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Outstanding @Tesla blog by Jack Ricard of @evtv with two claims:

1) Tesla is going to crush existing car makers because of its technological lead.

2) Carmakers, oil companies and the SEC are trying to take Tesla down through stock manipulation.…
First: I'm not a Tesla or Elon groupie. I think both have done an outstanding job that has accelerated the transition to EVs multiple years. But when I wrote my 1st book on EVs it was already inevitable (in my eyes). Tesla was 1 of dozens of companies making small batches of EVs.
Right now we see almost all car makers are getting in on the EV act and multiple new parties with deep pockets (e.g. in China) are joining the fray.
Tesla has a lead on many technological fronts and an incredibly talented and motivated team of engineers lead by a visionary.
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Something really important happened this week: the German carmakers agreed that for the coming ten years, they will put all their cards on electric vehicles and they will not be shy about saying so anymore.…
I think the rise of the electric vehicle (EV) was inevitable once it became clear that you could construct lightweight batteries that would outlast the car, while battery cost plus electricity would be much less than the cost of gasoline.

It's basically that simple.
Of course the success story behind that is the electric motor. It's basically the only alternative for the combustion engine that we know of and it's around four times more efficient. Oh and lighter, smaller, cheaper while not requiring maintenance.
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Pls sign this PETITION asking @OversightDems to investigate Georgia’s anticipated purchase of new #dieselgate voting systems that can change machine-marked “paper ballots” AFTER you vote! Other jurisdictions have bought these too! Reply DONE. TY.… 1/
2/ Recent @whowhatwhy article about the dangers of these new “Dieselgate” (hybrid) voting systems.…
3/ The fake votes enabled by these machines are analogous to the toxic emissions in the Volkswagen #dieselgate scandal because the inspection, the manual audit of the paper, would come up clean.
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This an example of vendor propaganda. In reality, Georgia's new machines will route the machine-marked "paper ballot" under the print head AFTER the voter has cast it, which means bad actors could program or hack them to add votes when no one can detect it. #cyberthreatdenier 1/
3/ The fraudulent votes would be analogous to the toxic emissions in #Dieselgate because the inspection, the review by the voter (if any) and the manual audit, would come up clean.
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Georgia also wld become the 1st state to rely entirely on “hybrid” BMDs (a “special” type of barcode BMD), which route the machine-marked “paper ballot” under the print head AFTER it’s been reviewed & cast, allowing the BMD to add fraudulent marks when the voter isn’t looking! 1/
2/ Such fraudulent votes are analogous to the toxic emissions in Dieselgate bc the inspection (review by voter & manual audit or recount) will come up clean.
3/ I explain this #Dieselgate feature here. These #Dieselgate hybrids are much worse than the already dangerous and controversial “standard” barcode BMD. Thread.
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Voting rights attorneys & organizations must expand their understanding of voter suppression & election fraud to accommodate the very real potential for electronic vote tampering. They must file lawsuits to enjoin the use of the new #Dieselgate hybrids. I will help. @dale_e_ho 1/
If you are interested, please DM me. I’m an attorney. I practiced insurance coverage law for many years, the last seven as a partner. I’m not a plaintiff’s attorney. That is not my skill. But I’m good at identifying undisputed facts, strategizing, writing, oral argument. 2/
I know these machines because I researched them for over a year. I also know the experts who can sign affidavits supporting an injunction. 3/
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Georgia Republicans pass #HB316 to realize @BrianKempGA’s dream of making GA the 1st state to deploy ES&S’s hybrid ballot marking devices statewide. These machines are analogous to #Dieselgate bc they can add fraudulent votes AFTER the voter has inspected & cast their ballot. 1/
2/ Such fraudulent votes are analogous to the toxic emissions in Dieselgate bc the inspection (review by voter & manual audit or recount) will come up clean.
3/ I describe the #Dieselgate feature in this sourced thread.
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Georgia passes #HB316 to realize @BrianKempGA’s dream of making Georgia the first state to deploy ES&S’s hybrid ballot marking devices statewide. These machines are analogous to #Dieselgate bc they can add fraudulent votes AFTER the voter has inspected & cast their ballot. 1/
2/ Such fraudulent votes are analogous to the toxic emissions in Dieselgate bc the inspection (review by voter & manual audit or recount) will come up clean.
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Despite massive public and expert opposition, Georgia Republicans just passed #HB316, paving the way for new #Dieselgate (aka #BallotStuffing) voting systems for 2020. Manual Audits have ZERO chance of detecting the type of fraud these machines enable. cc: @markniesse #gapol 1/
I describe the #Dieselgate (some call them #BallotStuffing) new voting systems here. These machines invite undetectable election fraud. They are an affront to the notion of free and fair elections. 2/
This is the largest voting machine contract in the United States. Georgia will soon become the first state to deploy these relatively untested hybrid #Dieselgate voting systems statewide. 3/
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Despite well-worn "data is the new oil" trope it doesn't dawn on folks that California state law established the auto emissions standard for the entire Western hemisphere. The California Consumer Privacy Act could have a comparable effect on big (ad)tech.…
The Oregon state legislature committee is having a hearing right now that seeks to give residents data rights to their geolocation, audiovisual, and inferred data. You can find my submitted testimony in support of the measure on the site.…
German automaker, VW, got caught breaking California state law in #Dieselgate. Executives went to jail. But Layton from AEI thinks it's unfair that California got to set the bar for pollution (and privacy). But data flows like an atmosphere; privacy erosion is a collective harm.
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🔥 BOOM. Voting machine vendors ES&S & Dominion have been caught selling #Dieselgate voting systems that would allow bad actors to fraudulently ADD VOTES to machine-marked “paper ballots” AFTER voters review & cast them! This is what Brian Kemp wants in Georgia! #HB316 #gapol 1/
I never use the word “BOOM” but this is huge news.… 2/
New York may decertify Dominion’s all-in-one ballot marking device bc of this #Dieselgate feature. ES&S has the same #Dieselgate feature and even asserts a patent as to that feature! 3/
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An electric car in the Netherlands emits 6x less CO2 than a comparable gasoline car when you look over it's entire lifetime.

My new calculations where a pleasant surprise for me so I thought: let's share on twitter. Explanation of the table in a short thread.
The idea that an electric vehicle emits more CO2 because it runs on a coal fired power plant is a myth that will not die. So after a new media inquiry via my friend prof @M_Steinbuch today I ran the numbers again for the Netherlands and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
First I took a representative vehicle: the VW Golf. It's historically the best sold car in the EU and the Netherlands. (It depends per year but always in the top 3.) It also has a gasoline, diesel and electric version so we can compare like with like.
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La semaine dernière, notre pays a reçu une mise en demeure accablante de la @EU_Commission concernant la pollution de l'air. Ci-dessous traduction du récap’ de mon collègue @JoeriThijs #airpollution #cleanairnow 1/
Contexte : la @EU_Commission rappelle l'historique de la législation de l'UE sur la pollution de l'air et le dioxyde d'azote (NO2) en particulier. Nos gouvernements savaient que des valeurs limites allaient être implémentées et qu'à partir de 2010 (!), il fallait les atteindre 2/
La @UE_Commission indique que les gouvernements n’ont pas toute latitude pour décider des mesures à prendre quand l’amélioration de la qualité de l’air se fait attendre et que la réglementation européenne est sérieusement dépassée. La Cour Justice européenne confirme cela. 3/
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Sind Hardware-Nachrüstungen "problematisch?"
Verkehrsminister Scheuer sagte:
Wie problematisch diese Hardware-Nachrüstung ist, zeigt ja der ADAC –Test. Im Zwischenbericht von vier Herstellern hat einer aufgegeben, zwei waren
ständig in der Werkstatt, also da wachsen die Bäume nicht in den Himmel.

Zwei der vom ADAC getesteten Fahrzeuge hatten vereinzelte technische Probleme im Dauertest. Es trifft aber nicht zu, dass zwei der Testfahrzeuge "ständig in der Werkstatt" waren.
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T'as déjà entendu parler des soit disant 16 porte-containers qui polluent plus que toutes les voitures du monde ?

Retient ton souffle car y'a du thread !

Si on écoute @PChasseray et @40MA qui m'ont bloqués au passage (👋 les vieux).On "apprend" que les 16 plus gros porte containers polluent plus que TOUTES les voitures de la terre.
Alors faut savoir avant toute chose que les portes containers transportent l'équivalent de 90% du fret international. Ça veut dire que si tu prends tous les trajets en fret de la planète : camion/avion/train/navette spaciale ben t'as juste 10% de ce que font les bateaux.
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Was setzen wir dem #Gesetzekapern durch Konzerne entgegen? Heute um 18:30 Debatte in der ständigen Vertretung Österreichs in Brüssel, mit #SusanGeorge von @TNInstitute , @AnaGomesMeP, Mariana Prats, @OECD, Paul de Clerck von @ALTEREU und Frank Ey von der @Arbeiterkammer Wien.
Zahlreiche Elemente sorgen für #gesetzekapern: wenig öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit, Macht der Konzerne durch Jobs und "Expertise", Seitenwechsel, langfristig privilegierte Zugänge und vieles mehr.
Olivier Hoedeman, @corporateeurope: Deutsche Bundesregierung hat es auch nach #Dieselgate nicht geschafft, sich von der #Automobilindustrie zu befreien. Schützt Autolobby in Brüssel vor schärferen Regeln statt sich um saubere Luft für die Allgemeinheit zu bemühen. #gesetzekapern
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#Dieselgate saved the German car industry and forced it to go electric. New Audi e-tron SUV for US market arrives shortly.…
Clearly, German auto brands need success in the US #EV market to achieve scale to bring down costs for their domestic sales goals. (Unless trumptariffs…)
Here’s Audi e-tron ad from the #Emmys sorta trolls Elon a tad
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1/In the 'you gotta be kiddin' me" department: Politico is reporting that voting computer vendor ES&S is asking for a congressional investigation of the DEFCON election hacking village.
2/In a letter to Senators Harris, Warner, Collins and Lankford, ES&S deflected an Intel Committee question about whether they would submit to testing by raising the specter that foreign adversaries were infiltrating the hacking village.
3/I guess they didn't notice that DHS and state election officials were among the most active at the village. Eric Geller Reports:
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1/ I'm slowly getting back into #Brexit stuff after time off in the last week or so.

I'm starting with David Davis's Telegraph piece from a couple of days ago:…

A quick thread about it.
2/ The title is interesting - it is: "How we will deliver the best Brexit in 2018". Davis's piece does not come close to answering that. The piece would more accurately be entitled "What I think the best Brexit looks like in 2018 (without asking the EU what they'd accept)"
3/ There's a bit of nerdy stuff at the start. I quote: "Donald Tusk has approved an immediate start to initial discussions on the future relationship (...) talks about the implementation period begin early in the New Year" I assume he means "Transition Period"?
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