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Kshatra Jagadguru Induvarman Benādikara Shankhapāla Rashtrakuta Throne ⚔️

#India #Indian #Hindu #Royalty #Maratha #HolyWarrior #Lord #Hagiocrat #Priest #PhilospherKing #Rashtrakuta #Aryans
Hindu Maratha Alijāh Bahādur Shindeshahi Gwalior Sendraka Naga Throne 👑

#India #Indian #Hindu #Royalty #Maratha #King #Nagavansh #Nagas #Mughals #Gwalior #Scindia #Aryans #Throne #MadhyaPradesh
Hindu Maratha Sena-Khas-Khel Gurjareshwar Gaikwad Throne 👑

#India #Indian #Hindu #Royalty #Maratha #King #Gujarati #Baroda #Vadodara #Throne
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#Lions HC Dan Campbell on QB Jared Goff today:

"I don't feel like we can accurately judge him one way or another. ... Now, I will say this: I feel like he needs to step up more than he has. I think he needs to help us just like everybody else. ...
More Campbell on Goff:

"I think he's gonna need to put a little bit of weight on his shoulders, and it's time to step up, make some throws and do some things."
I can't necessarily disagree with Campbell on his assessment of Goff, but I'd also say it's worth noting the Lions' WRs today were Kalif Raymond, KhaDarel Hodge, Geronimo Allison, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Tom Kennedy.
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Happy 76th Lem Barney
Less than 10:00 into his first game, Lem picks off Bart Starr and scores a TD
Lem Barney pick 6
Lem Barney pick 6
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Washington won Super Bowl XXVI
Week 1 vs the #Lions
@mark_rypien 15-19-183-2
@EByner 1-2-18-1 16-83-1 2-25
@GaryClarkInc 6-107-1
@GeraldRiggs 11-26-1
Brian Mitchell 69 yard punt return touchdown
45-0 #WashingtonFootball
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The #Giants finished 13-3 and won the Super Bowl
True Blue the 1990 #Giants
Training camp.
Simms and @CarlBanksGIII talk about the keys to the upcoming season
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👇video thread below👇
No you understand why they want us all vaccinated! There is no end to the evil in which we live! You either wake up for real all you #LIONS or we are all done for!
#HoldTheLine #SaveYourFamilies
Its gonna get bumpy! #PrepareToDefendYourselves

I Love you all, God Speed! #GodWins
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It probably won't be quite as fun as most years given the start of a rebuild, but let's run through the #Lions initial 53 mean roster for #RAS!
By now, if you follow me, you probably know my thoughts on Goff.

Clock is ticking before they have a new QB, but given...the next two guys...he's going to start every game he's healthy for.

Unlike the Rams, he won't get benched here for poor play. Not with his price tag.
Tim Boyle is not very accurate, nor is he very good at reading a defense.

What he is, though, is big with a strong arm and pretty athletic. That'll buy you some credit, at least with scout team, when your starter has only one of those things.
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One approach to reducing #HWC and its impacts is to develop tools that promote human-wildlife #coexistence. An eye-catching project conceived by Taronga scientist @HWConflict is one such example. #ScienceWeek PC: Bobby-Jo Vial. Image
By hijacking a common anti-predator signal and applying it in a novel context in #Botswana, the team were able to reduce livestock losses to #lions.… PC: Bobby-Jo Vial. Image
The eye-cow approach was very successful in reducing predation by #lions, and Taronga produced detailed “how-to” guides to using the technique with locally available resources, prompting interest and subsequent trials in Peru, USA, India, and Kenya.…
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Day 2 this #ScienceWeek we focus on #carnivore ecology and #conservation, particularly #HumanWildlifeConflict, a major contributor to biodiversity decline, and consequently a focus for our #science team. PC: Bobby-Jo Vial. Image
We’ll cover some of the core #science projects that Taronga has established or contributed to, highlighting how science-based solutions and evidence-based approaches to #conservation are critical.
In a conjoint role with @CES_UNSW, Taronga’s Conservation Biologist, Dr Neil Jordan (@HWConflict) works in #HumanWildlifeConflict and management, focusing on the #ecology and #conservation of African #carnivores and #dingoes, Australia’s own apex terrestrial carnivore.
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5 thoughts off practice No. 5 of #Lions training camp:

1. I’ve learned about all I’m going to learn in these padless practices, so thank goodness they’ll be in full gear Tuesday. The Lions need install reps, with new schemes across the board, but it's time to see some hitting.
2. Quinton Dunbar sat out Monday and if whatever injury he has lingers, I … have no idea what the plan is at CB3. Melifonwu? Upside, for sure, but Amani Oruwariye talked today about how raw he is -- Victor Bolden dusted him with a slant-and-go route. Important battle to track.
3. Nice INT by Anthony Pittman, dropping into zone in front of (I think) a Tom Kennedy route maybe 10 or 12 yards deep. Pittman has been a pleasant surprise so far, and he’s getting an extended look with Derrick Barnes limited and Jalen Reeves-Maybin absent.
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Happy Birthday to one of the greatest RB’s to have ever played the game of 🏈
Elusive doesn’t begin to tell you what this guy could do
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BOTD Alex Karras
Karras recovers a fumble
Alex Karras chases Brodie down like a bounty hunter
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Dear 🐏ple,

Did you sign #InformedConsent form, prior to accepting a shot of experimental #GeneTherapy?
I had @DesireeRover's video in my playlist; gone. She is a medical research journalist, 'femme fatale, boa @BOA_Handhaving constrictor🐍

She talked #vaccines, #autism, #chemtrails, #fluoride, Honey #Bee🐝 etc

Visit @RealGeoEngWatch💎 @Kevin_Shipp @KristenMeghan @Lukewearechange
Off to check if #Artis ZOO is open. #Lions need millions ofveuro for new home

@WEF b!tch #Halsema
#Hugochenko gave💰to
@ladygaga💉 & #WHO😫

Papa #Nazi corroborate
👕via @_whitneywebb…😈
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I'm starting to think Marvin Lewis is one of the more underappreciated NFL coaches of the past couple decades. Staying 16 years in one place is TOUGH, and I feel like people have forgotten a lot of context along the way.
In the 12 years before Marvin Lewis arrived, the Bengals were 55-137. In the two years since he left, they are 6-25-1. That's 14 years and 0 playoff appearances.

Lewis was 131-122-3 with 7 playoff appearances.
Lewis took over a 2-14 team in 2003. His first three years, he went 8-8, 8-8 and 11-5.

He got his QB in Year 2 in Carson Palmer and reached the playoffs in Year 3. But on his very first throw, Palmer tore his knee.
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25 ANIMAL IMAGES OF 2020. #Rescued #spectacledbear Cholita in her forest sanctuary home in Peru.

The last circus animals leave Guatemala & board the flight to the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary, South Africa.

Ex-circus #lions Muñeca & Leo (saved from a circus in Peru) at the #ADIWS.
#Bulls & #horses killed in bullfights are remembered in Colombian Congress.

Ex-circus #lions Smith & Rey relax at the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary.

Guatemala says goodbye to its circus animals & the animals are blessed.
17 #tigers & #lions are lured into the crates that will take them to a new life.

#ADI’s Jan checks tigers as they are weighed in the airport’s cargo section.

5 lions & 12 tigers, #rescued from circuses in Guatemala, each in individual crates during the journey to South Africa.
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#ForeverInOurHearts. In 2020 we said #farewell to some dear friends, Lucho, Junior, Tilin, and Ricardo, we will never forget how they touched our lives and remember them here. #restinpeace #rescuedanimals ImageImageImageImage
LUCHO was saved from a small concrete pen during a dawn raid by #ADI on an #illegalzoo in Peru, in 2015. The friendly #spectacledbear enjoyed five precious years in the forest habitat we provided at @TaricayaE, where he loved to float on his back in his pool.
JUNIOR was #rescued by #ADI in 2014 from a #circus in Colombia, & was one of the 33 #lions we airlifted home to Africa. He was taken from us by cancer at about 9 years old, but got to roam his piece of Africa with brothers Bumba & Zeus at the #ADIWildliifeSanctuary.
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#1 Magic moments 2020: The January arrival of 17 #lions & #tigers #rescued from #circuses in Guatemala at the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary in South Africa, marked more than just a wonderful new life for those animals. It meant animal circuses had been eliminated in another country. ImageImageImageImage
During #ADI’s grueling 18-month operation to enforce the ban, we faced threats, mobs & abuse & finally had to quickly evacuate & relocate the temporary rescue center.
The flight was beset with difficulties – countries refusing landing permits, extra costs, & special security measures at the temporary rescue center, gave us a very long haul with stops in Mexico, Belgium & aircraft change in Qatar for the final flight to Johannesburg.
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After the most unpredictable year of all, get set for another one. Here, in handy A-Z form, are a few pointers and things to keep an eye on across the global sports industry in 2021. #sportsbiz.
A - Action: With global movements gaining real momentum, this has to be the year for more tangible organisational action - staff training, recruitment practices, coaching, mentoring schemes and leadership education - across the industry to make sport a more inclusive place.
B - Bundesliga and the big 5: Across European football, getting fans back into stadiums remains the top priority, but there are challenges everywhere as clubs flex their muscles, the @Bundesliga_EN searches for its new CEO and Ligue 1 tries to sort out its TV and financial mess.
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In 2018, the #49ers unveiled all-white throwbacks into the team's uniform rotation. It is a tribute to the 1994 #SuperBowl championship team.

Since then, fans have lauded this and called for the red version to return.

Here is the history of these uniforms.

Continue thread.🔽 ImageImage
These throwback uniforms originally date back to the 1955 #49ers team. That team went 4-8.

The helmet was red (with no logo) and silver pants were sometimes worn. The original white uniforms featured black stripes.

This uniform was only worn this season.

Continue thread.🔽 ImageImage
In 1994, the #NFL celebrated its 75th year. Teams were to participate in league-wide throwback uniform celebration beginning in Week 3. A commemorative 75th anniversary patch was worn by all teams.

For the first two weeks, the #49ers wore the standard set.

Continue thread.🔽 ImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/27/2020…
Platforms vs Verticals and the Next Great Unbundling - Andreessen Horowitz…

#platforms #verticals
A strange new way to save lions and leopards—paint eyes on the butts of cows…

#lions #conflict
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#Lions less likely to attack cattle with eyes painted on their backsides… via
Great to have this work out on #worldlionday2020 #humanwildlifeconflict #coexistence with
@camthera @BPCTcamp @TraceyLRogers @tarongazoo @UNSWScience @unswbees
Congratulations to @camthera in particular (@CES_UNSW & @EERC_UNSW), on his first #PhD publication in @CommsBio…
#HumanWildlifeConflict is a major cause of #lion and #largecarnivore decline, and it's exciting to contribute a potential tool to the #nonlethal toolkit that might help to foster #coexistence.
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Instant Round 2 Grades! Here we go! #NFLDraft2020

Starting with...
33. CIN - Tee Higgins WR9 ... C

My 44th overall player, I think there are better values & better WRs available.

I also would've gone OT here, unless an AJ Green trade is imminent.

Building around Burrow is a good move, though. #Bengals
34. IND - Michael Pittman Jr. WR12 ... D

I'm lower than many on Pittman - 53rd - I just think there are much better prospects at WR. Multiple are still on the board: Laviska 21st, Mims 36th, Edwards 43rd.

Also, not the route I would've gone here with such a valuable pick.
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My 1st Round Grades w/ Analysis in the thread:

Referenced my Big Board for value (linked again below w/ my other #NFLDraft content)
All my #NFLDraft content, including my Top 100 Big Board, in one spot👇
A+ (5 total) = Elite pick - great player & fit + excellent value
A (6) = Great - great player & fit
B (5) = Good - would've done it differently
C (5) = Reach / Left value on the board
D (6) = Come again? ... Why.
F (5) = See gif👇
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The Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock #NFLDraft!

I pretend to be all 32 #NFL GMs for 2 Rounds using my Big Board (🔗👇) & rough team needs.

LOTS of trades factored in. Summary of them in the thread below.

(again this is what I'd do- *not predictive*)

Summary of all trades in the Contested Catch "If It Were Me" Mock Draft!
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