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You can be that way if you'd like, Daniel. No one's upset that you're a #Kremlin employee. Everyone has to make a living, right? 🤷‍♂️

Just understand that we shall continue to obstruct #Russia's plainly obvious #war of conquest—apparently your definition of "#warmongering."
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I'd probably miss the old #Soviet days too if I was you. We can understand your desire to rebuild the old empire.

Although, for the sake of your mental health, I hope you're not too overly nostalgic. Now that we know what you're up to, we'll certainly thwart your ambitions.
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We'd had high hopes that you'd choose a more enlightened means of restoring your respectability. 🌍

Unfortunately, like the fellow in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film who foolishly drank from the necrotizing holy grail instead of the real one, "you've chosen poorly."
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Sheriff: Suspected #Texas #gunman caught hiding under laundry | May 3
- Francisco #Oropeza, 38, was captured without incident near Houston and about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from his home in the rural town of #Cleveland…
Francisco #Oropeza.
Man suspected of killing five neighbours in #Texas found hiding under pile of laundry | -47min
- Acting on a tip, authorities said they found the suspect hiding underneath a pile of laundry in the closet of a house.…
#Texas Mass Shooter Was 5-Times-#Deported #IllegalAlien | May 2, 2023
- a repeatedly deported Mexican illegal alien will probably not see saturation coverage by the press the way the immigrant-hating fiend who shot up an #ElPaso mall in 2019 was covered.… Image
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#Manhunt after 5 #dead in #Texas #shooting | -5h
- a Texas man who was armed with an AR-style rifle. Authorities said he went next door and began shooting after the family asked him to stop firing rounds in his #yard because they were trying to sleep.… Image
Man #Kills 5 in #Texas After Family Complained About #Gunfire | -35min
- #SanJacintoCounty Sheriff Greg #Capers told at the scene that authorities were still searching for 39yo Francisco #Oropeza following the overnight shooting in the town of #Cleveland… Image
#SanJacintoCounty: Who is Francisco #Oropeza? Suspect shot and killed 5 people in Cleveland #Texas #shooting | Apr 29
- In Texas, a Mexican killed a mother, her 8-year-old boy, a couple of husbands, and a friend in a horrifying series of “execution style”…
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The Cleveland Police Monitoring Team published its 12th semi-annual report on March 23. I’m going to share the highlights. This is the link to the 87-page report. #CLEpolice #PoliceReform #ConsentDecree #LawEnforcement
The report was filed in federal court last Thursday. Later Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. held a 2-hour hearing with the monitoring team & “the parties.” @TheJusticeDept & @CityofCleveland are the parties. The judge has overseen the case since 2015. I attended the hearing.
Let’s start with some basics. Here’s the modified consent decree with tracked changes. It was approved by the court in March 2022. Changes reflect the new charter language (article 115) that was added after Issue 24 passed. Below is the table of contents👇…
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🚨#BREAKING: Massive fire at a Metal fabricator plant with multiple explosions reported

📌#Cleveland | #Ohio

More than 50+ firefighters have
responded to a massive fire at a warehouse Metal fabricator plant in Cleveland Ohio with multiple explosions reported. HazMat……
🚨#UPDATE: According to the company’s website, they are a global supplier of stamped metal components.
This is at AJ Rose Metal fabricator plant
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NEW: "The greatest long-term threat to out nation's ideas, innovation & economic security, our national security, is that from #China" @FBI Dir Christopher Wray tells House Homeland Security Committee
"The Chinese gvt aspires to equal or surpass the US as a global superpower & influence the world w/a value system shaped by undemocratic authoritarian ideals" per @FBI's Wray "We are confronting that threat head-on"
"The @FBI has scores of investigations open into the #China in all 56 of our field offices" per Wray
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Tomorrow @CleCityCouncil will hold a caucus meeting at noon. The agenda does not list discussion items. The meeting will NOT be live-streamed on YouTube or TV 20. I spent the day doing research to find a loophole to explain council’s lack of transparency. I COULD NOT FIND ONE. Image
I’m going to share what I learned in the hope that #Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin will reconsider this practice. I’m asking @Griff4CLE6 to publish a full agenda & livestream the meeting. I believe there’s been an honest misinterpretation of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws.
This is going to take a while. I’m asking everyone following this🧵to please be polite & refrain from swearing because it’s not going to help. I want to state the obvious upfront. I am NOT an attorney & I don’t play one on 📺. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here we go…
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August home builder sentiment and sales/prices/starts survey results are in. Top themes: 1) Home price cuts along with other incentives are helping sales (for now). 2) Supply chain is healing as demand drops and builders quickly slow housing starts. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “A lot of spec inventory to work through. August was a very poor month for sales across the board. Cancellations spiked from July and buyers showed no sense of urgency.”
#Baltimore builder: “Jumbo loan rates below 5% are helping buyers move forward in that segment.”
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Good morning, #Cleveland! I’ll be live-tweeting today’s Cleveland City Council Mayor’s Appointments Committee meeting for @cledocumenters, starting at 10 a.m. #CLEDocumenters is supported by @NeighborUpCle. Image
The @CleCityCouncil Mayor’s Appointments Committee meeting is being broadcast live on:
YouTube:… Cleveland TV Channel 20 (Spectrum Cable TV)
TV 20 Livestream online:
Think we got something wrong? Send any inquiries on the meeting or these tweets to @cledocumenters or email us at
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30 years ago, I was a writer during the 1st Intifada and met a 10y old boy named Nizar who lost his arm, a foot, and a leg from an IDF bomb that hit his home in #Gaza. I'd wrote a lot of stories about injured kids in Palestine and wanted very much to do more than just write.
I was in my early 20s and had just graduated from Kent State in Ohio, my hometown. I couldn't keep writing about injured kids and then do nothing to help them. A year earlier, I sent the first two injured kids (from Hebron) to Ohio for free care. He was also a triple amputee.
After Mansour returned home, I met Nizar in #Gaza. I thought I could do the same for him that I did for Mansour - get him new legs to walk again and maybe something more: A better life than a refugee camp in Gaza. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I did it anyway.
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I encourage concerned @CuyahogaCounty residents to attend Tuesday’s @CuyahogaCouncil meeting & make a public comment at the beginning of the meeting. It starts at 5 pm at the County admin HQ at the 4th floor. You have 3 minutes to speak. #ARPA #RapeCrisis @clevelandrcc
I literally got a tension headache when I read this story. It was so well written I assumed @njKaitlinDurbin wrote it. But it was written by @clevelanddotcom’s new Stimulus Watch reporter @LucasDaprile.
As a #Parma resident, I’m surprised & embarrassed @ParmaMayor Tim DeGeeter, Parma City Council President Sean @BrennanForParma & @CuyahogaCouncil member Scott Tuma thought rebuilding the city’s golf course club house was a good use of #ARPA funds because they are good leaders.
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This is going to be a long thread.🧵 #Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost released BCI case files from an officer-involved shooting last year in #Parma. He touted “full transparency” from the @OhioAG’s office. @DaveYostOH redacted names of 3 #SWAT officers who fired their weapons.
In June 2021, Kevin Giesel was shot & killed by officers from the Southwest Enforcement Bureau (SEB) #SWAT team during a 10-hour standoff at his house in #Parma. Giesel was a 64-year-old #Vietnam #veteran. He got into a shootout with #police officers.…
To be clear, I am in no way questioning why officers used deadly force or why a grand jury declined to indict the #police officers. I’m questioning the @OhioAG’s lack of transparency at a time when confidence in law enforcement is at an all-time low both in #Ohio & nationwide.
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Today Ward 7 @CleCityCouncil member @stephaniehowse met with about 40 members of the East Side @HomelessCongres to listen to their concerns. Earlier this week Council President @Griff4CLE6 met with the West Side Homeless Congress. #HomelessCongress #HomelessLivesMatter
The @HomelessCongres presented @CleCityCouncil President Blaine Griffin & Ward 7 Council Member Stephanie Howse with a copy of the Congress’ proposed Homeless Bill of Rights.
This is the proposed Homeless Bill of Rights by #Cleveland’s #Homeless Congress. It is modeled after similar bills adopted by state legislatures in Rhode Island, Connecticut & Illinois. #HomelessBillofRights #HomelessLivesMatter
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April homebuilder survey results are here. Top themes: 1) Demand is slowing, namely entry-level due to payment shock. 2) Investors are pulling back. 3) Ripple effect of rising rates starting to hit move-up market. Market commentary to follow…
#Dallas builder: “Interest lists are shrinking or buyers are truly pausing.”
#Houston builder: “Many first-time buyers simply no longer qualify with the increase in interest rates, as their debt-to-income ratio gets out of whack.”
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Cleveland Documenters were thrilled to have joined @JournalismProj at @UnBarCafe in the beautiful Larchmere neighbourhood for two public Q&A sessions yesterday about the new local newsroom coming to #Cleveland. Here's a 🧵: Image
Attendees were asked to jot down answers to some big questions, like what journalismcan do to help communities thrive: Image
Here's a good example of the answers that were given: Image
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Fresh October home builder survey results. Top themes: 1) Builders are finally lifting sales caps (though not all). 2) Lack of lots & land development delays will hold back growth in 2022. 3) Most builders expect prices to keep rising. Market commentary to follow…
#ColoradoSprings builder: “One cautious trend to watch is single-family rental businesses paying more for land than builders. This will suck up trade capacity & supply at a time we can't afford it.”
#Denver builder: “Traffic & sales definitely slowing down, but also following a more seasonal pattern as compared to 2020. Resale inventory is still historically low. Rents are skyrocketing again.”
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OTD in 1959, after taking a shot from Andy Bathgate in the nose, Jacques Plante leaves the game & returns wearing a mask.

This is a (mega) thread to Plante & to the mask wearers who followed. Some great goalies/masks do not appear & some appear more than once.

Gerry Cheevers and his iconic mask. The first to have markings on it. #NHLBruins

I considered doing a thread just on Michel Dion's mask.

#Pens #LetsGoPens
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Today's Fed Beige Book updates on housing sound familiar...

#Atlanta Fed
#Dallas Fed
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1)#Cleveland is tied for the highest crime rate in the country. It is one of the most violent cities in America.Calling attention to the level of violence and demanding safety for our neighborhoods is not a scare tactic; it addresses facts.Those who say otherwise are ignoring..
2)... the issues we face every day. As Mayor, I plan to hire 400 additional police will build up the homicide unit, the scientific investigation unit, and the gang unit. We will employ 100 safety assistants with special skills to deal with nonviolent disturbances...
3)...Not every 9 1 1 call requires an armed response. We will attract quality applicants to law enforcement by providing #collegetuition for those who commit to five years of service in the #ClevelandPoliceDepartment...
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Here's a housing🧵to chew on over weekend. Mid-June update from 100+home builders across country. 1) rumblings of price ceiling. 2) slightly shrinking pool of qualified buyers. 3) some home releases not selling out immediately. 4) normal summer slowing as vacations take priority.
#Austin builder: “Some interest lists are shrinking & others are not. Seeing buyers who are no longer able or willing to afford the monthly payment. Definitely seeing attrition here. Frustration that prices continued going up without an opportunity to purchase.”
#Dallas builder: “Interest lists are definitely shrinking because of pricing. Some drop off is happening due to price. But the re-sale market is still so tight it hasn’t dropped substantially. Extremely concerned about pricing going forward.”
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Here’s on the ground local home builder commentary from across the country per our April survey. A lot of builders are pressing the pause button &/or slowing things down until construction costs moderate & they can catch up with sales. Worries about buyer price ceilings too...
#Chicago home builder commentary: “We sold all of the homes we had in early 2021 & haven’t started anything new, & may not due to the cost of construction. Can’t hold pricing for clients longer than 45 days with rising material pricing.”
#Nashville home builder commentary: “Pray for lower lumber prices.”
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.@washpostPR It is bad #PR the way you harangue #police endlessly and now don't even let people comment on your constant attacks. I have unfollowed @washpost & may not give you the many RTs I used to do. PLUS you could have done your job & helped people see Trump as he was.
After the fact exposure of Trump doesn't bring back the dead. More than 10 times Vietnam War numbers of dead in COVID. What did you think having a psychopath in office was going to do for us?
We need police. Sure some police officers will be imperfect or need removal but your falsehoods are wayyyyy beyond the pale. AND you are ignoring so much else. Like the high crime areas police still go in to & some wouldn't. They won't when you get done. I am NOT thankful4u!
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@CleCityCouncil discusses history-making 541 million dollar stimulus (Part I)

Hi, I'm Teela! I will be tweeting last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting Tues 4/6 for #CLEDocumenters @CLEDocumenters @NeighborUpCLE

Cleveland slated to receive half of the .5 billion dollars between May 10 - May 15 after President Joe Biden signed 1.9 trillion dollar economic stimulus…
@kevinkelleyCLE: There is no formal agenda, this is a conversation among ourselves to discuss our ideas and priorities. Money MUST be spent by 2024. Official guidelines will be available in two weeks.
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Happening now: @HomelandDems @HomelandGOP hearing on worldwide threats to the homeland

Chair @BennieGThompson slams @DHSgov acting director @DHS_Wolf for not showing up, accusing him of reneging on a commitment while having time "for no fewer than 4 appearances on Fox News"
.@HomelandDems Chair @BennieGThompson says @DHS_Wolf is ignoring a subpoena by not showing up
"We continue to face grave threats to the homeland, including the rise of domestic terrorism, ongoing foreign interference in the 2020 elections & a #coronavirus pandemic" per @BennieGThompson "As the person running the Dept of Homeland Security, Mr. Wolf should be here"
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