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1/ Ok, FINALLY time for some #NXIVMtrial catch-up tweets.
As you all know by now, the prosecution rested its case on Friday against Keith Alan Raniere, a.k.a, "The Vanguard".
2/ The defense decided not to present a case?!
Perhaps that’s because every time they open their mouths, more evidence for the prosecution comes out, lol…
Closing arguments for #NXIVMtrial are on Monday..
3/Before I continue, a ROUND of APPLAUSE for Assistant US attorneys Tanja Hajjar and Moira Penza- two of the sharpest tacks in the courtroom!
Self assured and un-intimidated by their opponents with (decades) more experience- #WOW!
4/ Unfortunately, I have been working most of June so far and missed most of Nicole's testimony (thanks to Frank Report, we didn’t miss anything👇)..
I will give the highlights & evidence from my notes on days I managed to make it in-
5/ BTW, I have MANY unanswered questions after this entire #NXIVMtrial experience!!
NONE of these questions have been answered, because Allison Mack, Clare Br@nfman and Nancy Salzman Plead guilty, (&others in courtroom giving BS stories to media?! #wtf)🤔
6/ But the wheels of Justice do continue turning for the #NXIVM criminals as their assets are all being seized.
Although NOTHING is in "renunciate" Keith Raniere's name (by design), much was in #NancySalzman's name.
7/ Tuesday, June 11, I arrived at the end of "Jay'"s testimony- she was describing how she got out of #NXIVM, concocting a story that she had to attend to her sick grandmother in Mexico. She didn't fully get out though, until everything started falling apart for NXIVM in press..
8/ Apparently Jay was India Oxenberg's slave, and I gathered from her testimony that she had recorded/collected the collateral on several girls...She was identifying someone named Michelle (Salzman?, probably- not sure) in naked photo pics when I walked in.. #NXIVM
9/ Allison Mack gave orders (through her slave, India) that Jaye was to seduce Keith, and it sounded like this assignment (not sure if she slept with him?) is what led to her catching on to Keith being head of DOS. Here's an article: nypost.com/2019/06/11/all…
10/ Jay had access to the “collateral” dropbox and decided to take screenshots of several collateral photos for her own protection, emailing copy to her ex (with his promise not to open unless something happened to her), and also gave copy to Mark Vicente... #NXIVM
11/ By this time Katherine Oxenberg & Mark Vicente were in contact with FBI-Katherine, desperate to get her daughter out, began calling anyone she could during this time, causing a lot of turmoil in the community.
12/ Jay went on a hike in California with another DOS member (Val), when Jay was having major reservations and plotting her own escape...Catherine Oxenberg (India's mom) called Val just when the hike was starting!...
13/ Catherine told Val that she was involved with shady women who were breaking the law, and begged her not to take trip to Albany (which was to be about another #NXIVM #DOS branding ceremony... Jay's!.. Jay found this out later).
14/ Jay took it as a sign from God that India's mother just happened to call Val when they were hiking together?!, and so she opened up, telling Val everything that was going on that she knew of, and suspected (re: Raniere was behind DOS)😥🤯
15/ Upon hearing Jay's confession, Val broke down hysterical crying over fear of her collateral being released (naked pics, letter stating her family were terrorists, etc)...Then, another call-"Bonnie", also telling Val she needed 2 gtfo, & dont trust anyone!.. Some hiking trip😮
16/ This was May, 2017- Jay was out. Shortly after, there followed secret meetings with Mark Vicente and Catherine Oxenberg.
Later... October- out of the blue, Jay receives a legal threat letter from #NXIVM Mexico (sounded very high up, like it had Mexican govt approval?) #WTF
17/ Jaye did not know Alexander Betancourt, or associate w/ NXIVM Mexico, BUT the letter was protection:
NYT reporter, Barry Meier had reached out 2 #KeithRaniere, for last chance comment be4 his expose went to press. 👇
#NXIVM Mexico has political power.
18/ #NXIVM's method of staying alive, all through the years... WAS to sue -MASSIVELY.
They gained a reputation for doing this, BANKRUPTING people, and were feared..
In fact, they spent more than they made back in litigation.
Next, A lawyer took the stand- Anthony Valenziano
19/ He was representing Stephanie Franco in a lawsuit filed against her by NXIVM.. Copyright.. They took her (and Rick Ross, and the Sutton family) to court for.. 14 years!!! Why?
20/ She "violated" the (fine print on receipt) NDA they have everyone sign..
She dared hand over a #NXIVM (then ESP) binder from an intensive she took, years earlier- to famous cult deprogrammer @RickAlanRoss and her in law Sutton Family.
21/ Incidentally, one day in the #NXIVMtrial overflow room, a couple showed up with great interest in the case. The woman said that her parents struggled for years to get their son out of the #NXIVM cult. She said they were sued, for MILLIONS , & sadly, died be4 seeing justice😥.
22/ On Tuesday and Wednesday last week- only as the story unfolded- I realized who this woman must have been🙏.
I don't think she was present for the testimony on these days when the Sutton case was discussed, but we all learned how they were sued for so many years. #Horrible.
23/ I learned from a reporter that this case was actually a turning point for NXIVM- the first time they had a substantial battle on their hands.
For FOURTEEN YEARS, NXIVM burned through endless $$$s, 10 law firms
and countless (30+) lawyers to protect the #NXIVM reputation.
24/ The case moved through 2 districts, from Northern district of NY to NJ, was appealed to the 2nd circuit and then to the US Supreme court, as #NXIVM failed to win everything they asked.
The 2nd circuit judge?
Wound up with a "dossier" file along with #NXIVMs other enemies 🤯
25/ Remember when Mark Vicente ("What the Bleep do We Know") testified that he had doctored #NXIVM videos at Keith Raniere's request?
Franco testified that videos existed , containing statements, which if proven would nullify copyright claim- if matter deemed public interest.
26/ That secret video project cost countless hours of Vicente's time ...Someone also had to watch ALL the videos and mark the timemarks of each segment of audio in which an illegal statement was made- Vicente caused glitches in videos, transferred to VHS, then DVD.
Bronfman $$👇
27/ After 14 years, Stephanie Franco finally settled with #NXIVM in 2018...
for $1.00
28/ Next, an IRS fraud investigator and money laundering expert took the stand at the #NXIVMtrial, Richard W. Guerci:
He testified that $700,000 in debit charges to Pam Cafritz's Key bank account and $300, 000 charges to her Amex...

ALL charges took place AFTER her death.
29/ The charges? Everything from utility payments to Chiropractor visits, a payment to #NXIVM's #MKULTRA Dr Brandon Porter, a $5,000 blazer...
It seems as though Pam Cafritz was funding much of #NXIVM's day 2 day operations, before AND (fraudulently) after her death...
30/ Clare seemed to be aware of the fraud in emails, and Keith approved charges and wrote checks on Pam's account.
Meanwhile, legal costs were covered by Clare, all up to present day.

In 2018 she set up an IRREVOCABLE TRUST for ALL #NXIVMtrial defendants..
31/ This brings many questions to mind... WHY spend more money in legal costs than you r getting back in the case of Clare Br@nfman, and WHY was Pamela Cafritz (of elite Washington DC Cafritz family) funding EVERYTHING? Why didn't her own mother intervene in executorship? #NXIVM
32/ These unanswered questions will be explored in another thread- its an endless rabbit hole at the moment...
But if anyone wants to start digging for themselves, here is a good lead to start with:
podcastone.com/episode/Its-A-… … at 15:15, and especially at 19:30 #ArtsinEmbassies
33/ More crimes:
Exhibit 804: Oregon death certificate of Ashana Chenoa : 2003
This name used at Canada Border 12/24/04 - when Dani crossed. Enabling Raniere 2 keep her illegally, eventually as hostage in room 2 years. Kathy Russel's gas charges also corresponded 2 this trip.
34/Chiropractor Keith Donato took stand on Wednesday- He testified that Keith Raniere never paid for anything, nor did he drive or make appts (he was a renunciate ...or some sh*t, I add), but Pam Kafritz usually paid for everything. She would use her credit card.
35/ Eventually as Pam became sick he came to the home to treat everyone- Pam would forget her card, but punched in the #s of her cc (which she remembered?!) - when she died, Marianna (Dani's sister) took over paying in this way.. A set up?🤔
36/ I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks of Pam Cafritz's death as being suspicious? cough, nevermind!
37/ On Wednesday, famous cult de-programmer, Rick Alan Ross took the stand at the #NXIVMtrial 👍
38/ He was sued in 2003 by #NXIVM for (14 years!) after arranging for 2 MDs to analyze #NXIVM ESP program, posting their analysis on his Cult Education Institute website:
39/ Wow I just stumbled on the largest repository of #NXIVM links I have ever seen!
Thank you, @RickAlanRoss 🙏
40/ Mr Ross descibed his background, he is an expert in cult deprogramming, and has worked more than 500 cases over the years.. He started in this work when his own grandmother was targeted by an organized group that was targeting nursing homes:
41/ Mr Ross has been sued previously- describing an unfortunate case in which he was hired by a mother for an involuntary deprogramming of an 18 year old, Jason Scott.
Mr Ross was arrested when Jason called the police.
42/ Ross was found not guilty, but was sued on behalf of Jason by...
They were awarded a $2 Million judgement, bankrupting him!
43/ Years later Jason left the group, reunited with his mother and settled w/Mr Ross for a fraction- He also tried to get his own wife deprogrammed by Mr Ross (Sadly, He lost his wife and family to the cult😥).. Anyway this was a background to how destructive cults can be...
44/ Mr Ross first heard of #NXIVM when contacted by Morris and Rochelle Sutton, on behalf of their son Michael.
He looked into #NXIVM -> CULT
During the 1st intervention with Michael, Rick Ross noted that Michael kept calling #NancySalzman
She kept them from making any headway.
45/ Nancy said something like:
"Wouldnt it be nice to have an actual expert looking at us instead of someone who is not a Dr?"
Mr Ross took her up on this, and suggested a list of cult specialist PhDs/MDs..
The Suttons hired John Hochman and Dr Paul Martin to perform analysis.
46/ They wrote 3 reports in all (using Stephanie Franco's ESP binder materials), which were eventually published on Rick Ross' website.
Luckily a pro bono team of lawyers took on the case for Mr Ross...
47/ Here is @RickAlanRoss , describing the signs of a destructive cult:
48/ And THIS 🧐
"Robert Jay Lifton's Eight Criteria of Thought Reform as Applied to the Executive Success Programs"
February 12, 2003
By Paul Martin, Ph.D. (his 2nd report)👇
49/ I am going to try and get to the closing arguments in the a.m., will continue the rest tomorrow!
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