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I want to share an analogy & call to #Hospitals to #ProtectHCWs. 2+ years yet hospitals leave workers open to PREVENTABLE death & disability. They need to held to task & REQUIRED to properly & fully protect their workers. Please join me & share this. #HCWs #Covid #LongCovid (1/3)
#HCWs DESERVE government protections, as do patients! It is unethical for them to continue to skirt proper air filtration & personal protective equipment MINIMUMS. @OSHA_DOL are you listening? #OSHA #P100 #respirators #Ventilate #HEPA #LongCovid #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp (2/3)
Providing P100 respirators, increasing proper indoor air filtration, & testing workers regularly will help attract & retain staff. In addition to it being the RIGHT THING TO DO! Questions? Contact me #DoTheRightThing #LegislateProtection #ProtectHCWs #Nurses #ProtectRNs (3/3)
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👀Watching—A suddenly 3-straight days of wastewater #SARSCoV2 ⬆️ increase found in Palo Alto & Mountain View (home to Stanford & Google)—similar to late Jan levels. Such signals usually foretells rising #COVID19 cases 1-2 weeks later. #CovidIsNotOver…
Wastewater is one of the best ways to track early warning signs of coronavirus rise. Here is the best national dashboard from @BiobotAnalytics. Their data is not comprehensive like a census because not all counties & cities participate. (But they should).
Good time to remind folks that masks work — and reduce transmission by 72% in schools that require them. Huge study 👇
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Government have now responded to the school ventilation petition, but seem to fundamentally misunderstand what is being requested.
Are they really that stupid?
@CathNoakes #Ventilate #CovidIsAirborne…
They seem to be trying to argue that because air filtration units don't reduce CO2, they are not as good as opening the windows.
But that's a misunderstand of the use of CO2 as a proxy measure.
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📍4x kids hospitalizations—NYC reports “4-fold” increase in pediatric hospital #COVID19 admissions for Dec 19th versus week of Dec 5th. Over half of hospitalizations in kids <5–all unvaxxed. 🏥 in kids 5-11 all unvaccinated too. ➡️Protect kids! #vaccinate #MaskUp #Ventilate Image
2) Don’t forget it’s not just “hospitalizations”—most people with #LongCovid were never hospitalized. And children’s brains are very sensitive. We must protect kids from #LongCovidKids. Neuron damage (such as smell loss) is just the tip of the iceberg. 👇
3) The surge in kids COVID hospitalizations is not just in NYC, but also in England. Pandemic record kids #COVID19 hospital admissions in England during the same week as the NYC spike!! This is now a multi-continental #Omicron crisis in kids.

Figure by @Antonio_Caramia Image
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It is well past time @JustinTrudeau @CPHO_Canada convene with ALL provincial PHOs & get ALL on same page re messaging & implementation.
Enough of prov to prov mismanagement approach. We all need to follow NS; we all deserve this. We need consistency
I wrote this 11 mths ago; siloed approach still disasterous reality here. Are we not all deserving of NS's approach?? /2… Framework to describe how Public Health can gain Trust & Und
Whatever #Omicron brings (early info concerning), we are STILL keeping so many tools fr Canadians. Must get on same page across country:
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⚠️ #ReduceRisk #COVIDisAirborne
💉 Vaccine
🏞️ Better outdoors
😷 KN95 mask fitted
↔️ Keep dist.
🔁 Cross ventilation
🎚️ Ag test
🚦 Measure CO2
⏱️ Reduce time
🕸️ Filter the air
👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Avoid crowded places
↗️ UV-C
🌐 Download
⚠️ #ReduceRisk #COVIDisAirborne
🌐 Download

⚠️ #PreventAirborneDiseases #Ventilate
🌐 Download

🆓 Thousands of Resources on transmission & prevention of COVID-19
🌐 Download
⚠️ #ReduceRiesgos #CovidEstáEnElAire
💉 Vacúnate
🏞️ Mejor al exterior
😷 FFP2 bien ajustada
↔️ Distancia 2m
🔁 Ventilación
🎚️ Test Ag.
🚦 Mide CO2
⏱️ Reduce el tiempo
🕸️ Filtra el aire
👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Evita aglomeraciones
↗️ UV-C
🌐 Descargar en
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Dear folks enjoying the weekend—reminder that while things may seem fine in the streets, countless hospitals and healthcare workers are exhausted & are near burn-out. Please be considerate of them and your fellow neighbors. #vaccinate #MaskUp #ventilate #TestandTrace
2) 700,000 #COVID19 deaths is more than Us deaths during the 1918 pandemic. Let that sink in.
3) We are killing our next generation slowly during #COVID19… by leaving behind more single mothers and fathers and orphans.
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Staunch anti-mask “freedom fighter” Caleb Wallace, who demanded “end of Covid tyranny” has died at age 30. He self treated himself with ivermectin. He had proclaimed #COVID19 is “perfectly fine to live with.” He leaves behind 3 kids & a pregnant wife.…
2) He died of #COVID19 - Wallace had been unconscious since Aug. 8, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported, on a ventilator.
3) He was one of the leader organizers of major anti mask rally movements. And he claimed science said it was okay to live with the virus. This is why listening to pandemic downplaying “scientists” out there (history knows who you are) is dangerous.
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Pretty amazing that we knew about ventilation and indoor air quality back in 1896. Sad that it takes 2 full blown global pandemic since then to heed these lessons.

So much suffering preventable by adage: “The solution to pollution is dilution / ventilation”. #COVID19 #Ventilate
2) CANARY IN THE COAL MINE FOR SCHOOLS: a tech savvy dad strapped a CO2 monitor to his kid to check air CO2 exposure on a school trip. Crazy high CO2 indicates poor indoor ventilation.

Ventilation & air disinfection will prevent outbreaks. #COVID19 #Ventilate
3) Key thing - it’s not the CO2 per se that directly affects #Covid19 risk, but that CO2 is a proxy for ventilation. We want CO2 levels as close to fresh air of ~400, so optimally <450 parts per mil.

FYI: normal CO2 used be in <325 ppm when I was born. Now it’s 420-450 ppm in 🌎
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Nota bene: pretty sure we are at this chest-thumping phase arrogantly yelling “we did it” just before the next surge.

Don’t forego mitigation efforts too early. It’s not time yet. #COVID19 #MaskUp #vaccinate #ventilate Image
2) Many of us tried to warn last October before the worst surge came. And indeed it came with a vengeance. Let’s not repeat that. We are almost there.
3) To be clear - there will be a time there won’t be a surge anymore and we can relax a bit. But now is not the time yet. Still need to vaccinate much more. Still need to mask and ventilate.
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CANARY IN THE COAL MINE FOR SCHOOLS: What’s going on here—a tech savvy dad strapped a CO2 monitor to his kid to check air CO2 exposure on a school trip. Crazy high CO2 indicates poor indoor ventilation.

Ventilation & air disinfection will prevent outbreaks. #COVID19 #Ventilate
2) VENTILATION is key. Both ventilation and masks needed to reduce risk indoors. But most buildings not ventilated well enough.

3) we need to disperse aerosols quickly. Key is ventilation. 🇯🇵 assumed it was airborne from the beginning. Here is how to ventilate your school classrooms if unable to open windows. #COVID19
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Sometime early last year, an arbitrary >15 minute limit was placed on classifying close contacts for tracing #Covid_19 transmission.
As @jmcrookston puts it, no one knows for sure why 15 minutes and believe me, if he is not sure, no one is. No one has looked harder. A 🧵 1/7
Gradually over the year though, evidence started emerging that the virus does not wear a watch, i.e., 15 minutes is not a magical barrier.
Busting the 15-minute myth further: 2/7… Outbreak in a prison. Correctional officer infected with ~17 minutes of cumulative exposure, not continuos, and he was wearing masks during all interactions 3/7
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The new UK variant, also known as the #GreatBarringtonVariant, may be more deadly.

If indeed true—but even if it’s 'just' more transmissible & not more deadly—it looks like that whole Herd Immunity thing was just a really baaad idea. 🧵


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Do #lockdown, #mask #ventilate work?
Why it seems not in some places?
Of course, they all work.
My analogy is with #football, there are rich teams, highly paid players... but the win belongs to the team has the best strategy, take any chance they have and minimised all flaws.
Ask governments: how many daily local cases can you control without a lockdown?
Study their answers or simply follow the news.
Hint: They are very different. So are lockdowns.
Germany at 200 per 100K or 1:500, others when they have been cornered at 1000+
For even Germany: risky
Vietnam lockdown at case number 202. Order mask mandatory at case 50.
It lasts for 3 weeks. No limit who and how many times to go out.
Just not hanging around.
They lockdown Anytime #TTI getting complicated, cases without link to known cases.
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@MCPS recently gave its 45-day notice to the teachers union @mceanea so they may start talks to re-open schools.

📢 Here's what teachers, parents & students should be demanding before they step foot in a school (A thread/1)
Checks on the HVAC system and #ventilation

1. What kind of system does your school have?
2. Is the ventilation rate meeting minimum requirements in code?
3. What can be upgraded in-time for school re-opening?

If outdoor air vents are blocked or equipment is not working, exposure could be 2x compared with working system (/3)

CTL = central system with 70% recirculation
DOAS=dedicated outdoor air
TU = terminal unit system with 70% recirculation
NIE = normalized integrated exposure Image
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