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No matter how many babies you have had, you’re always a New mum with each pregnancy.

See-Finish doesn’t apply to pregnancy and ANC.
No two pregnancies are the same!

Late ANC Booking visit could be the death of Mom and Baby😰.
A lot of persons don’t see the need to book early ANC or even book at all.
To some, it’s a waste of time or money or for old timers😉... “Been here, know the drill” (See finish).

See guys, the thing is...
No two pregnancies are the same from the same woman or different.
A woman could be fine in her first pregnancy and in a subsequent pregnancy may have contracted HIV, Hepatitis B or Syphilis.

Another woman in her 3rd of 4th pregnancy might have become hypertensive or Diabetic or Anaemic without knowing.

Miscarriage nko? Could be Rhesus issues.
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Team HYMEN, I have gist for you.

1) Not every woman is born with a hymen
2) Not every woman will bleed during her first sexual intercourse
3) Some women have imperforate hymen. Completely sealed, even menses can’t pass.
4) A woman’s rape plea isn’t less cos she’s not a ‘virgin’.
This table is for those looking for ‘Hymen to Marry’...
Virginity until marriage is Great! I endorse it! It is a choice.
But don't get it twisted, Just as Virginity is not directly proportional to Morality, so it is not, to the presence of Hymen.
Every girl child differs from the next. There are different types of hymen in girls (See picture below).

And the amount of blood that will ‘stain ya bedsheets' is directly proportional to thickness of the hymen, IF PRESENT at all.
No hymen, No blood!
Unless the sex was rough🙏🏽
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A year today. I was battling for my life in the theatre.

What I thought was ovulation pain was a ruptured appendix!

It was 2 weeks to my Trad introduction.

The person who helped me make the diagnosis wasn’t a Dr, she is a non medic friend of mine who follows my health posts.👇🏽
You see, it’s funny how sometimes we are not saved by our knowledge, but by the knowledge we pass on to others. Sharing is seed sowing, someday in dry season you might need the fruit from that tree.

I was rushed to the hospital and she was right! I was in shock. I was scared.
I had assisted in many surgeries. Done some minor ones myself under supervision. I knew all the complications and all the side effects of everything. I Dr Chioma Nwakanma, aka #DrZobo for the first time walked in the shoes of my patients! I WAS TERRIFIED!
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She eats Rocks!

Do you know people eat sand, rocks, iceblocks, hair, glass, stones, plastics etc?

This is a mental health condition called PICA!
Pica is an eating disorder characterized by eating of non nutritional substances.

Common in pregnant women. Find out more👇🏽
Pica is labeled an eating disorder. It can be physiological, as seen in pregnant women, who start to crave weird, non nutritional substances in pregnancy. In pregnancy, it is considered ‘normal’, mostly because it is believed to be temporary, lasting only through this period.👇🏽
However, if after about 6 months post part I’m (after pregnancy), the woman is still stuck with these cravings, then it is categorized as an Eating Disorder, and she’ll need professional assistance from a Psychiatrist.👇🏽
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Not every Vaginal infection is Sexually transmitted.
Some are just due to;
- Wearing tight and or poorly dried underwear
- Pregnancy
- Antibiotic abuse
- Uncontrolled diabetes
- Oral contraceptives use
- Low immunity
E.g: Vaginal Candidiasis.
To your pant add a touch of Sunshine
Itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva
A burning sensation, esp during intercourse or while urinating

Redness and swelling of the vulva
Vaginal pain/soreness and rash

Thick, white, odor-free vaginal discharge with a cheese appearance

Watery vaginal discharge.
-Tight-fitting pantyhose
-Douching, which removes some of the normal bacteria in the vagina that protect you from infection
-Scented feminine products, including bubble bath, pads and tampons
-Hot tubs and very hot baths
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Dear Mothers,
Your baby isn’t adding weight Cos most likely, you’re not #breastfeeding well. It is not spiritual!

Be patient. EMPTY one breast completely during a feed, before the next. When you switch breasts in between feeds, you end up giving WATER and WATER.
The breast milk has all the baby needs. A feed is divided into two:
-Fore milk
-Hind milk
As their names imply. The fore contains 90% water and vitamins, this is the reason why we tell you “No need to give baby water”.
The hind is richer, that’s the main food.
Clearer now?👇🏽
So when you switch in between feeds (give small here and give small here), baby is most likely receiving Fore milk from both sides, which is mostly water.
You: “I am #breastfeeding. I’m doing exclusive.”
Me: Exclusive what? Water?
Be aware.
How do I know I have emptied?👇🏽
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How to check your HIV STATUS at HOME Using Egg!

Scientists and Drs have just discovered a means of checking your HIV status by yourself at the convenience of your home.

N/B: The results takes a very nervous long time, but the ease, privacy and simplicity is worth it 👇🏽
Remember, don't be afraid of the outcome of the result.
Having HIV is not the end of the world.

Being a virgin or that you trust yourself is not a guarantee that you are free

HIV is transmitted by other means apart from sex (Google for more)

So enough of talks, Let's do this👇🏽
Follow the steps below to do this successfully:

Step 1: Buy two eggs. Clean ones of course.
Step 2: Wash your saucepan and dry it with a napkin.
Step 3: Break the two egg and pour their contents into a clean dish.

(Patiently continue below) 👇🏽
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You use antibiotics for contraception
You use it for abortion
You use it to ‘prevent and treat ‘toilet infeshion’
You use it for Pain and purging
You use it for YOUR Malaria and ‘tyfod’
You even use it to dry up your menses!

Shey, Cos you’re a walking bacteria abi?🤷🏽‍♀️🤨
Antibiotics are medicines which kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms esp bacteria.

They are to be prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacist (Not Dr Chemist the drug mixer)

Antibiotics are not indicated in over half the cases we take it for!.
Sperm and the fetus in your womb are not bacteria. Stop abusing and wasting your time with ampiclox

Infeshion: Which one do you know you’re treating? You will treat virus with antibacterial abi?
Pain: Antibiotic is not an analgesic
Menses: 🙄
Antibiotic resistance is real!!!!
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Am I surprised? No!
1) It is transmitted by Mosquitoes (Our Roommates)!
2) In Nigeria, we bribe our way through, get yellow cards without actually being vaccinated and we feel Cool about it!

#VaccinesWork and are Free in Primary Health Centres.
A single dose of the vaccine is effective. In 80% of people it gives immunity within 10days. And in about 90% gives immunity in 30 days from dose.

It is a Viral Haemorrhagic fever. Meaning there is fever and Bleeding from orifices just like Lassa and Ebola, in late cases.
Early detection and Good supportive treatment in hospitals improve outcome as there is no specific anti viral drug for #YellowFever.
Symptoms include:
head ache
jaundice (Yellowness of the eyes)
muscle pain
and fatigue.
Be aware. Don’t self medicate
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Dear Weed Smoker,
If you want to smoke weed even after knowing all side effects, by all means do it proudly. It’s your Choice. Your life or Your death.

Don’t unfortunately tell me,
“It is medical!”
Cos, asides a Low self esteem what else are you suffering from?🤷🏽‍♀️
And before you argue,
1) Are drugs not meant to be approved first by FDA and NAFDAC (atleast for Nigeria)
2) Are drugs not meant to be prescribed by a doctor and in doses?
3) Don’t you first have to be sick to take a drug?
4) Have you ever even honestly read about it?🤷🏽‍♀️
If you will all be honest to yourselves, you will know you are honestly grasping at straws you can’t see.

Yes Marijuana has health properties, Yes it is used in treating Nausea, Chronic pain, loss of appetite in HIV and Cancer patients. Also Multiple sclerosis and Seizures.
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You don’t have to Bleach to Glow!

No, you are not toning, you are bleaching.
You know how I know?... I tone too! I have been toning for 5years consistently and I am still one of the blackest radiant people I know! Igbo too😉

Yes there’s a difference

Toning is great for your skin, if you are really toning!
No, toning isn’t meant to change your complexion.
In cosmetics, skin toner or simply toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face.👇🏽
Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways: On damp cotton wool.
Toning (based on dermatologist's prescription) evens out uneven skin tone, corrects dark spots, discolorations and so on. Toning is actually part of a skin cleansing process because it benefits the skin.👇🏽
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A short story FOR EVERY WOMAN.
It was 6am when she was brought in dead.
She had been Pushing and bleeding for hrs in a 'Maternity'. 1st Pregnancy.
Her husband was inconsolable. He rolled from one end of the compound to the other.
Our hearts were broken.
1 hour later...
Dr Z walked out the hospital still reeling from the aftermath of the incident.
Maternal Mortality from Pennywise causes.
Then she saw him.
In a bar just across. He was on his 3rd beer.
And no, he had no semblance with the Inconsolable 'Roller coaster' from 1 hr ago
Then he saw her.
As if in reply to unasked questions, he started;
“Doc, Ka awachienu uwa George. Onwuola nu. She is gone. Life goes on.
I dey wait ambulance, I say make I take one bottle for the road.”
He sipped.

She wasn’t even cold yet.
Z nodded in condolence.
He spoke
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Public CERVIX Announcement.
Do you have a Vagina?
You have a Cervix too.

The Cervix is the neck of the womb.
Cervical Cancer is an STD.
Do you have multiple Boos or A Boo with multiple Boos? You are at risk.

It is 100% preventable yet the No 2 CA in women🤷

1) By Early Vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), best before sexual exposure. Ages 9-26👌.
Vaccinate your girl child. Dear young women you too.

Note: Boys also benefit from HPV vaccination as it prevents them from Genital warts and Penile Cancer
2) Screening. Cervical Screening for the sexually exposed.
-Pap Smear: takes 3 mins
- VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) takes only 1 min
-HPV testing to make sure the strains are not in you already.
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"So Dr, you want to disvirgin my 17yr old Daughter?"

The way she put it.🙄
"Not really Ma, to treat, we have to break her Hymen. She has IMPERFORATE HYMEN. That's why she hasn't menstruated. Absence of Hymen doesn't make her less a virgin, some are born w/o it🤷"
Mum did not look satisfied.

Her daughter was 17 and had never menstruated. Had never discharged or ovulated.

Did she have monthly cramps? Yes.
She also had a mass just below her abdomen which was burning.

Scan showed a fluid like collection.
Guess what it was....
You guessed right.
"Madam, on examination, we discovered your daughter has an imperforate hymen. This means the hymen is blocking the vagina completely and so, nothing coming from up can come down, including her menses and Ovulation discharge, hence the fluid collection
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The last time I received a slap that sound, I was in SS2. It was mum.

This time my Slapper was 3. She was my patient. I was trying to examine her 'area'.

I looked up in shock, then I met her eyes. I shivered. One act of abuse had scarred yet another.😢

A typical clinic day.
In walked She, mum and aunt.
Her Shiny black skin and full natural hair caught my eye.
She was 3.
Didn't look sick at all.

"Hey there happy Girl,Welcome, What brings you to the clinic today?", I started with a smile. One that soon turned sour👇
What she said hit me and suddenly made me reach for my Zobo bottle.
All that Glucose would come in handy.

"Come again please", I said

"E rapeuru ya yesterday" (She was raped yesterday)

I looked at the Barbie.

"Who did that Ma'am?"

"My neighbour's son"
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"Help Doc, My child is dying"
"What happened?"
What have you done so far?
"Everything o! I gave him palm kernel oil, I put spoon in his mouth, I gave anointing oil, even river Jordan water"
Me: "Nice, Science student. You just did everything to kill him"

About Convulsions,
It is scary to see your child have one, but note that children don't die from convulsions...
They instead die from aspiration of all the substances and items you put in their mouth.

Here's what you should do while you await medical attention.
Place your child on the floor on his or her side and clear away objects that are in close proximity.

Loosen tight clothing surrounding the head or neck.

Don't put anything in your child's mouth or try to stop the convulsion unless your pediatrician has told you what to do.
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