yrs.Please don’t send legal threats so randomly Image
I cut you out in 2018, but it was only the 1st step of your 2nd #revenge. You #compromised as many accounts as possible for 10yrs to ensure I was #monitored. So when I opposed your national interest, you executed the deadliest #cyberattack to #hate, #animez_UK, Wing or 永恆. Image
Sidenote: the country of China or Russia might not involve in @Animez_UK, Wing / 永恆’s extreme political view, who uses these countries to divide the unity inside the UK & hate each other. It is his reason to harm and destroy other people’s lives through #cyberattack. Image
After I associate with the military, #animez_UK; he launched #cyberattack against my BFF who is #programmer, said ‘Wing #hates you so much, he used accounts & tried his best to delete my files permanently.’. I traced some of the accounts he used to #attack me(evidence 6)’-2018 Image
Other two BFF told me they couldn’t login to #IG & couldn’t contact me. @Animez_UK tried to #cyberattack & remove my BFF so he could #isolate me from social life & #exclusively own me, #control, #monitor & #abuse me #sexually via #networking completely. (evidence 7)-2018 Image
During the #cyberattack in 2018, #animez_UK removed all my friends & associates’ contact on my #whatsapp, indicating he tried to #isolate me so he could enjoy owning me #exclusively, to #control, #monitor, and #abuse me via #malicious #having activities. #Coercivecontrol Image
Soldier F from #Britisharmy was fine. #animez_UK didn’t dare to confront the national security. So he #cyberattack, #bully, #abuse, #harm, #dmaage and #destory me to express his hate against the military & #HIDE like a #coward when UKGOV realises his cowardly being (evidence 9) Image
So #Animez_UK if you every try to #harass my friend for one second again bcs of your #hate against anyone including me, if you ever try to #cyberattack any of my BFF & associates because of their lack of knowledge in #cybersecurity, you are going to sit behind bars even quicker. Image
It isn’t #hateful or #offensive to love the UK that taught me much about #humanity, loving UK is not to hate other countries, but your #Animez_UK’s hate that chooses to destroy any that opposes your will. This has nothing to do with #loyalty but pure #destruction to humanity. Image
My friend Q’s IG #Animez_UK W hacked against me is the daughter of high ranking Chinese gov official (she never mentioned it online). W identified himself to #hack for China,but #China never sent him. Chinese GOV restricts Q’s IG access after she left England in 2019. W messed up Image
She said in 2018 ‘ a lot live outside of China #hack citizens #maliciously bcs the Chinese GOV cannot monitor their networking usage. You(me) are no an interest to the Chinese Gov bcs you do not speak up to provoke against China.’ #Animez_UK’s ethnicity is Chinese(Sichuan/四川)’. Image
This was what my friend said & her IG was hacked & restricted later, I can’t assume other ideas #Animez_UK chooses to label me as his enemy,& he #hates me with everything he has after I associate with the #military. He hopes everyone around me receives the deadliest #cyberattack. Image
2019-Q: ‘someone changed my IG p/I can't read only your(me) messages(2018-19); I thought I lost you(me)’. 2019-21-Q: ‘the gov restricted my access to IG, I can’t talk to you.’ Me:’you need this security. They’re protecting you.’ I knew #Animez_UK was maliciously #hacking Q. Image
Q is my BFF-a great school teacher. #Animez_UK W did the same to her,similar to me in 2010, tried to #steal her account bcs she associates with me, who W #hates the most, so my close associates shall receive the #consequence by interacting with people that W hates; Q wasn’t alone Image
The programmer K (UK), my BFF, #Animez_UK W tried his best to permanently delete K’s files, similar to the #revenge I had in 2010. W warned my BFF whoever associates with me would receive his cyber #punishment - #cyberattack to express his #rage over our disobedience. Image
My best BFF A, who #Animez_UK W hates the most also suffered the same consequence Q & more. A couldn’t gain access to his IG accounts to contact me in 2018-19(UK).W pretended to be #Russian to #harassment A 2019-22(Japan).W ensures my BFF #harassed bcs of me.Will come back to it. Image
#Animez_UK W’s intention is clear, to isolate me, so he enjoys #abusing his prey. It is his political #hatred against the military, but his action to #isolate me indicates he‘s #lonely man who doesn’t have social life. He is envious of us & determined to destroy me ‘eternally’. Image
#Animez_UK Wing’s intention to #destroy me and everyone around me, ‘If the targets disobey my #abuse that I need to seek #power and #joy, but she enjoys her life, I guarantee she #suffers everything that I am suffering today. If I am suffering, I guarantee she will fall with me’. Image
I have other BFF he didn’t #attack. I shared most photos or had the most online chats in 2018 with my BFF Q,K & A on IG when #Animez_UK W lanuch #cyberattack.I talked to another BFF verbally. W attacked Q,K&A based on my online activities.He doesn’t know my social life offline. Image
#Animez_UK W maliciously hacks into my friends’ & associates’ online accounts. Although my accounts are secured(& private account), he logs into my friends’ accounts #illegally to browse & #monitor my online activities.His can still stalk me using this method today on IG(2022) Image
Side Note: I didn't even remember #Animez_UK W existed until all the evidence of #malicious #hacking & #cyberattack linked to W in 2018. I still asked, ‘what is he doing here?’He is never in my life,but he imagined that he was with me daily from 2008 till today. He‘s #delusional. Image
Think 01: I mean #Animez_UK is easily charged with stalking & harassment if I hand in the evidence. He knows zero-day malicious cyberattacks and other all sorts of malicious hacking activities. He sends phishing emails to targets' inbox so easily. Image
Think 02: It was after the military he revealed all his capabilities in cyberattacks. Does #Animez_UK want to send a message that he was better than the military, but no one actually cares? Image
Think 03: #Animez_UK is more than just a stalker, although in my personal case he maybe stalking and harassing based on his criminality. A conviction as a #harasser conceals his other serious criminal activities. There are many gaps in between his malicious activities. Image
Think 04: I will keep posting what happened to me personally to connect the missing dots gradually. #Aninez_UK has been doing so much more than just stalking me all alone. Image
According to #Animez_UK’s #cyberstalking activities & cyberattack activities, he attempted to put himself with 2 characters: a stalker/harasser & a #Chinese or #Russian cyberattacker. He expected I would not be able to gather evidence that he, a toy seller attacked me in 2018. 01 Image
So he wanted me to believe it had been the #Chibese & #Russians who targeted me, my family and my friends who cyberattacked me. Yet it has always been him alone. He wanted me to link my connection with Russians. But it was just a toy seller instead, #Animez_UK 02 Image
Example, if I was fooled & didn’t find that #Animez_UK attacked me. Then my messages would be ‘#Russians cyberattacked me’ on Twitter bcs I had a #military connection’ which fulfil a malicious #hacker’s purpose to bring #political influence over his #cyberattack against me.03 Image
Now the agencies and intelligence comprehend the purposes of cyberattacking individuals based on political conflict. Those #malicious #hackers #impersonate themselves to induce several #disinformations about the #war in public from different countries. #Animez_UK 04 Image
Hence, he felt arrogance in his #coercivecontrol, #manipulation and #disinformation that would undoubtedly eliminate his targets bcs he had been using this technique to divide people. He wanted me to carry his disinformation about ‘Russia who attacked the military associates’. 05 Image
This technique was used on #Animez_UK’s ‘friends’ who trusted him and came to attack me on Twitter earlier. He knew this technique of half-truth well, and people heard the #halftruth and would believe he had the ground against the whole truth.PLEASE have a read into this book 06 ImageImage
Then society breakout and citizens #panic because of the #fear of war. Hence, #Animez_UK will feel #delighted to watch how his lone #malicious #hacking activities can drive society into #chaos. He tried, did he? well, it is me he tried to fool around. I mean, come on, really? 07 Image
#Aninez_UK stalking activities from 2008-17 were different compared to after I associated with the military. He punished me for blocking him on Facebook(FB) 2010; signalled that he monitored me on FB 2016; I met soldier F. He attacked me as a Chinese or Russian agent in 2018. 08 Image
The meaning ‘Russian targeted & attacked #Britisharmy’s associate will be completely different if ‘a British #toy seller pretended to be #Russian to attack military’s associates, induce political fear & conflict to divide citizens’, @Animez_UK’s ugly game is so apparent. 09 Image
#Animez_UK motivated to influence #politics against the UK is more severe than to stalk and harass his so-called ‘victims’. His criminal activities are more severe than just being a sick stalker. His malicious #hacking skills are too good to use on pure stalking and harassing. 10 Image
If #Animez_UK advanced malicious hacking skills were merely used to harass women, but a one-off opportunity to influence politics. He would be #harassing more #women. Either way, he does not have a conviction from 1 woman, me. His crime is more severe than my case alone. 11 Image
A lot of secrets behind those innocent toys from @Animez_UK. He is not just a stalker and harasser. He wanted me to label his stalking, harassing and cyberattack with the name of Russia, which he failed. 12 Image
It is because I exposed #Animez_UK, who tried all these planning, that he attempted to exploit the connection with the #military and spread #disinformation about #Russia’s #cyberattack. He appears to be a mere sick #stalker and #harasser now. The reality may say otherwise. 13 Image
The criminal accusation of:
- cyberstalking
- cyber harassing
- malicious hacking
- cyberattack
- Malicious disinformation affects individuals and political beliefs via cyberattack against a country.

Note: #Animez_UK enjoys harassing his enemies regardless of sex and gender. Image
Regardless of #Animez_UK characters that he is trying to impersonate, some techniques and patterns to use on cyber #revenge and #punishment are similar# Image
The process #Animez_UK punishes individuals via cyberattack following layers of the OSI model:

Wing's process launch cyberattacks are prominent. He is highly organised & plans cyberattacks carefully to ensure he compromises his targets and all the systems for good. 01 ImageImage
(Application layer) #Animez_UK first targets and exploits individuals' websites - to attempt to affect the #DNS ( Nov 2021), trap the target and install #malware onto their computers ( March 2022).

02 ImageImage
(Presentation layer) #Animez_UK sends out #phishing emails - to attempt to install #malware onto the target's computer system ( Feb 2022).

03 Image
(App layer)After #Animez_UK failed the previous to install #malware onto my computer systems, He uses stolen info from me in 2018. An app called 'Deskapp for YouTube '- old app, not updated for it. He exploited it to launch #DoS attacks or #BufferOverflow ( April 2022). 04 Image
(Session & Network layer) #Animez_UK uses stolen info from me in 2018, launches severe #DDoS attack against me (since April 2022), but I #spoof my MAC address so. He stopped after I am using Twitter(18th July 2022),he tried harder to attack me-15th July 2022 to 17th July 2022.05 Image
(Network layer) #Animez_UK uses my MAC addresses to track my #IoT. Tried to crack my Outlook password registered on my IoT ( Mid-April 2022- 10th Aug 2022). The Outlook emails are very critical to him;2nd authentication is his vulnerability, which failed his attack in 2018.06 ImageImageImage
(Application layer) #Animez_UK sent out another #phishing #email that was able o track the user's #DNS & #IP address (17th July 2022); it is the #warning or the #threat that he is now offended bcs of the #tweets. He signals me that he is ready to launch severe cyberattack. 07 ImageImage
(Application layer) #Animez_UK tried to #crack my #password to login to my Bible app from Your Version (17 July 2022) on my iPhone, disturbing individual’s #religious belief? If you think you can do whatever you want to do, it is you who increases the time to sit behind bars. 08 Image
#Animez_UK failed all his steps to install #malware on my systems & #compromise my computers and devices to penetrate my network layer 1 and 2 since November 2021 to July 2022. Hence, he uses #DDoS to try his best to affect my life as much as possible since April 2022. 09 Image
(Application) it is the low and slow attack rather than the buffer overflow that was used against my parents’ devices(explain later) by #animez_UK Image
1-9 #animez_UK process of punishing individuals via cyberattack, follows layers of the #OSImodel:
#cyberattacks are prominent...highly #organised and plans every cyberattack carefully to ensure he #compromises his targets and all the target systems for good. ImageImageImageImage
I decided to speak up about #Animez_UK Wing's #cyberattack after I keep hearing my close associates around me being cyber #harassed by W based on his #hate towards me. I never meant to speak up for myself bcs I am not annoyed emotionally but is handling him with logic+knowledge. Image
When I was analysing #Animez_UK in 2018, I found one of his intentions to attack me was to cause psychological distress and other negative attitudes. Staying logical, analytical, productive, #positive & #happy to enjoy life will prevent him from achieving his goal of cyberattack. Image
25th July 2022 night detected another 2 attempts to malicious #hacking via #networking/wifi IP address crack #outlook #email passwords twice that are registered on Apple #iPad by #Animez_UK

I will continue to draft out everything he has done. And report him to the authority. ImageImage
#Animez_UK Wing decided to maliciously #hack & #compromise all of my BFF A’s home devices & networking since 2018. Wing use their #IoT for #Botnet, use #keyloggers to memorise passwords. So Wing can login to A’s IG to harass him after A changed his IG #passwords several times. Image
#Animez_UK Wing #hacked into my BFF A’s IG account to unfriend & blocked me from A 2018.

Wing changed A’s account #password later to prevent A from #communicating with me(2018).

Wing disturbed my calls with A on A’s IG (2018-2022) & used him to deliver #political messages. Image
Side note: My family & BFFs always feel everything he does is so #pointless and #boring but with #frustration. There isn’t contribution but #nuance. I still have to remind #Animez_UK to acknowledge how boring he is with his actions to us and a mere #harassment to all of us. Image
How boring is #Animez_UK Wing?
-W #hacked my BFF A’s IG & blocked me from A account 2018
-A added me to his IG
-Wing changed A’s IG PW
-A got back his IG
-W login to A’s IG as #Rissian
-W removed me from A's IG(1/July/22)
-W continues to disturb A’s calls to me(Aug22>) Image
please support me to speak up against this 14years harassment of me, my family & my friends(2008-2022) by #Animez_UK. I have sent you an email with reference noCR/66771/22. Please contact me for all the details he has done for us. #harassment #hacking #CyberAttack ImageImage
I‘ve never experienced anything like this personally. #Animez_UK still #claiming that he doesn't know me since 2008 & has been #harassing me since. And he reported himself to the police with #disinformation about him knowing me to #silent me. He puts himself in trouble. #women Image
My #Yahoo, #Gmail and #Outlook are #password attacked today by #Animez_UK. The technique changed to not focusing on 2SF. It seems very clear to #abuse the #policepower and #silence the #victim in order to abuse the #victim further. #hacking #CoerciveControl #stalker #harassment Image
I must speak up. After I spoke up, my #serialtalker #Animez_UK tried to #track my #IP address and #locate my physical location. I must keep updating to ensure the public knows my #safety. If anything happens to me, everyone knows why. #hacking #stalk #harassment #CoerciveControl Image
Serial #stalker made a false crime report that he didn’t know me, #threatened me if I speak up again, he would use #policepower to identity my twitter source. The same purpose to the email he sent on 16/7/22 tried to track my #IPaddress. I informed the police that he knows me. Image
This is #coercivecontrol & #techabuse by a toy seller #Animez_UK I met in 2008 as a customer. He has been #stalking, #harassing & techabusing me for 14 years? Now using #disinformation & false #crime report to silence me.You pick up a #feminist for #domesticabuse ImageImage
The serial #stalker definitely comes back to the targets’ social media to update their online activities & ensure they are #monitored and are under #controlled. Otherwise, they will execute demands by force to #abuse the target.

This Twitter is now watched by #Animez_UK. Image
When you realise a shop #Animez_UK becomes serial #stalker for 14 years & fits #psychopathic profile. I am worried actually about how many #women as well as their associates, including men, maybe victims. #coercivecontrol #abuse #hacking #techabuse Image
I never harassed #Animez_UK Wing when he voluntarily came to my Twitter to read my tweets about #stalking & #harass. Don't #stalk, #control & #abuse how I should tweet or exploit police power to report tweets that don’t please him as harassment to silence me. #CoerciveControl Image
This #Animez_UK shop owner admits he knows me as a customer complaining about his #stalking, #harassment, and #techabuse. So he voluntarily stalked me further on my Twitter, screenshot my complaints about him & made #falsereport that I harassed him. What‘s harassment?#Lawlessness Image
There isn’t any #harassment to speak facts & complaints about a shop. I am a customer who #Animez_UK acknowledges, and he has become my serial #stalker. I have so many rights to speak up and complain about him that exploiting police power cannot silence me to complaint further. Image
So stop #stalking my Twitter 24/7 to #monitor & #control every of my tweet to silence my legit complaints as a customer of #Animez_UK or #abuse police power to silence me who has been seriously #stalked by the shop owner. I would never make complaints if he had a good reputation. Image
Don't #stalk me to #control & #silence my legit complaint to #Animez_UK bcs the shop owner doesn't like 1-star feedback from a customer.
The more men try to silence a woman’s voice. The more noise we make against serious #stalking, #harassment & #techabuse against women. Image
Police officer, don’t tell me to stop complaining #Animez_UK's horrific behaviour to me. If need this to end, it is he who needs to stop stalking me or oppressse customer’s voice who experienced 1-star service from #Animez_UK.

I AM #ABUSED and police silence me for the abuser. Image
This is my civil rights to complaint about a shop! After I visited #Animez_UK as a customer in 2008. I have been seriously #stalked, #harass & #techabused by the shop owner,now abuse #falsereport to silence me further.

I #protest against this shop till he stops abusing me 💪💪💪 Image
This shop owner #Animez_UK he voluntarily came to my Twitter, screenshot my tweets daily, lied to the police that I sent him my tweets & made or forced him to read my complaint. I am a customer who makes factual complaints on my platform only, my civil rights never harassed him Image
This shop owner of #Animez_UK still #stalking me. Stay away from me, my family and my friends. Stay away from my sister’s family and them to #bait my parents. So to malicious #password attack my #elderly parents and disturb them in order to come at me. This is disgusting. Image
STOP comprising my sister’s family’s entire networking #Animez_UK, & bait my #elderly parents, wait for the appropriate time to malicious #hacking the #elderly due to their #vulnerabilities in #cybersecurity, disturb them to release the #hate you have to me by not #controlling me Image
Stop #stalking me and #tracking my daily activities, Wing from #Animez_UK. Use #password attack to signal that you are #tracking and #monitoring my physical activities. You are INSANE and STAY AWAY FROM ME. #techabuse #coercivecontrol #psychopath #hacking Image
This owner called ‘eternal’ is disgusting from #Animez_UK to become my serial #stalker and kept stalking and attacking my #email accounts.

I deleted #facebook in November 2021 and triggered Wing to launch serious #cyberattack against me. Image
If the shop owner Wing from #Animez_UK is #obesseed with my #Facebook(FB), and determined to find, #track, #monitor, #stalk, #harass & attack me since 2008 after I blocked Wing on FB due to his silent calls,
Wing is wasting time finding a deleted FB account from me. #psychopath Image
It means after Wing from #Animez_UK spends his eternal life password attacking my #email accounts till the day before he dies, he will never find my Facebook because I deleted it.

That toy seller has nothing to do but stand behind the counter daily to stalk people. Image
Every time, this shop owner of #Animez_UK password attacks my email account once. I complained about his #malicious #stalking and #hacking behaviour toward me as his customer in 2008, till he stopped eternally. #Coercivecontrol #abuse 14 years of stalking from Wing #domesticabuse Image
A serial #stalker definitely comes back to the targets’ social media to update their online activities & ensure they are #monitored and are under #controlled. Otherwise, they will execute demands by force to #abuse the target.

This Twitter is now watched by #Animez_UK, Wing. 🤮 Image
#Animez_UK steps to #stalk, #harass, #techabuse and #cyberattack with emotion, malicious #hacking skills similar to #APT/#cyberterrorism and #politics) to #hate and take #revenge on me who blocked him on #Facebook in 2008 due to his silent calls. #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse ImageImage
Wing from #Animez_UK coerced #police to oppress me about his #stalking, #harassment and #techabuse to me/ #women. Police believed in Wing’s manipulation & avoided suspecting his aggression but blamed my defence on Wing’s criminality. Need more police training for #coercivecontrol ImageImage
1-Wing from #Animez_UK exploited police power to demand my complete #silence(all messages)& #techabuse me in private.
2-cocerce+trigger police emotion to distrusts me.
3-Wing used reverse tactic (#DARVO)
4-the email, I recognised how Wing lied to the police. #coercivecontrol ImageImage
Wing from #Animez_UK abuses the power of @NWDevonPolice

When #CoerciveControl is decontextualised, not identifying the aggressor based on 1 incident but historically to define who is in danger. If the victim reacts aggressively is acting in self-defence.
It is never till I spoke up about Wing from #Animez_UK, that triggered his serious #domesticabuse behaviour. He became so apparent and unfolded himself on Twitter publicly. I would be in greater danger if I didn't speak for myself, my family and my friends. #CoerciveControl 01 Image
The Deny unfolded from the 15 July 2022. Wing from #Animez_UK coerced two people to attack me, including eliminating logic to induce confusion about the actual event. Which led to the nice phase: Attack. #Coercivecontrol #domesticabuse

How many #women have Wing been abusing? 02 ImageImageImageImage
Attack & reverse: Happened on the 15th July 2022 by the two people sent by Wing from #Animez_UK. Spread #disinformation to attack me that I was the malicious #hacker, the identity #theft, a #stalker and the #harasser. So he was reversing himself to become a victim of his crime 03 ImageImageImageImage
Wing from #Animez_UK made #falsereport about my self-defence to his 14 years of #stalking, #harassment and #techabuse as harassment to the police; further stalked my Twitter, screenshot my tweets to claimed I sent him those tweets. He tried his best to silence his #abuse to me.04 ImageImageImage
I became the official offender. I spoke up against #Animez_UK Wing #techabused me and was warned by the police to never speak up against my serial #stalker, till the police realised Wing lied to him but chose to fear his aggression, still asked me to stay quiet about his abuse.05 ImageImageImage
I was a customer of Animez_UK back in 2008. I never had any romantic intimacy with that sick serial #stalker/#haraaser Wing from Animez_UK 🤮

He only used two weeks to use #DARVO to try to silence me. He already exposed who he is completely #cocercivecontrol #DomesticAbuse 06
I never knew that man Wing from #Animez_UK is a domestic #abuser to #coercivecontrol women. We only received several cyberattacks and solved them with logic and knowledge.

I am concerned about how many #women he is abusing and sexually exploiting online right now. #porn 07 Image
If anyone suspects that Wing from #Animez_UK is stalking, harassing and #techabuse you, please speak up against his crimes. Don't be afraid of him, #stalker #harassment #women #men

Watch the video to recognise #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
If the #cult #wmscog who attacked my Christianity for a month in 2021 was destructive. 14yrs of Stalking, harassment & #techabuse a customer & relatives by a shop owner #Animez_UK since 2008 & his #coercivecontrol 2022 is equal to the cult.
Protest against #Animez_UK 01
Cyber or Technology-enabled coercive control / TECC Nov 2021

1-central tools for abusers to #threaten, #stalk, #harass and #surveil their partners

#Coercivecontrol #DomesticAbuse sciencedirect.com/science/articl… Image
Protest against #Animez_UK 02
TECC, technology:
2- enable abusers to more efficiently & effectively coercively #control survivors anywhere at any time by DV abusers, rather than a new or distinct form of abuse. #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
Protest against #Animez_UK 03
TECC, technology enables abusers to:
3- engage in familiar tactics of intimidation, #isolation and #control

4- 3 forms of TECC – #surveillance, multimodal #harassment and the distribution of intimate images (#porn)
Protest against #Animez_UK 04
TECC, technology enables:

5- abusers use technologies to extend spatial and temporal control of survivors(my case 4 and more countries).
6- TECC-specific #surveillance, #monitoring, and #tracking behaviours (active).
I was a customer of the shop owner Wing of #Animez_UK in 2008. He committed 14yrs of cyber-enabled crimes to domestically #abuse me. He fantasises about his intimate relationship with me and tech abuses me, who is a stranger to his reality. Disgusted.

#CoerciveControl #techabuse
I attempted to analyse #animez_UK Wing’s intention to harm me, my family and friends. I never thought of #domesticabuse; its traditional definition of abusing ‘intimate partner’ never applied to my situation with Wing. I forgot to see how he perceives me in his fantasy. #Control
Protest against #abuse Wing from #Animez_UK. abusers-often narcissists, consciously manipulate & pretends the abuse never took place, attacks the victim tries to hold them accountable, claim they’re the victim to reverse the reality #DARVO #coercivecontrol whatiscodependency.com/darvo-abusers-…
Protest against #abuse by Wing from #Animez_UK
#DARVO, The abuser- #threatens lawsuits and defames, smears, and #shames the victim personally rather than focusing on the issues. The abuser may flip rapidly between both attacking and acting victimised.
Protest against horrific serial #stalker Wing from #Animez_UK who doesn't regret his #stalking, #harassment & #techabuse to the customer since 2008, made a false police report to try to silence my defence against his #abuse. #Coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
Never thought of sexually harassing & stalking a young girl would receive great confidential information from the military, #Animez_UK? You are so excited and passionate about destroying anyone who associates with #Britisharmy. You seek excitement from destruction. Image
The danger of having empathy/kindness to treat #narcissists who find these beautiful qualities in women as weakness and vulnerabilities for them #stalk, #oppress, #control, #coerce and #abuse. So men feel #powerful to dominate they prey: #women. #feminist Image
So grossly disgusted knowing #Animez_UK I visited a few times as a mere customer in 2008 and would attempt to do all these #coercivecontrol on me for over a decade.
I need some time to RECOVER from feeling disgusted. Can’t believe I am his prey ImageImage
I physically vomit myself out from the past #Animez_UK lied to the police so smoothly & successfully exploited police power to try to abuse me. Poor police was a kind man who tried to do his job. Can you not believe this? I AM OUT

• • •

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More from @SpeakOUp

Aug 14, 2022
1-ignored Wing #Animez_UK ‘s #techabuse to me.
2- claimed speak up aggravated male anger #coercivecontrol- implied>stay silent & endure 14yrs of techabuse as long as I am physically safe.
3-my fault to be abused & for Wing to harm me physically?

#victimblaming Image
Wing from #Animez_UK calls himself ‘eternal’ who never goes away & stops techabuses me.
-A serial #stalker will find his way to stalk & monitor me.
-I never send tweets, he stalks my tweets.
-I never contacted him, he forces himself in to techabuse me.
#DAVRO #coercivecontrol Image
How can I stop speaking up when he never stops the #techabuse to me which is equally serious to physical abuse? A complex case doesn't degrade its seriousness when the scars and injuries are less evident to physcial and sexual abuse. #Animez_UK #coercivecontrol #domesticabuse
Read 6 tweets
Aug 13, 2022
Wing from #Animez_UK #hates I speak up against his #techabuse and have #freedom to enjoy life. Wing tried deadly to #hack & #abuse my BBF till he was unable to communicate with me. #Coercivecontrol

Wing enjoys malicious hacking #power to #destroy whoever he hates the most. ImageImageImage
Wing from #Animez_UK compromises my BBF A’s Apple ID to glitch internet, control & #restricts his freedom to talk to me on #instagram. A needed me. Wing ensured he will further #oppress A who was suffering till he was eliminated. #Domesticabuse #techabuse #coercivecontrol Image
Wing from #Animez_UK select and pick his targets he hates and witness their suffering. When target is suffering in life, Wing ensures he aggravates the suffering and pain from people for Wing to elevate the #abuse of power to be in #control of everyone he hates. #CoerciveControl
Read 4 tweets

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