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gm Nansen Explorers🧭

1/ #NFT God Mode Overview is now available to all Nansen Lite (FREE) users!

✅ Average Price & Volume
✅ Floor Price
✅ Individual Transactions, incl. Smart NFT Buyers!
✅ Transactions & Buyers Image
2/ Here is an example of the Overview tab for #CryptoPunks who have recently seen a big spike in volume. Image
3/ To find NFT God Mode, you can right-click on a project in the NFT Paradise 24H Market Overview or find it under the NFT tab on the side bar, as shown below 👇

We have 2000 collections searchable by name and over 18,000 searchable by address.
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🧵 The #EightBitMe PFP Movement

1/ Lots of people think that @eightbit pumped just because of the @kevinrose connection. What a majority of people missed is the history behind it, which is way bigger than that.

What I am about to prove is : ...

2/ that #cryptopunks is not the first PFP widely used by crypto people on social media.
And most importantly, not even the first PFP on the blockchain.
3/ The #eightbit app (NON-NFT) is available from 2010 or 2011. People were creating avatars through the generator and using them as their profile picture on social media websites like twitter, github, instagram.

So the app was made purposely for PFP usage
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As you have probably already guessed, all four act as wild icons but in contrast to the vast majority of slots, here they can land only on the special #cryptopunks Bar, an #ExtraordinaryYou row situated above the middle four reels.… The motto of the game speaks for itself - when one of the CryptoPunks hits the bar and forms a winning combination with low-paying symbols, it will collect them, increasing the multiplier by 1x for each of the symbols collected. It is possible to land up to two CryptoPunks in the same spin and if they both are part of the same win, their multipliers are multiplied by each other – of up to 30x! However, if a CryptoPunk participates in a win made up of high-paying symbols only, it will be destroyed.
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Starting to think that all good @ensdomains are taken?

Think again. In this thread, I list 24 overlooked domain-picking strategies that could make a lot of money in the coming web3


#ENS $ENS #ENSdomains #domains #web3 #blockchaindomains #NFTdomains #NFTs The logo of ENS domains app...
This is the TLDR summary of my insane-long video on ENS picks.

Full video here >>

0/24... A list of the 24 ENS domain...
We all know that 1st names (jake.eth)and iconic dictionary words (gold.eth) are worth a fortune

But there's more to ENS riches than that

This thread is about the names overlooked by investors now (which so are still cheap!) and yet could be worth a lot in the coming #web3
... Image
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How #NFTs can leverage decentralized data storage solutions like @Filecoin @arweave and @nft_storage to be trustlessly verifiable and immutable (A thread)
While NFTs like #boredapes and #cryptopunks gained a lot of media exposure in the past year, the #NFT movement has also received a lot of criticism and scrutiny due to illegitimate projects and rug pulls.
Despite these, NFTs still ride the wave of popularity, with everyone wanting a piece of the pie. Before dismissing it as a fad, however, it's important to note that NFTs actually form the non-fungible asset layer for #Web3––the backbone for new forms of financial instruments.
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Hey guys, you heard about #BAYC or #cryptopunks and you ever wanted to start #NFTs #NFT but afraid of #blockchain #cryptos or the tremendous prices of these collections? Here is a thread to tell you how to join the NFT community in an affordable way 1/n
First, choose the ecosystem you want to dig in, #NFTs on ethereum can be sometimes difficult to handle, especially because of transactions fees, so I may advise you to start with a lower gas fee such as #Avalanche @avalancheavax: nice people, low gas fees, fast network 2/n
To begin with, you need #cryptocurrency #Crypto. If you are a newbie, start with a big exchange such as @binance. There is a website and an app: subscribe and you can get cryptos right away with credit card. For Avalanche you need to buy #AVAX 3/n
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1/ Yoga Labs手下已经持有BYAC、MAYC、BAKC、CryptoPunks、Meebits等诸多NFT蓝筹。Token发行计划又进一步刺激了BAYC等NFT价格的上涨。Opensea 7日交易前五中,Yoga Labs占据四个;Opensea 7日交易前十中,Yoga Labs占据五个,可谓是占据了蓝筹的半壁江山。
2/Yoga Labs以一己之力带动OS牛市回归。也有人称之为Yoga Labs的牛市,其他NFT项目还处在熊市。尤其是地板价在10E左右的NFT项目被吸血,资金进入Yoga布局的“核心蓝筹”。如何看待这种情况?Yoga是否已经形成了NFT项目的中心?其他项目该如何发展?
3/其实,和加密货币一样,NFT的共识也会像某几个核心指标聚集。通过名人、叙事、资本运作和社区推动等,某些NFT会占据圈内绝大多数人员的心智,这些NFT会成为“核心NFT”。就算不是Yoga Labs,也会有其他的项目方,来打造“核心NFT”。
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Best #NFT Projects in 2022
1. CryptoPunks – Larva Labs
#CryptoPunks were created in 2017 as one of the 1st non-fungible token projects on #Ethereum. Image
2. Axie Infinity – Highest Volume of 2021
Axies are the creatures used to play the popular blockchain-based game #AxieInfinity. Image
3. Bored Ape Yacht Club – Yuga Labs
#BoredApeYachtClub is similar to #CryptoPunks in that these #NFTs are commonly used as online avatars. The project features cartoon apes that have different attributes and rarities, and the cheapest Apes cost about 100 ETH ($275,000). Image
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Certains #NFT atteignent des prix exorbitants … dépassant parfois des centaines de milliers de dollars...

Mais il est possible d'en obtenir gratuitement...
Comment ? Ont-ils de la valeur ?

#NFTs #Crypto #NFTcollector #NFTCommunity #FreeNFT #Giveaway Image
[Des NFT gratuits ?! 🤔]

Et bien oui ! Les NFT gratuits existe...
Mais cela pose de nombreuses interrogations
Pourquoi faire ? Et ont-ils de la valeur ?

De nombreux exemples ont montrés que certains NFT qui ont été obtenus gratuitement ont prit énormément de valeur ensuite. Image
N'oublions pas que les #CryptoPunks eux même ont été distribués gratuitement et que certains valent aujourd'hui des millions de dollars...

Mais soyons clair, il y a de grandes chances que les NFT que vous aurez obtenu gratuitement ne prennent aucune valeur mais sait on jamais.. Image
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🧵 THREAD N°24 : les plus grosses collections de #NFTs et leur histoire

Thread rapide aujourd'hui : simplement un top 3 des collections de NFTs les plus importantes et de ce qui explique leur succès 👇
1/ 👉 1️⃣ #Cryptopunks

Les Cryptopunks sont nés en 2017 de LarvaLabs, une équipe de 2 développeurs américains. C'est une des premières collections de collectibles sur #Ethereum, et c'est aujourd'hui celle qui a la plus grosse capitalisation avec 841 500 $ETH investis
2/ La collection est constituée de 10 000 avatars punks qui s'échangent aujourd'hui à un prix minimum de 70 $ETH (environ 200 000$).

Les cryptopunks peuvent avoir 87 attributs différents (pipe, chapeau, bandana...) et il existe trois types rares : zombie, singe et alien.
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Découvrez l'incroyable histoire de CRONOS PUNKS, de leur formidable communauté et tentez de gagnez ce #NFT!

👉Pour participer:
-RT+Follow @CronosPunk_Fam & @Crypto__Goku
-Tag 2 amis

🗓️TAS: 48H


#NFTs #NFTGiveaway #NFTCommunity #NFTcollector #Cronos
Certains investisseurs de #Crypto et de projets #NFT sont victimes d'une arnaque bien connue que l'on appelle le RUG PULL !

Découvrez comment cela fonctionne et comment certaines communautés comme celle de @CronosPunk_Fam réagissent pour rebondir en cas de Rug.
[Qu'est-ce qu'un RUG PULL?]

Un RUG PULL dans l'espace crypto se produit lorsqu'une équipe de développement abandonne soudainement un projet et vend ou supprime toutes ses liquidités.
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@𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚞𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕 🧶

@punkscomic @pixelvaul_ @SportsCheetah @Gfunkera86 @chriswahl73 @geaniemaxi @𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚡𝚒 @Hackatao @killeracid @RobbieSTrevino @fvckrender
#CryptoPunks #CryptoArt #NFT #NFTs 

I am a #degenerateArtLover #degenArtLover
I do not follow #NFT #NFTs #NFTCollectors #NFTMarkets or #trends.

For example, I identified with character #Courtney as a #Punk - farewell Corporate and Suits - Hello! NextEraWorld! Implying Hello ME AGAIN. The REAL ME (ageless!). Bonus… I dug the bad-ass-woman-vibe in
statement fashion.

I am also a #1-1!, #blockchain #digitalAssets #dataOwnership strong believer. I have been dedicated to personal projects and learning about the technology in #decentralized models. In short, I wish the day had 48 hours instead of 24. Unfortunately, I haven’t
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[THREAD] Mes objectifs #NFT 2022

On peut choisir de passer son temps sur Twitter à suivre les dramas & chercher des calls, ou alors on peut se focus sur un marché qui devient de + en + passionnant chaque jour

J'ai choisi l'option 2 & voici un résumé de mes dernières semaines ⬇️
⚠️ Je vais partager pas mal de projets dans les tweets qui suivent mais comprenez bien que ce ne sont que des exemples issus de MES wallets ⚠️

Ils servent uniquement à illustrer MES propos & MES convictions de degen du jpg

Faites VOS recherches & partagez-moi VOS trouvailles 🙏

J’ai loupé les #CryptoPunks
Je ne comprenais pas les #BAYC
Donc j’ai tout fait pour rentrer sur ce qui me semblait être LA future bluechip: #CloneX

Depuis la hype s'est emballée car ils nous ont régalé à base de teasing/alpha/vision...
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Why #NFTs matter?
Thread here.🧵
From cryptocurrency to digital art, and then to electronic data, #NFT is an "exclusive pass" which bridges many fields undoubtedly.

And, the most unique features of NFT are:
1. Non-homogeneity
2. Cultural component
3. Identity attribute
4. Brand carrier
5. Scalability.
actually, the first test of #NFT is started with the colored coins built in #Bitcoin network. and it's named by Rare Pepes which were related to the illustration of Pepe the Frog. And some of them had been sold out in eBay and u can learn more about it in below websites.
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𝗔 𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝟯 𝗰𝘂𝗹𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲: 𝘁𝗵𝗲 @RTFKTstudios #mnlth 𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽

Regardless of who I'm working with, when, or on what, I always at some point tell them the following: if you don't understand the CULTURE of #web3 , the project won't fill its potential.

The reason I believe that is because #Web3 isn't just about tech. I would dare to say it's mostly not about tech. It's about a change of paradigm and the evolution of how humans perceive the digital realm.
That affects everything: UX, UA, marketing, community, partnerships, the whole shebang.

Here's a wonderful example that happened over the past 24 hours. Go to this link:
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🚨 How @NF_Labs built an EMPIRE called @FLUF_World 🚨

1/ Firstly, to better understand @NF_Labs you need to think of them like this…

What @larvalabs is to #cryptopunks and #meetbits, @NF_Labs is to @FLUF_World, @altstatemachine, @partybearNFT @PixeloftheApes.
2/ How did @NF_Labs build such a vast ecosystem & EMPIRE in such a short period of time? Was it luck, or was it years of experience, knowledge and connections coming together at the perfect time to create what is arguably one of the best (if not the best) metaverse in the space?
3/ Let’s start with the @NF_Labs founders, @aaronmcdnz @Brooke_hs @jmetcalfe_ and @alexsmeelenz. To build an EMPIRE you need a combination of skills, knowledge, vision, determination, networks and in @FLUF_World case artistic talent.
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Yesterday, we acquired a couple of v1 Punks (@v1punks) from legendary collector @straybits1. It is perhaps our most exciting acquisition to date. Some thoughts:
Our mandate is to acquire rare, unique, and historically significant NFTs; this much is reflected in our portfolio that is heavily weighted towards #HistoricalNFTs. We have a #Blockhead, #TwitterEggs, #SoG #RarePepes, #MoonCats, etc. alongside specimen like our gold fur #BAYC
We were first made aware of the v1 market through @LeonidasNFT (you can view his NFT timeline via his pinned tweet) We immediately began digging into the story of @v1punks, which are the first iteration of CryptoPunks by @larvalabs and pre-dated the collection as we now know it
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A little thread on why I just spent 67.95 ETH on a #cryptopunks


1/ I believe Punks are & will be the holy grail for the NFT community because of their historical significance and being the first of its kind of 10k PFP collections. It’s a bet on the past and the future
2/ The punks floor is 50% from its ATH, while @BoredApeYC surged 100% over the past weeks. The goal is to eventually own both. With current price action, imo punks are the value bet right now.

As a #MAYC holder, I feel like I'm already part of the Ape Family
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BOOOM 💥, part 2 of 10 is here as promised 😇 This one concentrates on #NFTs, Educate yourself ahead of others on #NFTs, this tweet will give you a totally different perspective of #NFTs, please read through and let me know your thoughts!
Most smart folks in #Crypto agree that most NFTs will go the way of most 2017 ZERO! NFTs will impact every sector of the economy,kids will own more stuff that “look like NFTs than physical items.” understand the impact NFTs will have by 2040 even if you don’t care today
An #NFT could be a share of stock, a virtual sword in a MMORPG, a profile picture on social media, a new unique digital art piece ( imagine owning one of #Banksy’s unique digital artwork as an #NFT) , a plot of land in the metaverse, or your data record on Facebook.
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Why did MGH DAO join the @fluf_world which is coined to be the Music and Entertainment #Metaverse of tomorrow?

A thread... Image
1/ PFP #NFT projects have been flooding @opensea and #cryptotwitter due to the rise in popularity of #cryptopunks and #BAYC for a long time now. PFPs date back to the beginning of the internet where people uploaded pictures of themselves to represent their personas on the web.
2/ #web3 and its ownership-focused character has allowed users to demonstrate the ownership of their profile pictures and therefore add a lot of value to their jpegs. The value of these #NFTs can actually be explained with help of the theory behind mimetic desire.
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With @Tetranode shilling his bags on @UpOnlyTV, I took some time to dig deeper into some of his pet projects.

JPEG'd (@JPEGd_69) is up first


JPEG'd is a lending protocol for NFTs. It will allow NFT holders to borrow against the value of their favorite .jpeg profile pic.

Initially, #CryptoPunks will be the only collection supported by the project. Others, like @BoredApeYC and @EtherRock will follow later

JPEG'd turns NFTs from static investments to yield-generating assets.

As NFTs gain adoption and new use cases become mainstream, this opens up a world of possibilities for the owners.

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0/ Is another NFT season upon us?

In today’s Delphi Daily, we examine @opensea’s hot start to the year, the floor prices of popular NFT projects, implied volatility of $ETH and $BTC, plus @convexfinance contributing to $FXS growth.

1/ @OpenSea started off the year with an explosion in trading volume and active traders. Over the past few days, daily volume has averaged around $200M – $250M.

This level of trading volume was last seen during the Aug. to Sep. 2021 NFT bull market.
2/ The @BoredApeYC floor has decisively flipped #CryptoPunks and is now 27% higher at 77.99 ETH. Meanwhile, Punks have dipped to a 60.95 ETH floor.

PhantaBear is the talk of the town this week, with its floor price growing from 0.34 ETH on Jan. 1 to 6.17 ETH today.
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NFTs are on 🔥this week. i'm super excited to be spearheading @Delphi_Digital 's new weekly insights on all things NFTs / metaverse (alpha leak: for Delphi members it drops in your inbox every wed)

let me share a few key takeaways from our #1 issue! 👇
1/ Is the NFT bull market really back?

We broke $1B in weekly volumes, a level last broken in Aug'21 when NFTs went on a parabolic run. Unique buyers is at a ATH. I've focused on #ETH where most of the activity is, but plan to include analysis on other chains in the future
2/ Some factors contributing to this recent NFT rally are:

- Increased attention and buying activity from celebrities and influential names
- Recent $SOS airdrop (wealth effect)
- Traders looking for better opportunities while $BTC / $ETH moves sideways
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🧵 Reflecting on the insane growth of #NFTs in 2021 it's fascinating how the most popular PFP projects such as #cryptopunks @BoredApeYC @RTFKTstudios etc only draw comparisons to one another but never to yield generating NFT games like @Sorare ⚽️

With the NFT market being in it's infancy it's clear to me that there is room for all of these projects and so many more to thrive.

But, with more and more to discover every day in this newly created metaverse, what type of games/projects will new users gravitate towards?

Now whilst I'm not a disbeliever, I find it harder each month to consider entering new NFT projects that don't offer any prospect of yield.

Conversely, I know this to be true of PFP owners who rarely convert to games like Sorare despite the utility they offer.

Why so?

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