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Why Cardano isn't going to 0

[A Thread🧵]

#Cardano #CardanoADA $ADA #Cryptos
1/ Intro

At the time of writing, the crypto markets look worse than they have looked in a while. Crypto is likely, for the first time in its history, to experience an economic recession and increasing interest rates.

This has prompted critics to say that “crypto is dead!”
2/ The Apocalypse is happening

Now, I’m not gonna bullshit you, the markets are nuking and we’re in for a world of hurt. But the logical inference that because the price is lower it’s over for crypto, is a fundamental misunderstanding of the tech and its role in the economy.
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A beginner’s overview of Catalyst (Cardano’s Treasury and innovation lab)

[A Thread🧵]

#CardanoCommunity #CardanoADA #Cardano $ADA Image
1/ Intro

Catalyst is often jokingly referred to as Cardano’s VC, as it aims to collect a portion of fees generated from each transaction and use that money to fund projects that are beneficial to the community.

A funding round for Project Catalyst happens around every 6 weeks.
2/ Purpose

Catalyst is still in an experimental phase where its operating procedure is subject to change considerably

But it ultimately seeks to be a means by which to fund projects that help the Cardano ecosystem, irrespective of whether or not they’re necessarily profitable
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🛠 Herramientas imprescindibles 🛠

🔴 Seguro que te pasa, no sabes dónde narices encontrar esos indicadores, esas herramientas que marcan la diferencia a la hora de invertir en #Criptomonedas 🧠

🔥 En este hilo te presento esas herramientas fundamentales y gratuitas ✅

🕵️‍♂️ Buscando gemas (1/4) 🕵️‍♂️

@CoinMarketCap no solo sirve para ver precios, esta herramienta te sirve para filtrar y encontrar proyectos #blockchain emergentes 🔍

👀 Fíjate en la imagen adjunta, utiliza los filtros para buscar esa #Crypto💎filtrando por campos 🕵️‍♂️

🧵 2/20
🕵️‍♂️ Buscando gemas (2/4) 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 Una vez filtres, vete revisando los proyectos que te parezcan interesantes, realiza una investigación propia y asegúrate que cumple tus criterios de valoración adecuada antes de invertir✅

🔍 Gasta tiempo en investigar esta herramienta 🔥

🧵 3/20
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1/ #Cardano is set to🚀w/ SCALING SOLUTIONS

4 Layer-2s are going to empower Cardano🤯

A Thread🧵

#CardanoADA #ADA $ADA #Cardanocommunity
2/ A quick overview, if you're new to Cardano:

• Founded by @IOHK_Charles, formerly co-founder of Ethereum

• Cardano blockchain is running w/o a single day off

• Always in the top 10 cryptos by MC

• 800+ projects on #Cardano

Scaling Solutions (Hydra, L2s) are coming
3/ "Cardano is slow"

First, Cardano is a super decentralized blockchain w/ 3000+ validators, outnumbering other blockchains, ex. Ethereum

The Cardano team prioritized decentralization before scaling up

➔ Cardano's been running for years without a single day off

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1/ All About Yield Farming on #Cardano🌾

Yield Farming (YF) has been around in crypto for years but it’s just now available on #CardanoADA w/ juicy APRs 🧑‍🌾

Let's explore how to play the game and avoid mistakes

A thread🧵

#CardanoCommunity #ADA $ADA #CNFT
2/ Before diving deep into the opportunities, in this thread, I will cover:

• YF for new entrants
• YF Risks
• 5 On-going YF programs (real alphas)
• How to play
• My farming strategy
3/ YF is an investment strategy

📍Its goal is to boost the liquidity of the protocol.

📍To participate, you will need to stake/lend your crypto assets to the protocol to get rewards in tokens.

📍The YF rewards often come from pre-allocated tokens, TX fees, interest, etc.
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Cardano 2022 Playbook
for those who want to make it in 2022 with and without $ADA

2022 is definitely a remarkable year for #CardanoADA

A long thread full of giga alpha plays⬇️🧵

#ADA #CNFT #CardanoCommunity #Cardano 1/n
At the moment, Cardano has 600+ crypto projects ranging from Infras, DeFi, NFT/Gaming to RealFi

Some others might say Cardano is a ghost chain or stablecoin, but they don't know there are tons of underlying opportunities

Don't want to miss those chances
Let’s dig in
#Cardano 2/
Delegate $ADA in stake pools to get ~5% APY

68-70% of the total ADA is being staked

1/ Store $ADA in Daedalus, @YoroiWallet, etc.
2/ Select staking pools (explorer @pool_pm @adapools_org)
3/ Stake $ADA
4/ Non-custodial and no locked-in period

Many upsides and no downsides 3/
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⚠️ Ayer se me olvido hablaros de otro aspecto único de #Cardano ⚠️

👉 Hardfork Combinator 🛠

¿Qué es un fork? ¿Por qué la tecnología de combinación de forks en #CardanoADA es tan disruptiva? 👀👇

1/4 🧵
Un fork es una copia de la #blockchain original, por ejemplo, el #Ethereum que conocemos hoy día es un fork de #EthereumClassic ocurrido tras el lanzamiento y hackeo de esta en sus inicios.

Para hacer como si no paso nada, se creo una copia de la red hackeada.

2/4 🧵
🔥Harfork Combinator🔥

👉 El combinador permite a los desarrolladores crear cadenas paralelas con nuevas reglas de código, que pese a ser diferentes, se integran y sincronizan con las antiguas (Fusión de Forks en el bloque génesis) ⚙️

3/4 🧵
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🔥Lo prometido es deuda🔥

⚠️Inicio mi primer hilo sobre proyectos en #Criptomonedas, con la #blockchain del gigante dormido, y el proyecto más infravalorado por los "cryptobros".

😉 Sin duda tenía que ser #Cardano con su token nativo $ADA.

Dentro 🧵 1/15 👇
#CardanoADA es una blockchain que utiliza la prueba de participación (PoS).

¿Qué la diferencia de las demás redes de este tipo, y la convierte en la #blockchain del futuro?

Soluciona el famoso "trilema" de las redes descentralizadas sin cabos sueltos ¿Cómo lo hace?

2/15 🧵
🔐 Seguridad (1/3) 👇

#Cardano está basado en un lenguaje de programación funcional llamado Haskell.

Este lenguaje requiere la comprobación matemática, es decir, permite comprobar que el código hace lo que tiene que hacer SIN ERRORES ni fallos (impenetrable).

3/15 🧵
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Until now, the #GSX has been a listing platform for big Bonds. But they have all the right licences that a Tier-1 European Exchange needs to create a Global exchange - just like the #LSE & #NYSE. But the OLD #GSX didn’t focus on using the full capacity of the licences they have.
The #GSX will be globally disruptive exchange in the not so distant future, being central to #Gibraltars global strategy not just for crypto, but importantly for normal global listed equity, debt and derivatives. Just watch this space. @keremkaradagcom @Exchange_Invest @Wolfiez
With @FrontierFinance Pioneer & Exchange Builder who brings the experience, skill and the vision. Alongside the business acumen of @RPoulden and @leashless, Founder & CEO of Mattereum. Leading figure in blockchain space, coordinated the release of the blockchain platform #ETH
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1/6 @CardanoStiftung TVL Records A New ATH.

Bullish activities have not slowed down in the #Cardano ecosystem with TVL on #CardanoADA DeFi protocols has reached a new ATH of over $134M.

Per data from @DefiLlama, the TVL of @Cardano DEXs has surpassed its previous high of $130M.
@CardanoStiftung @DefiLlama @Cardano 2/6 The @DefiLlama dashboard shows #Cardano TVL to be even higher when staked governance tokens are added to the TVL valuation. However, the live TVL of the proof-of-stake blockchain was around $133 at the time of writing.

#ADA #CardanoADA #CardanoCommunity $ADA @Cardano
@CardanoStiftung @DefiLlama @Cardano 3/6 Among the #Cardano DEXs Defillama tracks, @SundaeSwap has the largest TVL. #SundaeSwap maintains an 88.77% dominance, with over $116 million in TVL. The automatic market maker DEX has seen its TVL increase around 72.43% in the last month.

#ADA #CardanoADA #CardanoCommunity
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🔥#Cardano is catching fire!🔥

#WonderWoman @GalGadot has backed @adaswapapp - the next-gen #CardanoADA DEX.

The funding will further develop the protocol and provide more DeFi capabilities to the users.


#ADA #CardanoCommunity $ADA @Cardano
@GalGadot @adaswapapp @Cardano .@adaswapapp raised $2.6M from various investors: @shimacapital, @Pluto_Digital, @gbvofficial, @Stardust, Efficient Frontier, Finova, @bantercap, @COTInetwork $DJED & including #GalGadot.

#ADA #Cardano #CardanoADA #COTI $ADA
@GalGadot @adaswapapp @Cardano .@adaswapapp has been in a development rally for more than a year now. The protocol has been through seed rounds, #stablecoins partnerships, and more.

The next target is to release the ASW token to exchanges, introduce staking protocol, and launch the #ADA #NFT mktplace.
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For #Crypto People stuck in
#CardanoADA #Bitcoin #XRPCommunity #Ethereum #DOT #Solana #Binance #tezos and all #ERC20's

Tired of getting #REKTED and making excuses? While tokens like $OSMO, $ATOM, $JUNO, $SCRT, $LUNA pump hard?


There is multiple reasons for this: One, it is the best technology and the standardized way Blockchains can communicate with one another using the #Cosmos SDK

Well what is #IBC?
IBC is an interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state

machines. IBC can be used to build a wide range of
cross-chain applications, including but not limited to
token transfers, interchain accounts (delegate calls between two chains)
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🧵Thread #smartcontracts on Cardano.
0/ EUTXO model extends - the basic UTXO model in such a way as to support more expressive state machines without switching to an account-based model. 2 pieces of additional functionality from the UTXO model:
🧵Continue reading ...
1/ - abiility to maintain the machine state,
- contract continuity, same contract code is used along the entire sequence of transactions.
- introduces three new primitives for smart contracts: The datum, the redeemer, and the validator.
2/- The only state that a smart contract can depend on is those pieces of state included as inputs, and the only state a smart contract can produce is those declared as outputs of the transaction.
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Since it comes up more often than I expected, I wanted to make a little thread and shed some light on what it takes to be a Stake Pool Operator on a technical level. So if you ever thought about starting a #CardanoADA Pool, here you go
First of all - you need basic knowledge of how the protocol works and the terminology. Tx, extended utxo, keys, certificates, and how a blockchain in general works.
Know your way around bash / terminal / Linux command line interface. This includes file/system structures, moving, copying, editing files, privilege escalation, security concepts, user and group management.
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