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Arkadaşlar selam,

Bu tweet dizisinde çıktığında erken kullanıcı olarak #Shibarium ağından nasıl çuvalla para kazanacağımızı anlatıcam.

Tweet dizisi 15 tweetten oluşmakta ve okuma süresi yaklaşık 3 dakika.
Yılan hikayesine dönen Shibarium ağı aslında yeni bir konu değil, aylardır hatta belki yıllardır geliştirilmeye çalışılan #Shiba ekibinin L2 platformu.

Biz ekip olarak geçtiğimiz senenin ağustos ayından beri Shibarium ağını yakından takip ederek olabilicek fırsatları
araştırıyoruz ama ekip oldukça az ve kısıtlı tweetler attığı için düzenli bir haber akışı sağlanamıyordu ta ki 2 gün önce @ShytoshiKusama ve @ShibariumNet'in attığı şu tweete kadar:

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We've seen HUGE gains from future #Shibarium projects

I've collated a list of noteworthy projects for you to investigate

Links to their socials 👇

⚠️ As always, you must DYOR.

I have not been sponsored or paid to provide this post or done deep dives on each project.

💭 Please degen responsibly, and long live #SHIB.
The project's Twitter accounts;

🐶 $BONE - @Shibtoken
🐶 $PAW - @PawShibarium
🐶 $LEASH - @Shibtoken
🐶 $SHI - @ShinaToken
🐶 $FUND / $xFUND - @UnificationUND
🐶 $KENNEL - @KennelLocker
🐶 $WOOF - @woof_work
🐶 $NFAi - @nfalabs
🐶 $SHIBP - @ShibariumPadETH
🐶 $SNS - @dogtag_id
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$SHIB is about to make a big move, either up or down (obviously). Here are my 2 #Shiba scenario's:
1) Shiba breaks this daily channel (bullish) by breaking out on the upside of the triangle on the 4H. Targets: $0.0152 & $0.01776
2) The bearish scenario is that it does not break the channel and thus breaks the triangle at the bottom. Target: $0.01032.
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1) The study of on-chain analysis is often difficult and overwhelming.

Tracking wallet-holdings however is incredibly rewarding and a game-changer.

What if YOU could spend less than 1 minute and see everything in a visual map? 🧵👇
2) Blockchain has blessed us with a new level of transparancy.

Gone are the days of hiding holdings or secret transactions.

Each token has its own explorer page like the example below 👇

Raw data is easily accessible but how unattractive and unorganized does this look?
3) What if you could visualize this data in a map with bubbles?


• Each bubble represents a single wallet.
• The most important wallets are shown.
• The bubble size represented the wallet size.
• Two bubbles are connected if there's at least one historical transaction
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Link building (also known as link-building and linkbuilding) is the practice of promoting your website to other website owners with the primary goal of securing a link (hyperlink) on their site to your page. #shiba #SHIB #SUNOO… If you have a website and want traffic from search, you need to consistently secure good links from relevant websites. It means you need link building. Link building requires strong social skills, excellent communication, persistence, and creativity. It’s marketing, sales, and psychology combined.Links are valuable in search engine optimization (SEO).
Links are a strong ranking factor in Google’s (and other search engines’) search algorithm.
Links are valuable in audience development.
Securing a
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YOU know we might be onto something with this new project $TSUKA

The clues keep coming and the $SHIB rumours getting stronger & stronger by the day....

If true, THIS could be the biggest opportunity 👀

You need to take a look at this.... THREAD 🧵👇
The rumors are that this is the new #ryoshitoken token... eg the new #shibainu

At first I ignored thinking this was the usual larp... and still it could be, but as people kept showing me the facts... It is now something that is worth a discussion 👇
So firstly... Who is #Ryoshi & why should you give a fuck?

He is the #Shiba Creator/founder

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto, he is anonymous, but has a massive following + community based around his work 👇
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Bir coin neye göre daha çok yükselebilir?
Neye göre daha çok düşer?
Bazısı neden hiç yükselmez?
Bazısı neden sürekli yükselir?

Buyrun anlatıyorum:👇

Gönderiyi RT+FAV yaparak bu bilgileri bir çok dostumuza ulaştırabilirsiniz.

Yukarıdaki esprili görüntüde klasik düz mantık bir trader'ın 2020-21 döneminde muhtemelen yaşadıklarını anlattım.

Neden bu kadar ön yargılı davrandı? Neden ön yargılarının kurbanı oldu? Bunu inceleyelim.
Her zaman söylediğim gibi hiçbir ürün sonsuza kadar yükselmez ancak hiçbir ürün sonsuza kadar düşmez.

Bu doğrudur ancak piyasalar fiat para sisteminden ve sistemin sürekli genişlemesinden dolayı en uzun vadede yükselişe meyillidir.
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Optimum ''en ideali, en uygunu'' anlamına gelir.

Türkçemize Fransızca'dan gelmiştir.

Fransızca'da da aynı anlamı taşımaktadır.

Şimdi lafı uzatmadan gelelim ''optimum'' alım satım bölgelerime:

#Bitcoin #dot #raca #link #shib
#Bitcoin diyen kimse çıkmadı o zaman benim oyum #btc'ye diyerek $btc ile başlayalım.

$BTC'de kısa-orta vade optimum alım bölgem:
28-32 aralığı

Kısa vade optimum satım alanım:
40k üstünde satarak ana parayı çıkarır kâr olan #btc'yi bedava btc olarak görür çook uzun vade tutarım
#Dot #polkadot

Şahsen çok beğendiğim bir proje. Fiyat hareketi aşırı hantal.

Kısa-orta vade optimum alım bölgem:
10$ ve altı.

Kısa-orta vade optimum satış alanım:
2x'te ana parayı çıkarır, kalanı 20 üstünde dirençlerde kademeli satarım.
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Shiba Inu Launches Locker Program to Enable Shiboshi & LEASH Holders to Join the Land Auction for SHIB: Shib Metaverse Complete Details
The #Shiba Inu (#SHIB) community was ecstatic earlier this week as developers of the popular dog-themed cryptocurrency officially announced details of its virtual reality project dubbed SHIB: The Metaverse.
The initiative is part of efforts to ultimately prove that Shiba Inu is no longer a memecoin, a title given to cryptocurrencies created out of internet jokes.
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#Catecoin with #CatPay token is set to beat #DOGE and #ShibaInu
The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past year, and the number of coins listed on CoinMarketCap continues to rise.
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Sur les marchés traditionnels de la #finance 💵la saisonnalité est bien connue des #investisseurs. Les actions évoluent en fonction du calendrier 📆des résultats et du bénéfice mais comment évolue le marché de la #crypto 🪙et du #bitcoin ?
1/Avec près de 10 ans de recul sur les prix du #bitcoin, on se rend compte que la saisonnalité s'applique aussi sur le marché des #cryptos. Commençons par la saisonnalité dont vous avez le plus entendu parlé : La #altseason.
2/La altseason
La #altseason est une période du marché crypto où les #altcoins (crypto monnaie alternative au Bitcoin) ont tendance à surperformer 😱 par rapport au #bitcoin (ici fin 2021). Cette période est généralement marquée par la chute 📉du ratio de dominance du bitcoin.
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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A quick 🧵 thread 🧵explaining why I believe $MRI will be the #1 traded #memecoin in 2022… 👇🏽
1. The Team : $MRI dev team has made it clear that Actions, speak louder than words.

They rallied a community of #Crypto investors OVER NIGHT towards one vision. #FightingForFighters Image
2. Community : in under a week the $MRI holder count went from 0-4000.

The $MRI Fighters have been attacking Twitter aggressively, making $MRI one of the most mentioned coins next to $LOOKS & $MCC

Let’s not forget, organically Trending on @DEXToolsApp every day since Launch. Image
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Super Bowl LVI captured all the attention last night, and as usual the halftime show was the biggest draw especially the #ads.

Dubbed "Crypto Bowl" due to some huge tv campaigns launched by some of the biggest companies in crypto.

Here's our ranking of the best ads.

1. @coinbase definitely made the biggest splash with their simple QR ad, their website immediately crashed due to the high demand.
2. @FTX_Official made us (and Larry David) think about all the times we said "Ehhh not for me" before finally realising crypto is here to stay.
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Investing in #crypto isn't easy.
Most make big mistakes.
And many lose a lot of money.

I have spent countless hours reading & improving.
And learning from my mistakes.

Here is a simple thread with the 7 key things I have learned & you need to know 🧵👇
Despite being told to do you’re own research #DYOR most new investors don't! They APE in & let greed/emotions take over.

You NEED to do you’re own research & form you’re own hypothesis.

BTW watching an influencer Youtube video doesn't count.
1/ RESEARCH (ii)

Some of the most important things you need to research on a project are:

-Tokeconomics (market cap, unlocks & allocation)
-Brand story (a project many can get behind)
-Brand experience (is it easy to use + build upon)
-Does it play to a #crypto narrative
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New features on BittsAnalytics. We have added new API endpoints to our API, including #cryptofeargreedindex. See more at:…
Our Investor sentiment index and our Followings Indices are available with Advanced and Professional Plan. Check plans at
Current #BTC support and resistance levels.…
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Tekrar Merhaba,

Dün bir takipçim #Shiba Coin ile alakalı çalışmamıza istinaden, #BabyDogeCoin coin ile alakalı benzer bir çalışma istemiş.

Kendisine ugün bir çalışma yapacağımı söyledim.

Hem de geçenki çalışmamızı tekrar pekiştirmiş oluruz.

#BTC #Bitcoin
Soru için @umitdereli85 Bey'e teşekkür ediyorum.

Hızlıca incelememize başlıyalım.

Öncelikle ben #memecoin ler ile fazla ilgilenmediğimi söylemeliyim.

#BTC #Bitcoin
Bu coinler community based bir inançla giden, @ElonMusk 'ın #DogeCoin i destekleyerek başlattığı bir yükseliş bombardumanı sonrası benim hala anlam veremediğim yükselişler yapabiliyorlar.

Fakat, bu coinler batacak, bitecek, ölecek de diyemem.

#BTC #Bitcoin
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My biggest gains this year where on $sol #solana $matic #polygon $Gala #galagames

But many people this year will have got #REKT'd on projects like #dogecoin #shiba

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
Here is a simple thread top stop you getting wrecked 🧵👇

RT if you like ☺️
You hear stories of people making millions overnight like @ProTheDoge , who bet everything on $DOGE. But 99% of the time its pure luck.
New investors are seduced by the #moon potential of smaller projects & invest more than they can afford to lose.

Remember to always only invest what you can lose & take profits when you can!
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"watching the returns on my investment"- @LarryJuneTFM

#ImpactXP #Impactors #SaitamaWolfPack #saitama #Shiba Listen to Larry June - Financial Freedom Produced By Sledgren by Sledgren on #SoundCloud
"When this comes on the real (X)P's go crazy"- @LarryJuneTFM
#saitama #SaitamaWolfPack #ImpactXP #IMPACTors

Listen to The P (prod. Cookin Soul) by Larry June TFM on #SoundCloud
"Damn what's up with all this hate"- @DOPEITSDOM
Listen to Dom Kennedy - When I Come Around by Higher on #SoundCloud
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🔴La liquidez en las #shitcoins🔴
Entrando en shitcoins se puede ganar MUCHO dinero.
El problema es que el 99% son scam.
Una de las cosas más importantes a chequear es la liquidez.
Si quieres no caer en mas #SCAMS leete este hilo.
🔴¿Qué és la liquidez?🔴
Cuando creas un nuevo contrato tienes que añadir dos cosas.
🔸Cantidad de las monedas que has creado.
🔸Cantidad en la moneda de la chain (BNB por ejemplo)
Esto crea un equilibrio y marca el precio.
Por ejemplo 1.000.000 de #Shiba valen 20 #BNB

🔴El Equilibrio🔴

🟩Cuando tu compras metes bnb y salen tokens.
Sube el precio de la liquidez y de la moneda.
🟥Cuando tu vendes metes toquen y sacas bnb.
Baja el precio de bnb de la liquidez y de la moneda.

Y este es al juego que jugamos.

🔴🔴Hasta que se llevan todo🔴🔴
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Even if #Bitcoin went to 1 million dollars , that is only a 20x from today and will probably take years if not a decade to get there. My Blue Chip Alt Coins , #MemeCoins, and Shitcoins will do a 20x by December.
I love #Bitcoin and will buy back in once the market crashes but no way in hell I would buy it right now even if it does go to 100k by December. $MANA just pulled a 4x in 48 hours lol . #Shiba pulled a 10x in 1 month.
Some will say that I will get rug pulled on my Alt Coins, yeah of course but you will also get rug pulled on #Bitcoin lol.
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My #Memecoin shopping spree continues. I just bought Baby Shiba Inu on pancake swap . Bought $500 worth . Current Market Cap is 48 million. Let's put that in context.

#BabyDoge has a Market Cap of 768 million according to Coin Gecko. If it reaches that Market Cap we are talking about a 16x from today. My 500 dollar investment will be worth $8000 . This is a very reasonable expectation considering how hot the #Memecoin Market is.
If Baby Shiba Inu were to have the Market Cap of $Floki which is currently around 2.2 billion , that is roughly a 46x from today and my 500 bucks would be worth 24k .
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You wont catch me talking bad about #Doge maybe some of the influencers but not Doge ... I made my first $80,000 of Doge so its special to me even though I've moved on to #Shiba#MyFirstLove
Shiba will flip Doge in the coming days .....get in before it's too late and for the doge community that bought doge before the penny feels familiar right??? Jump in #Shiba #1CentDream #1CentDreamShib #Flip #ShibaInu #ShibaArmy #Doge
This is why @elonmusk out of all the times he was asked do he hold Shiba strategically tried to bury us with the nope answer #ShibaInu #Shiba #ShibaArmy #doge #ElonMusk
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[Thread] Le sujet du jour sera : Comment entrer et sortir ses euros dans le monde de la #Crypto

Dans ce thread, nous allons principalement aborder les virements SEPA pour les dépôts/retraits.

Mettez vous à l'aise devant la cheminée et enlevez vos chaussettes, let's go ⬇️ Image
Le constat

Aujourd'hui, sur la majorité des exchanges, on voit comment acheter/déposer de la #crypto et tout est fait pour que ce soit simple.

En revanche, il est plus difficile de trouver comment retirer sa #cryptomonnaie pour transformer en euros vers son compte #bancaire. Image
Nous allons surtout voir les dépôts via virement #SEPA car ceux via CB coûtent cher en terme de frais.

Perso, aucun intérêt de déposer des € avec 1 et 5% de frais.

Mais que ce soit par #CB ou #virement, vos € arriveront de la même façon sur le compte de votre exchange. Image
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