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How to explain what a charter city is to a 10 year old.
One day the Govt allows a big company to buy the land your homes are on, they're so wealthy they decide to change the laws so they can make more money. They will draw up a new contract that you have to sign where you agree to live by their rules and not the Govt's anymore.
If the company don't like you for disagreeing with them because they lowered your wages and demanded you work more hours for even less pay, they might force you to leave their town and go and live in a special area they built for the very poor just so you don't bother the company
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Yellow lines all linked to #Brexit Red lines all linked to Honduras (ZEDEs) #CharterCities Green lines to daughter and grand daughter of Anthony Fisher who formed IEA London in 1955. There is no way that the overlaps are benign. @bakerstherald…
World Tax Payers Conference of 2016 (you recall that date right?) brought together the worlds right wing libertarian think tanks to instigate radical reforms on the back of crisis,that's disaster capitalism in a nutshell. This webpage has been deleted...…
The sooner people realise that the reason Brexit was forced to happen was to reset the global economic infrastructure away from regulation and protection of the 99% to a fascist system of corporate hegemony, the tide will change to a democracy of equality and moderation in Govts
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@raycraib has written the very first book on right wing libertarian charter cities: Adventure Capitalism - A History of Libertarian Exit.'
The parallels to post Brexit UK are unmistakable. Buy it, it will blow your mind!
Since WWII, Great Depression, a huge ideological battle continues to rage between social democracy and individual liberty. Libertarians want to abolish Govt interference because taxing their 'property/wealth' is state theft' and represents oppressive constraints on their liberty
Spin fwd to 2022, multinationals/CEO profits have increased +1000% while workers wage increases have been frozen, cut or given the equivalent of crumbs from the table. Is it any wonder that a billionaire ant-democracy movement is currently at economic war with the state and Govt?
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⚠️ #CharterCities & UK fracking/shale gas ⚠️

The official Solent Charter City boundary significantly expanded after 22nd Mar '22 to include the entire Isle of Wight.

Thanks to @SonicFixRepairs suggestion of consulting a geological map, there appears to be an answer...
This is the Solent boundary as of 22nd Mar this year:
And here is the current boundary:
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Govt. freeport maps lacked detail so I made these to show the sheer scale of these deregulation zones. Much extensive research on this and those involved done by @bakerstherald also condensed into some easy to read threads by @EuropeanPowell Image
Freeport East #CharterCities Image
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So people ask how is it possible, regarding corporations taking over towns and/or city areas post Brexit, deregulation is the key to understanding. Charter cities around the 'ports' are huge and will fall under companies remit not the Govt. UK left EU laws…
The zones they capture around them where schools, homes, hospitals, security services, etc fall under. This is where the danger lies, as corporations can include these catchment areas under the new post Brexit laws applied with no oversight of the wider Govt. A city within a city
Examples like Honduras showed what happens when companies like Prospera start encroaching on local populous by land grabbing, eg by turning water off when bills soared under the new charter city regs. 'Alleviating poverty' is done by moving local residents into slum areas #Brexit
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Below is the far right taxpayers’ alliance proposing #CharterCities - the next big idea that will have infect the Tory Party. This is what the writer wants for Hull and then #Liverpool . Scared? You should be. Please read. Image
Below is the link to the whole article. You may think I’m being alarmist, that this will never be implemented. I hope you’re correct.…
But this idea sat beneath #BrexitBrokeBritain all along. Singapore on Thames. The creation of flat tax, union free, employment rights and benefits free city zones where capital can play without hindrance or oversight. The return of serfdom. Start paying attention or be a victim.
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Tories already expanding vocabulary of Freeports by adding 'zones' into the mix, they're not just ports! The #Liverpool zone has a population of 2,3 million! Entire regions under corporate laws dictated and enforced under a privately owned judiciary. Brexit deregulation hell.
Excellent article by @eyes_lilly on Tories post Brexit Charter cities which are well underway as the next ERG PM takes the UK to it's authoritarian corporate run conclusion.…
Of course none of this was on the side of a bus, r/w #libertarian policies have for decades proven notoriously unpopular with the public, that's why think tanks were used under a pretext of 'charity status' so r/w ideologues could carry on with their destruction by stealth
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Surely every serious national security strategist understands the distinction btwn Govts Geopolitical decisions and th military's detailed scenario planning & action program. A govt can decided on basis of expected value of outcome or worst case scenarios-the latter is paralyzing
2/ns The critical issue in China-India conflict is that,as of now (2020), #China controls the #escalatory ladder. So India's #National #Security Apparatus has to make assumptions about when and how #CCPpla will escalate, if it loses the first few steps on its escalatory ladder!
3/ns The worst case scenario for us is therefore the one in which after loosing previous escalations, #CCP China escalates to a full fledged war/attack on India, by shifting US-facing troops and highest quality equipment towards India. This has proved paralyzing for past Govts!🤔
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