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Congress has introduced dozens of bills. Litigation is growing. And federal officials are getting serious about cleanup.

Now, so-called forever chemicals that inhabit the blood of nearly every American are getting lobbyists' attention.
#PFAS chemicals have invaded the U.S. water supply, thanks mostly to discharges from manufacturers and the military's use of firefighting foam

Utilities are concerned about being stuck with major expenses, while many states are writing their own guidance or legislation on PFAS.
The boom in legislation has sparked a major increase in lobbying. In 2017, only four entities mentioned the issue in government lobbying reports. In 2018, the number grew to 35, and by 2019, it rocketed to 164. Image
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1/4 Hi all! Welcome to my #WSTC6 #ContSesh2 thread!

The Gulf of Maine 🌊 (GoM) is grappling w/ huge changes due to ⬆️ human influences 🌡️.

We use Great Shearwaters (GRSH) as sentinels of the GoM to answer ?s abt pollutant occurrence & trends & how they may be impacting GRSH
2/4 #WSTC6 #ContSesh2 We necropsied 377 bycatch and stranded GRSH to collect samples and dem. info. Most birds were collected after foraging in GoM for several mths, but also obtained juvs on their way North, post-breeding adults. Sample subsets analyzed for range of pollutants.
3/4 #WSTC6 #ContSesh2 We found #plastics, #mercury, & #PFAS over time, bw life stages. Plstc ingestion diff. bw juvs & adults. Plstcs bw 4-10 mm, mostly polyethylene. Plstc freq higher than prev estimates. THg stable over time. PFAS in 8 tissues and appear to impact liver lipids.
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1. My daughter is an environmental conservation & sustainability major at #TheUniversityofNewHampshire One year ago, we met @TulsiGabbard at a town meeting in #MerrimackNH in regards to #PFAS in their water, due to leakage from a local company
2. Watching #Tulsi interact w/ the concerned locals, we could see she was genuine. We could feel her empathy & compassion for their stories & how much she truly cares.
She saw us sign waving & after the meeting came straight over to thank us & to say hello
3. We told my husband all about Tulsi & how amazing she was & wanted him to come & meet her too. So that night we went to our first town hall meeting to see Tulsi in Exeter, NH. We got to meet @vrin_davan & @abewilliamsdp too They felt like family ❤️
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Welcome to our final #PAResists Friday Night Candidate Tweet Party for 11/5 election!

Please follow, support and help amplify these #Pennsylvania candidates who are working hard to Ride The #BlueWave

Find your polling place ect⬇

In #Pennsylvania State Superior Court

Powerful forces want to shred democracy & stack courts in favor of corporate special interests

To make courts work FOR the people support



In #BucksCounty #Pennsylvania

@CharissaLiller is running for Judge

An Attorney for over 18 years Charissa has spent her career advocating for families. She has experience & compassion needed on the Bench

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Hi #PA01 folks. I am live tweeting the @RepBrianFItz #Telephony #TownHall. I got included late, so we are joining in the midst of his intro speech.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /1
@RepBrianFitz Our @RepBrianFitz is talking about something with educating girls, but I caught him at the end of it, so not sure of the details.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /2
@RepBrianFitz Right now Fitz is asking a polling question about a ban of e-cigarettes. Because that is the most pressing issue of our day, amirite? #ImpeachmentInquiry
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /3
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Let's unpack Republican @RepBrianFitz #NationalChildHealthDay tweet. Let's look at these @GOP policies and rule changes that will affect the health of our children and grandchildren

Note➡ he constantly refers to himself as The #DefenderOfChildren 🙄


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as Trump begins to roll back the Obama era #CleanWaterAct

This is especially troublesome as our district #PA01 has a tremendous #PFAS contamination problem.

Our kids deserve clean water


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as babies are ripped from their Mother's at our border and children are seperated.

Children have died in custody

@RepBrianFitz voted against providing humanitarian assistance for detained children. HR-3239


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Robert Mueller’s testimony isn’t the only important event happening Wednesday. The House is holding hearings on industry’s Big Tobacco-style campaign to suppress data on the health effects of #PFAS. Bucky Bailey (pictured below) is the first witness.…? 1/
Bucky is not the only American touched by #PFAS. More than 99% of us have #PFAS—chemicals linked to cancer, thyroid disease, immune suppression, reduced penis size, low birth weight—in our blood. Also some of these health effects occur at general-population levels of exposure. 2/
But Bucky’s story is particularly illuminating when it comes to certain chemical giants’ willingness to put profits above the wellbeing of ordinary people. Bucky’s mother, Sue, worked at a DuPont plant in WV, which manufactures Teflon, using PFOA (part of the PFAS family). 3/
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Soon, the House will consider adding #PFAS to the hazardous substance list under #Superfund. Here’s why that matters.


(you can also read my blog on the subject)…
#PFAS are a group of chemicals that have been used for decades in a wide variety of industrial, consumer, and military applications. @EWG’s contamination map (updated today!) has identified over 700 sites where PFAS has been detected.…
@ewg #PFAS chemicals are largely unregulated and there are very few reporting requirements, so no one really knows everywhere where #PFAS have been released. Currently there are no federal limits on how much PFAS can be released into air or water or where it can be disposed.
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The epicenter of yesterday’s #earthquake was near California’s China Lake Air Naval Station, the groundwater beneath which is contaminated with one of the highest levels of toxic #ForeverChemicals (#PFAS) ever detected in the US, if not the world. 1/…
Specifically, the groundwater beneath China Lake station contains 8 million ppt #PFAS, 114,000 times higher than the @EPA’s safety guidelines for some #PFAS drinking water. My question is this: How will the seismic activity affect the movement of groundwater? 2/
Is anyone investigating whether the quakes are causing groundwater highly polluted with #PFAS—chemicals linked to cancer, thyroid disease, low birth weight, immune suppression, reduced penis size, and lower sperm count—to migrate into aquifers & wells supplying drinking water? 3/
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NJ is the forgotten birthplace of industrial #Teflon — where DuPont scaled PTFE manufacture during WWII from grams to pounds to the potential for tonnes. This precedent setting response is fitting, given this #envhist. A thread.

cc @northjersey @fastlerner @MariahCBlake #PFAS
Pictured below: DuPont’s Arlington Works (Kearny) formerly Arlington Co. — maker of nitrocellulose plastics — DuPont purchased after WWI to diversify, shift public image (Nye Commission the co. “merchants of death”) & use postwar nitrogen excesses (also used to make explosives.)
I corresponded with a woman who worked at DuPont’s Arlington Works (NJ) during WWII — she remembered the PTFE plant explosion in 1944 — and (w/ a local historian) helped me sketch the boundaries of the plant, & where the co. built the first PTFE/#Teflon pilot plant. @northjersey
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THREAD: We usually think of pregnancy as the most important time to focus on limiting environmental exposures. DYK science is telling us more & more that exposures before/around conception are as if not more important? #sickerfatterpoorer 1/
While remodeling the home typically comes later, it often happens early in pregnancy, & while mom-to-be is home. In older housing this can release lead at critical windows of brain development, not to mention volatile organic chemicals. 2/
Eat fish high in omega-3s (good for brain) and low in mercury (not good). @PSRenvironment has some great guidance - the gist is that the predatory fish (higher on food chain) accumulate mercury which can undermine benefits of omega-3s.… 3/
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THREAD: EPA's Nationwide PFAS Action Plan announcement: I'll be live-tweeting this announcement, and based on review of what has been released by @epa, this has all the makings of being a hot mess, something that many of us have feared...and expected. #pfas #pfos #pfoa
Reviewing the early announcements, there will be no MCL's set today, just "starting the process." This is the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE that was used to my face from one of the higher-ups in @EPA when I met with former Administrator Pruitt in May of 2018. Waste of the last 9 months.
At the 2018 PFAS National Leadership Summit in May, @EPA staff stated that the MCL process would take year to complete, possibly as long as a decade.
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For those studying, tracking #PFAS pollution, what @j_g_allen has called the #foreverchemicals -- I wanted to offer some key resources about the relationship btwn the atom bomb and their early research & development w/ the Manhattan Project. An #envhist thread.

#PFOA #Teflon
2. In 1947, the Manhattan District wrote up the history of their fluorocarbon work in support of the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge: see Vol I Book VII, since declassified and w/ the US DoE. Appendix G explains the fluorocarbon and Teflon work:…
3. Joseph H. Simons, who's eponymous process, The Simons Process, was used by 3M to make #PFASs, did some of the original research on fluorocarbons that catalyzed the Manhattan Project's development work, tho' his process wasn't used in the bomb project). Here, in the @nytimes:
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Back in action this morning.
For the first time, the House Committee on Natural Resources will hear #PFAS testimony.
Remember - no action will be taken on legislation that has already been introduced.
While this is happening, another very important hearing will be taking place as well.
Senate Elections Cmte will be hearing a bill that would move campaign finance oversight from the SOS office to a new, “fair political practices commission.”
#LameDuck #MILeg
That bill, SB 1250, was introduced by GOP Sen. Dave Robertson of Grand Blanc. The new panel proposed would include three members from each major political party.
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1/ This has been a bad and telling month for the Trump Administration’s systematic suppression of science and ignoring the evidence when it comes to chemical risks. Follow this thread for the latest examples of #CensoredScience:
2/ First, @sciencemagazine & @EENewsUpdates reported on EPA and White House officials’ efforts to bury a draft ATSDR report on #PFAS. After public outcry and bipartisan Congressional pressure, the draft report was released on 6/21.
3/ Speaking of #PFAS, @ProPublica’s @AbrahmL yesterday published an investigative report on the longstanding effort by EPA and DoD officials to downplay the potential risks of this family of chemicals used in everything from food packaging to textiles.
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