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A 🧵 about a few Facts and Dates proving the lawsuit 🆚 @Ripple & #XRP was a weapon:

1) In 2103 @chrislarsensf gives a presentation to regulators including the @SECGov,
@federalreserve, #FinCEN, etc, discussing his plan to utilize the #XRPL and how he intends to distribute #XRP;
2) Two years after that meeting, in 2015, FinCEN & DOJ enter into a settlement w/ Ripple declaring #XRP a “convertible virtual currency” and force Ripple to register #XRP sales w/ FinCEN - NOT the SEC - (the SEC is made aware of the deal and its terms pursuant to info sharing);
3) On June 13, 2018 SEC Enforcement Lawyers write ✍️ a legal memo 📝 analyzing #XRP under Howey and these enforcement lawyers DO NOT conclude #XRP is a security and it SO NOT recommend an enforcement action or a cease and desist letter against Ripple;
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This pro-EEA intervention by a leading Tory backbencher is notable for two reasons. Quick #Brexit thread.
The #EEA option used to be favoured by free market EU critics such as Dan Hannan, but on the basis of a tendentious reading that suggested it was a pick and mix alternative to EU membership.
Hannan has a fundamentally cakeist take on the EEA framework, as described in his 2004 pamphlet written to persuade UK voters to reject the EU Constitutional Treaty (a referendum that never took place).…
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@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org bruh. he is a genius @MPhysics3

Zhang has extensive research and development and engineering experience in blockchain, cognitive sciences, computational fluid dynamics, software modeling, computer technologies, and industrial standards.
@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org @MPhysics3 Zhang has published over thirty research and technical papers and has over twenty patents, granted and pending, in computer and digital technology. For more than a decade, he was a principal software engineer at Dell.
@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org @MPhysics3 He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics at Tsinghua University and his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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Let’s be clear - the scuffle over fishing is a bagatelle compared to what’s not going on in financial services at the moment. #Brexit #NoDealBrexit - a thread 👇
If you think our financial services industry is American Banks like @George_Osborne does then the City is OK - they all now have Dublin and Frankfurt offices and will be All Right Jack. If you care about the real City, of small firms, you should start to be really worried 2/13
A real example: an English client has an Irish DAC funding vehicle that is listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange with English investors. Currently my firm is a member of the CSE and investors hold stock in CREST. From Jan 1st my membership of CSE is in real doubt. 3/13
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halolololo, gimana kabar semuanya? hari kedua di tahun yg sangat dan masih baru ini saya akan membuat #HariIniK3Oshi versi Yesica Tamara alias Chikuyaaa😘
pantengin terus ya kakak (ambyar liat fotonya doang aja)
1.Chika anak terakhir dari 3 bersaudara (pasti paling tersayang di rumah,seperti dihatiku #eea)
2.Pas lahir sblm jadi yssc tmr sempet mau dikasih nama klarita,airin,sama margareth tamara(WOW, apapun itu suatu hari nanti akan terdapat nama keluargaku di belakang namamu😙)
3.Ada darah bulenya (coba tebak darimana ?)
4.Dari dulu sampe skrng kalau tidur lampunya harus dimatiin, kalau ga di matiin ga bakal tidur (aku juga kalo kamu belum sharefoto gabisa tidur wkwk)
5.Selain lampu dimatiin kebiasaan sblm tdr dia punggungnya harus dielus elus☺️
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Short thread on why correcting misconceptions over #EFTA #EEA on Twitter is so frustrating (1):
I really do get that some leavers want nothing to do with the single market and some remainers want only full fat EU. EFTA/EEA is neither. It is a pre-existing commercial free trade agreement made available in 1994 when the EU was still the European Community. /2
I genuinely don’t believe the EU of 2019 would make available today a free trade agreement as generous as the #EEA if it didn’t exist. See how today’s EU is trying to strong arm Switzerland out of their more generous bilateral agreements. /3
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There seems to be some confusion about why @theSNP MPs abstained on #Boles & #Clarke amendments last night but it’s really very straightforward so here’s a thread explaining why #Brexit #IndicativeVotes
So @theSNP preference in line with the majority of #Scottish voters is to #Remain in the EU but v early on @scotgov put forward a compromise position in #ScotlandsPlaceInEurope to stay in the #SingleMarket & a #CustomsUnion & it was endorsed by @theSNP conf
It’s important to appreciate that to benefit from freedom of movement is vital for Scotland’s economic & demographic needs & to benefit from it you have to be a member of the single market.
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1/ Excellent support for Norway option 🇳🇴 by @George_Osborne #Brexit @Tories4EFTA
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Theresa May's machiavelic plans have to stop.

If she really believes her negotiations are that Strong and Stable, she should stop this embarrassing political circus and openly go for her No-Deal #Brexit plan, instead of sneakily engineering it.

We know that's your plan. 1/10
When she decided to put forward her support to #BradyAmendment, she knew it would be rejected by the EU negotiators.
It was even said yesterday before she decided to support it.
But it is a sneaky way to put forward a No-Deal #Brexit and later putting the blame on the EU. 2/10
The #Backstop was negotiated BY the UK to comply with UK's red lines:
✔ No hard border (#GoodFridayAgreement)
❌ No customs unions
❌ No single market
❌ No freedom of movement
The EU wanted a soft #Brexit. So no Backstop. 3/10
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EFTA #Brexit MEGATHREAD 🇬🇧🇱🇮🇨🇭🇮🇸🇳🇴: #EFTA #EEA #EØS
1/ An EFTA/EEA 'Norway' style relationship with the EU would be cheaper than EU membership. 💶💷💰…
2/ The UK would not be a mere 'rule taker' in EFTA/EEA - we would regain sovereignty in key areas and speak for ourselves on global bodies.…
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"The EU protects the rights of British workers", say @The_TUC. Here's an example from Norway - which, though not in the EU, is subject to Single Market’s four freedoms and EU rules on state aid, nationalisation, public procurement and competition - on just how it does so. #EEA
"[P]ut simply, the deterioration of Norway’s much-vaunted welfare state shows just how difficult it is to pursue left-wing policies while obeying Single Market rules and EU directives".
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A #NewYearsEve #thread

On 🇪🇺 & 🇬🇧 & 🇳🇴 & 🦄🦄🦄

May 2019 bring much 🎂 to have & eat!

Due thanks @SebDance for inspiration
Some clever 🇬🇧 spin doctors have added a ➕ to 🇳🇴

assumedly to make it more alluring?

@USverdrup, Director at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs @NUPInytt noted to the 🇳🇴 @Aftenposten daily:
“If you stand at the edge
you no longer seek the best solution”
Please consider this:

Did any Central & Eastern European country joining 🇪🇺 2004
1st knock @EFTAsecretariat's door
as their preferred ‘solution’ for #SingleMarket access?

#EFTA & the #EEA Agreement it administers
= a barren 🏜️ for #democracy

A truly grey Brussels #bureaucracy.
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The UK is still considering the Norway options. Why is Norway reluctant to UK joining the #EEA? Here is a thread (11 points) laying out some issues. Some of these concerns also applies to other #EFTA states @NickBoles @simonjhix @anandMenon1 @HusseinHKassim @nupinytt, @sletnes
1/11 The overall optics. The EEA has been a good platform for integration with the EU. N has benefited from integration. Some fear the UK might use it as platform for disintegration.
2/11 One voice. When new legal acts are added to the EEA Agreement, the EFTA states speaks with one voice. UK will therefore have a veto over Norway and vice versa. N and UK share interests in many areas, but disagree in some important areas. 8000 + legal acts have been added.
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1/ BREXIT MEGATHREAD: #EFTA #Chequers #ChequersPlan #eea #brexit
2/ We urge all of our supporters to RT and share this thread to all of your followers. Feel free to print any sections out and give them to people you think might read them.
3/ The UK must do all it can to avoid a damaging, jobs-destroying hard brexit:
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This needs support from both sides -> Pro-Brexit Lawmakers Mull Temporary Norway-Style Arrangement -… .... oh, and please do read Yarrow's paper -…
e.g. Frank Field suggests Norway-style Brexit transition deal -…
or @SKinnock support for an EEA / docked to EFTA pillar style deal -…
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I want to talk a minute about how #Brexit is viewed by most of the #Dutch here in the #Netherlands.

The #Dutch are mostly bewildered by #Brexit and why anyone would want to leave.

We do have a small EU critical faction in parliament (PVV+FvD=32 seats out of 150), but 4/5ths of the electorate are either uncaring or moderately to rabidly pro EU.

Our #economy stands to take quite a hit from Brexit. Up to a few percent, even.…

This is seen as a betrayal by most #Dutch, who take the
health of our economy very seriously, especially after supporting Britain's liberal ideas in the #EU

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(1/7) If #EEA & #EFTA were the ‘worst of both worlds’ they’re often portrayed as, why would 4 successful countries stay in them, despite the opportunity to leave or join the EU? Some quick myth busting:
(2/7) 1. EFTA countries take only 20-30% of EU legislation, excluding most contentious areas like Common Agricultural Policy, and Justice & Home Affairs 2. EU legislation that EFTA does take on primarily concerns standardisation necessary for a single market.
(3/7) The vast majority of this legislation is written by expert bodies, not MEPs, which EFTA countries have just as much input into as EU countries. Similar to what would happen in a trade deal 3. EFTA countries pay less to the EU, and have more control of it.
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1/ Our front bench's amendment pre-supposes that we'll be able to negotiate and create new and bespoke forms of 'access to the Single Market' and 'shared institutions'. But we simply don't have the time or leverage to do that: we have to pick a model.
2/ It makes no mention of free movement of labour, whereas articles 112 and 113 of the EEA Agreement provide a solid, treaty-based mechanism for reforming FoM.
3/ Far more likely that the pragmatic Tory MPs will back an amendment that's come from the back-benches, so the Lords amendment is the only one that has a chance of commanding a parliamentary majority. Our last chance to legislate against the govt's recklessness & incompetence.
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So, I decided that I'm going to tweet an interesting fact or observation about life in Norway every day, because my head is full of them:
#1: Norwegians eat their sandwiches like this, with no bread on top
They have special paper to stop toppings falling off when carried around
#2: Norway is a relatively young country, only achieving true independence in 1905. This is why Norwegians tend to be deeply patriotic.
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