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🚨 @LoadedNodes sponsored this WL #GIVEAWAY and🧵 🚨

#DeFi needs legitimate investments and Loaded Nodes seems to have a solid plan for investing. Is #NodeSeason2.0 back.... ?

- 10 WL Spots

- You know the drill!

Check out their discord!

3 Days
10 Winners

This is a paid sponsored post by Loaded Nodes. I am not invested. I have no affiliation with the team.

None of this is financial advice. DYOR. Informational purposes only. I am not responsible for anything you do with YOUR money. I only share info.
TL;DR & Security

- #Cronos Network
- 3 tiers of nodes
- Real world investments
- Decay rates on nodes
- @HordeTweets LMS Partnership
- #NFT Boosters
- Multi-Chain Yield Farming
✅ Audit (Certik)
✅ Multisig
✅ LMS for price stability
✅ Fully doxxed team
✅ Liquidity Lock
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A Deep-Dive Thread on #RateGain 🧵🧵. Let's go!

Have you heard about the movie - The Bucket List?  Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman portray the amazing story of two travelers in their final years, The main plot follows two terminally ill men on their road trip
with a wish list of things to do before they finally say goodbye to the world. No, this thread isn't about that movie, but decoding a company that's enabling the world's incessant desire to TRAVEL, especially that's in Turbo mode after the world being locked up for 2 years...
Hotels are striving hard to optimize costs, improve RoI and reduce the CAC (customer acquisition cost) by generating direct revenue through metasearch platforms, RateGain finds itself in a sweet spot - with its Tech stack offering.
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🧵 On the theme on legit projects with strong teams, real utility and a long-term game plan and upside, here's a thread on @ADRTtoken $ADRT. A really unique project that I would categorize as a #DeFi #IaaS protocol. Here's what I like about it. 1/9
🚀 So, what is it? There is a 12% buy and sell tax. 4% goes back to holders as #ETH reflections, 4% to an investment treasury to generate returns for holders, 2% to liquidity, and 2% to marketing. So, there are taxes, but they are sensibly distributed and deployed. 2/9 Image
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Team: we're all tired of getting rugged by anon devs, and it's a cliche but people buy people, and the founders James and Kris are both fully doxxed (in fact I'm meeting Kris for coffee next week). They are also joined by 3-4 others with extensive experience. 3/9 Image
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Passive Income Protocols (PIPs) will soon be transitioning to the szn 2.

Not a prediction, but a fact.

Which projects will lead the new szn?
First, for those who are unsure about what PIPs are.

These protocols are centered around the idea of generating DeFi passive income. You invest once, and you earn perpetual passive rewards.

Examples are #NaaS #DaaS #Autostaking
What is szn 1?

Considering szn 1 being where this space started to gain exposure from the mass, many projects skyrocketed, and many investors achieved financial freedom.

This has worked quite well for early investors, but not so lucky with the later joiners.
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THREAD sur le projet @ProjectEuropa_ Image
Projet faisant partie de la famille des #Daas, c’est probablement l’un des plus solides et bullish que j’ai dans ma liste !

Le marché repasse au vert depuis quelques jours, pas de doute que cela va aider les projets solides de la #DeFi à se lancer de la meilleure des façons !
Qu’est-ce que Europa ?

En première apparence, on pourrait penser que @ProjetEuropa est un #Daas développé sur la blockchain #Avax comme les autres.

Le schéma classique étant l’achat de tokens, la création de #nodes et la collecte des récompenses.
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Investing in $METIS Lowcaps? Or any eco for that matter.

4 main things I look at.

Might save you from some rugs.

Short 🧵, Like & RT.
1. Liquidity: The ease at which the token can be bought or sold, you can track liquidity with @dexscreener by inputting the contract code & searching.

Lower liquidity = Higher volatility.

Higher liquidity = Lower volatility.
Simply means the lower the liq, the easier it's affected by buys & sells and knowing this, you can manage your risk tolerance and know what you may be willing to invest in any token.

Lower liq doesn't mean bad, it may mean that the project is early and on the + side,
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Innovative Lowcap Tomb Fork on $METIS.


There's a lot of building & innovation from other chains to Metis, from Yield Aggregators, #DaaS models to Solidly forks.

Let's have a look at the most promising Tomb Fork yet.

RT, and as usual, let's dive.
RePATH Finance is a first algorithmic stable coin pegged to the value of 1 $Nett token via seigniorage. Its a multi-token protocol, launched on Metis Chain that consists of the following three tokens:




What then makes them different from others?
While most Forks come with a promise of lucrative yield over long term sustainability, and fail more often than not, @repath_finance aims to build an ecosystem whilst maintaining said yield;

Cross chain integration with a different pegged token on each one.
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🧵 Snapshot of the @MetisDAO ecosystem. Digging deep into #METIS and like what I see. It's in it's formative stages but very promising. Here's some projects I'm exploring, broken down by category. Will be covering some of these in more detail in the coming weeks. $METIS 1/9
If you want to learn more about $METIS itself there's plenty of great threads out there breaking it down. I recommend this thread by @Plebonacci which gives some excellent detail. Now read on for the ecosystem plays!

♻️ DEX options:

Tethys @tethysfinance $TETHYS
Netswap @netswapofficial $NETT
Hermes @MaiaDAOMetis $HERMES

I've been using Tethys and Hermes which have both been a great experience to date. Pretty typical experience, just fast and with low fees. 3/9
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1/20 How I Find and Vent Projects 🧵


- Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

- Most Important Factors

- Node and Tokenomics

- Utility / Purpose

- Future Plans / Roadmap

#avax #eth #bsc #bnb #ftm #matic
2/ Where I Find Them and What I Do Then

1) Twitter - search #nodes #naas #daas #passiveincome #nft

2) @PreExponential, @DazaiCrypto, @TheBreadMakerr, @JamesPelton18 posts (to name a few)

3) People DM new projects often. Keep doing it! I love it

4) Shill channels in Discord
3/ First thing I do is pull their Twitter and look it over.

Next comes the Discord link, usually in profile info.

There I comb through Announcements, FAQs, and Official Links.

Next I go to website and read EVERYTHING. Yes... everything

Lastly, the WP. Most important piece. 👌🏻
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Spotlight on @VaporNodes

Part 3 of 3 exploring #NaaS #DaaS projects & sharing back my experience & what I've learned

See thread for the following 🔽

✅ Project overview
✅ Initial experience
✅ Team & community
✅ Sustainability & value

Project overview

VaporFi is a hybrid #NaaS #DaaS protocol on the @avalancheavax network. It pays out $VPND and flipped the script on catering to small investors with a unique compounding reward system


Project overview (cont.)

Whitepaper has room for improvement, but goes into great detail exactly where needed and provides a solid glimpse into what the protocol is focused on, and what it's value proposition is

▶️ Distribution %
▶️ Compound bonuses
▶️ Treasury investments
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Spotlight on @FinancePentagon

Part 2 of 3 exploring #NaaS #DaaS projects & sharing back my experience & what I've learned

See thread for the following 🔽

✅ Project overview
✅ Initial experience
✅ Team & community
✅ Sustainability & value
✅ Price action of $PENT

Project overview

Pentagon Financial is a #DaaS protocol on @0xPolygon which pays out in $PENT and uses a very intriguing (and fun) fusion mechanism to upgrade nodes to increase yields. They also have a unique renting option as well!


Project overview (cont.)

Their whitepaper is surprisingly robust compared to most #DaaS projects sprouting up. Solid walkthrough of some critical topics

▶️ Node tiers & yield
▶️ Fusion of nodes
▶️ Renting nodes
▶️ KYC & Audit

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Spotlight on @polar_nodes

Part 1 of 3 exploring several #NAAS #DAAS projects, sharing back my experience and what I've learned.

See thread for the following 🔽

✅ Project overview
✅ Initial experience
✅ Team & community
✅ Sustainability & value
✅ Price action of $POLAR

Project overview

Polar nodes brands itself as the "first fully decentralized autonomous node organization", or DANO for short. It's a #NAAS project on @avalancheavax which pays out in $POLAR


Project overview (cont.)

The project's "manifesto" highlights that their business model revolves around solving for 3 key headwinds facing #DeFi projects

➡️ Fallibility of KYC system
➡️ Risks of Multi-sig
➡️ Liquidity lock challenges

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Continuously updated and curated list of newly projects that I add to my watchlist for research pre-dominantly in these crypto segments:

#blockchain infrastructure
1/ @TheWheelClub

☸️ Discord: 29 (18 feb 22)
☸️ Whitelisted: 20 (18 feb 22)
☸️ Membership NFT granting a chance to enter The wheel of fortune show each week
☸️ Talked to founder, really nice guy with supported by experienced crypto team

#NFT #NFTCommunity
2/ @NftGnome

🧝‍♀️ DC: 96
🧝‍♀️ WL:?
🧝‍♀️Gnome nodes are a collection of #NFT's which give you entry into weekly lotteries
🧝‍♀️On my radar because many Twitter accounts tweeted about them couple a days a go
🧝‍♀️ Link:

#NFTCommunity #NodeLife
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🧵 Delighted with this deal. The @crosschainfarm investment in @JPEGMorganCap has increased the $CCF treasury and offers greater exposure to the #NFT market. I personally love the project so much I'll also be onboard as an advisor. Here's why 👇
At first I was sceptical due to my aforementioned belief that the #FaaS space is become saturated. But $JPG taps right into the trend I flagged the other day regarding #NFT etc. "as-a-service". Read the below thread for my thoughts on that.
But what really blew my scepticism out of the water was a call with dev and founder @0xSodefi, He has that the super rare mix of tech, branding and marketing smarts in one brain! Very hard to find and he's tapped into the zeitgeist. Give him a follow. 3/12
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🧵 This thread explains in clear and simple terms how we are building a full suite of #DeFi products on #BSC, with @d3protocol and @crosschainfarm working in harmony. This is full service DeFi made easy. Buy. Hold. Earn. 1/18
Firstly, @d3protocol is a decentralized reserve currency and savings account for DeFi 3.0. You buy or mint, and then stake your $DEFI in order to receive exposure to the D3 treasury basket of DeFi 3.0 and #FaaS / #IaaS assets held in the treasury, backing the price of $DEFI. 2/18
You acquire $DEFI by minting (or bonding) like with $OHM or $TIME, There are no taxes on mints which offer 5-day vested and discounted $DEFI against $BUSD, $BNB, $CCF, and other high performing DeFi 3.0 #FaaS / #IaaS assets. 3/18
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