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Good morning. Today is the day.

Here we'd like to discuss things you can do to support us. 1/
First of all, there are some downballot progressives who need all the support they can in their races! @EdMarkey, @AlexBMorse, @RobbieForChange, @ihssaneleckey and others are running today against powerful incumbent Democrats who need to go. 2/
Secondly, we recognize that it's somewhat difficult to strike without mass organizing (especially with unions) and without mutual aid. Time is running out, and we figured that we should move as quickly as possible. But to survive, we need you to help address those issues. 3/
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(1/2) Things even intelligent Americans cannot agree so much that good groups fracture:

1. #AutonomousZones like Hong Kong & #CHAZ are good release valves for tyrannies & necessary for freedom.
2. #BlackLivesMatter
3. @realDonaldTrump was an OK president EXCEPT #coronavirus
(2/2) 4. Elites traffick children and even eat portions of their brains (adrenochrome) #pizzagatelsReal
5. College educated Whites are largely unable to sympathize with Black looters cuz never been oppressed since birth the way they have.
6. Police are corrupt & brutal.
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On Saturday, a right wing group had planned to hold a "Retake the CHAZ" event.

The autonomous zone in Seattle aka the "#CHAZ" was dismantled earlier this week, but a handful of right-wingers went anyway, and were chased by antifa.

Filmed for @N2Sreports by Neil Radimaker
Heavy had an article with background on the event. While vastly fewer showed up, the Facebook event had thousands "going" and 20,000+ saying they were "interested."

Facebook took down the event last week and removed some organizers.…
Proud Boys' Alan Swinney maced protesters while being chased away. There's closer and clearer videos of this online, but here's what my contributor saw during the incident.

Swinney later acknowledged macing protesters on social media.
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@truthseeker8487 Question for you, @truthseeker8487.

Hong Kong protesters occupied their Airport, a piece of land with more businesses and much larger than #CHAZ for several days in Sep 2019, until they were brutally suppressed by the Chinese military.

Why are you for them and against #CHAZ?
@truthseeker8487 There were rapes in the Hong Kong protest:…
@truthseeker8487 There was frequent looting and destruction of property during the Hong Kong protests.…
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Here's my unedited footage of the shooting at the Seattle #CHAZ / #CHOP free zone tonight:…

I have no details on what happened besides what appears in the video. Afterwards no one laid hands on me but they did take my phone. They then gave it back. ↓
I want to be clear that the guy who took my phone and the CHOP security team never laid hands on me. The phone was grabbed from my hand but that was it. The injuries I showed on stream were from running away from the gun shots and falling over. A medic came over and helped me
Wash the wounds and then bandage them. That's when the guy w my phone returned with James (green mask guy) and they gave me my phone back. I obviously disagree w the guy who grabbed my phone but want to be clear that in the end no harm was done. Green mask guy has been on my
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This is the fight that immediately preceded the shooting in the #CHAZ/#CHOP.

Witnesses said there was heavy drinking throughout the night, then a conflict escalated into gunfire.

The autonomous zone has failed. Time to reinstate law and order.

I can confirm the location as Pine Street between Molly Moon's ice cream shop and Cal Anderson Park.

I have also cross-checked this video with other livestreams from the same time and location.

Still working to confirm further details.
KOMO is now reporting that #CHOP leaders believe the shooting was due to "gang affiliations."

This would fatally undermine the left-wing effort to place the blame on "Trump" and "right-wing" agitators.
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Fascist Flash Cards ("F45h Cards"): a thread.

To help protect the community, we are compiling a list of known PDX fascists. We will continue to expand this thread as possible. Mugshots are used where available because of the clarity of photo. #defendPDX
1: Tusitala "Tiny" Toese - Runs with patriot prayer and proud boys. Recently seen violating parole, having been barred from protests (). Below are links describing recent #BLM agitation, & a RCA PB expose.… ImageImageImageImage
2: Joey Gibson - founder of patriot prayer, frequent agitator. Incited violence outside Cider Riot, May Day 2019. Seen recently (6/19/20) counter-protesting a Juneteenth rally over the I-5 bridge.

RCA has compiled a lot of info on him (…). ImageImageImage
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Pondering #CHAZ and the people who lived there before the mob showed up. ARTICLE IV SECTION 4 of the Constitution is the Republican Form of Government guarantee clause.… @TPPF 1/3
It applies to the states, but, via Amendment XIV, might equal protection extend to the residents who never voted for CHAZ but are being ruled by them? 2/3
If People who live in the Capitol Hill district of #Seattle could vote, would they vote for the #CHAZ anarchists? It appears to be a dictatorship of the proletariat. 3/3
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There seems to be a lot of curiosity surrounding the #chazseattle - a six-block wide "autonomous zone" established by activists.

I sent a freelancer there for a day to show how this community has grown - without cops - for the past ten days.
One occupant said that the #CHAZ has been misrepresented by news organizations like Fox, who try to brand them as violent and even "terrorist."

He says CHAZ is a chance to protest against racism and express a need to reallocate funding from police and toward social programs.
Cal Anderson Park, which falls entirely inside the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," has become a place where participants are given a stage to speak on the issues they advocate for: namely abolishing racism, capitalism, and policing.
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Yesterday I was detained for streaming in the #Seattle free zone (#CHAZ / #CHOP)

"This is not a public park anymore, this is CHOP zone"
"There is no media allowed in here"

*Grabs me by my jacket and backpack from behind choking me*

"Who's going to help you?"
First off, I've been streaming for weeks around Seattle and in the free zone. People know me and know that I don't intend anyone any harm. I've enjoyed the majority of my experiences w people in the zone. The problem is, when you do have a bad experience
like this one, its very clear you're totally on your own. There was no volunteer CHOP security nearby. When I called out for help it only drew more people to me that were just as interested in holding me until their demands for me to stop my stream and delete my footage were met.
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Chickensoilder on Tiktok
#Thread #LoveVictor #WWG1WGA #Trump
Supporting Trump everywhere he goes! @realDonaldTrump Washington to Hawaii. He aims at turning Washington RED & #TikTok Go show him love on his page & tell him I sent you! #MAGA2020 #QAnons
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Before the attention goes away remember that occupation & sustained demonstration is v much a part of Seattle's civil rights tradition which—whether #CHOP #CHAZ knows it—they've inherited. So a brief & incomplete list of occupations that shaped the city if you're new or forgot:
1963: The Central District Youth Club held the first sit-in in the city, occupying the mayor's office for 24 hrs. This led to the formation of @HumanRights206. They occupied again later for equitable rep & Seattle's first open housing ordinance banning housing discrimination 2/n
1967: Former King County Councilmember, then a leader of @UWSeattleBSU Larry Gossett occupied the UW President's office on the 100-yr anniversary with the governor in attendance with 5 demands, among them being the formation of the Af-Am Studies Dept. All demands were met. 3/x
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I was streaming when the incident happened at CHAZ last night in Seattle. An auto shop near the zone was broken into (Car Tender), property stolen, and a fire started. The owners called the police and fire dept but they were told they would not show up. Full THREAD with clips ↓
The man who broke in then returned to the scene of the crime while I was streaming. The owners knew what he looked like because they held him briefly to question him and to recover some of their property. He was released when a group from CHAZ arrived and broke down their gate.
The man then fled the scene back to CHAZ where he was held and questioned by CHAZ security along with the car shop owners. The goal was to try to search his pockets and multiple bags since money and car keys were still unaccounted for. #CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle #seattleprotests
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Let me breakdown #CHAZ/#CHOP and the drama between Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan & Police Chief Carmen Best in what I like to call—
"Jenny Durkan has a reelection to win next year and Carmen Best DGAF."…
Jenny Durkan allowed SPD to "protect" the East Precinct against protestors using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bombs. For over a week SPD & Durkan were on the same page—destroy the protesting by any means necessary.…
Up until that point Durkan was able to hide behind the "good protestor vs. bad protestor" narrative—labeling activists at the East Precinct as an example of "bad protestors." Her tactic was to intimidate the protestors to the point of surrender.
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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan joined #TheDivide this week. We discussed a video posted by @SeattlePD Chief @carmenbest, accusing the city of "relenting to severe public pressure" in abandoning the East Precinct. (1/4)
Mayor Durkan and I also discussed the decision to clear out from East Precinct and immediate area given what they called a "credible" threat of arson. Was that the best decision for public safety given adjoining apartments and businesses? #TheDivide #Q13FOX (2/4)
Will she support defunding @SeattlePD at 50%? Mayor Jenny Durkan said no. But said she wants the city to invest $100M per year for at least ten years in community programs. #Q13FOX #TheDivide (3/4)
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Hugely important and informative thread that leads to a subject very near and dear to our hearts and minds nowadays.

And once you read this linked thread, I'll continue below with my thoughts on how that strategy leads to another type of "conversion."
We see the same strategies being taken by mainstream media, and it has only become clearer as their rhetoric has escalated. Arguably, the same applies to the fanatical left, but I'm only addressing the media here.
There is the inherent desire to paint yourself and your allies with a better light than your foes. This is true in politics on both sides of the aisle as well, although I am not addressing that here either. This is only addressing how the media has used this same strategy.
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CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) und die deutsche Linke.

Es gibt derzeit kaum Artikel oder Bemerkungen zur CHAZ in Seattle in Deutschland. Im Gegenteil, ich habe deutsche Linke gelesen, die sich über die CHAZ lustig machen. Daher hier ein kurzer, zorniger Thread 1/x
Erst Mal die Fakten:
Am 8.6. flohen die Bullen aus einem Stadtteil in Seattle. DemonstrantInnen errichteren darauf Barrikaden und erklären den Stadtteil für unabhängig/ autonom.… 2/x
Innerhalb weniger Tage organisieren die Besetzer ein eigebes Sicherheitssystem, der linke John Brown Gun Club patrolliert, es gibt kostenlose Essensverteilung, man legt Gemüsegärten an und formuliert Grundsätze einer Selbstorganisation:…
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So I went to #CHAZ
The President and Fox news said that a 6 block area of the Seattle neighborhood Capitol Hill has been taken over by anarchists terrorists. They're calling it the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" or CHAZ
They're telling the world that there are armed guards demanding IDs and shaking down local residence and business.
This is getting reported nationally as fact. People all over the world are reaching out to ask if I'm ok. (yes, I am, thanks for asking)
I had to go look for myself, so I braved the new anarchist nation to find the truth.
Here's what what I found in this "terrorist run city"
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NSFW: a streaker runs through #CHAZ

I asked him why he was doing this?

His response: “because I can”

There are tons of children here too

No American laws. No clothes.

This is the Autonomous Zone
Checkout @FromKalen who got the closeup angle and asked him more questions
Smart move. Cross the borders naked so you have an excuse why you don’t have an ID when they ask you at the checkpoint
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What exactly is an autonomous zone? #CHAZ #chazseattle
It's non-hierarchial
There is no institutional or permanent leadership or authority.
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Seattle @MayorJenny defends #CHAZ: "My job as mayor is to move forward in a way that really pays attention to the very legitimate pain and rage in the streets about centuries of systemic racism … If we miss this opportunity, our nation will miss an opportunity."
@MayorJenny Seattle @MayorJenny defends #CHAZ against Trump criticism: "I don’t know why the president is so afraid of democracy. Free speech is part of who we are. It’s how we started as a nation. We will be fine in Seattle, we don’t need the president’s help.”
@MayorJenny Seattle's police chief says they're waiting for direction from #CHAZ:

"Many of our city officials and others are trying to establish some sort of communication with someone who can give us some direction about what the intent is and how we might move forward."
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Cheers to @USAttyHerdman & the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Ohio for bringing federal charges against suspected rioters.

Too many D politicians coddle Antifa terrorists & street thugs, so U.S. Attorneys must step up to keep us safe.…
Many arrows in the quivers of the 93 U.S. Attorneys.

Here are federal civil-rights criminal statutes:…
Rioting can be charged as a federal crime, under 21 U.S.C. Section 2101.

Cheers to Craig Carpenito, the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey, for recently bringing rioting charges:…
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Seattle @MayorJenny has declared the #CHAZ a "free speech zone."

But Antifa-affiliated activists have harassed and forcibly removed right-leaning journalists from the territory.

Newsflash: it's not free speech if only one view is permitted.
The mayor has said it might be a "summer of love" in the #CapitolHillAutonomousZone.

But SPD Chief says calls for service have tripled, with "rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to."

Crime ≠ Love
As @BlueBoxDave has reported, Occupy Wall Street ultimately crumbled when reports of widespread sexual assault broke into the news.

The same dynamic is possible in the #CHAZ—especially because the territory is so much larger, with many more enclosed spaces.
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I recognize the right of the people of #CHAZ to self determination and independence, I'm thinking of giving them some oil wells in #Alaska to survive; maybe #Russia can help secure those wells, and calling on freedom fighters of the world to move there:

SATO (South Atlantic Treaty Organizations) should immediately deploy in #CHAZ and secure its territories from the regime of #DonaldTrump which in real oppress and kill their own citizens live on camera with support of the #US National Guards militias.
#GeorgeFloyd #ICantBreathe
The people of #California should allow #FUSA (Free US Army) to burn their wheat fields in order to support #CHAZ independence from the regime of #DonaldTrump who lost legitimacy and is hiding in a bunker under the #WhiteHouse:…
#Syria #Turkey #FSA #NATO
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