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MSP nahin MRP....!!!
Minimum Support Price nahin ...!!
Maximum Retail Price ..!!!!
Why #FarmBills2020 is important?

Let me explain this in detail.
Whenever you buy anything from a kirana shop like Chips,Cold drink ,Soap Washing Powder its MRP is printed on it .
What is MRP ?
MRP is Maximum Retail Price which a Company can charge from a Consumer which includes 1) Cost of Raw Materials 2)Cost of Employees 3) Cost of Capital 4)Cost of Transportation 5)Cost of Advertisement 6) Cost of Manufacturing 7 ) WholesalerMargin 8 ) Retailer margin
So a MRP is the Maximum price charged to Consumers.
Now the Consumer is the person which creates the demand for that item like Chips,Cold Drink ,Washing Powder at that MRP .
So MRP is the key as it includes every cost and margin and Consumer is willing to pay that cost .
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THREAD: 1n the state has browbeaten this “philanthropic gesture” out of him. But different pricing slabs were & are a sure fire market distorter. Why? There are 2 accepted pricing structures

cost+ (where the Gov allows a profit margin) &

Market (free demand supply fluctuation)
2n the former ensures stability - the latter does not. But where does a variegated pricing structure fit in India? Even in OECD countries these are prone to heavy manipulation - but in a 3rd world country with notoriously corrupt babus, this is an open licence to bribe & distort
3n What happens is SII sells its 50% quote to the states at Rs 300 - but bribes babus and leaders to stall/delay supply. Meanwhile demand only gets more - so the Rs600 vaccines are the only ones keeping pace with demand. Consequently black marketing also sets in. Mind you it’s
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A grim reminder to what we face as a nation ! #ShaheenBagh was initiated just before the first wave hit . Just as the world was hit by a wave of cases we had half of New Delhi blocked by protestors protesting a legitimately passed bill by a democratically elected parliament . 1/n
Global media and their lap dogs in India ensured that it was a celebrated event . Remember the “ Shaheenbhag Dadi “ ?What was forgotten was that the protests were orchestrated and organized with full support of the ruling government in Delhi . This was followed by the violent 2/n
#DelhiRiots2020 . Entire opposition again played with the lives of citizens of Delhi and once again the ruling government MLAs and leaders were found complicit and has been convicted by the courts . No global media highlighted this nor pinned blame . The only person they 3/n
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Layman's guide to #FarmBills2020

Simple explaination of the APMC Mandi System and what changed under new Farm Laws.

1. Under APMC Mandis there are two type of License :

(a) Kacha Arthiya which can Directly buy from Farmers and who owns a Permanent Shop in APMC
and the cost of this shop can go into Crores which a small farmer or even a small trader can't buy. Usually the Kacha Arthiya is a Money Lender .
The License is given by Mandi Boards to a person who owns a Shop within the premises of APMC Mandi.

(B) Pakka Arthiya
Pakka Arthiya is a License given to a Person or a Trader who is usually a Processor or a Trader who buys Commodities from APMC Mandi who have to rent out a Shop to obtain a license with a surety of two people from already existing Kacha Arthiya or a Prescribed Bank Guarantee to
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Food for thought: #China's control of #Tibet is a threat to the #water security of #SouthAsia. The Tibetan plateau happens to be the largest water tank in the world. All major river systems originate there. 🗻🛶

#Uttarakhand #India #FarmBills2020

China uses river #water as a weapon. Some analysts have predicted even wars or war like situations resulting from the damming and diversion of Tibetan rivers. For 2 billion people, the rivers flowing from #Tibet constitute the lifeline. 🏔️🥤

#Uttarakhand #India #FarmBills2020
Diversion of waters from Nepalese rivers would directly affect the Ganga - the soul of the people living in #India and #Nepal.😟

China has so far not signed any bilateral treaty in regard to #water resources? 🏔️🛶

#Uttarkhand #FarmBills2020
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Farm Laws 101 (1/3) #FarmBills2020

Read, Share, Educate !!!
Farm Laws 101 (2/3) #FarmBills2020

Read, Share, Educate !!!
Farm Laws 101 (3/3) #FarmBills2020

Read, Share, Educate !!!
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@ReallySwara rocks 🥳🤟🥳

RT it guys
Pls 🙏🚩😊
Read these books, and arm yourself with facts and knowledge with which you can destroy all the liberandus, left wing extremists and islamists and fraud missionaries.
(Or directly search for "dharmic_cause1" in telegram & join it.

Rt it too pls
Use Vpn if the link doesn't work☺️🙏🙏🚩
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#internetshutdown cannot be used as a tool to suppress dissent. This is a violation of the right to freedom of speech & expression as well as the right to life.
#KeepItOn #FarmersProtest #FreeSpeech #FarmBills2020
@rihanna @RichaChadha @meenaharris @world_affairs
The Government of Indian has so far imposed more than 468 #Internetshutdowns since 2012, making #India the #InternetShutdownCapital of the world.
#LetTheNetWork #keepItOn #KissanRally
During the #FarmersProtest, #internet services were first shut down by the central government on #26January 2021 in #Singhu, #Ghazipur, #Tikri, #MukarbaChowk, #Nangloi and adjoining areas from 12:00 to 23:59 hours.
#KeepItOn #SinghuBorder #ghazipurborder
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I have no idea what this is doing In The Indian govt’s Economic Survey but ok let’s go scratch our backs against a tree.
I think the 800 odd migrant workers who died because they were stranded in the heat without transport or food would disagree with this opening para of the Indian govt’s economic survey.
Bayesian updating? They most certainly didn’t do any updation. Ye log samjhe hain ki yehi log gamewa theory pade hain kya?#EconomicSurvey2021
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CJI SA Bobde led bench hears a plea
questioning the role of the Centre, the Delhi government and the Delhi Police for risking the health of millions of citizens by allowing the huge congregation comprising foreign delegates at #NizamuddinMarkaz
#SupremeCourt Image
CJI: you must tell us what is happening? I don't know if farmers are protected from COVID. Same problem may arise in the #farmersprotest too.

SG Tushar Mehta: we will find the status
Adv Parihar: Maulana Saad is not traceable. No statement made about whereabouts of Maulana Saad

CJI: We are trying to ensure that COVID does not spread. Ensure guidelines issued is followed.

Supreme court grants time to file rejoinder.
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#MCOpinion: The market rally of Nov is showing no signs of let-up. What is playing on retail investors’ minds?

#Markets #Retail #Investors #Investments…
How do companies in the Asia Pacific stack up on the rating front? How is India placed? A @MoodysInvSvc rating report brings out the numbers. @ravi_ananth writes for #MCOpinion.

#Moodys #Companies #Business…
#MCOpinion: The three farm laws have been reforms that have been long overdue, ever since the 1991 liberalisation era. @AnandKochukudy writes.

#FarmLaws #FarmBills #FarmBills2020…
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One of the common misconceptions about the farmer protests against #FarmBills2020 is that the resistance is confined to Punjab, implying that the rest of the country is for the Bills, and the stir is politically motivated. This is a brief thread to counter that propaganda.
The spotlight may be on Punjab, but many states are witnessing agitations and rallies as this @htTweets report explains -…
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Article from last year. Upper caste Sikhs dominate land ownership in Punjab. Dalit, who are 32% in numbers, own just 3.5% land. Yet the highest land ownership in India is in Punjab. The Punjab closet is full of skeletons. #FarmLaws #FarmBills #Punjab
Excerpts : In Punjab, upper castes, mostly Jat Sikhs, dominate the farming landscape. Only 3.5% of private farm land belongs to Dalits who make up 32% of the population, according to the Agriculture Census of 2015-16.
"Punjab has the maximum proportion (5.28%) of big farmers owning more than 10 hectares of land among all non-mountainous states of India. The national average is 0.57%, according to the Agriculture Census 2015-16"
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#VideoThread: Chemistry guru AKA M.P. Singh explains how #Farmbills2020 are entirely in favour of farmers & is very well explained in this video by sikh brothers who very well explain what it is and how it is. These bills give farmers multiple options to sell their produce. 1/13
Whether they want to sell it through a middleman or directly in the market is entirely upto the will and comfort of the farmer. The Government has empowered the farmers by giving them such opportunities.
All the Three Bills i.e. 1. Farmer Facilitation and promotion 2/13
2. Farmer Pricing, empowerment and protection bill, 3. Essential commodity bill.
People who are protesting don’t have even a slight idea even about the names of the bills.

In a very strong point, they explain how the ill elements in the leadership of opposition to the 3/13
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एक कोशिश #FarmBills2020 समझाने की
किसी गाँव में बाहर जाने का सिर्फ एक ही रास्ता था. उस रास्ते पर एक पहलवान लट्ठ लेकर बैठा रहता था. वो हर आने जाने-वालों से कमीशन लेता था.
कुछ समय बाद गाँव का प्रधान बदल गया औऱ नये प्रधान ने बाहर जाने का एक नया रास्ता और बनवा दिया, जिस पर कोई लट्ठधारी पहलवान नहीं था.
कुछ गाँव वाले प्रधान के इस नए मार्ग का विरोध करने लगे तो प्रधान जी ने स्पष्ट कर दिया कि... "मैंने सिर्फ नया रास्ता बनवाया है, लेकिन पुराना बंद नहीं किया है.

अब गाँव वालों को फैसला करना है कि उनको लट्ठ खा कर आना-जाना है या बिना लट्ठ खाये."
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What I am about to share is in national interest.

We were going to post it tomorrow but whatever.

Please make this your WhatsApp status.. Forward it to everyone.. Do whatever you wish to but it must reach everyone.

#FarmBills2020 #FarmersBill2020 #FarmersProtestHijacked

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Small farmers to benefit from technology and equipment with guaranteed profits.

The contract agreement will guarantee the farmers to get the fixed price.

Busting the myths about #AgricultureBill

The Bill clearly prohibits sale, lease or mortahe of farmers' land
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A thread on opposition's u-turn on the agriculture bills.

1. Parkash Singh Badal
Before Shiromani Akali Dal broke off a 22 year long alliance with NDA over #FarmBills2020, party patron Parkash Singh Badal defended the same bills just a few weeks ago.
2. Sukhbir Singh Badal

Farm ordinances were vociferously endorsed by him back in June. He also called out Congress CM Capt. Amarinder Singh's duplicity on them. But suddenly Sukhbir Singh Badla backtracked on his stand & started opposing the #FarmBills2020 now. What changed?
3. Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Just 10 days before resigning from Union Cabinet, Harsimrat Kaur was reassuring farmers on MSP, the benefits of the #FarmBills2020 & taking shots at Congress CM Capt. Amarinder Singh for misleading the poor farmers!
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RS member Tiruchi Siva moves SC challenging:

-Farmers (Empowerment & Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance & Farm Services Act, 2020
-Farmers Produce Trade & Commerce (Promotion & Facilitation) Act
-2020 Amendment to Essential Commodities Act

They are challenged as illegal, wholly unconstitutional, stating:

- Acts deal with State subjects
- Acts take away basic rights and safeguards to farmers
-Acts are Anti-farmer
- Will pave way for cartelisation of agricultural produce


Farm Laws: Now DMK MP from Tamil Nadu, Tiruchi Siva, moves Supreme Court assailing the newly passed farm laws
#FarmBills2020 #FarmBills #FarmersBill @tiruchisiva @PWilsonDMK…
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"Modi sarkar, Murdabad."

Farmers in different corners of Maharashtra are protesting the #FarmBills2020.

This, in Nandurbar.
Farmers are protesting the best thing that could've happened to them. Apparently, everybody knows more about farming than farmers themselves.

This, in Solapur.
In Nanded, farmers are symbolically burning the #FarmBills2020.
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#FarmBills2020 - Impulsive Take:
1. No. The stated objective of the Bills - creation of 'free market for agricultural goods' which will benefit the farmers - cannot be achieved with the legislations.
2. #DeMo , #GST , #ElectoralBonds , #20LacCrorePackage - none of it achieved.
3. As it turned out, all were an exercise in irrational policy decisions at best & sinister legislations at worst.

4. No. APMCs are not the 'mafia-dens' as they are being branded. APMCs play a vital role in India's unique agricultural marketing system.
5. There's NOT 1 farmer in India who's lost his money after selling his produce in APMCs.

6. The APMCs have powers to acquire & sell assets of Aratiyas, in case they fail to pay the farmers or fellow Aratiyas or traders.
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