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Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announces round-the-clock sterilisation in #Dubai&enforce strict restrictions on movement across the city;legal action to be taken against violators. The measure is effective from 8PM today for 2 weeks subject to renewal
Union cooperative outlets, #supermarkets, #pharmacies and #food and #medicine deliveries allowed to operate normally throughout the day.
Extensive medical tests to be conducted across densely populated areas in the emirate to ensure members of community are not affected by #COVID19
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Hashtags are Instagram’s signpost and a  powerful tool. 

The right set of hashtags increases your reach on instagram and an increased reach means more exposure for your business and more followers.

In this thread, I will show you

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This is why you need to spend time researching hashtags populated by your target audience. 

There are different types of hashtags you should consider when researching hashtags.
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In light of #COVID19, the ideas that most Americans have about Chinese #food preferences, and eating habits are far from reality. I find them dangerous as they fuel #sinophobia, and distract from addressing real problems. 1/n
I came across the following piece in @ConversationEDU which echoes my earlier thoughts on wet markets in #China 🇨🇳 and #COVID19. It is written by two anthropologists and provides an excellent perspective. Here are some additional thoughts... 2/n…
Contrary to popular belief, most consumers in China don’t eat wildlife and over half of them shun the idea. Consumption of exotic animals tends to be driven by the status rarity provides. It is not the norm. 3/n…
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China’s food markets, wildlife trade and origins of #COVID19: A thread

As a PhD student, I spent countless hours in #China’s wet markets gathering data on consumer behavior and #food safety. Here are a few thoughts: 1/n
Wet markets typically sell fresh meat, fish, produce and other perishables. Historically, animals were killed on-site to ensure freshness and water was used to clean the area. Hence the term “wet market”. They are very different from #wildlife markets 2/n
Reports linking #COVID19 and similar outbreaks to wet markets in China have led to calls for the closing of all wet markets in the country. While some wildlife trade does happen in wet markets, this is far from the norm. Confounding the two can be problematic 3/n
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Projek Wawasan Rakyat (POWR) is delighted to share our first interim report on fund allocation, as of 29th March, 2020.
We will continue providing these updates, and by the end of the MCO (or sooner should the MCO be long extended) we will provide a full accounting of all the monies raised and how they were spent.


• RM 20,672 paid to Kiddocare, to provide 90% childcare subsidies for healthcare workers, and a total of 1,556 hours of childcare to date.
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Several reasons why this doesn't work, from someone who worked in the fruit farming industry until I was 21. Thread 1/8

#coronavirus #food #farminguk
1) These jobs are concentrated in specific locations, frequently in areas where farming is the main industry. So a lot of the newly unemployed will be too far away for this to be viable (or desirable if we're limiting travel) 2/8
2) It's incredibly physical work. To the point where someone who's spent every day behind a desk and doesn't exercise simply won't last. And a lot of unfit people suddenly doing this could place extra strain on healthcare. 3/8
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Speaking of #marijuana.

Given the possibility of criminal prosecution or other disciplinary outcomes, I'll put this story as a fable.
There was a young woman, a young mother, with a husband serving in the #armedforces. The young woman had occasional #symptoms including positional agony, dizziness, etc.
Her #country, the #UnitedStates, cared so little about those that served in the military that it provided 3rd class #medicalcare through many of its bases and camps.
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Thread 1/8: Respond positively to #covid19uk by...

Buying local, planting and saving #seeds and re-localising #food production!

In this thread we share how and why- read on and please RT!…
2/8: In response to the #coronavirus crisis, our friends @LandworkersUK are calling for emergency measures to ensure the resilience of our domestic food supply in the months ahead- a new '#DigforVictory!'

This needs government support. Here's why:…
3/8: Whoever you are, wherever you are, there are things you can do to support local, nutritious, #climate friendly #food production...

#covid19uk #COVID19
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Import dependency & food Security
1-Lebanon imports ~ 5 times the value of its exports. On the total import bill, fuel comes 1st accounting for ~ 21.1% & food comes 2nd accounting for ~ 17.7% (Worldbank, 2018). The country imports 65% to 80% of its food needs. (ESCWA & WFP, 2016)
2-Major Imported #food categories include sugar, vegetable oils, animal products, beverages, fruits & vegetables ... , many of which can be either produced locally or already have local substitutes.
3-Agriculture’s value-added as % of GDP has been regularly falling since 2014. In 2016- 2018, it dropped to 2.9% only. The high dependency on imports coupled with the declining agriculture sector poses a serious threat on 2 dimensions of food insecurity: Availability & stability
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5 cups of rice⁣
1 1/5 cup of meat stock⁣
1 large onion⁣
1tbsp each curry, thyme , garlic and ginger powder ⁣
2 bay leaves⁣
2/3 cup oil
2 satchets of tomato paste⁣
4 medium sized tomatoes⁣
3 large red bell peppers ⁣
Ata rodo.

No amount of seasoning cubes will give your rice the same rich taste meat stock would. It's non negotiable⁣
Before adding the rice, taste the "jollof water" it should already be very very tasty. If not, add more seasoning #Food
I know you don't like burning food but babe, this is party jollof rice😒 10 minutes before your rice should be done, turn the heat to high, cover the pot tightly and burn your rice. ⁣

#afoodiejournal #nigerianjollof #jollofwars
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There’s a lot of talk around comparative 🇬🇧/🇺🇸 standards when it comes to #food and future #trade deals; but what do these differences mean in practice? ⤵️

[Thread, 1/10]

🇬🇧 - Minimum legal requirement of enriched cages (750 sq cm) + perch, nest box & litter.

🇺🇸 - No federal laws on hen welfare; voluntary guidelines suggest cages of 432 sq cm.

US 🍳 costs = 28% lower. That’s no yolk.


🇬🇧 - Only potable water permitted to wash carcasses. Legal maximum stocking densities/AMR protocols apply.

🇺🇸 - No legal maximum stocking densities in major 🍗 producing states - Pathogen Reduction Treatments (eg chlorine dioxide) required to wash carcasses 🦠

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After 11 amazing years, today is my last day @scifri. It's been such an incredible team to work with, and I truly consider each and every person there part of my family.
@cbquist, the moral compass of SciFri, who taught me the ways of radio: how to nail a time cue, and how to zap my hand to the side *with authority* when directing!;
@AlexaLim22, intrepid source-chaser, wrangler of live quizzes, and the brains behind our great State of Science series;…
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Today we’re at the “Fringe Farming In London” event being run by @UKSustain & @MayorofLondon

Together we’re asking: can we support agro ecological food production in the capital and beyond?

#food #agroecology #farming #periurban
One key question is what is the role of #greenbelt - 22% of London’s land is greenbelt but it is largely seen as a place of recreation rather than as a place of production
Brian from @organiclea suggests the idea of not just a Garden City or a Nation Park City but a Market Garden City....,
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So yesterday I was at the Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, #Pakistan via the Kartarpur Corridor. This photo thread is about my journey to Kartarpur.

I've got a lot of queries already & I'm working on detailed blog posts.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TraveBlogger
The nearest town to reach Kartarpur Corridor from #India is Dera Baba Nanak which is 2km from the border. Reached here by bus after a 1:30 hrs journey.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TravelBlogger
Since it was just 2km, I walked from Dera Baba Nanak to the Border terminal. On the way a couple of BSF check posts. Got the first glimpse of Pakistan flag and this is the terminal building.

#KartarpurCorridor #Pakistan #MaharajTravels #TravelBlogger
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What did #famers get in #Budget, where @nsitharaman claimed, "Our Govt is committed to the goal of doubling farmers income by 2022"

P.S-Acc to Dalwai committee,"real income of farmer, should increase by 10.4%/year,which has been increasing less than 2.5% in last 5 years
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA Govt allocates 9.3% of the budget to #Agri, allied,irrigation & #rural development, which was 9.8% last year. Factoring Inflation, Real Increase in allocation is actually negative.

Is this enough ?
Will this increase #farm income, prop up #rural demand ?

@mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA @mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon Govt allocated 1.58 lakh crore to #agri, allied sectors & irrigation i.e. 5.2% of the total budget. Last years budget had allocated 1.52 lakh crore, which was 5.45% of the budget i.e. reduced spending !

👉Will this double #farm income by 2022 ?🙄
@rssurjewala @MonaAmbegaonkar
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🚜🌎💚 Land use, #farming & how this impacts on #ClimateChange is under scrutiny

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (@thecccuk) have launched their new Land Use report

What does it say, does it focus on the right things and is it ambitious enough?
@theCCCuk @UKSustain @SoilsAlliance @SusFoodTrust @LandworkersUK @FOLUCoalition @GreenerUK_ @GreenAllianceUK @WCL_News @DefraGovUK @NFUtweets The report comes at a time when #farming, #landuse and its impact on #climatechange is under the spotlight like never before.

This @theCCCuk report will be a major influence on what farmers will be rewarded for doing to adapt to climate change.
Nature must be given equal emphasis in shaping the future of post-#Brexit #farm support, as #farming and #landuse is also the primary driver of global #insect decline and the #biodiversity crash.
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The #ClimateCrisis, buried in aggregate economic indicators:

A spike in inflation in #India "caused by food prices...a sharp rise in the price of vegetables... pulses... attributed to supply shocks caused largely by extreme weather events"

Food prices nearly double in Kenya

"economist Ken Gichinga attributes the rise to erratic weather conditions that hit various parts of the country late 2019"

Where is the media?

The doom is here. We don't need prophets.

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity
☝️...Anyone see a pattern?

In Sri Lanka:

"It is well-known that vegetable prices wrere going up rapidly in the last few months...The main reason for this is the climate anomalies...some crops were completely destroyed"

#ClimateCrisis #food #SriLanka
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I finally finished writing the preface to my #family #cookbook! Maybe someone will be interested in reading this abridged version? I'm hoping to inspire someone to think seriously about their own #cooking#Food is such a big part of our lives. It should make you happy.
« Hey there! I’m writing this to you on January 16, 2020, just over two weeks into the New Year. We decided to create a family cookbook on the 4th, after concluding that a single bullet journal wouldn’t serve such myriad needs well… So that’s the story behind the book itself.
« I love all these people so involved in my life. I dedicate this book to the life we lived together, and the love we shared. Some memories of those have been recorded on these pages, and, I’ve sketched everyone their own profiles, as well.
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The list of truly fundamental needs for human life is a short one.

Food is on that list.

▶️This is how climate change impacted crops in 2019◀️

This is terrifying.

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
*North America*

The midwest was plagued with heavy rain, leading to flooding & causing major challenges with corn, soybeans & other crops

This was widely documented by farmers themselves: #noplant19

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food
This caused investors to revisit their investments:

Impacts spanned the Midwest and beyond, including Wisconsin, Indiana, ...

#ClimateChange Impacts on #Food #2019InReview
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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@UNRWA #Gaza #Genf

More than half a million people in #Gaza depend on #food #aid. Every quarter there is a discounted ration per person. The #goods are ordered for the first quarter of the new year, but not yet #paid.
Whether the @UN organization can pay the salaries of its 13,000 workers in the #Gaza Strip in December is unclear. In Gaza, under the eyes of #Hamas, @UNRWA operates 276 schools, 22 health centers and distributes food. The unemployment rate is also 41% (Total PA Area 30% 2018).
@UNRWA currently cares for 5.5 million #Palestinians. But they are missing 167 million € to pay everything. It would take at least € 30 million for the current quarter and € 60 million for the second quarter of next year.
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1. President Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Nervous Fit’ After She Snaps at Reporter… #TRUMP #NEWS #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
2. Pelosi Jamming Through Impeachment with Same Partisan Tactics that Passed Obamacare… THEN LOST THE HOUSE!…
#TRUMP #NEWS #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
3. Hillary Evil Clinton: Trump Made Me ‘Sick to My Stomach’ Pardoning War Criminals… #TRUMP #NEWS
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"Mach Sport, änder deine Einstellung und ernähr dich gesund, dann erledigt sich das mit den Depressionen, du wirst sehen!"

- ein freier Tag im Leben einer Depressiven, die zufällig tatsächlich mal optimistisch gestimmt und motiviert war

CN #food
1. Frühstücken und vom Tisch aufraffen (~2,5h)
2. Sportsachen anziehen und Tasche packen (~30min)
3. Kurz einkaufen (~1h)
4. Ups, was vergessen, noch schnell zum andern Landen (~30min)
[Warum dauert das alles so lange? In Gedanken abdriften, vergessen was man eigentlich tun wollte, eingefroren darauf warten dass der Körper wieder mitspielt, weggetreten die Wand anstarren und erst 10 Minuten später mit einem Ruck wieder zusich kommen...]
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