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The masked car-thieves who stole a #Volkswagen SUV in #LakeCounty, IL didn't know that there was a two-year-old child in the back seat - but that's no excuse. A violent car-theft has the potential to hurt or kill people, after all. 1/ A blue vintage VW beetle speeds down a highway; a crying bab
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Same with the VW execs who decided to nonconsensually track the location of every driver and sell that data to shady brokers - but to deny car owners access to that data unless they paid for a "find my car" subscription. 3/
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I loved my Prius but this is another example of @Toyota misleadingly promoting the hybrid because they are behind on full EVs. It's a bit like their famous "self charging car" commercials.

A plugin does not save as much CO2 emissions as a full EV. Nowhere near actually.
In reality people with a privately owned plugin drive 51-55% on gasoline and company cars drive 85-89% on gasoline.…

In the official EU tests plugin emissions are underestimated by a factor of 3-5. They are the new #dieselgate in the making.
So yes, I do worry that we get the materials for EV batteries in time, especially since so many people are buying gigantic SUVs. But many chemistries are possible and the market is creative.

Still, Toyota is not being truthful.
It's spreading FUD and selling snake oil.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: How to ditch Facebook without ditching your friends; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ The header graphic for 'How...
#NYC! I'm in town this week with "Chokepoint Capitalism," @rgibli's and my latest book! See us tonight at 7PM at @mcnallyjackson Seaport:…

And on Friday at @NYUEngelberg!… 2/ Image
(and in between, I'll be at #UnfinishedLive:

More cities here: 3/
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Start für mein #holzofengate-Tagebuch. Hier werde ich jeden Tag schildern, wie sich die Problematik rund ums Holzofengate im Waldvernichtungswinter mit voraussichtl immer schlechter werdenden Feinstaubwerten entwickelt. #ofenaus #umweltsau #StopFakeRenewables #Klimakatastrophe
Zunächst den alten 🧵anhängen zur Information, was wir hier in Rheinhessen in Vergangenheit erlebt haben.
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"NCAP emissions ratings cast doubt on electric cars"
What is going on here?

Let me show you what errors @EuroNCAP and @JOAN_RESEARCH make in their calculations

Before my corrections EVs emit 74% of ICEVs
After correction 34%

I show it step by step so you can judge for yourself
First off: I research this at the @TUeindhoven & have been debunking EV misinformation for >15 yrs
See my pinned thread

By now almost all researchers agree with me and I esp. love @TheICCT
@RicardoGroupPlc study for EU

But @JOAN_RESEARCH and @EuroNCAP need debunking☹️
I wrote a "debunking manual" in @Joule_CP on how to avoid the 6 biggest errors in comparing CO2 emissions of electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion vehicles (ICEVs)

I'll use them as the 6 steps in my explanation.…
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This is a myth that you still hear now and then: modern diesels actually *clean* the air. Now again the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands.

What they don't tell you is that this is only true for large trucks on dirty highways and that diesels don't help against climate change.
Why only large trucks on dirty roads? Well, for normal cars the amount of cheating is so eye watering that diesels are extremely dirty #dieselgate…

This is still true: e.g. katalysers are regularly burnt off to clean them. Not during testing of course.
If you use ad-blue you might have one of the few "not too bad" diesels, but even with ad-blue chances are your exhaust is very dirty.

For large trucks the testing is somewhat better and here originates the claim that on a dirty road they can reduce NOx. BUT it's irrelevant.
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Die ORF-Website will die "Einwilligung" in die Übertragung personenbezogener Verhaltensdaten an 46 Drittparteien, viele davon reine Datenhandelsfirmen.

Nicht cool, dass viele Medien-Websites sowas machen. Gar nicht cool, wenn der öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk das macht. ImageImage
Die Gestaltung der "Einwilligung" ist unklar und manipulativ. Es geht nicht um "Cookies", sondern um Datenübertragung an Dritte. Es gibt nicht mal einen gleichwertigen "Ablehnen" Button. Allein das macht die Einwilligung ungültig. Ohne diese ist die Datenverarbeitung nicht legal.
Aber selbst wenn ein "Ablehnen" Button vorhanden wäre, wäre die Datenübertragung nicht legal.

Die EU-Datenschutzbehörden haben das Pseudo-Einwilligungssystem "TCF", das auch auf der ORF-Website genutzt wird, vor zwei Wochen für unrechtmäßig erklärt:… Image
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2022, the breakthrough year for bidirectional EV charging #V2X?

In 🇪🇺 the retroactive rollout of #V2X to Volkswagen electric cars (w/ 77 kWh 🔋) enables car-house-grid integration

In 🇺🇸 the Ford F-150 truck (w/ 98 - 131 kWh 🔋) provides days of backup power for your home

a 🧵
other car brands have & will introduce similar functionality to their electric vehicles - but none as integrated and at the core of the offering as these two. Bidirectional charging becomes a key role in the story of these vehicles - powering different motives:
A German newspaper described the Ford F-150 backup power function spot on:

"How to sell the energy transition to a cowboy behind the steering wheel?"

By powering tools & your house in case of power outages. This truck makes you more resilient.… (paywall)
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Was in Deutschland schief läuft

Für #HartzIV muss ich alles offenlegen, Milliardäre geben ihre Steuererklärung ab, ohne eine Kontrolle zu fürchten.

#Containern wird bestraft, #CumEx vertuscht.

#VW wird bei #Dieselgate geholfen, Autofahrer ohne Umweltplakette bestraft.
Haushalte mit geringem Einkommen, zahlen über die #EEG den Strom der großen Konzerne mit.

Dem Müllmann zu Weihnachten 50€ schenken ist verboten, sich auf Staatskosten an Masken bereichern ist erlaubt.

Kinder auch nach 2 Jahren #Corona ohne Luftfilter in die Schule schicken,
in den Parlamenten aber schon nach wenigen Wochen Luftfilter installieren.

Mit Hunderten von Milliarden Banken retten, aber die Infrastruktur verkommen lassen.

Milliarden für die Braunkohle ausgeben, aber sagen, dass für grünen Strom kein Geld da ist.
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In the past week I've been involved in some highly charged discussions on BLUE HYDROGEN.
In this thread I'll summarize what I've learned.
I'll link to threads but not ad hominems.

I think not all blue hydrogen is bad but it's much worse than I thought
First off: hydrogen in itself is not a bad idea at all. Here's @mliebreichs hydrogen ladder showing where it's a good idea.

We are talking about BLUE hydrogen here:
you take methane (=CH4=natural gas) + H2O
you make CO2 (that you bury with CCS) + H2

Sounds great! But... in the process from well to burial of CO2 some CH4 escapes.

The ruckus started with this scientific study from @howarth_cornell and @mzjacobson showing with 3.5% leakage and a 20 year time horizon blue H2 is WORSE than burning CH4.
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Today is Christmas🎅 for climate and transport geeks in 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺

In my 🧦 is the 🇬🇧 Transport Decarbonisation Plan

Under the 🎄 is the 🇪🇺 Fit for 55 Package, including big decisions on phasing out petrol 🚗

Which bits are the real goodies 🎁 & which the lumps of coal ⚫?

First up, the 🇬🇧 Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Press release here:…

Ministerial statement here:…

Full docs after lunch.

🎁 Big news is the new "mandate for zero emission vehicles"

💷 This will make EVs cheaper, faster, by driving more competition

🧑‍🏭 It will attract investment & create jobs in making EVs & 🔋

🙌 Welcomed by businesses aiming to switch to 💯% EV…

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Der @BILD (large German magazin) claims that electric vehicles emit MORE particulate emission according to a new @OECD report.

This is a lie, plain and simple, if you actually read the report. Which I did because I research this at the @TUeindhoven.

I made a graph to show it.
This thread that I made a while ago contains all the details.
The report is very friendly about gasoline and diesel bc it conforms to official tests that we know are too optimistic about exhaust (e.g. from #dieselgate) but even then it just claims the problem won't go away when using EVs although there's a small but significant improvement.
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From #dieselgate you may know that carmakers get away with untruthful tests in the EU.

That's important for both scientists and consumers.

Here I explain on Dutch TV @kassa_bnnvara how these lies made taxi drivers buy the wrong EV:…

But there's more!
But it's not just bad for immigrant taxi drivers who see their entire livelihood threatened by the lies because they buy an electric vehicle with too little range and slow fast charging. It also leads to many more people dying of exhaust.
And finally it leads to combustion vehicles seemingly emitting less exhaust which in turn leads to newspaper stories claiming it takes 50k miles for an EV to emit less when it's already closer to 16k miles (and getting less all the time).
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New 'study' claims it takes 48k miles for electric vehicles to emit less CO2 than gasoline cars.

But it's just a misleading brochure.
Reality is closer 16k miles.

UK media including @thetimes where mislead by this carmaker-paid attack on @BorisJohnson's green plans. (thread) Image
About me:

I research electric vehicles at @TUeindhoven and direct

Comparing CO2 emissions of electric vehicles and combustion cars is my specialty.

My paper describing common errors:…

A recent report:… Image
Here is @thetimes @GraemePaton reporting on 'a study commissioned by vehicle and technology companies' where 'researchers recorded results'.…

And there's literally dozens of others who fell for this. ImageImageImage
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good point! but don't sleep. it's still on us. cus when 💩 hits the fan, the suits will throw us under the bus 🚌☠️

brought to you by the letters V, W, and Michael Horn:

“This was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reason” #Dieselgate scandal, 2015
(for the record i got nothing against VW i love their cars) 😋
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Ce soir, le @PartiPirate a décidé d'apporter son soutien à la #5G (ce qui n'étonnera personne) à l'aide d'un thread qui noie les questions importantes sous des considérations futiles et des contre vérités. Une Tirade pour débunker ! [1/24]
C'est vrai, la 5G n'implique pas de remplacer le réseau actuel. Les supports de macro cells peuvent être mutualisés, et de toute manière vu qu'on utilise encore la 2G, le réseau actuel va rester là encore longtemps.
Par contre pour fonctionner correctement, la 5G a besoin de beaucoup de petites antennes relais pour fournir un débit suffisant dans les zones denses, ce qu'on appelle les small cells. Ca c'est inédit et il va en falloir beaucoup dans les grandes villes (genre tous les 100m)
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'New diesel makes the air cleaner' Dutch newspaper @lc_nl shouts.

It's an often repeated irrelevant half truth:

1) 'Clean diesel' emits just as much CO2 and is thus just as 'dirty' for the climate.

2) It's only true for the latest heavy trucks on dirty roads. Not for cars.
And yes we could make diesel cars that emit very few monitored particulates too.

But diesels still emit unmonitored dangerous stuff (like ozone and brake pad dust) and making normal cars 'clean' means they become more expensive and less user friendly.
The #dieselgate scandal stems from the fact that making a 'clean diesel' affordable and user friendly (e.g. no disposing off the contents of and then refilling your adblue tank all the time) was deemed impossible: 'clean' heavy diesel trucks do not imply 'clean' diesel cars.
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Outstanding @Tesla blog by Jack Ricard of @evtv with two claims:

1) Tesla is going to crush existing car makers because of its technological lead.

2) Carmakers, oil companies and the SEC are trying to take Tesla down through stock manipulation.…
First: I'm not a Tesla or Elon groupie. I think both have done an outstanding job that has accelerated the transition to EVs multiple years. But when I wrote my 1st book on EVs it was already inevitable (in my eyes). Tesla was 1 of dozens of companies making small batches of EVs.
Right now we see almost all car makers are getting in on the EV act and multiple new parties with deep pockets (e.g. in China) are joining the fray.
Tesla has a lead on many technological fronts and an incredibly talented and motivated team of engineers lead by a visionary.
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Something really important happened this week: the German carmakers agreed that for the coming ten years, they will put all their cards on electric vehicles and they will not be shy about saying so anymore.…
I think the rise of the electric vehicle (EV) was inevitable once it became clear that you could construct lightweight batteries that would outlast the car, while battery cost plus electricity would be much less than the cost of gasoline.

It's basically that simple.
Of course the success story behind that is the electric motor. It's basically the only alternative for the combustion engine that we know of and it's around four times more efficient. Oh and lighter, smaller, cheaper while not requiring maintenance.
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Despite well-worn "data is the new oil" trope it doesn't dawn on folks that California state law established the auto emissions standard for the entire Western hemisphere. The California Consumer Privacy Act could have a comparable effect on big (ad)tech.…
The Oregon state legislature committee is having a hearing right now that seeks to give residents data rights to their geolocation, audiovisual, and inferred data. You can find my submitted testimony in support of the measure on the site.…
German automaker, VW, got caught breaking California state law in #Dieselgate. Executives went to jail. But Layton from AEI thinks it's unfair that California got to set the bar for pollution (and privacy). But data flows like an atmosphere; privacy erosion is a collective harm.
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An electric car in the Netherlands emits 6x less CO2 than a comparable gasoline car when you look over it's entire lifetime.

My new calculations where a pleasant surprise for me so I thought: let's share on twitter. Explanation of the table in a short thread.
The idea that an electric vehicle emits more CO2 because it runs on a coal fired power plant is a myth that will not die. So after a new media inquiry via my friend prof @M_Steinbuch today I ran the numbers again for the Netherlands and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
First I took a representative vehicle: the VW Golf. It's historically the best sold car in the EU and the Netherlands. (It depends per year but always in the top 3.) It also has a gasoline, diesel and electric version so we can compare like with like.
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T'as déjà entendu parler des soit disant 16 porte-containers qui polluent plus que toutes les voitures du monde ?

Retient ton souffle car y'a du thread !

Si on écoute @PChasseray et @40MA qui m'ont bloqués au passage (👋 les vieux).On "apprend" que les 16 plus gros porte containers polluent plus que TOUTES les voitures de la terre.
Alors faut savoir avant toute chose que les portes containers transportent l'équivalent de 90% du fret international. Ça veut dire que si tu prends tous les trajets en fret de la planète : camion/avion/train/navette spaciale ben t'as juste 10% de ce que font les bateaux.
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Was setzen wir dem #Gesetzekapern durch Konzerne entgegen? Heute um 18:30 Debatte in der ständigen Vertretung Österreichs in Brüssel, mit #SusanGeorge von @TNInstitute , @AnaGomesMeP, Mariana Prats, @OECD, Paul de Clerck von @ALTEREU und Frank Ey von der @Arbeiterkammer Wien.
Zahlreiche Elemente sorgen für #gesetzekapern: wenig öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit, Macht der Konzerne durch Jobs und "Expertise", Seitenwechsel, langfristig privilegierte Zugänge und vieles mehr.
Olivier Hoedeman, @corporateeurope: Deutsche Bundesregierung hat es auch nach #Dieselgate nicht geschafft, sich von der #Automobilindustrie zu befreien. Schützt Autolobby in Brüssel vor schärferen Regeln statt sich um saubere Luft für die Allgemeinheit zu bemühen. #gesetzekapern
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#Dieselgate saved the German car industry and forced it to go electric. New Audi e-tron SUV for US market arrives shortly.…
Clearly, German auto brands need success in the US #EV market to achieve scale to bring down costs for their domestic sales goals. (Unless trumptariffs…)
Here’s Audi e-tron ad from the #Emmys sorta trolls Elon a tad
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