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1/ What are the REASONS for early DENIAL & continuing RESISTANCE & obfuscation by @WHO, @CDCGov & Other Public Health to the fact that #COVIDisAirborne?

We just published a paper on the contribution of history. Which is important, but NOT most important…
2/ Yesterday I wrote a 133 tweet thread explaining our recent paper and most of the history.

Some people think it is too long to read, and that it doesn't do justice to the main reason. So this (hopefully shorter) thread tries to address that.

3/ IMHO, the reasons for the denial, resistance and obfuscation of #COVIDisAirborne by @WHO @CDCgov etc. are:

(a) Politics and economics. Droplets and surfaces are VERY convenient to those in power. All the responsibility is on the individual.…
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John Horgan built his brand on Geoff Meggs' 'The Bonnie Henry Mom & Pop Show', with Bonnie playing BC's mom to John's paternalistic 50s throwback dad. John was told to stand near Bonnie from time to time and smile and wave. It worked for a time & ended badly.

A 🧵:
Who wrote Bonnie's script?

Why has Bonnie's script been joined at the hip to Deena Hinshaw's in Alberta?

Why have BC & Alberta been at variance with the WHO, the USCDC and global scientific consensus ever since we stopped banging our pots and pans together every night at 7 pm?
#HenryAndHinshaw both adhere to Dr. John Conly's opinions. See mark 1:17:09 in this June 22, 2022 webinar for John's shout out and his accolades for Hinshaw & Henry while he disparages critical scientists and his peers with ad hominem attacks.…
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Monkeypox is not transmitting as fast as smallpox because it’s not adapted well yet. In virus terms it’s just getting to know us. Smallpox took many, many years to become what it was.

But that doesn’t mean it is using a completely different tactics to transmit. #Aerosol
MPx is known to transmit in many ways… including aerosol in animal studies.

If I’m wrong, you wear a respirator for a couple of years and save yourself some COVID infections.

If I’m right, and we don’t act on this, it’s going to get grim.
PS. MPx has been classified as an airborne HCID since it was discovered. I’m not talking whacky science. I’m talking ordinary boring science.
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Let’s talk about union advocacy & politics.

How much does the government party-in-power affect unions? Turns out, a lot.
Case in point, Ontario Fed of Labour vs. BC Fed of Labour, on #COVID19. @OFLabour @bcfed

Worker safety ought to be forefront. Let’s see…

A thread🧵
2/ Ontario Fed of Labour has researched & advocated for #COVIDisAirborne policies for workers for 2 years now.

Check out their website. Posted in early June, 2021!

“Follow the science. Enforce the law. Protect workers.”
First words? #COVIDisAirborne!!…
3/ More from @OFLabour on #COVIDisAirborne safety:

06/21“But it’s not about, ‘We told you so’. It’s about, we told you to protect workers from potential airborne transmission of COVID-19. Why haven’t you listened to so many voices, including the labour movement for over a yr?”
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If your job was to protect people from a disease, and there was a huge public breakthrough from another nation clearly delineating how to stop transmission, wouldn’t you be singing from the rooftops about it?

If your province was still stuck on #dropletdogma and was using outdated information to try to fight the pandemic, and information came out strongly from a trusted ally that differed significantly from your approach, wouldn’t it be a BIG DEAL for your CMOH and DoH?

I feel the silence on this makes them
complicit. Why no public acknowledgment of the huge change from the US?

One month ago on March 17, the EPA came out with its clean air in buildings challenge.

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I didn't think I'd spend my Easter morning educating hospital personnel about #AirborneTransmission but that's what happened. Here's a summary of the crack-of-dawn 💩 show at a hospital.

Approached screener. I was told to put on sloppy mask. Said I will put over #n95. Not asked any screening Qs. Noticed her mask only covering mouth. I said, "Your mask has slipped down." She points to the plexiglass. I proceed to advise her that #COVIDisAirborne.

I mean there is literally only one other guy that I can see, but aren't they told IT'S IN THE AIR?

I split, go to my destination, & an admin appears MASKLESS. She proceeds to put on a mask under her chin, then asks me questions, unfazed. WTAF.

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Live tweet 🧵: UBC CPD Covid-19 Update #10: Expert Q&A (For healthcare professionals): April 6, 2022
Panelist: Dr. Reka Gustafson, Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, Dr. Manish Sadarangani, Dr. Birinder Narang, Dr. Jennifer Grant, Dr. Jolanta Piszczek
RG: sig porportion of those admitted during Omicron wave are in 'with covid', not 'for covid'
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In late December, I started to pull/chart the @AHS_media Acute Care Outbreak data again, for the Omicron wave.

Given that Airborne Transmission is still unmitigated in AHS Hospitals, it's not surprising that things have spiraled out of control very rapidly.

Here are the cumulative cases and deaths linked to these outbreaks, since I started pulling the reports on Dec. 10th.

These are patients or healthcare workers that caught COVID while in the hospital. Some patients then died.

Here are the total new cases from this past week, by Hospital.

The worst offenders this week are Villa Caritas, RAH and RGH.

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As we revise our paper on this (…), we've added draft diagram to summarize the history visually:

It'll be a few more days till we submit, so please reply with comments, clarifications, suggestions etc.
2/ If you haven't seen this, the short version:

- From Hippocrates and during most of human history, diseases were thought to transmit through the air (via a miasma)

3/ Miasma theory dominates till mid to late 1800s:

Cholera, Puerperal Fever, and Malaria (literally "Bad Air" in medieval Italian) were thought to transmit through the air. But demonstrated to transmit via water, hands, and mosquitos, respectively.

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117S/MÉXICO🇲🇽: stronger denial of dominant AIRBORNE transmission, still emphasizing surfaces by @lopezobrador_ & @HLGatell

Spraying ppl w/ disinfectants, disinfect under shoes... despite 0 proven cases of surface transmission (…)

118S/MÉXICO🇲🇽:(Sinaloa @sinaloagobmx): spraying disinfectants into the air in empty conference rooms.

Absurd waste of resources and disinfection theater, disinfectants can be toxic to people entering rooms later. Unclear what goal is?


119S/ PHILIPPINES🇵🇭: strange barriers in motorcycles to avoid transmission among riders. But limited trans. outdoors (, mostly talking face-toface, nearly impossible when moving, esp. mask & helmet

[I am told this is still in use]… Image
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@Teddybird @krishlex @YouTube @gideonlasco @DOHgovph @ntfcovid19ph @iamguidodavid @friaronwater Airborne and aerosol transmission are the same thing, they are synonyms. E.g. @WHO page on transmission uses both terms interchangeably for BOTH short-range and long-range:…
@Teddybird @krishlex @YouTube @gideonlasco @DOHgovph @ntfcovid19ph @iamguidodavid @friaronwater @WHO And I fully agree with "You need be cautious with dogmatic statements be cause lives are lost when the science and interpretation of evidence is wrong"

I wish @WHO had considered that BEFORE they told us airborne transmission of COVID was MISINFORMATION

@Teddybird @krishlex @YouTube @gideonlasco @DOHgovph @ntfcovid19ph @iamguidodavid @friaronwater @WHO That dogmatic statement by @WHO (following on 110 years of #DropletDogma WITHOUT EVIDENCE FOR IT, has caused millions of deaths.

One of the largest errors in the history of public health.

So we agree! Dogmatic statements w/o evidence are a major problem
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.@tom_cardoso, @globeandmail why are you interviewing ID MDs about Respiratory PPE? Lynora Saxinger has muddied the science of Airborne Transmission and obstructed access to Respiratory PPE for 2 years. She and the other obstructionists are liable. They are not honest brokers. 1/
What training do these MDs have in Respiratory PPE and the physics of masks?

This would be like doing an investigative report on the Boeing 737MAX crashes, and only interviewing the Boeing and FDA executives that rubber stamped the negligent certification documents. 2/
Right off the bat... does this quote not strike you as odd? Have you seen a respirator? They are not individually fit/molded to a person's face. They are DESIGNED to fit, UNLIKE A SURGICAL MASK.

You know what mask forces air out the sides 100% of the time? A SURGICAL MASK. 3/ Image
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Before the pandemic I didn't use Twitter much. Now I am becoming an expert on the many types of logical fallacies that people who do NOT have any arguments use to try to discredit scientists

A good list here:… Image
When people do not reply to the arguments being made, doesn't provide data or analysis, often resort to various types of ad hominem attacks

Take it as a compliment (you won argument, they have nothing else to say) & disengage

If they insult, then block Image
3/ I've decided to catalogue and respond here to some of the most common things I am confronted with, in an attempt to diminish my expertise, question my motives, and turn people against me in general.
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Can we get scientist to tell OSHA that @covidisairborne and we need this to be acknowledged to protect workers? Comments are due January 19, 2022. These @DropletDiaries need to stop.
They try to get OSHA to accept outdoor transmission, but instead of accepting the ventilation outdoors, and the reasoning behind it (#COVIDisAirborne), OSHA tries to find other reasons.
Trying to find support for #dropletdogma, the CDC says masks provide protection for respiratory droplets. But COVID spreads by aerosols.
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Getting warmer... but still insufficient for an Airborne virus.

There are some easter eggs in this document, which tell us the @WHO IPAC Group is STILL drunk on #DropletDogma, and that they DO NOT support this minor change in RPE guidance.

That should concern us all.

First, Omicron is measles-level Airborne (maybe worse). 2 weeks ago I had no close friends or family that had caught COVID. As of today, 3 people close to me are positive after long-range Airborne transmission in restaurants or at work.


How do I know it's long range? They did not get within 20ft of an index case. They inhaled it from the air.

One friend wore a CAN99 everywhere, EXCEPT in his closed door office space, in a large work trailer. The index case was in the same trailer, on the opposite side.

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1/ HOW COVID TRANSMISSION WORKS: the short version

I believe it is extremely important to communicate clearly how transmission really happens.

Then, one can understand easily real ways to limit transmission. And it reduces resistance to e.g. masks.
2/ SOME, NOT ALL infected people (those with high viral load during a certain period of the illness) exhale aerosols that float in the air. Many more if they talk / yell / sing / exercise.

More details in this paper in @ScienceMagazine:

3/ Those aerosols float like cigarette smoke, which is another aerosol

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1/ Our article on historical droplet error (#DropletDogma) just published after peer-review

"How did we get here: what are droplets and aerosols and how far do they go? A historical perspective on the transmission of respiratory infectious diseases"…
2/ An honor to have worked in an interdisciplinary team led by @linseymarr and Lydia Bourouiba of @MIT, together with the amazing @katierandall and @EThomasEwing

TL;DR: understanding of "droplets" in medicine is based on large errors that went mostly unnoticed until now
3/ We have written a review article on the wider arc of history, which is now under peer-review, preprint here:…

Already ranked #1 on their Infectious Diseases e-journal:…
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1/ Thoughts on the emergency #bced COVID-19 briefing, called by #DrBonnieHenry & @JM_Whiteside on Oct. 1, 2021, after 3 major districts mandated masks for K-Gr. 3…

…A thread. 🧵
2/ First, K-12 masks were mandated for #bced.

So, *now* #DrHenry & @JM_Whiteside say “we need to keep younger children from getting infected until they are vaccinated”?!

You are only realizing this NOW? With #delta dominant?

Parents & teachers knew, even before this chart. ⬇️
3/ Ventilation still not addressed.
- crowded classes (no distancing)
- lunch indoors (no masks)
- transmissible #delta
- K-Gr.6 unvaxxed
- 2-dose breakthroughs

Will it be another month or 2 of 📈 before action?

Reminder: Ont doing better; spent 2x BC & has HEPA!🧵⬇️
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⭐️Things we need to rethink in BC given #COVIDisAirborne!⭐️

A thread 🧵of misguided assumptions from #DropletDogma, pseudoscience, and hygiene theatre. 1/
1. Taking your mask off behind a plexiglass barrier. Since #COVIDisAirborne those aerosols will just rise up and over and around the edges of your barrier. Some evidence suggest a barrier may even pool and trap aerosols and interfere with ventilation. Not great! 2/ Woman smiling behind plexiglass barrier in her office, slidi
2. Gappy surgical masks that don't seal over the nose or at the cheeks. Aerosols can just go in and out those gaps. Any mask is always better than none, but these are poorly fitting and reduce filtration efficiency bigtime. #COVIDisAirborne 3/ woman wearing ill-fitting surgical maskgirl wearing ill-fitting surgical maskwoman wearing ill-fitting surgical maskwoman wearing ill-fitting surgical mask
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🚨 ATTENTION: Alberta Healthcare Workers, Patients:

Despite the catastrophic situation unfolding in your hospitals, and the uncontrolled spread of Delta in your communities, do not expect @AHS_media to provide HCWs with Respiratory PPE (N95s) anytime soon.

The @AHS_media SAG has just released a 73 page, biased, diatribe against the efficacy of Respiratory Protective Equipment - which can best be described as Decision-Based Evidence Making. I'm sure the AHS lawyers were pleased with this report.


It's no secret that Alberta IPAC requires HCWs to use surgical masks when treating COVID patients, despite overwhelming evidence that SARS2 transmits via *INHALED* aerosols.
Not a shock that the usual #DropletDogma suspects concluded this was A-OK.

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This week, @TorontoStar published 2 articles re. whether the public should upgrade their masks for the Delta wave.
That's good, except that they chose to interview ID experts steeped in #DropletDogma, who thoroughly muddied the waters on this critical, life-saving topic.

First is this story, which asks: Is it time to upgrade your mask? The obvious answer is YES!! But instead of giving this unequivocal advice, the article muddies the issue, providing reckless quotes from the Ministry of Health and biased IPAC officials.

Let's analyze these quotes. First, the Ministry of Health states that ALL medical masks should be reserved for HCWs.

This is ludicrous.

We have a GLUT of Canadian made PPE, INCLUDING N95 Respirators! In hospitals, IPAC has the N95s locked up!

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1/ To @JM_Whiteside:
You are in a highly-charged position right now.
What to do about #bced schools?
- delta v 📈
- K-Gr.6 kids unvaxxed
- crowded classrms

On one hand, you have parents clamouring for more safety. On the other, “back-to-normal”.

Let’s talk about balance.

2/ “Balance” is the term that seems to persist in @bcndp’s pandemic response. It hasn’t gone well so far. Multiple waves, highly preventable, w/ premature openings & late masking being a common theme.

But do we “balance” our approach to other harmful health hazards?
3/ Take smoking, for example. We tried “non-smoking vs. smoking” sections in restaurants & airplanes. But now harms of second-hand smoke have led to laws *banning all indoor smoking & outdoors by public entrances.

Do we “balance” the “right to smoke” w/ “right to clean air?” No!
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For the past 20 months, experts in Aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses have been conducting studies that prove #COVIDisAirborne. These experts have called for Airborne mitigations (ventilation, filtration and respirators), but we have not heeded their calls. Why?

The ID/PH Evidence-Based Medicine gatekeepers, driven by biased #DropletDogma groupthink, and sunk cost fallacy, smugly dismissed these studies. They threw rocks at the conclusions, and perpetually raised the bar of evidence to accept and mitigate Airborne Transmission.

The criticisms from these self-anointed gatekeepers were ripe with logical fallacies, and they never bothered to offer a plausible alternate explanation for the undeniable indoor superspreader events. Just baseless declarations that COVID is NOT Airborne.

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The @Telegraph released an article claiming "we're still not completely sure how coronavirus spreads or how to stop it", muddying the waters re. Airborne Transmission.
If I were a hostile foreign state, with a goal of prolonging the Pandemic in the West, I would write this.
I'm not surprised that the usual WHO IPC Consultant suspects, continued to preach the biased tenets of #DropletDogma via their interviews in this article.

What shocked me is the lack of scientific fact-checking from the so-called "Science Editor" @sarahknapton.

Two egregious things stick out, which amount to journalistic malpractice.

1) Citing the interviewees biased, failed review as evidence that Airborne Transmission isn't occurring

2) Referencing year-old, obsolete comments from Dr. Klompas, without mentioning his recent work

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