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This is bullshit policy @UHN. You won't permit a person to wear a clean N95 *respirator* (not mask) in your facility. You won't even allow someone to place your gappy surgical mask over top. Other health care facilities have no such problem. It's indefensible & unacceptable. /1 Image
Does a manufacturing facility say to a visitor "oh hey, take your safety shoes off and don our loafers".
Likewise, I've never been asked to remove my own provided hard hat in exchange for a bump cap or unprotected, as long as it meets sanitary requirements. /2
And you double down on it, even on April 22nd 2021. Can your Entrance Screening Working Group see their own logical fallacy?
If UHN wishes to maintain this policy, it should provide from a selection of pre-approved respirators. Charge a nominal fee if you must. /3 Image
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Peer-reviewed publication in @TheLancet

An honor to have collaborated in multidisciplinary team across medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, aerosol science, sociology…
2/ The authors are:

- @trishgreenhalgh, Prof. of Medicine at Oxford Univ., pioneer of evidence-based medicine (EBM)
- @DFisman, Prof. at Univ. of Toronto, epidemiologist
- @chipatucsd, Prof. of Medicine at UC-San Diego, Chief Editor of journal "Clinical Infectious Diseases"
3/ The rest of the authors:

- @kprather, Prof. UC-San Diego, member of US National Academies of Science and of Engineering, aerosol scientist
- @zeynep, Prof. Univ. of North Carolina, sociologist
- Yours truly, Prof. Univ. of Colorado, Highly Cited Scientist, aerosol scientist
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1/ #COVIDisAirborne, a 🧵

We have seen multiple public health officials, epidemiologists, doctors, politicos, and school officials just blow off airborne transmission of COVID-19, because they really don't understand what this means.

2/ Infectious virus is in the smallest particles that float for a long time — INDOORS primarily. Floating particles — let's call those AEROSOLS — can get inhaled when you get very close to someone. OR farther away.

Incredible information resources:

3/ So as IAQ expert @Poppendieck has been gallantly tweeting, #DropletsDrop. Yeah, you can get hit by a "ballistic" drop from a sneeze in your mouth. It's *possible*

Way more likely to inhale "airborne" microscopic particles emitted while talking.

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Dr. Conly (@WHO IPC Chair): "COVID is situational airborne"

Thomas Kuhn in “Structure of Scientific Revolutions”…

"Scientists faced w/ failing theory “devise numerous articulations & ad hoc modifications of their theory to eliminate any apparent conflict”
Last summer's "magical droplets" have not mutated into "situational airborne transmission"

Yes, it is transmitted in situations involving people re-breathing a lot of the same air indoors.

Not in situations outdoors o w/ good ventilation etc. when not re-breathing the same air.

So I guess "situational" is one way to put it...
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1/ A year ago, @WHO started propagating an enormous error.

Now we know that #COVIDisAirborne, and that surface transmission is low and large droplet transmission is minor.

But @WHO has yet admit this clearly, which continues to create great confusion.
2/ @WHO & most national authorities continue to NOT explain clearly how virus is transmitted (like an invisible smoke that we exhale and inhale).

As prominent German virologist @c_drosten has said multiple times, most important is to tell the public

3/ @WHO admitted that there are ZERO cases proven of surface transmission. Scientific community agrees it is unlikely. @Nature is basically yelling at @WHO to say it clearly.

@WHO has NOT clarified that surfaces are minor. Lots of disinfection waste.…
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1/ Cada vez esta mas claro que #COVIDEstaEnElAire.

En principio los virus respiratorios se pueden transmitir de 3 maneras: por superficies, por gotas proyectiles, y por el aire (“aerosoles”).… Image
2/ O como dice el Prof. Yuguo Li (lĂ­der mundial en este campo) tenemos que pensar en 3 mecanismos:

- tocar superficies
- spray de gotas (= proyectiles)
- inhalaciĂłn de aerosoles… Image
3/ ÂżPor que ha sido tan difĂ­cil controlar esta pandemia?

Porque nos han hecho defendernos y gastar muchos recursos en vĂ­as de transmisiĂłn poco importantes, y han ignorado las medidas de protecciĂłn que de verdad si funcionan.

(También por no inmunidad, y trans. sin síntomas)
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1/ Science: extensive genomic analyses in Boston show the importance of superspreading

"More than 120 introductions of SARS-CoV-2 into Boston, only a few responsible for most local transmission: 29% of intros = 85% of cases"

Superspreading ==> aerosols…
2/ It is very difficult to transmit to a lot of people through large, ballistic droplets, or through aerosols in close proximity ("short-range airborne").

Surfaces transmit poorly (e.g. @CDCgov and @nature:…)
3/ Superspreading, in every published case I am aware of, involves aerosol transmission in shared room air.

Like Skagit choir case we investigated: 52 ppl, including 13 m behind index case. High structure of their actions makes other ways unlikely. See:

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