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Deep dive thread for the mysterious "Oscar Freedman" aka "Oscar Edwards" with ties to mayor. #chop "Security" that took shawngui phone, and live streamed convo, immediately after shooting that resulted in 1 death, and 1 in hospital #chaz #chopDeepDive
Real name is Oscar Edwards. Registered owner of multiple companies and a non profit. ALL OF THIS IS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION, AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES Image
Registered with FMCSA as a tow company. Publicly Available information Image
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A thread dedicated to Jaiden Grayson, (@soultypechild), the real leader of #chaz #chop #seattleprotest
If anyone is responsible for the violence, murders, and destruction in seattle, it's this lady. @SeattlePD @fbi @RealSaleemJuma
A dilusional radical
Responsible for accepting funds, purchasing and supplying items used by protesters
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Picking up shells and literally saying "Leave no evidence".

Take from that what you want; but it sure looks like they were trying to cover up a Homicide to me!

#Seattleprotest #Antifa
Medics try to tend to tend to shooting victims in #CHAZ/#CHOP but are unable to save them.

#SeattleAutonomousZone #capitolhillautonomouszone


#Seattle #seattleprotest
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Not sure what condition they are in; will continue to update!

#Seattle #seattleprotest

They took over the Freeway tonight and apparently didn't move fast enough to get out of the way!

#seattleprotest #seattleprotests #Seattle
Aftermath of the Diaz Hit and Run Situation with Cops and everything (Protestor Perspective).

#blmseattle #seattleprotests #seattleprotest #Chaz #Diaz
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@truthseeker8487 Question for you, @truthseeker8487.

Hong Kong protesters occupied their Airport, a piece of land with more businesses and much larger than #CHAZ for several days in Sep 2019, until they were brutally suppressed by the Chinese military.

Why are you for them and against #CHAZ?
@truthseeker8487 There were rapes in the Hong Kong protest:…
@truthseeker8487 There was frequent looting and destruction of property during the Hong Kong protests.…
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Thread: One of the “medics” at the CHAZ/CHOP recent shooting of two minors is Dan Baker, an American sniper who joined the YPG in Syria

Pics 1 & 2 are him, tweeted by himself + YPG

Pic 3 his witness account

Pic 4 YPG telegram celebrating a body count

#CHOP #chopshooting
2) the YPG is considered a terrorist group and British citizens who participate have recently been arrested as terrorists

Dan Baker left the Autonomous Zone in Syria, and is now in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

#CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle
3) it seems Mr Baker’s goals were to “inspire” American “Antifascists” in their cause and goals.

Got it? It’s environmental feminist communism. It requires guns.

#CHAZ #CHOP #chopshooting
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Let's dissect the footage from last night's shooting in CHAZ:
You can hear the gunfire from the shooting. Doesn't sound like there's returning fire and sounds only like it's coming from one direction.
You can hear one of #CHAZ guards saying ''I ran out of bullets hahaha''. And brags about shooting the minors.
You can see the vehicle completely obliterated by gunfire coming from OUTSIDE the vehicle. Glass and blood all over the place inside. Tires shot out.
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Active Shooters Drove through and fired on #CHOPseattle Defense Teams; they fired back.

You can hear one guy say: "I ran out of bullets".

Where is @MayorJenny and @JayInslee??
You can see all the Blood in the Car and on the ground.....

This is brutal y'all. #Durkan and #Inslee should be Prosecuted for Gross Incompetence and loss of human life for their allowance of this in the first place!

#Chazshooting #Chopshooting #CHAZistan
Prosecute @MayorJenny and @JayInslee.

The amount of human life that has been loss because of their Incompetence and Stupidity is unfathomable.

Do #BlackLivesMatter or do they not?

#Chazshooting #Chopshooting #CHOPCHAZ #CHOPseattle
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Active shooter in #CHAZ 10+ minutes now. Several clips emptied so far. #Chaos
Many armed individuals roaming #CHOP looking for #shooter /s?
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Here's my unedited footage of the shooting at the Seattle #CHAZ / #CHOP free zone tonight:…

I have no details on what happened besides what appears in the video. Afterwards no one laid hands on me but they did take my phone. They then gave it back. ↓
I want to be clear that the guy who took my phone and the CHOP security team never laid hands on me. The phone was grabbed from my hand but that was it. The injuries I showed on stream were from running away from the gun shots and falling over. A medic came over and helped me
Wash the wounds and then bandage them. That's when the guy w my phone returned with James (green mask guy) and they gave me my phone back. I obviously disagree w the guy who grabbed my phone but want to be clear that in the end no harm was done. Green mask guy has been on my
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Fuck @JayInslee every American here in WA should #resist and #defy this and all subsequent #faux order, until @GovInslee cleans out #rebelheld land in #CHAZ #Chop #KAG
@JayInslee @GovInslee clean up #CHAZ #chop before taking away constitutional rights selectively asshole. 👇. Your orders are unconstitutional and nobody should pay your stupid ass one minute attention. Fist yourself vigorously cck sckr! #MAGA2020
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This is the fight that immediately preceded the shooting in the #CHAZ/#CHOP.

Witnesses said there was heavy drinking throughout the night, then a conflict escalated into gunfire.

The autonomous zone has failed. Time to reinstate law and order.

I can confirm the location as Pine Street between Molly Moon's ice cream shop and Cal Anderson Park.

I have also cross-checked this video with other livestreams from the same time and location.

Still working to confirm further details.
KOMO is now reporting that #CHOP leaders believe the shooting was due to "gang affiliations."

This would fatally undermine the left-wing effort to place the blame on "Trump" and "right-wing" agitators.
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Fascist Flash Cards ("F45h Cards"): a thread.

To help protect the community, we are compiling a list of known PDX fascists. We will continue to expand this thread as possible. Mugshots are used where available because of the clarity of photo. #defendPDX
1: Tusitala "Tiny" Toese - Runs with patriot prayer and proud boys. Recently seen violating parole, having been barred from protests (). Below are links describing recent #BLM agitation, & a RCA PB expose.… ImageImageImageImage
2: Joey Gibson - founder of patriot prayer, frequent agitator. Incited violence outside Cider Riot, May Day 2019. Seen recently (6/19/20) counter-protesting a Juneteenth rally over the I-5 bridge.

RCA has compiled a lot of info on him (…). ImageImageImage
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Yesterday I was detained for streaming in the #Seattle free zone (#CHAZ / #CHOP)

"This is not a public park anymore, this is CHOP zone"
"There is no media allowed in here"

*Grabs me by my jacket and backpack from behind choking me*

"Who's going to help you?"
First off, I've been streaming for weeks around Seattle and in the free zone. People know me and know that I don't intend anyone any harm. I've enjoyed the majority of my experiences w people in the zone. The problem is, when you do have a bad experience
like this one, its very clear you're totally on your own. There was no volunteer CHOP security nearby. When I called out for help it only drew more people to me that were just as interested in holding me until their demands for me to stop my stream and delete my footage were met.
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1. News: ‘Biggest Rally Signup of All Time by 10X’

More Than ONE MILLION People Sign Up For President Trump’s MAGA Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma – UPDATED

~ Thread 6.16.20… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2. News: President Trump Wants to Pull 9,500 Troops from Delinquent Germany

— The American People Agree, But 22 REPUBLICAN Lawmakers Oppose Him... Citing Russia!… #Military #MAGA #KAG
3. News: Famous Rock Drummer And Trump Supporter Slams Liberals As ‘Cowards’

John Dolmayan is the drummer for the hard rock group ‘System of a Down’ & has been ATTACKED for voicing his political opinions, HITS BACK… #MAGA #KAG #WWG1WWA #PATRIOTS
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Due to yesterdays incursion by the Proud Boys into the #CHAZ #CHOP in Seattle and subsequent attack and gang beating of an unarmed man filming their getaway we will review the Proud Boys involved and their associates.
Zachary Thomas Staggs: Seattle Chapter Organizer
Staggs has attacked several people including the man in the previous tweet and a Sounders soccer fan he thought was "ANTIFA". Staggs was recently fired from his job as a security officer for the 3rd time.
Tusitala "Tiny" Toese: Portland Proud Boy/Patriot Prayer.
Tiny is known for attacking protesters in Portland and as right hand man for christo-fascist Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson. He fled to American Samoa to avoid arrest for an assault for which he is now on probation.
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Gang Assault. Tiny Toese. #CHAZ #seattleautonomous

Tiny made good on his promise to "re-engage" in protest tonight in Seattle.

He didn't protest, he showed up to assault someone taking pictures, in a Minivan with the license plate removed so it couldn't be ID'd.
Their primary intentions seem to be:
1) Steal and destroy the victim's cell phone
2) Assault the Victim (or worse)

The participants were Tiny Toese, Cole Scott, Zac Staggs & two VERY soon to be ID'd subjects.
It doesn't just appear to be a pistol that the unidentified violent assaulter has, it is one.
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Tiny Toese, a Proud Boy brawler from #Oregon on probation for multiple violent assaults along with several Proud Boys armed with pistols beat a man outside of the #CHAZ today in #Seattle as he asks for his "phone back," which they smash on the ground before driving away.
In case you need a re-fresher on the Proud Boys, Tiny, Joey Gibson, and their connections to the wider far-Right and the Portland Police.
Here's Tiny in a video threatening to use violence against those he opposes if they do not leave the streets.
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Before the attention goes away remember that occupation & sustained demonstration is v much a part of Seattle's civil rights tradition which—whether #CHOP #CHAZ knows it—they've inherited. So a brief & incomplete list of occupations that shaped the city if you're new or forgot:
1963: The Central District Youth Club held the first sit-in in the city, occupying the mayor's office for 24 hrs. This led to the formation of @HumanRights206. They occupied again later for equitable rep & Seattle's first open housing ordinance banning housing discrimination 2/n
1967: Former King County Councilmember, then a leader of @UWSeattleBSU Larry Gossett occupied the UW President's office on the 100-yr anniversary with the governor in attendance with 5 demands, among them being the formation of the Af-Am Studies Dept. All demands were met. 3/x
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Black female street preachers have made their way into CHAZ/CHOP.

“Black Lives Matter can’t save you. Only Jesus will save you.”

#CHAZ #seattleprotests
“Jesus is who I am here for no one else.”
“You want the benefit of Christ but you don’t want Jesus. There’s no allah, theres no Mohammed, there’s no Buddha, there’s Jesus.”
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I was streaming when the incident happened at CHAZ last night in Seattle. An auto shop near the zone was broken into (Car Tender), property stolen, and a fire started. The owners called the police and fire dept but they were told they would not show up. Full THREAD with clips ↓
The man who broke in then returned to the scene of the crime while I was streaming. The owners knew what he looked like because they held him briefly to question him and to recover some of their property. He was released when a group from CHAZ arrived and broke down their gate.
The man then fled the scene back to CHAZ where he was held and questioned by CHAZ security along with the car shop owners. The goal was to try to search his pockets and multiple bags since money and car keys were still unaccounted for. #CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle #seattleprotests
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Let me breakdown #CHAZ/#CHOP and the drama between Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan & Police Chief Carmen Best in what I like to call—
"Jenny Durkan has a reelection to win next year and Carmen Best DGAF."…
Jenny Durkan allowed SPD to "protect" the East Precinct against protestors using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bombs. For over a week SPD & Durkan were on the same page—destroy the protesting by any means necessary.…
Up until that point Durkan was able to hide behind the "good protestor vs. bad protestor" narrative—labeling activists at the East Precinct as an example of "bad protestors." Her tactic was to intimidate the protestors to the point of surrender.
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Hugely important and informative thread that leads to a subject very near and dear to our hearts and minds nowadays.

And once you read this linked thread, I'll continue below with my thoughts on how that strategy leads to another type of "conversion."
We see the same strategies being taken by mainstream media, and it has only become clearer as their rhetoric has escalated. Arguably, the same applies to the fanatical left, but I'm only addressing the media here.
There is the inherent desire to paint yourself and your allies with a better light than your foes. This is true in politics on both sides of the aisle as well, although I am not addressing that here either. This is only addressing how the media has used this same strategy.
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