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South Africa had a sex expo, and we’re here for it, even if we weren’t there! From ‘ooooh’ to ‘awwww’, we’re getting all the feels.
This gave us such #TharkiTuesday vibes we just had to let you know!
#SexExpo #SouthAfrica #SexPositivity Image
Take a peek at those titles, Agents, they're as hot as all of us! ;)

#SexyTitles #Workshops #HowTo Image
The sex expo was so clearly a hit and we love it!
#Pretoria #SothAfrica #SexExpo #Sexploration Image
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How to think in First Principles like Elon Musk🧵 Image
Individuals that employ first principles thinking are one step ahead as they plan and build for the future.

We start with multiple principles in life governed by our values, perceptions, belief system and how we learn to reason.
The principles may be sound when we first started, but questioning if they still apply requires debunking old theories and creating new versions of reality for ourselves.

It requires embracing a new mindset that identifies when our old way of doing things is obsolete
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1/ Before I get into the CaseLines side of things concerning opposed motion dates, I will briefly explain the process leading up to the point of requesting an opposed motion date.

An opposed motion date will be required when an application becomes formally opposed.
2/ It is not as simple as that however, so let me explain the process.

The following explanation is in line with the Uniform Rules of Court and the Gauteng Division’s various Practice Directives. Let’s start.
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“Lots of us have a learning mindset or a growth mindset – it makes the journey more exciting and more fulfilling if you are learning new things, and pushing yourself in new ways.” -- Kweilin Ellingrud @KweilinE…
Controversial impact crater under Greenland's ice is surprisingly ancient | Science | AAAS…
#ImpactCrater, #GreenlandDiscovery, #TimelineEstimates
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Are you applying for #PhD positions? I just finished reviewing the applications for @TrainingVbc Ph.D. program. Here are common issues and #HowTo address them (obv. personal, always take w/ a🧂)
1/ Let me set the stage: we review many applicants in a short time. We want a-well trained, b-knowledgable people who have an idea about what they want to do (having an idea is a sign of maturity, may change later)
2/ Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stand out from the crowd. How can you do this?
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Eine der (wenigen!) traurigen Dinge am Prof-Dasein:
Die Schulferien passen quasi NIE zum Semester.
Und natürlich wird da nirgendwo im Hochschulsystem auf solche Belange von Familien Rücksicht genommen - selbst nicht @UniLuebeck als #FamiliengerechteHochschule. Als Prof ...
@UniLuebeck ... kann man nämlich nicht einfach "Urlaub nehmen" - SH gehört hier wie Bayern zu #TeamAbgegolten - also:…
@UniLuebeck "In den Landesgesetzen wird durchgehend bestimmt, dass der Erholungsurlaub in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit zu nehmen (z. B. Berlin) oder durch die vorlesungsfreie Zeit abgegolten ist (z. B. Bayern)." Super Sache das!
Aber hey: Das ist Nörgeln auf SEHR,
Sehr hohem Niveau!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/03/2022…
The next variant: three key questions about what’s after Omicron…
#COVID19, #PostOmicron, #variants
Social and Ecological Factors Affect Long-Term Resilience of Voyaging Canoes in Pre-contact Eastern Polynesia: A Multiproxy Approach From the ArchaeoEcology Project…
#resilience #VoyagingCanoes #EasternPolynesia #ArchaeoEcologyProject #MultiproxyApproach
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A few people have asked me about final state machines.

Is an FMS just a bunch of IF statements? Why did I switch? HOW did I switch?

Here are some thoughts. Bring coffee.

First, what was my problem and why did I use an FSM to fix it? #gamedev #architecture #tutorial #howto
2/ In the beginning...

Update() on my original player controller started as 2 ideas:

1) Always apply forward movement
2) If the screen is touched and I'm on the ground then Jump()
3/ This was great because it was fast and easy to create. I didn't have a lot of "management" code to deal with, which helped me build my prototype quickly and get a feel for what kind of game it wanted to be.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/19/2022…
How is the “Purcell principle” threatening voting rights in America? | The Economist…
#PurcellPrinciple, #VotingRights, #USA
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/16/2022…
3D printed nanoparticle aerogels to enable new generation of solar energy devices - 3D Printing Industry…
#3DPrinting, #nanoparticles, #aerogels, #SolarEnergy, #TechnologyDevelopment
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/14/2022…
Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy - BBC News…
#USA, #oligarchy, #democracy
Why is molten lava often covered with zig-zag patterns? - BBC Science Focus Magazine…
#MoltenLava, #ResearchResults, #MoltenWax, #FlowPatterns
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/04/2022…
Hard barriers and soft power: Study assesses outsider perceptions of border walls…
#BorderWalls, #SoftPower, #InternationalRelations, #NationSecurity, #PersonalPerception
Individually optimal choices can be collectively disastrous in COVID-19 disease control | BMC Public Health | Full Text…
#IndividualOptimalChoices, #PublicHealth, #InterventionNoncompliance, #SpreadSuppression, #ResearchResults
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/02/2022…
A Billion Years of Time Are Mysteriously Missing. Scientists Think They Know Why.…
#GrandCanyon, #geology, #GreatUnconformity, #TectonicModel
What Happens Next in Ukraine Could Change Europe Forever | Time…
#InternationalRelations, #russia, #ukraine, #europe
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