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It's a LIFE Model.

& it's something he's been SHOWING America for decades.

Right now Americans are being PITTED against one another

by the despicable DC Denizens & their Media Lapdogs
For decades now, the Left/Right political Model has been used to divide Americans when originally it was simply used to IDENTIFY your political leanings.
Except for rare hyper-partisans most people had no concerns if you were the "other Letter"
Beginning in the 70's & slowly growing over the years we have all been encouraged to see those of the **other Tribe** as the ENEMY of all that we hold dear.
The people DOING THIS TO US are that enemy.
The Swamp, News Media & Social Media are determined to pull us all down.
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1. News: Good men protected a police officer who was separated from his team and was in danger.

"There are a lot MORE GOOD PEOPLE than bad so have faith"

-Thread 6-2-2020

#BlackLivesMatter #QAnon #Riots #BlueLivesMatter
2. News: The Morning Briefing: President Trump Holds Bible in Front of Church, Libs Everywhere Are Triggered…
3. News: [Video] President Trump LEADS From Front in Trip to Riot-Torched Church Near White House…
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Need a read recommendation while #StayAtHome? I recommend visiting this @ENERGY link for a FASCINATING read!
#WhyIsThisRelevant #TheGreatAwakening #SEVENTEEN

We, truly, have more than we know.

• 17 Labs - 🐸✅
• 17 Minutes - 🐸✅

In the link/article/podcast transcript,... mentions #BuckleUp for a journey...
(___in red below)
On > Buckle up is posted 7 times.…
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April [A].
IG report.
Sessions public attack.
RR problems.
Seals broken.
Why was Huber made public?
Why now?
Everything has meaning.
Election Integrity.
Immigration Bill.
Military start.
BIG month.
• 03/11 > 30 day "EU" Travel Ban
• 04/10 > 30 day ends
• 04/10/20 > Good Friday ☦
• 4, 10, 20 > per alphabet = DJT
• Qdrop 1020 > Posted April 4th > 4 > drop 1020
• 04 (month) + Qdrop 1020 = 4/10/20
• Qdrop 2344 > Date: 10/04 invert > 04/10
• Qdrop hour: 20hr - 20:27:12 (EST)
• 04/10 + 20 Hr posted = 04-10-20
Are you ready to see arrests?
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Okay, let's go over this for @BernieSanders, @shaunking @ninaturner @davidsirota @briebriejoy.

"The person w the most votes should be the nominee"

Note: these ppl KNOW the rules. They just hope you don't
#BuckleUp /1
First of all, the rule book:
 "To win on the 1st ballot, the frontrunner must secure MAJORITY of pledged delegates available during the nominating contests leading up to the Democratic Convention.  There are 3,979 total pledged delegates, with the total required being 1,991" /2
Second: #superdelegate rules, change from 2016: #Superdelegates CANNOT vote in 1st ballot
Therefore, candidate with a MAJORITY (50% plus 1) in the #popularvote (= pledged delegates) WINS the nomination.
Majority ≠ plurality
Majority ≠ 27%
Majority ≠ "most votes" /3
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Is it me or is Q levelling a clearly worded threat today?

Eyes on Patriots!
Show's starting soon...

Hunters become the hunted...

Multiple meanings on this. From Ukraine being thrust into the light and the Biden's connections scrutinized now cuz of impeachment... To following the families....
Six o'clock = dangerous...

What does the common military term "Got your 6" mean? 😈😈

Keep their heads on swivels. Let them see what adrenochrome feels like when your body makes it.😈

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A last-day-of-pediatrics-clerkship thread.

#BuckleUp #MedTwitter #MedStudenTtwitter #Pediatrics

When my sister was 3 years old, my mom brought her to her general pediatrician for a regular well check.
She was a healthy appearing, curious and impassioned 3 year old. I wasn’t there but I imagine her pediatrician had to use the kind of magic only pediatricians have to get her to sit still for the visit.
I imagine that maybe he and my mom chatted casually about life’s happenings as he proceeded with the physical exam. I imagine that the exam was made challenging by my sister who was probably squirreling around, excited about the lollipop or sticker that awaited.
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1) When I read NY's Chris Cuomo say
Do you remember what the 2a was created for? That there was no....
2)...individual right contemplated until Scalia read it in?
If you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access." ~C.Cuomo

It makes me think of..
3) Judge Scalia

Who appeared in the #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails

he was referenced by a "contractor" to John Podesta & the term used was #WetWorks
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Judge orders public release of what Michael Flynn said in call to Russian ambassador & unredacted portions of the MR pertaining to Flynn

Misha Flynn superseding Indictment likely incoming

Stone’s Andrew Miller testifies at GJ tomorrow at 9:30am 🍿

“No hoax, no witch hunt, no exoneration.

Your turn, Congress.”

Nancy Pelosi's impeachment strategy is politically smart, soon... status quo change incoming.

Trump tells reporters Russia did invest in his campaign "as an insurance policy" against a HRC loss.

Trump acknowledged for the first time that Russia helped “me to get elected,” and then quickly retracted the idea.

Caught red handed, the Trump adm planned to gerrymander the census:

Hofeller‘s hard drive reveals effort to rig census for white Republicans.
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Judge in Stone’s case was given the full unredacted MR.

Gates "continues to cooperate with the gov’t" #Stone #Craig

The MR could end the Trump presidency w/out impeachment #ShockandAwe

EG:”Last week SDNY filed 50 Sealed vs. Sealed cases.” #1MDB #TrumpFam etc

The Covode report ruined a presidency in 1860, the MR might do the same in 2020 & lead to a Dem victory.

Barr Made $1.73M From AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Dow tanks over 600 pts

The cost of Trump's tariffs has fallen 'entirely' on US biz’ & consumers: $800 per fam.

China is raising tariffs on $60B of US goods starting June 1

The day Trump imposed his 1st tariffs was 1/22/18. The Dow closed at 26,071.22.

Since then the Dow has had a -2.86% return in 16 mos.

Tax cuts & tariffs have cost America billions. GOP says suck it up
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#Treason doesn't pay well in the end.
Attempts by Dems, #FAKENEWS, & those 'guilty of #TREASON' to shape the public narrative [prior to] by providing FALSEHOODS will FAIL. TRUTH TO LIGHT. NO SLEEP IN DC.
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[Oct 31, 2017] Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia. Court papers paint Mifsud, who has worked at universities in UK & Italy, as a stealthy operator with deep links to the Kremlin – but he denies wrongdoing…
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is requesting documents from a slew of federal agencies about Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud, the man who told former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails.…
[9/8/18] Joseph Mifsud, an elusive professor considered a missing link btwn Trump’s election campaign & Russia, may have died during the course of being sought in connection w Moscow’s alleged meddling in 2016 race, attorneys for the DNC claimed Friday.…
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In this episode I address the puzzling connection between the Julian Assange arrest and players in the #RussiaGate scandal.

#BuckleUp #SpyGate #FISAgate #WikiLeaks…
Dana Boente: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know…
[10/2017] Boente, who has served in DoJ for 3 decades, became US attorney in 2015 during the Obama admin. A well-regarded veteran prosecutor, he became acting AG in Jan after Trump fired Sally Yates, who refused to enforce the 1st EO restricting travel.…
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Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.

SCO had prepared their own summaries of their findings that Barr willfully suppressed & instead substituted his own far more flattering summation in the 4 page letter.

The normally silent OSC clearly felt Barr mischaracterized their findings to the extent they felt the need to send a warning shot across the bow.

Why did Barr mischaracterized OSC’s findings?

Manipulate the narrative?

Suppress the truth to the American public?

📌The SCO’s investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some believe Barr should have included more of their material in the 4-page letter

📌Kush identified as senior WH official whose security clearance was denied by career officials.
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Did you enjoy the interview?

#Trump vows to release #FISA docs now that Mueller probe is concluded, slams '#treasonous' FBI

It's go-time, baby! #BuckleUp…
FEDS (DOJ) will prosecute?
>It shall be done

#Smollett damage control seen in internal email from Foxx's office as she defends 'alternative prosecution model'…
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PEOPLE around the WORLD are 'WAKING UP' to the FACT (NOT FICTION) that the CORPORATE [[Democrat] party politically controlled] [6 CORPORATIONS OWN 90%] MEDIA [#FAKENEWS] IS NOT unbiased journalism but POLITICALLY MOTIVATED &amp; CONTROLLED.
Blind justice under the law will return to our Republic.
There is a reason why a sword is held.
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After it claimed no such document existed, DoJ just unearthed a letter Matt Whitaker delivered to the Utah US attorney ]Huber[ directing a review of how the dept handled the #ClintonFoundation &amp; #UraniumOne issues #Huber…giWT
“It strains credulity to believe that the Justice Department didn’t know about this letter when they swore under penalty of perjury that it didn’t exist–you don’t exactly forget about a formal directive to investigate Hillary Clinton signed by Jeff Sessions,” he added.
“The fact that they only ‘found’ it the same week Whitaker was heading for the exit makes it hard to see DOJ’s previous denial as anything but a deliberate attempt to conceal……."
"Sessions and Whitaker shouldn’t escape accountability by skipping town." — SCARAMUCCI MODEL?
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******** Q-Thread 2/19 ********
Looks like we are in for another explosive day. Probably to be like this for at least the next week. 10+ drops per day. #BuckleUp #WWG1WGA #QAnon #PatriotsFight #NinjaNews
D-2807- WHOA!
Kennedy was an outsider [assassinated]
Reagan was an outsider [assassination attempt]
POTUS is an outsider [CLAS HIGH]- Extreme Security Measures- Highest Classifications.
How much money (CASH) was sent by the FED to Iraq (Iraq War)?- $12 Billion…📁…📁- $4B to Baghdad📁- $40B Total

How much money (CASH) was confiscated from the Iraq Central Bank?- $1B…
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******** Q-Thread 2/18 ********
Q-Group got an early start to the day.
[Example CA]…?📁

What ‘family’ runs CA?- The power brokers- Getty
They are all connected.
The More You Know….
Do you remember the 2017 movie "All the Money in the World"? It was about the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty's grandson. It came out during the 2018 California Governors race campaign cycle. The more you know right???
Drop 2783…📁- Excellent piece about Lara Logan- CBS foreign correspondent. There is a video interview in the article with Mike Ritland- OUTSTANDING.
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Q Thread - Saturday February 16, 2019


#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1GWA #SpyGate #PatriotsUnited @POTUS
2) Q is back on Saturday with Drop 2738

Anons have known this for a very long time. H/T to @intheMatrixxx for the Red_Castle Green_Castle decode!


Army Chief of Engineers?
How long have Anons known?

3) A photo emerged yesterday of POTUS discussing Wall plans with the Commanding General of RED_CASTLE (Army Corps Of Engineers).
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Army Chief of Engineers?
How long have Anons known?
FAKE NEWS attacking us daily?
D's are predictable (stupid).
Nothing to See Here.

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