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#CalcuttaHighCourt today will take up two #Contempt applications filed by Leader of Opposition in WB Suvendu Adhikari (@SuvenduWB) and Congress’ Adhir Ranjan Chaudhury (@adhirrcinc) against the #WestBengal government and State Election…… Image
In an order dated 15th June 2023, a Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Sivagnaman and Justice Uday Kumar of the Calcutta HC had directed the State election commission to requisition central reserve forces for the #PanchayatElections within 48 hours.

While the State and SEC had preferred appeals before the #SupremeCourt, regarding the deployment of central forces, the Supreme Court affirmed the order of the Calcutta High Court and dismissed their appeal on the 20th of June 2023.

Read more:…
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Author Anand Ranganathan to appear before the Delhi High Court in a contempt case related to remarks made against Justice S. Muralidhar on #Twitter in 2018.

Vivek Agnihotri has already been discharged as contemner after his “unconditional apology.”

#DelhiHighCourt #Contempt Image
A division bench of Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Talwant Singh will shortly hear a suo motu criminal contempt case initiated by the court in the matter.

#DelhiHighCourt #Contempt #Twitter
The tweets in question were made against Justice Muralidhar, former judge of the High Court and present Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, in respect of his order quashing the order of house arrest and transit remand of activist Gautam Navlakha in the Bhima Koregaon case.
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Delhi High Court Sentences Lawyer To 6 Months Jail For Contempt Of Court, Seeks Action Taken Report From Bar Council #DelhiHighCourt…
The lawyer had failed to pay use and occupation charges in respect of a property to the landlord. He was using the subject property for commercial purposes by letting it out as paying guest accommodation. #Contempt
The court had given him multiple opportunities to comply with the order directing him to pay the landlord but he failed. #Contempt
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[Comments against Justice S Muralidhar] #DelhiHighCourt will hear today a suo motu contempt petition against Vivek Agnihotri, Anand Ranganathan and Swarajya magazine.

@vivekagnihotri #Contempt #vivekagnihotri @ARanganathan72
In the last hearing, Agnihotri had tendered an unconditional apology. However, the court had asked him to express remorse in person.
The case relates to Agnihotri and others' comments against the then Delhi High Court judge and current Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, Justice S Muralidhar after he granted bail to Gautam Navlakha.
@vivekagnihotri #Contempt #vivekagnihotri @ARanganathan72
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear suo motu criminal contempt case against Filmmaker #VivekAgnihotri & others over remarks against Justice Muralidhar in 2018.

Agnihotri was asked to remain present today in Court after he expressed his “unconditional apology” to “show remorse in person.”
Matter will be heard by Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Talwant Singh.

In December last year, the court had permitted Agnihotri to participate in the criminal contempt proceedings.

#DelhiHighCourt #VivekAgnihotri #Contempt
In 2018, Agnihotri allegedly made certain remarks through tweets against Justice Muralidhar after the judge quashed the order of house arrest and transit remand of Gautam Navlakha in Bhima Koregaon case.

#DelhiHighCourt #VivekAgnihotri #Contempt
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#CalcuttaHighCourt 3-Judge Bench hears #contemptcase initiated by Justice Rajasekhar Mantha against protesting lawyers who barred access to his courtroom.

LIVE UPDATES to follow.
#CalcuttaHighCourt: In last occasion, we requested assistance of Bar Councils etc. for identifying (the lawyers who protested). We got the video footage, if Bar Council of WB could identify their name, address, enrolment no.. representatives of three Bars can assist
Counsel: If your Lordships may kindly consider somehow to put an end to the matter.

Only one issue, we opened the doors because we were told a cat has come into the courtroom and emitted foul odour, so we had to open the doors, Judge orally responds.

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BREAKING: Adv Vineet Jindal writes to AG KK Venugopal seeking consent to initiate Criminal #Contempt proceedings against Sr Adv & RS MP #KapilSibal for allegedly scandalizing the #IndianJudiciary and disgracing it's dignity.
Sr Adv @JethmalaniM speaking over the remarks made by Sibal said, "He must be speaking for small group expecting SC to give decisions as per them. I'm surprised that he made such remarks. Judgments can be criticised but institutions shouldn't be denigrated."
Sr Adv MK Mishra, Chairman, BCI said, "I don't think that anyone can a appreciate such statements. He was practicing law for a long time & court respected him, now at this stage when he has lost a few cases blaming entire judicial system isn't proper."
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Supreme Court hears the tribunal vacancies case

AG KK Venugopal: We have filed a counter in the contempt of court case. We have said that the officer had no role to play in appointment of members in Income tax appellate tribunal

#SupremeCourt #Tribunal
AG: Search and selection committee had recommended names for ITAT members. The then secretary legal affairs who is the alleged contemnor had received the recommendations and there was no delay on his part. ACC approved 22 members.
SC: The SSC had recommended 28 members. This was done by Justice Khanwilkar committee. But you took 22 and 6 from main list. why did not you take from main list

AG: we are allowed to do so
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1/39 Μετά τις πρόσφατες κατηγορίες για δολοφονία στην #Ρουλα_Πισπιριγκου, πλέον έχει μείνει ο #Μανος_Δασκαλακης από το ζευγάρι από την #πάτρα να μονοπωλεί το ενδιαφέρον της κοινής γνώμης, κάνοντας εμφάνιση το #fosstotounel, μετά από στην συνέντευξη στον Π. Κουσουλό, για την…
2/39 …οποία ανέβασα ένα θρεντάκι αναλύωντας το preview. Ενα τεράστιο ευχαριστώ σε όλους σας για το support αλλά και τα requests για ανάλυση ακόμα και αν δεν βγήκε χρονικα (επιμένω ότι πρέπει να έχουμε την προσοχή μας στον #Λιγναδης #metooGR #MeToo
3/39 Στο substack θα βρείτε τις remastered αναλυσεις των αρχικών αναλύσεων της συνέντευξης του ζευγαριου στο Γ. Σόμπολο (please consider subscribing). Εκεί θα βρείτε και το γλωσσάρι

Να περάσουμε στα disclaimers μας:
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1/44 Με τις εξελίξεις στην υπόθεση της #πάτρα να είναι ραγδαίες από την προηγούμενη Τετάρτη με την σύλληψη της #Ρουλαπισπιριγκου και τις κατηγορίες για την δολοφονία της κόρης της Τζωρτζίνας, πάμε να δούμε σε θρεντ την ανάλυση αποσπασμάτων της συνέντευξης του ημι-εξαφανισμένου…
2/44 …#μανοςδασκαλακης στον Π. Κουσουλό. Να θυμίσω στο σημείο αυτό τις αναλύσεις της συνέντευξης του ζεύγους από τις 18
3/44 και 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2022 αντίστοιχα
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1/31 Ενώ οι δίκες των #λιγναδης και #Φιλιππιδης διεξάγονται σχεδόν κάτω από κλειστές πόρτες (η ομάδα φορτσάρει για να βγάλει το μέγκα-θρεντ για Μενδώνη/Λιγνάδη) πάμε να να δούμε σε θρεντάκι αστραπή την ομολογουμένως απαράδεκτη αντίδραση του #γουιλ_σμιθ /#Οσκαρ στο ομολογουμένως…
2/31 …απαράδεκτο "αστείο" του Κρις Ροκ. Αρκετοί φίλοι θεώρησαν ότι πρόκειται για "στημένο" σκηνικό, ειδικά λαμβάνοντας υπόψιν την πολύ "ομαλή" και ψύχραιμη αντίδραση του Ροκ μετά το χαστούκι του Σμιθ.
3/31 Στην ανάλυση παρακάτω θα δούμε γιατί η εκδοχή αυτή πιθανότατα δεν ισχύει vs του ενδεχομένου ο Σμιθ να βιαιοπράγησε εναντίον του Ροκ... (πριν του απονεμηθεί το βραβείο Οσκαρ για τον καλύτερο ανδρικό ρόλο) και αφού η Ακαδημία επιβεβαίωσε ότι δεν συγχωρεί κανενός είδους βίας...
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1/64 Τόσο από τα παλιά thread για τον πιλότο όσο και από το χθεσινό με τους τραγικούς γονείς από την #Πάτρα είναι πλέον ξεκάθαρο ότι η ευαισθητοποίηση του κόσμου σε τέτοια θέματα είναι τεράστια, όπως και η ανάγκη για δικαιοσύνη.Και ενώ γονείς βγήκαν τηλεφωνικά στο #fosstotounel
2/64 …προχωράμε στην ανάλυση του δεύτερου μισού της συνέντευξης των γονιών των τριών νεκρών κοριτσιών στον κ. Σόμπολο Σε μία μικρή ανασκόπηση του πρόηγούμενου thread στο οποίο παρατηρήσαμε πλειάδα stress and deceptive clusters με κύριο πάροχο των…
3/64 …clusters αυτών την μητέρα όπου με κυρίαρχο pattern την πλήρη απουσία θλίψης και οδύνης ακόμα και στα σημεία που περιγράφει τις τελευταίες στιγμές των παιδιών της. Παράλληλα παρατηρήσαμε σωρεία απο confirmation glances αλλά και aggressive micro…
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1/43 Δεν πέρασαν μερικές μέρες από τότε που επιχείρησα να κάνω ανάλυση του #bodylanguage των γονιών, σχετικά με την υπόθεση της #Πατρα και τους αναπάντεχους θανάτους 3 μικρών παιδιών σε 3 χρόνια, αναφέροντας ότι με τέτοιο ελλιπες υλικό δεν μπορεί να δωθεί η πρέπουσα προσοχή στο…
2/43 …θέμα αυτό
αλλά και ότι επιφυλλασομαι για την ημέρα που οι γονείς θα δώσουν συνύντευξη σε κάποιο μέσο, λόγω της δεδομένης πίεσης που θα υπήρχε αλλά και του τεράστιου ενδιαφέροντος που δίνουν οι πολλές συμπτώσεις της υπόθεσης.
3/43 Πέντε μέρες μετά, και ενώ είχαμε, μαζί με την μικρή ομάδα εθελοντών (DM or email me για να μάθετε πως και τι κάνουμε, hint έχει και δωρεάν training!) ξεκινήσει την ανάλυση της συνέντευξης της #μενδώνη για τον #λιγναδης (#metooGR #MeToo), το δίδυμο Ζίνα/ Σόμπολος κατάφεραν…
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1. #Narcissism Thread: What is the quickest way to tell if someone is a #narcissist? 🚩Raise a concern with them. Hands down this works Every. Single. Time. #Narcissists are unable to manage conflict. By conflict, I mean be cooperative & problem solve concerns or disagreements
2. I mean being held accountable or addressing a concern with the genuine interest in resolving it. Resolving issues are important to healthy relationships, #trust boundaries & safety. When issues remain unresolved between #Psychology #abused
3. Couples, family members, groups, organisations, it leads to #resentment, #anger & #contempt. This is why: Say you raise an issue with your partner that’s of a concern to you. Your partner disagrees 🚩 & it doesn’t seem like she is listening to you. 🚩You keep trying to express
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#Civil and intelligent conversation That involves #criticalthinking skills,self-regulation, #reflection, mutual respect respectful debate, direct conversation are #socialskills all research based Scientific evidence is highly encouraged here. I encourage this on my
Twitter feed to engage in civil #discourse
To #question everything, to be self-aware and insightful,
to allow open #transparent #ooen conversations & discourse free of denial, not listening, talking over others, not letting them finish their sentences, being angry and rageful.
These #behaviors do nothing to advance any cause. #Safeguarders & mediators are very important to the well-being of children miners and disabled adults. when it comes to #childsafety anyone who mocks child safety needs to seriously reflect and/or take A child safety course.
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#narcissists don’t know ‘who’ they are are. They have ‘identity’ problems. That’s why they have to tell you who they are all the time. They will ‘rage’ if you challenge them. The biggest population of narcissists are bosses, CEOS, in television, leadership, activists, influencers
They love to be on camera doing the ‘right’ thing for the children or the animals. But there is another side to them. Be careful. Having boundaries is critical. Covert narcissists are subtle, not obvious. You cannot argue with a narcissist. Their job is to get you to ‘doubt’
your sanity or deny your reality or reality itself. Anyone that causes you to doubt yourself, your reality, your feelings, your thoughts, is NOT a friend. Detox yourself. #psychology #narcissism #arrogance #contempt
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#SupremeCourt to pronounce judgement in an application by the Suraz Trust seeking recall of a 2017 judgement imposing ₹25 Lakh costs.

Earlier this month, the Court had granted three days’ time for the trust to tender and unconditional apology.
Read details on the previous hearing here.…
#SupremeCourt: We’ve looked at the subsequent affidavit. We refuse to back off and we must take it to a logical conclusion. We are of the view that the contemnor is guilty of contempt of court.
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#SupremeCourt to hear Advocate Yatin Oza's plea challenging the Gujarat HC full court decision to take away his senior designation status. Justice SK Kaul led bench will hear the case on merits after HC reiterated its decision
#yatinoza #contempt Image
Sr Adv Abhishekh Manu Singhvi: HC in an appropriate case can and should withdraw the gown for fixed period and not permanently. temporary measures is a part of the temporary and spatial limitation and thus reasonable.
Singhvi: The first punishment need not be death penalty and second punishment need not be life imprisonment and third punishment need not be 10 years imprisonment. here taking away senior gown is professional death penalty
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Supreme Court bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to hear plea by TV5 & ABN Andhra Jyoti channels seeking #contempt of court action against AP government for filing FIR against them after they carried "#COVID19 related news"
@tv5newsnow @ABNJyothyTV @ysjagan @RaghuRaju_MP
Read details about the plea here:…
Senior Advocate Shyam Divan for the petitioners: I will be relying upon the affidavit which has been filed on May 29, 2021.

Justice Chandrachud: let us look at the writ petition also since that is the substance.

@tv5newsnow @ABNJyothyTV
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BREAKING: Supreme Court special bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud to assemble at 12:30 PM TODAY to hear Centre's appeal against Delhi HC order mulling #contempt against state & centre officials as #oxygen supply as per Supreme Court order was not met.
[BREAKING] Central govt moves Supreme Court against Delhi High Court contempt of court notice on Oxygen supply; hearing at 12.30

report by @DebayonRoy

#SupremeCourt #OxygenCrisis #DelhiHighCourt…
Justice DY Chandrachud led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly hear appeal by Centre against Delhi HC order mulling contempt action against Centre & state officials for not supplying 700MT oxygen to Delhi as per #SupremeCourt order
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Delhi High Court begins hearing pleas concerning COVID-19 situation in the national capital.

Hearing before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli.

#CovidIndia #COVID19 #Oxygen

We will get 480-520MT over the next 3-4 days : Amicus Rajshekhar Rao apprises the Court.

Hopefully we will touch 550-600 MT in the next seven days : Rao

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Supreme Court to shortly hear plea seeking to initiate #contempt of court proceedings against comic artist Rachita Taneja at the request of a law student. AG KK Venugopal granting consent stated tweets portray that the #SupremeCourt was biased towards @BJP4India
Proceedings to commence shortly
Senior Adv PS Narasimha: Consent of the AG becomes mandatory as far as criminal contempt is concerned. Reason is in Hooda's case which shows AGs role is highlighted in Section 15 of Contempt of Courts Act

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(Arnab Goswami vs Maharashtra Legislative Assembly)

Supreme Court to resume hearing Goswami's challenge to breach of privilege notice sent to him by Maharashtra assembly. Court to hear the #contempt notice it had issued against Additonal Secretary of the Assembly

The top court had earlier summoned Vilas Athawale, Assistant Secretary, Maharashtra Vidhan Mandal Sachivalaya for allegedly intimidating @republic Editor, Arnab Goswami which the court observed was done with the object of deterring Goswami from moving the #SupremeCourt
Court had taken a strong exception to letter written by the Secretary to #ArnabGoswami on October 13 in which Goswami was allegedly berated for producing before the Supreme Court, the minutes of proceedings sent to him by the Speaker and Privileges Committee of assembly.
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