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.@SouthwestAir PLEASE provide this family with accommodation in Chicago. They're stranded in the freezing cold airport and you won't pay for a hotel for them for the night.

They've been thru hell. They were held in detention and the baby is recovering from heart surgery.
@SouthwestAir SA > Chicago > Boston (Original flight); THAT didn't happen --instead, plane ran out of gas & now mom is in Indianapolis & waiting for plane to get refueled.

Once refueled they'll get to Chicago & will ask for hotel @SouthwestAir counter. We'll keep y'all posted.
Thank you all so much for offering to support. We want @SouthwestAir to provide lodging to this family because it's their fault they MIGHT be landing in Chicago in the middle of the night.
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Watergate whistleblower, Deep Throat, was the final nail in the coffin for Nixon. MARTHA MITCHELL hammered in the FIRST, only to be gaslit, discredited & publicly shamed by Nixon & his aides.

🔥Easy or no, we must EACH be prepared to #DoTheRightThing🔥…
Mitchell was ridiculed for calls to Washington press, her accusations of corruption in the Nixon Administration, & her charges that she was a “political prisoner” held captive in a hotel & drugged. Nixon admin encouraged questions of her sanity. In the end, she was proven correct
To this day, psychologists use the phrase “Martha Mitchell Effect” to refer to someone whose descriptions of real experiences are incorrectly labeled as 'delusions'.

We see a resurgence of this today, courtesy of constant gaslighting by Trump & his admin.…
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Dear employer, how many of your employees are fully engaged at work? Are they working just to get the job done or are they working from a position of shared committment to the vision? It's okay if you can't answer this now but you need to get them talking...
They need to talk. The atmosphere should encourage them to speak up. It's most dangerous when your employees stop talking to you and start agreeing to everything you say. Don't assume that you're a great leader or dictator because they assent to everything you say.....
Silence doesn't always mean consent or agreement. Some employers are so wonderful that their employees are happy to watch the business fail so they can move on to the next ship. It's not the best for employees to keep changing employers but truth is the employer feels the pain...
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#NC I have never been so embarassed to hail from there as I have been over the last few years.

I was 7 yo when I lived through forced integration, witnessed death from lynching, saw a church burned to the ground because a caucasian clergy...…
embraced their counterpart from a neighboring church who was African American.

How more unchristian can one be than to stand in judgement of others and believe you have the right to end someone’s life because of skin color?

The hate from that time in your history...
has reared its ugly head again.

Now you invite the #GovernmentOfPutin (@GOP) into your midst.

NC vendors we call on you to #DoTheRightThing: #BoycottGOP

Do not breathe life into that hate!

Do not further that which divides us!

I implore you to #EmbraceLove...
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Let's try a new game plan to get our government to #DoTheRightThing

@inspiredjen and @AoCChecklist have a call a day (with scripts) for us~

Let's show them what great teamwork we are capable of in #TheResistance!

It begins today, so get your phones ready....

📱Call: Your one House rep and two senators’ local offices.
📜Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] and I’m calling to ask [name] to ensure that Congress... (see below for each day's script)

👀 your MOCs local offices...

📜...ends the unnecessary so-called “zero-tolerance” immigration policy. We should reinstate the Family Case Management Program and use more humane, less-costly check-in methods.

Learn more...…


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TUCSON, AZ. TPD doing nothing. Dhs is on scene and have arrested 2 VOP volunteers that found the camp. Get this story out people. Don't let them sweep away like they always do.
@Breaking911 @realDonaldTrump @KamVTV.
I will continue updates through this recent feed. Word around town is look into cemex. They are owned by... You guessed it... Rothschild and brofman. They were on scene in Tucson trying to get the citizens to leave. I do not have a big audience. Please help us get the word out!
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