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@kokoomus @PetteriOrpo @PiaKauma @oikeusmin @niinisto @PaiviNerg #Russofobia #Massapsykoosi
#NATO-#YLE-#CIA-#Mediapooli taistelee #Venäjää vastaan | 30.11.2018
Valtiolla on #Huoltovarmuuskeskus'en ja sen yhteydessä toimivan Mediapoolin kautta tarkkailijan, linjaajan ja kontrolloijan asema koko Suomen mediakentässä.…
@kokoomus @PetteriOrpo @PiaKauma @oikeusmin @niinisto @PaiviNerg Pääkirjoituksissaan #IltaSanomat leimaa kaiken #Venäjä'n tiedottamisen ja uutisoinnin
- Suomi, pikkuinen #postimerkki Venäjän luoteisnurkassa, käyttäytyy kuin se kuuluisa pullisteleva traaginen #sammakko – toruu, tuomitsee ja antaa tiukkoja ohjeita.…
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@MKartesalo @MarinSanna #Eduskuntavaalit2023 #RokoteVaalit.
#Demarit-#RoguesGallery -series; #marin @MarinSanna
#Tampere #Koskipuisto; Siltojen alta kuultua örinää:
- 'Ihmisten perkaus, nääs nääs, henkilö-henkilöltä...'
@MKartesalo @MarinSanna Vahva kirous jumalattomien, hengellisesti kuolleiden @SDPhelsinki naisten yllä...
- Kiroileva, maailman laajimmin hyväksytyn #ihmisoikeus -sopimuksen väärentäjä, #DDR-#SETA-'muumimamma' on luettava vajaamielisten joukkoon.
@MKartesalo @MarinSanna @SDPhelsinki Tarja #Halonen - Valtakunnan simputtaja
- Ulkopolitiikassa kokemattoman #Tarza'n putkahtaminen Lipposen 1. hallituksen ulkoministeriksi oli poliittinen pommi.
Ulkoministeriössä se oli henkinen #katastrofi.
- Kuka pevkele täällä väittää että minä kiroilen
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At a very young age, Surendranath Banerjee cleared the British-instituted #IndianCivilService examinations but was dismissed due to racial discrimination. He whipped up a strong protest against this.

#BirthAnniversary #SurendranathBanerjee #History #FreedomFighters #India Image
In 1868, after graduating from the University of Calcutta, he travelled to England along with Romesh Chunder Dutt and Behari Lal Gupta to appear for the ICS exams. Though he passed the exam in 1869, he was dismissed because of a dispute over his proper age.
After this matter was sorted out in a court of law, Banerjee reappeared for the exam and again cleared it in 1871. He was appointed as the assistant magistrate in Sylhet but was chucked out due to racial discrimination.
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🧵 I have (another) update on my friends' experience with racial discrimination at @ZalesJewelers. A before, I'm going to use this to #TeachBHR #BizHumanRights on reparations. When the @winlawjournal symposium videos are up, you can see me do this here:…
This is the letter my friends received from @ZalesJewelers regarding the outcome of his complaint of racial discrimination when he was a customer in one of their stores.

(sorry for the weird cropping... I'm old. Not ancient like @scottjshapiro, but still old.)

As a reminder from the earlier 🧵🧵: all businesses, including @Zales, have a responsibility to respect all internationally recognized human rights (including the right to non-discrimination on the basis of race).

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Maybe not as prominently, but it's been with us for a long time: from the application of #probability to testimony & judgment from late 1700s, to #RacialDiscrimination by the actuaries of the late 1800s, to the eugenic evil of #IBMandTheHolocaust. That we're now more conscious...
...of 'the #algorithm' doesn't mean we've become any better at preventing its abuse.

#AppliedStatistics is still inherently #amoral and more often than not #unethical-by-default now it's at #AI speed, and wielded by those who value #prediction over human rights & human lives...
...and the question remains, now public awareness is rising: what will we DO about it this time?

Reactive outrage, protest and #wackamole litigation (as necessary as those may be) will not deliver the strategic, systemic solutions we need for a just and fair #InformationSociety.
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Humility is driven into you as a trainee. I tempered my expertise for so long that I didn't even tweet until after my postdoc.

Well, dagnabbit, I AM AN EXPERT on #racism, #BlackMentalHealth, + #TheTalk, and of my 40+ (!!!) media appearances last month, here are my #TopTen faves:
And what about police tactics worsening #PublicHealth during the protests? Check out my commentary here in this @FastCompany piece:…
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TWEET THREAD (1/8) 📢 OUR NEW RESEARCH on voter purges — when election officials remove names from voter registration lists — has alarming findings, with major implications for the integrity of our #democracy:
(2/8) Almost 4 million more names were purged between 2014 and 2016 than between 2006 and 2008 — 33% growth, much higher than the growth in eligible voters and in the larger population.
(3/8) Purge rates have increased more in states that, due to their history of #racialdiscrimination, were previously subject to federal "preclearance," a practice that ended with the 2013 #SCOTUS decision Shelby County v. Holder.
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