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A concerned #Baltimore citizen Lee Dotson dared to use his 1st Amendment and tell #BaltimorePD's Sgt. Ethan Newberg 2 stop harassing detained black man. After a few sec he got arrested for "Acting up" & was told to take his Charges "Like A Man"
#PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMAtter
When a fellow office approached and told Sgt.Newberg to relax Knowing he was escalating the situation. Newberg told him " Leave my scene & don't ever tell me how to do my job . SUPPORT & DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION MY ASS!
#PoliceBrutality #BaltinorePD #BlackLivesMAtter
"Newberg has since been charged with misconduct, false imprisonment and assault; he is suspended without pay.
The Partner is suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation." - ABC News Baltimore
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Black residents around the country know abt "attitude arrests"- ofcrs assaulting & arresting unarmed Black citizens b/c they don't like their "tone" or don't like being questioned or challenged. Modern day Black Codes. This #Baltimore ofcr admits he's making an "attitude arrest."
Commr Harrison is to be commended for the arrest of this officer. Officers treating Black residents as non-citizens with no First Amendment rights, with no freedom to assert their rights is part of this culture of unwarranted violent domination that must stop. #Baltimore
.@wjz's @PaulGessler saw the entire video and reports that it shows that when a Neighborhood Services Officer tries to "intervene and de-escalate," Sgt. Newburg rebuffs him saying:
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BREAKING: Remember last week when new #Baltimore Police Commr ordered the arrest of a police officer for misconduct, assault & false arrest for the unjustified arrest of a pedestrian?… Remember that the police union denounced the Commr? Here's the video.
When #Baltimore Police Commr. Harrison ordered the officer arrested, the police union publicly denounced the Commr in an open letter.… Now we see the video. It thoroughly supports the Commr's action against the ofcr. This is how you change the culture.
A straight "attitude arrest." Black people have to fear beating and arrest simply for respectfully challenging the action of a police ofcr. These Black Codes - which deny Black people full citizenship in interaction w/law enforcement - must end.
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BREAKING: Former Baltimore Police officer, Arthur Williams, was just convicted of 2nd-degree assault for violently beating a man last August. #PoliceReform #Baltimore…
We care about excessive or inappropriate use of force. Period.

Officer Williams was just months on the job before this incident took place, which makes you wonder the effectiveness of the #Baltimore Police Departments' recruitment and training practices. #PoliceReform
We eagerly await sentencing in August, because we have seen so many cases where the sentencing does not justify the given offense. #PoliceReform
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We’ve been pressing cities to stop water tax lien foreclosures that are devastating African American homeowners. Flint, where the water is not even drinkable, is among the most egregious. READ our letter to Flint officials.…
To learn more about how water affordability is devadtating Black homeownership read the overview of our forthcoming report “Water/Color.”…
Homeownership remains critical to building economic stability for African American families & communities. @NAACP_LDF is committed to challenging practices that hurt African American homeownership. Like water tax liens. This simply should not happen.
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FBI raided the Baltimore mayor 👇👇
The Director of #Baltimore DOT, Michelle Pourciau, also resigned yesterday, 4/26/2019.

The President & CEO of the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) ALSO resigned yesterday, April 26.

UMMS was one of the hospital systems that made a book deal w the Baltimore Mayor Pugh, who was just raided by the FBI. #ButNothingsHappening

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This heart-wrenching piece by @AlecMacGillis about violent crime in #Baltimore is worth reading twice. There are so many points here that warrant their own story to fully understand how this city came to this moment.
I'd love a series that would allow Alec & other reporters to pull some of these strands and go deep, as Alec did on segregation & the cancellation of the Red Line, which he touches on here. That long form piece is an essential companion.…
But there's more to explore about political leadership in the city and how it has failed public safety and law enforcement, about political dynasties that hung on too long w/o building young new leaders, abt a business community that allowed segregation to expand.
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At this point it's clear that there's a deliberate effort to try and undermine the credibility of #JussieSmollett - who was the victim of a horrible hate crime in Chicago. This is precisely why people don't report hate crimes. Since 2017 hate crimes have risen nearly 20%.
This is serious and a critical civil rights issue. Black people are 13% of the U.S. population, but nearly half of all hate crime victims are Black. Anti-LGBT hate crimes are on the rise as well.…
We’re closely watching the Chicago PD’s investigation because first, just last week the Dept was locked into a consent decree by a federal judge to address years of misconduct. The Dept’s handling of the #Smollett attack is an early test for the agency.
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Chetty’s insight into the #MobilityFromPoverty issue provides a framework for sustainable action. Up now to discuss a new data-driven, heart-led initiative are @heynisha and @iamwesmoore of @RobinHoodNYC, @daniellurie of @tippingpoint, & Rachel Garbow Monroe of @hjweinbergfdn
.@heynisha: "Together with @hjweinbergfdn, @tippingpoint, & @gatesfoundation, @RobinHoodNYC is excited to announce Mobility Learning and Action Bets (LABs), a pioneering $25m, 4yr initiative to spur the development of new solutions to sustainably lift families out of poverty."
Mobility LABs will also focus on promoting dynamic leaders who will aim to change the national conversation around social and economic mobility. #NoCityLimits
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Did you know that the Army’s intelligence division command used to be located on a base in the southeast part of #Baltimore? It was called Fort Holabird.
At its height in the 1960s, at this installation alone (one of 100s, though most were small), the Army held intelligence files on over 211,000 organizations and 80,000 individuals not associated with the military.
Much of what historians know about this story comes from Christopher Pyle, who worked in military intelligence, became a disgruntled whistleblower, and wrote some articles and then a dissertation about it.
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Selected list of #indictments for June 7, 2018
1. Joint Federal State and Local Operation Across Puget Sound Targets Violent Drug Trafficking Organization.
More than 35 Arrested in a series of cases aimed at reducing drug and gang violence in Seattle.
#seattle #drugtrafficking #weaponstrafficking…
2. Former Charity Executive Pleads Guilty to Bribery and Embezzlement Scheme.
Cranford was an executive at Preferred Family Healthcare, a nonprofit corporation. He also operated three lobbying firms.
#bribery #embezzlement #Arkansas…
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The Dresher Center & @UMBCresearch are pleased to welcome @BmoreDoc, @histgeoghealth, @KBankoleMedina, and @NarrativeMed to today's Research Forum on #PublicHumanities & #HealthJustice!
Karl Steiner, the @UMBC Vice President for Research, kicks off our @UMBCresearch forum #PublicHumanities #HealthJustice
Steiner: This is our sixth research forum, started in 2014. The forum is intended to bring academic communities together from outside and inside campus. Strong representation from @UMBC_CAHSS
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Join us for our final #humforum18 event of the semester with the annual Lipitz Lecture featuring Carole McCann, Professor and Chair of @UMBC_GWST on 5/3 at 4pm. Her talk will highlight her work to reconstruct the history of Planned Parenthood of MD @PPFA.
.@UMBC_CAHSS Dean Scott Casper is introducing our final speaker for #humforum18, Carole McCann, Chair of @UMBC_GWST…
Casper: Maryland has one of the oldest state affiliates of @PPFA and McCann’s talk will highlight the importance of this community resource. #humforum18
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On 4/18 at 4pm in @UMBCLibrary, @BmoreDoc of @MorganStateU, @seemadiyer of @EubieBee, as well as Felipe Filomeno and @PNicoleking of @UMBC sit on our panel about Redevelopment and Justice in #Baltimore. #humforum18
.@AmyBhatt is introducing our panelists: @BmoreDoc, Felipe Filomeno, @PNicoleking, and @seemadiyer #humforum18
Lawrence Brown (@BmoreDoc) is a Professor at @MorganStateU. He starts us off by placing gentrification in historical context: forced displacement of indigenous tribes and Africans. #humforum18
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The 11th Annual @UMBC_GWST Korenman Lecture on 3/8 (#InternationalWomensDay) explore the racial realities affecting POC, women, immigrants and refugees, as well as how to maintain #equity and #inclusion, with guest speaker @dviyer. #humforum18
We have another full house for tonight’s #humforum18. @AmyBhatt is introducing the Korenman Lecture, which is named after Joan Korenman, founding director of @UMBC_GWST.
Speaker @dviyer thanks @AmyBhatt for uplifting a fellow South Asian sister! #humforum18
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1/ Yes, #EverydayRacism is feeding into a narrative that distorts the truth about #violence, its perpetrators and victims…
2/ On the victim side, since that’s my dissertation work, if the victim is #Black and young, they’re portrayed as having asked for it….
3/ If the victim is #White or older or very young, well then let’s look at Black young men close to them…
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