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@Dominic2306 is talking again. What have we learned? Did he ever have a plan for a successful Brexit? And did it involve staying in, or leaving, the #SingleMarket? THREAD
@Dominic2306’s discussion with @DavidGauke is worth a read. He admits that costs of 🇬🇧 leaving SM were supposed to fall on 🇮🇪. This is foolhardy in itself, but symptomatic of the lack of a wider plan. /1
@Dominic2306 @DavidGauke Staying in SM under #EFTA would of course solve #NI. But did @VoteLeave say to stay in, or to leave, the Single Market? Well, both. But the important promise was that of no adverse changes. /2
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Check out the fourth episode of the Brussels Report Podcast!

This time, our guest is former EFTA Court President and Swiss legal scholar Carl Baudenbacher @C_Baudenbacher:…
#EUSwiss #EFTA #InstA
In this podcast, he discusses the EU-Swiss relationship and what is the way forward. The podcast was recorded just before EU-Swiss negotiations on a new “Framework Agreement” failed, something which Professor Baudenbacher discussed here in more detail:…
During the podcast discussion, Professor @C_Baudenbacher comments: "How should an old democracy and successful economy like Switzerland accept submitting itself to the top court of the other side?" (referring to the ECJ)
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"Why did EU-Swiss negotiations on a Framework Agreement fail?"

New article, by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. @C_Baudenbacher, President of the EFTA Court between 2003 and 2017, an independent consultant and arbitrator…
#InstA #EUSwiss #Switzerland @JHahnEU #efta
"After much agony, the seven-year long negotiations between the EU and Switzerland on the conclusion of a framework agreement have ended without result. In line with Brussels’ spin, public opinion tends to put the blame on the Swiss. But the matter is not that simple."
"In 1992, a narrow majority of the Swiss people and a clear majority of the cantons said no to Switzerland’s accession to the EEA Agreement. After that, the EU concluded two packages of bilateral agreements with Switzerland"
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Just a couple of thoughts on #EFTA

1) if Scotland did become independent I would want it to be in the EU, I just a) don't think that's feasible and b) it doesn't offset damage of leaving UK
Many times when I point out the process and problems of EU membership, and someone realised they can't wish away issues (like keeping the pound and closing Chapter 17) they just dismiss it with "we'll just join EFTA in the meantime"
First: even if that was a trade equivalent of low tarrif EU membership it might be the least of bad options but it's still much worse than the status quo for trade
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Let’s be clear - the scuffle over fishing is a bagatelle compared to what’s not going on in financial services at the moment. #Brexit #NoDealBrexit - a thread 👇
If you think our financial services industry is American Banks like @George_Osborne does then the City is OK - they all now have Dublin and Frankfurt offices and will be All Right Jack. If you care about the real City, of small firms, you should start to be really worried 2/13
A real example: an English client has an Irish DAC funding vehicle that is listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange with English investors. Currently my firm is a member of the CSE and investors hold stock in CREST. From Jan 1st my membership of CSE is in real doubt. 3/13
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Could we about to see a change in position from the SNP? Looks like @AlynSmith has deleted his website saying iScot must be at the heart of EU, and that argued against EFTA etc. Alternatives
The website had already been criticised for not even *mentioning* the Copenhagen Criteria
If they are feeling pressured, or the information commissioner is shortly about to rule, that they must release the #CopenhagenReport , showing we would be outside the EU for 15 to 20 years then they may be purging previous positions insisting an iScot would be in the EU
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📊 Nuevo informe conjunto de OCIPEx y @ctroCEPA sobre "Los efectos de los Tratados de Libre Comercio en el trabajo, la industria y el desarrollo regional". Les dejamos algunos datos destacados!

📲 Para leer el informe completo:
🛒💸 La #liberalización del comercio -en abstracto- no es sinónimo de reactivación económica, y cuando hablamos de #TLCs de carácter #asimétrico, la liberalización se constituye como un obstáculo al #DesarrolloEconómico inclusivo y sustentable.
Algunas tendencias globales se aceleraron con la #pandemia y es importante tenerlas en cuenta a la hora de evaluar cómo y con quién vamos a profundizar nuestros lazos comerciales.
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1. El Canciller @felipe_sola expuso en la comisión de RREE del @SenadoArgentina
Además de hablar de la situación de los argentinos en el exterior el otro tema fue el #MERCOSUR.
Algunas reflexiones/preocupaciones en este hilo 👇
2. ⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️
El @mercosur es algo más que comercio, mucho mucho más que comercio
El Tratado de Asunción (1991) pone como objetivo la creación de una unión aduanera
Hoy es un entramado de políticas coordinadas que facilitan nuestra vida y el desarrollo de nuestros paises
3. @felipe_sola afirmó que los socios del bloquen pretenden "acelerar las negociaciones" y ARG no esta en situación de ello.
Propone ir a un #MERCOSUR de " flexible y de dos velocidades" (este concepto no es nuevo, ya veremos) ya que no quiere entorpecer las negociaciones
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A welcome independent take on last nights @afneil interview with @NicolaSturgeon from @akmaciver. Independent experts will tell you that joining the #EU is a process, been done in last 25 years by countries as diverse as Finland, Austria, Slovenia and Poland
And #Scotland is ahead of all these countries in having spent 46 yrs in #EU. Of course establishing an #Independent country takes some time but plenty of countries have done it whether Slovenia & Czech Republic or Baltic states throwing off Soviet bloc..
Naturally there will be technical work to be done, technical but it’s not rocket science. It’s been done before and from a standing start
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Short thread on why correcting misconceptions over #EFTA #EEA on Twitter is so frustrating (1):
I really do get that some leavers want nothing to do with the single market and some remainers want only full fat EU. EFTA/EEA is neither. It is a pre-existing commercial free trade agreement made available in 1994 when the EU was still the European Community. /2
I genuinely don’t believe the EU of 2019 would make available today a free trade agreement as generous as the #EEA if it didn’t exist. See how today’s EU is trying to strong arm Switzerland out of their more generous bilateral agreements. /3
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1/ Excellent support for Norway option 🇳🇴 by @George_Osborne #Brexit @Tories4EFTA
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EFTA #Brexit MEGATHREAD 🇬🇧🇱🇮🇨🇭🇮🇸🇳🇴: #EFTA #EEA #EØS
1/ An EFTA/EEA 'Norway' style relationship with the EU would be cheaper than EU membership. 💶💷💰…
2/ The UK would not be a mere 'rule taker' in EFTA/EEA - we would regain sovereignty in key areas and speak for ourselves on global bodies.…
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A #NewYearsEve #thread

On 🇪🇺 & 🇬🇧 & 🇳🇴 & 🦄🦄🦄

May 2019 bring much 🎂 to have & eat!

Due thanks @SebDance for inspiration
Some clever 🇬🇧 spin doctors have added a ➕ to 🇳🇴

assumedly to make it more alluring?

@USverdrup, Director at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs @NUPInytt noted to the 🇳🇴 @Aftenposten daily:
“If you stand at the edge
you no longer seek the best solution”
Please consider this:

Did any Central & Eastern European country joining 🇪🇺 2004
1st knock @EFTAsecretariat's door
as their preferred ‘solution’ for #SingleMarket access?

#EFTA & the #EEA Agreement it administers
= a barren 🏜️ for #democracy

A truly grey Brussels #bureaucracy.
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The UK is still considering the Norway options. Why is Norway reluctant to UK joining the #EEA? Here is a thread (11 points) laying out some issues. Some of these concerns also applies to other #EFTA states @NickBoles @simonjhix @anandMenon1 @HusseinHKassim @nupinytt, @sletnes
1/11 The overall optics. The EEA has been a good platform for integration with the EU. N has benefited from integration. Some fear the UK might use it as platform for disintegration.
2/11 One voice. When new legal acts are added to the EEA Agreement, the EFTA states speaks with one voice. UK will therefore have a veto over Norway and vice versa. N and UK share interests in many areas, but disagree in some important areas. 8000 + legal acts have been added.
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1/ BREXIT MEGATHREAD: #EFTA #Chequers #ChequersPlan #eea #brexit
2/ We urge all of our supporters to RT and share this thread to all of your followers. Feel free to print any sections out and give them to people you think might read them.
3/ The UK must do all it can to avoid a damaging, jobs-destroying hard brexit:
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Recently several MPs have come out in favour of "🇳🇴Norway for Now" or "Norway then Canada🇨🇦"…
This is a welcome development. But MPs won't accept a customs union with the EU in perpetuity. So what's the answer? Well we have been thinking about this for a long time @AmberRuddHR @NickBoles and produced a report:
You can find it here:…
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1/ What can MPs do to stop a Hard Brexit?
2/ Parliamentary procedure isn't really our area (yet) but we are sure there are several actions that MPs and Peers could do to support a sensible EFTA-based solution for the UK 🇳🇴🇮🇸🇬🇧🇱🇮🇨🇭#brexit #efta
3/ such as set up an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) relating to efta. As far as we know there are APPGs on Switzerland, Iceland etc but not one on EFTA.
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Economic consequences of Brexit: some thoughts... #efta #brexit
1/ those who oppose brexit point to the economic risks of a Hard Brexit. We share those concerns and will do everything we can to avoid a Hard Brexit. However, some people say that *any* type of Brexit will be economically damaging.
2/ not surprising with articles such as these in the media that explicitly say that:…
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1/ What is our BLUEPRINT FOR BREXIT? #Brexit #efta #marr #Peston #bbcaq bbcsp #bbcqt #UKpolitics
2/ Its all laid out here, but it is a pretty long document in fairness:…
3/ Here is a simplified version. Part one:
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A quick thread about 'PROJECT FEAR'. #brexit [1]
2/ before the referendum, both sides undoubtedly exaggerated their positions and stretched the truth. I.E. Vote Leave said Turkey was imminently going to join the EU. While Turkey was/is an EU official accession state, it wasn't and isn't joining anytime soon.
3/ Likewise, remainers claimed there would be an emergency budget and Recession immediately after a vote to leave. Neither have transpired, but it would be false to say there hasn't been a negative effect on the UK economy.
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(1/7) If #EEA & #EFTA were the ‘worst of both worlds’ they’re often portrayed as, why would 4 successful countries stay in them, despite the opportunity to leave or join the EU? Some quick myth busting:
(2/7) 1. EFTA countries take only 20-30% of EU legislation, excluding most contentious areas like Common Agricultural Policy, and Justice & Home Affairs 2. EU legislation that EFTA does take on primarily concerns standardisation necessary for a single market.
(3/7) The vast majority of this legislation is written by expert bodies, not MEPs, which EFTA countries have just as much input into as EU countries. Similar to what would happen in a trade deal 3. EFTA countries pay less to the EU, and have more control of it.
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