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“Given the high expectations placed on #DAC for future #decarbonisation, recent study presents an extensive review of DAC tech, exploring a number of techno-economic aspects, including an updated collection of the current & planned DAC projects around the world.”
🧵 ImageImage
“A dedicated analysis focused on the production of synthetic methane, methanol, and diesel from #DAC and electrolytic hydrogen in the European Union (EU) is also performed, where the #carbonfootprint is analysed for different scenarios and energy sources.”
2/10 Image
The results show that “the maximum grid carbon intensity to obtain #NegativeEmissions with #DAC is estimated at 468 gCO 2 e/kWh, which is compliant with most of the EU countries’ current grid mix.”
3/10 Image
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Today and tomorrow, @G7 #Energy ministers meet in #Japan – a country, often considered a “laggard” on #energytransition. What is 🇯🇵’s energy system like and why is it so reluctant to step up #decarbonisation of its economy? A 🧵 1/19…
The “usual” arguments by the 🇯🇵 government when confronted with lack of both action and ambition on #energytransition:
1. #Japan is resource-poor
2. Japan’s geography limits #renewables build-out
3. Technologies & Innovation will solve the transition

How true are they? 2/19
Japan is indeed poor in some resources, most notably #fossilfuels. Fossil fuel based, its energy system is 88% dependent on #oil, #LNG and #coal imports. It has one of the least self-sufficient energy systems, dependent on #oil & gas from #MiddleEast & #coal from #Australia. 3/19 ImageImage
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Thread alert!🧵 Myself and @E3G colleagues had been toying around with writing a blog summarising the impacts of the #Russia/Ukraine crisis on the global #coal-to-clean transition, when it was pointed out that any such blog would be outdated and irrelevant within days.
Instead, we’ve decided to pull together a regularly updated meta-thread bringing together the sharpest analysis out there. A few caveats to kick things off…
The Russian invasion of #Ukraine is clearly a very fluid situation, and at the centre of it lies a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. People are dying and lives ruined. This is *not* something to refer to as an ‘opportunity’ (looking at some #climate commentators, here).
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So @EvaMontemaggi alerted me to this piece about plans for hydrogen trains in Italy

The piece is misleading, so it deserves a thread to take it all apart...

#EUYearOfRail #Decarbonisation…
First, the piece speaks of the "300km Apennine line [...] This track stretches from the town of Sansepolcro in the northern province of Arezzo to Sulmona in the central province of L’Aquila"
All right, so let's look that up on Open Railway Map, electrification layer

It's the line highlighted here...

And 🤯 half of it is electrified already! Blue is ⚡️, black is ⛽️
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1/NEW: @adivp333, @ChFlachsland, @ProfKHarrison, @hochstet, M Lockwood, R MacNeil, @mmildenberger, @MatPaterson, Fei Teng, @emilyjtyler & I propose a systematic framework for the study of #climate institutions in @ScienceMagazine (free access link below)…
2/4 #netzero pledges, #decarbonisation targets made at #COP26 will remain aspirational without #climate institutions to coordinate action and ambition, build consensus and develop strategies. Get access link at…
3/4 Countries do not have a free hand in designing #climate institutions but are instead deeply dependent on the national #political context.
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On Finance Day at #COP26 , I wanted to share key messages coming from international dialogues I held with @LeaderGCC, @WEF, @OSF, and other international experts (1/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction #BristolClimateAction
In a rapidly urbanising world, cities hold the key for achieving ambitious climate action and development goals, from #decarbonisation and nature’s recovery to resilient, prosperous and inclusive societies that leave no one behind. (2/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction
Cities need long-term, patient capital that lets them plan and then make the necessary investments in key systems such as water and sanitation, public transport, #housing, and #energy. (3/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction
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Good morning! We're about to begin our session at #Innovate4Cities conference on the role #tech can play in #decarbonisation. Our speakers are Andy Walker @Johnson_Matthey, Caroline Field @resilienceshift, and Nayaz Mohammed @PwC #ClimateChange
@Johnson_Matthey @resilienceshift @PwC Our Chair, @ResilienceFirst’s own Robert Hall, recaps the recommendations from Resilience First’s recent white paper on decarbonisation and the role of technology, in partnership with @intel. #Innovate4Cities #decarbonisation #tech #ClimateChange
Investment in innovation to drive tech to speed up carbon-emission reductions; more investment for job upskilling & employment transition; more cross-silo working to deploy faster, more resilient, more universal technological solutions. #Innovate4Cities #decarbonisation #tech
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Our new report – Between hope and hype: a hydrogen vision for the UK – unpacks the offer of #hydrogen, examining where it does and does not add value for #climate, jobs, and levelling up. Ahead of the Hydrogen Strategy, it sets expectations for UK Gov. ⬇️…
The UK must focus on #GreenHydrogen for climate leadership – fossil-based ‘blue’ hydrogen is not zero emissions and should not be classed as ‘low carbon’. Public funds and support should only be used to develop zero emissions fuel & technologies. [2/9]
Scaling green hydrogen requires parallel rapid growth in renewable energy – tapping offshore wind potential – as well as electrification, efficiency & circular economy. These measures should be central to any zero-emissions strategy, regardless of the role of hydrogen. [3/9]
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📢Industrial decarbonisation strategy launched by UK Govt:
-'Expects' industry emissions to fall 2/3rds by 2035, and >90% by 2050 vs 2018
-£171m awarded to 5 H2 & CCS clusters
-20TWh of industry energy use to switch to H2, elec or bio by 2030 + 3 MtCO2 CCS…
It commits to establish:
-policy to ensure uptake of fuel switching
-approach to mitigate against carbon leakage
-proposals for new low-carbon product standards

+to consider target for ore-based steel to reach near-zero emissions by 2035

Full strategy out 9:45am @RENEWIndustry
For a comparison against @theCCCuk Sixth Carbon Budget Advice recommendations on industry (roughly equivalent to @theCCCuk manufacturing + construction sector), see:…
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⏳One hour to go until our evidence session on #decarbonisation and #GreenFinance.

We'll hear from:

✅Saker Nusseibeh @FedHermesIntl
✅Sandra Boss @blackrock

📺Watch it live at 2.30pm here👇… Image
We're underway with our evidence session on #decarbonisation and #GreenFinance.

📺Watch it live here👇… ImageImageImageImage
.@stevewaygood from Aviva Investors told us that climate change is the world's biggest market failure. Image
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The next evidence session for our inquiry into #decarbonisation of the UK economy and #GreenFinance is just about to start.

📺Watch it live here👇…
And we're off!

📺Watch it live here👇… ImageImageImageImage
.🗣️@emilyshuckburgh tells us that we've experienced what a global shock looks like with #coronavirus, adding that "the state of our climate, if we do not address that, is going to create a much greater global shock." Image
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@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Transport #emissions are currently, at 10% of total emissions and 13% of energy emissions. #Transport sector in India is the fastest growing amongst G20 countries, which affects the goal of reducing emissions intensity of GDP: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin There is no one silver bullet for all of the transport sector's emission woes. There needs to be an integrated approach to #decarbonizing India's booming #Transportation sector: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Electrification of #transport sector, modal shift from road to rail for #freight, changes in urban planning are necessary for moderating the sector’s contribution in emissions: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
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1/ Today's thread on our #ParisAgreement-compatible benchmarks report: all countries must decarbonise their #electricity sector by 2040, latest 2050. Emissions intensity must get to zero. #power #decarbonisation - see report here Image
2/ #Decarbonising the #power sector is key: without it, other sectors cannot do so. The 2030 benchmarks are also key - if countries are not on the right pathway by 2030, they cannot reach their 2050 goal. #renewables
3/ All countries must ramp-up #renewables (or other CO2-free technologies), to 98-100%, ideally by 2040, latest 2050. Fossil #CCS not viable: economically it doesn't stack up against #renewables with storage; current #nuclear not nimble enough. Image
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Recently, I was asked to give a seminar for @mhclg’s planners on the challenges faced by local authority planners delivering against the #climateemergency, because I work with lots of councils & I’m also Cabinet Member for Forward Planning at @CotswoldDC. So I know some stuff.
First up, I did the ‘we’re all doomed’ bit. You know, the rollercoaster graphs steeply going up and the even steeper graphs of how emissions need to come down.
Then I mentioned about how most plans are running for about another 10-15 years and they need re-writing immediately because most of them pay diddly-squat attention to the ‘what goes up must come down graphs’ from the ‘we’re all doomed’ bit.
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1/Today, we launch a new project: defining & analysing a series of global & country-level #ParisAgreement-compatible #decarbonisation benchmarks, across four major sectors: #Power, #Transport, #Industry, #Buildings, each w benchmarks for several indicators Image
2/ We've derived 2030 & 2050 sectoral benchmarks for seven countries: #Brazil, #China, #EU, #India, #Indonesia, #SouthAfrica, the #US, taking into account each country's technical, infrastructure & economic circumstances #decarbonisation. Summary report:
3/ Our benchmarks are at a level of “highest plausible ambition" - technically, economically feasible, consider existing infrastructure, ensure they push the boundaries on all levels, & increase our chances of meeting the #ParisAgreement #1o5C limit
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This big breakthrough from @RishiSunak is to be welcomed unequivocally as a stimulus measure - & for #NetZero too, provided it becomes a piece of a larger puzzle, a #GatewayDrug to next-level #decarbonisation and credible #COP26 presidency - THREAD (1/11)…
🧩 rented homes: my reading is that private landlords will be able to access the voucher scheme, but lets see. Social housing has a £50m pilot - I think this will kick off the £3.8bn Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, but let's see. (2/11)
🧩 jobs: safe to say we want the 120,000 jobs from this to be around for more than a year. This is a big number and more will be needed - let's think how these can be folded into a #justtransition, which includes ending #fuelpoverty. (3/11)
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My report on social implications of heat decarbonisation in cooking appliances (moving away from gas cookers and hobs) for @beisgovuk is in now available @UKERCHQ:…

Special thanks to Ben Walker and @harrybradwell at @beisgovuk for their support & feedback!
It presents a 1st step in tackling 1) How current carbon-intensive cooking technologies are part of existing cooking practices and broader sociomaterial structures 2) Challenges & opportunities for cooking heat decarbonisation, ie consumer acceptance, carbon & energy reductions..
...& market opportunities 3) Interventions needed to realise policy objectives of heat #decarbonisation.
Also includes annotated bibliography of relevant lit & recomm for evidence & data gathering; #research; & #policy.…
#energytransition #cooking
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Now it's time for our first panel discussion ' The future of flexibility is now' with Alex Gilbert @TfL and Joe McDonald @Limejump, Rafiek Versmissen @DNVGL_Energy and Andy McKay @power_evergreen #Smart19
Joe discussing the current UK energy mix, and how a #virtualpowerplant can help in #decarbonisation of the UK. @Limejump #Smart19 Image
Now Rafiek on unlocking value of #flexibility for networks. It's very much situational, an ongoing assessment, that gives DNOs options for the temporary needs of the system vs long term assets. Flexibility only has viability if it's reliable and cost effective.
@DNVGL #Smart19 Image
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We have just published our Review of Energy Policy: 2018!
Check out the thread below for a summary of all our recommendations.
Read the review in full here:
On #Transport: The target for phasing our conventionally fuelled vehicles is inadequate. The @transportgovuk ‘Road to Zero’ (‘ICE ban 2040’) may neither hit the target nor make the early gains needed for a 1.5°C trajectory. @_chris_brand_ @jillian_anable
On #electricity: policy should build on Electricity Market Reform that has worked well & adapt in the light of technology/cost changes. Change in ‘black start’ incentives & other ancillary services are needed to ensure the system remains resilient @energyukcomms @ngcontrolroom
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