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Supreme Court hears the tribunal vacancies case

AG KK Venugopal: We have filed a counter in the contempt of court case. We have said that the officer had no role to play in appointment of members in Income tax appellate tribunal

#SupremeCourt #Tribunal
AG: Search and selection committee had recommended names for ITAT members. The then secretary legal affairs who is the alleged contemnor had received the recommendations and there was no delay on his part. ACC approved 22 members.
SC: The SSC had recommended 28 members. This was done by Justice Khanwilkar committee. But you took 22 and 6 from main list. why did not you take from main list

AG: we are allowed to do so
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Chairperson announced in #RajyaSabha today morning that he has admitted notice for discussion on #FarmersProtests
[even though he mentioned that he received notices on other issues also]

But as soon as MPs demanded, '#Pegasus, Pegasus', the House was adjourned till 12pm.
#RajyaSabha resumes at 12pm, only to be adjourned again immediately till 2pm.
Doesn't work for even a minute.

#RajyaSabha resumes
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs announces that Supplementary List of Business is issued, Taxation amendment Bill listed

Derek O'Brien objects, states that 30 Bills passed at 10 minutes per Bill, only 11% of Bill scrutinized by Committees, PM answered 0 Qs
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#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice L Nageswara Rao to resume hearing a plea by Madras Bar Association challenging Sections 12 & 13 of the #Tribunal Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions of Service) #Ordinance, 2021 (Ordinance) & Sections 184 and 186(2) of the Finance Act, 2017
Attorney General for India, KK Venugopal will pick up from where he left yesterday. AG had argued how the impugned laws were a result of the collective decision-making process of the Central government & why it does not warrant any executive interference
A detailed account of yesterday's hearing:

#SupremeCourt #TribunalReforms…
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#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice L Nageswara Rao to shortly hear a plea challenging Sections 12 and 13 of the #Tribunal Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions of Service) #Ordinance, 2021 (Ordinance) and Sections 184 and 186(2) of the Finance Act, 2017 as amended
The plea by Madras Bar Association states the challenged provisions are in "contravention of the principles of separation of powers, independence of the judiciary (both being part of the basic structure of our Constitution)
Plea states that first proviso to Section 184(1) provides for a minimum age limit of 50 years and that it is "arbitrary, unconstitutional and against the directions of Supreme Court in R Gandhi, Rojer Mathew and, in particular, Madras Bar Association case.
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Mis sensaciones como #tribunal de #oposiciones corrigiendo pruebas de supuestos prácticos:
Después de estar varios días corrigiendo pruebas específicas , tratando de ver, sentir y corregir como lo haría un tribunal saco las siguientes conclusiones organizadas en este decálogo: Image
1.Reflexión habitual de muchos opositores que conlleva a uno error garrafal: “No pierdo tiempo en hacer pruebas específicas”. Sin lugar a dudas, este aspecto es uno de las claves del éxito.
Si no se hacen simulacros de examen no se mejora.
2.La letra, presentación, maquetación y redacción son aspectos determinantes. Si esto no se hace “el tribunal no lo corrige con ganas y es un aspecto que subjetivamente / objetivamente influye en la calificación final de la prueba
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[Thread] @Valeurs a eu accès à quelque 7000 documents confidentiels issus du site internet du #CCIF dissout début décembre en conseil des ministres dans le cadre de la lutte contre le #séparatisme ⤵️…
Ces archives 📁recouvrent les trois dernières années d’activité du #CCIF (2018, 2019, 2020) et rassemblent des documents variés : dépôts de plaintes, lettres d’avocats, réclamations juridiques, enregistrements, décisions de justices, courriers de l'association, brouillons...
L’ensemble de ces pièces donne une idée assez précise du travail juridique mené par l’association afin de peser dans les nombreux litiges engendrés par l'implantation de la culture islamique ☪️ sur le sol français 🇫🇷
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Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu de #temps (je blague), et je tente un #thread #scpo sur la #démocratie, parce que c’est un tout petit peu d‘actualité. Et oui, je vais mettre des #mèmes Internet parce que, en vrai autocrate, je trouve cela très très drôle. Prêts ?
2) D’abord, la #démocratie, ce n’est pas la #République (la chose publique). La République, c’est moi...euh, c’est quand le #pouvoir est exercé par tout ou partie du peuple (exit la monarchie) et que les élus représentent plus que le peuple (la #Nation dixit #Sieyes).
3) Les #députés représentent l’intérêt #général plus que le peuple. Utile pour voter une loi impopulaire, comme l’interdiction de la peine de mort (#Badinter), ou la taxe carbone sur l’essence. Encore faut-il bien prouver l’intérêt général (n’est ce pas les gilets jaunes ?).
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice L Nageswara Rao is scheduled to take up for hearing today a batch of matters concerning the appointments to Tribunals as well as a challenge to the 2020 Tribunal Rules.

#SupremeCourt Image
Hearing begins.

AG Attorney General appears on screen.

Justice L Nageswara Rao: Attorney, are you okay?

AG (who was in self isolation) responds he is well.
Bench to hear the petition filed by Madras Bar Association assailing the 2020 Tribunals rules first.

Senior Advocate Arvind Datar for Madras Bar Association asked to address the Court first.

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#Hariri #tribunal has started.
Judge describes how Hariri was followed closely, even when visited mosques and churches, for months before the crime.
#Hariri #Tribunal
A suicde guy driving a Mitsbushi car targetted Hariri motorcode.
It was a terror attack.
#Hariri #Tribunal
Suspects spread false news about the crime and sent to Al-Jazeera !!

Ha! #Epic
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Well I can give 100 reasons why would a Taxpayer need Services of a CA for filing return of income.
@IncomeTaxIndia @nsitharamanoffc You should consider removing this derogatory comment for a profession which helps you fulfil your Targets and is a catalyst for tax collection Image
You will need CA because CPC @IncomeTaxIndia will wrongly disallow losses in case of LLP which is not subjected to tax audit but subjected to LLP audit and where Govt has extended due date u/s 44AB but #CPCBangalore fails to realise that S. 44AB uses words "audit under any Act"
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Former SC judges, Justices (retd.) Kurian Joseph, Shiva Kirti Singh (now TDSAT Chairman) and Sr Adv Neeraj Kishan Kaul speak on “Tribunals under our Constitution: Institutionalisation or Trivialisation of Justice”

The Webinar is being hosted by the CAN Foundation in a Q&A format
CAN Foundation CEO Siddharth Gupta rendered the welcome address.

The session is being moderated by Abhikalp Singh and Aditya Khandekar.

First Question to Justice (retd.) Kurien Joseph: What are the characteristics of a ‘Tribunal’, the reasons to move towards tribunalization and its distinction from ‘courts?

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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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A #imprensa e a sociedade não podem esquecer que continua a tramitar no #STF um #inquérito judicial completamente inconstitucional, sem #competência do tribunal e ferindo regras de #impedimento, #distribuição, princípio acusatório, #imparcialidade e participação do #MP | #Inq4781
Não importa a gravidade dos fatos apurados nesse inquérito, todas as provas nele produzidas são ilegais, nulas, inválidas, aberrantes. Não podem gerar processos válidos | #Inq4781
O #STF decidiu instaurar o nulíssimo #inquérito “judicial” (!) #Inq4781 para apurar #ofensas e #ameaças (quais?) a membros do próprio #tribunal. As pessoas precisam se informar sobre o que é o princípio #acusatório, que está sendo trucidado nesse inquérito
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A #imprensa e a sociedade não podem esquecer que continua a tramitar no #STF um #inquérito judicial completamente inconstitucional, sem #competência do tribunal e ferindo regras de #impedimento, #distribuição, princípio acusatório, #imparcialidade e participação do #MP | #Inq4781
O #STF decidiu instaurar o nulíssimo #inquérito judicial (!) #Inq4781 para apurar #ofensas e #ameaças (quais?) a membros do próprio #tribunal. As pessoas precisam se informar sobre o que é o princípio #acusatório, que está sendo trucidado nesse inquérito
O princípio #acusatório, apesar do nome estranho, é #garantia constitucional fundamental de todo cidadão e cidadã, para evitar #investigações e #acusações ilegais e garantir #julgamento isento e justo | #Inq4781
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LIVE: Tribunal gives verdict on @atiku’s petition against @MBuhari | TheCable… #PresidentialTribunal
@atiku @MBuhari @OfficialAPCNg @OfficialPDPNig Good morning esteemed readers, welcome to TheCable’s live coverage of the tribunal's verdict on the presidential election.… #PresidentialTribunal
@atiku @MBuhari @OfficialAPCNg @OfficialPDPNig After more than six months that the Independent National Electoral Commission declared winners and losers, the tribunal is set to deliver judgement on a petition challenging the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari.…
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#Lula no #STJ: o que está em julgamento esta tarde é um recurso chamado agravo regimental em recurso especial (REsp). O REsp foi interposto contra o acórdão do #TRF4 que confirmou a sentença de Sérgio #Moro e condenou Lula
#Lula no #STJ: o Superior Tribunal de Justiça é um tribunal de terceira instância do #Judiciário. Julga #recursos criminais e #habeas corpus #HC interpostos contra decisões de tribunais de segunda instância da Justiça Federal e Estadual
#Lula no #STJ: os advogados de Lula interpuseram #recurso especial contra o acórdão do #TRF4 que o condenou. O ministro #relator no STJ, em decisão monocrática (individual), negou seguimento (indeferiu) o recurso
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Qu’est-ce-que ça donnerait si la #science se faisait devant un #tribunal ?

Ce thread reprend une conversation humoristique, les participants seront mentionnés à la fin.
#thread #science #justice #humour
Ce thread n’a aucune prétention à l’exactitude : les découvertes scientifiques abordées sont extrêmement vulgarisées et le fonctionnement du tribunal y est caricatural.
Juge : Monsieur Einstein, vous comparaissez devant cette cour car vous affirmez que la gravité n’est pas une force d’attraction mais une propriété de la matière qui, je cite « déforme l’espace-temps ».
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Qu'est ce qu'un #procureur?
Son rôle en matière pénale.
Petit #thread dominical illustré
🔶️🔸️ grâce à la #BD
✔ Pour les plus jeunes...
D'âge ou d'esprit
En #France le #procureur défend la société ; c'est à dire l'intérêt général. Il veiile au respect des valeurs de la République pour que tous vivent en paix. Il agit avec la force de la loi. Parfois appelé avocat général sa mission est de représenter le ministère public.
Pour remplir sa mission, le #procureur dirige l'activité judiciaire de la @Gendarmerie et de la @PoliceNationale et fait procéder à des enquêtes afin d'arrêter les auteurs de faits punis par la loi. Il peut donner des instructions ou faire lui-même des investigations.
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