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#Erasmus @aimerigues already on the move to Ruciane-Nida, Poland.
13th to 20th May.
(do not worry, plenty of room in the bus...sic). ImageImage
Arrived to Ruciane-Nida after a day spent in Warsaw. Dinner and some rest. Tomorrow, we start.
#Sustainability ImageImageImageImage
Getting to know each other...
Terrassa Image
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Heading towards Barcelona from Les @aimerigues..
A "SUPER-ISLAND" on the horizon... Image
Starting the "superilla" tour...
More details coming soon...
#ErasmusPlus Image
Superblock, less pollution and sound, more green and walking... and more inequality probably too, among other contradictions...
#SustainablesCities @aimerigues
#ErasmusPlus ImageImageImageImage
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Yesterday, we got to know each other, played some ice-breaking games, presented our schools and what we have been doing in our projects and had lunch all together at Les @aimerigues.

#ThinkingGloballyActingLocally ImageImageImageImage
Today, heading towards Montserrat! Image
Montserrat has been climbed!
Now, let's have a good rest!

#Metropolitanareaview ImageImageImageImage
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@franceinfo Faudrait lui rappeler le but de l'esprit Olympique!

L'Olympisme initialement des Grecs mais aussi celui de P. de Coubertin est justement de permettre une trêve lors de conflits armés et de régler les problèmes "dans le stade".

@franceinfo J'en ai marre de ces incultes putain!
Pire, y'aura tjs des cons pour applaudir surtout quand il s'agit comme d'hab' de flinguer les traditions (Grecques ici) ne venant pas des anglo-saxons, pire encore quand une initiative est de "Culture Française".

@franceinfo Mais pas étonnant! British & Américains (tjrs eux!) font pression pour que la langue française disparaisse de JO & de toute initiative internationale ; faut pas compter sur la #ClassePolitique #Bourgeoisie, de s'en indigner, de protester, et donc... de se FAIRE RESPECTER!
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📢On the eve of the 3-year anniversary of the UK's departure from the EU, I commissioned an Opinion Paper from 2 eminent UK lawyers who worked in the EU for @VoteTrueAndFair
Press release

Addressing #Brexit Problems Paper

The Paper shows that all the tools to fix the #Brexitdamage across almost every sector already exist in clauses within agreements both sides signed up to, in the NIP and TCA.

But are being wilfully ignored by Sunak to placate a small faction of purists #BrexitReality

The #Brexit Paper authored by Ian Forrester KC & Eleanor Sharpston KC uses examples of fixes for:
Touring #musicians
The #Erasmus programme
Increasing mobility rights for under 30s
The services sector
#Security and intelligence
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👉🏻 Quand l'🇪🇺#EU finance avec votre argent la formation de la jeunesse islamiste à « haut potentiel » chez les Frères musulmans et fait leur promotion...

THREAD 1/13⤵️ #Brussels #UE
Via #Erasmus, la Commission Européenne @UEFrance a financé pour + de 100 000 € le programme jeunesse du "Al Sharq Forum" pour former les 100 jeunes islamistes qui remplaceront nos lois occidentales par la charia

Le @SharqForum se décrit comme une ONG qui « vise à consolider les valeurs de pluralisme et de justice » en « garantissant les droits de l’Homme »… mais dont le programme prioritaire porte sur « l’islam politique »

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Lovely! I suggest extending to all national diplomats in other ministries of foreign affairs of EU MS! There is no more important foreign policy issue for us to debate in EU than the proper scope of our various national interests. #EEAS/#CFSP not occur in a vacuum.@SanninoEU 1/1
It has to take account of what other #Ministries are doing now & consider inevitable intertie. Even more, it will be good to launch #Erasmus for #diplomacy...setting up basis for a true #EU foreign policy! After all #EU has so many diplomatic cultures @TimmermansEU @josepborrell
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Good news sa mga Pinoy na nagbabalak ng umalis ng bansa, mag-inarte sa Europa, at kumain ng tinapay...Erasmus+ funding will be increased! Among the implications is an additional amount in the monthly allowance. Apply na and raise the Philippine flag here ❤️
First step is to check which #Erasmus program suits you best (that means your academic, professional, and personal background)

Check out the list here:…
Once you’ve decided (you can apply for up to three programs!), start collating your academic requirements and other documents (ie IELTS, birth cert etc.). Suriin mo maigi yung program na applyan mo, part ng Erasmus journey yung mangarap saan ka pupunta at mag-aaral.
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Met het spelen van de CL-finale kwam het (Europese) voetbalseizoen 2020/2021 gisteren officieel tot het einde. Dat leek ons een mooi moment een overzicht te maken van al onze oud-spelers die afgelopen seizoen in het buitenland actief zijn geweest. #BakensSeizoensoverzicht (1/61)
Kevin #Diks werd andermaal verhuurd door Fiorentina aan het Deense Aarhus. De rechtsback maakte indruk. Hij speelde 30 wedstrijden, en scoorde daarin 8 keer. Hij hielp zijn club om zich te plaatsen voor de play-offs van de Conference League (2/61)
Kelvin #Leerdam haalde voor het tweede jaar op rij de finale van de MLS. Dit keer verloren zijn Seattle Sounders de finale. Na het seizoen verkaste de verdediger naar Inter Miami, waar hij vooralsnog geen basisplaats heeft Hij maakte wel zijn debuut voor Suriname. (3/62)
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Lots more to say on #Erasmus and 'replacement' #turingscheme. Students in Northern Ireland may still have access thanks to the Irish government. What about Scotland or Wales? Some considerable barriers here to think about. /1…
Erasmus is an EU programme. It is established by a Regulation: a law covering the scope, how the programme works, funding etc over a 7 year period (2014-20). Higher Ed exchanges and Jean Monnet are the best known but also vocational training etc. /2…
Participation from non-EU states is possible (Art 24). Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein are in the European Economic Area; Switzerland needs a bilateral agreement. I assume UK would need to be listed similarly to Switzerland in the new Regulation if it wanted to be in. /3
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Some details about the #turingscheme as a replacement for #Erasmus are now out. Here are my initial thoughts, from an institutional and education perspective more than costs. /1
First, setting up a scheme to run in 2021 is difficult and especially for those already in degree programmes who were due to go on Erasmus placements (language students in particular). Setting up non-Erasmus agreements with Universities takes many months of bureaucracy. /2
I know because I've done this: whilst some Unis can move quickly, getting an agreement from a Uni in, say, the USA is tricky. Why? Needs to be interest from other side to receive *and send* students, which there may or may not be. Bespoke contract, Uni committees etc. /3
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The decision not to participate in #Erasmus is short-sighted and mean-spirited. The programme transformed the life-chances of thousands of Brits, many from disadvantaged backgrounds. The proposed UK alternative from a standing start will not be a full substitute. Here’s why. 1/7
Erasmus is often misunderstood as ‘just’ about uni student exchanges. That’s hugely important. But it also promoted vocational education and training placements and youth exchanges for schoolchildren. It gave extra grants for those with disabilities. All this = levelling up. 2/7
Erasmus gave participants a common framework and rules, which reduced the admin burden of setting up and running exchanges. This was vital for smaller colleges, youth groups etc. See evidence given to our Lords Cttee in 2018 on all this… 3/7
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The Government’s position on #Erasmus post #BrexitDeal is profoundly damaging to future relations. Such a lack of generosity shows Johnson to be mechanically transactional. It’s that base - the Government don’t want to educate Europeans, as more travel to UK than vice versa.
Unfortunately, the EU missed an opportunity to act with true grandeur and magnanimity by allowing gratis participation by British students - NI students not affected owing to different status.
Thus British students are further marginalised. The EU could have exercised soft power by making this unilateral offer, not contingent upon cost.
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Erasmus isn't just an EU programme. It is an institutionalised expression of a genuinely modern phenomenon - travel abroad for the sake of it.
#Erasmus #Brexit
In this sense, the emergence of Erasmus marked a historical continuation of an increasingly more common practice, which - much like higher education itself - had once been the privilege of the elite few.
Clearly, neither Erasmus nor today's higher education, in Europe or elsewhere, are bastions of equal opportunity. However, Erasmus has always been an effort in that direction.

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UK students have been benefitting from #Erasmus pan-EU education exchange for 35 years. 200,000 people are now taking part. They'll suddenly lose access in 6 days.

@BorisJohnson insisted that UK students wouldn't lose this education after #Brexit. Now he says it's too expensive.
Two important points on #Erasmus:

👩‍🎓It largely benefitted students from middle-class families who otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford to study abroad.

Without it, study abroad will again be only available to the rich, like where I come from in the US.
🇺🇸 Johnson intends to replace #Erasmus with a "#Turing Programme" that will send students all over the world. I expect that will be mostly to the US.

Due to the difference in tuition fees, money that could send 100 students to Europe can probably only send 5 students to America.
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The rejection of #Erasmus is not a sign of a confident, outward looking UK. Hindering the exposure of our exceptional youth to the myriad scientific & cultural benefits of Europe smacks of fear. The pull of #Europe’s gravity is strong. #Johnson by such vandalism knows it. #Shame
The exclusion of the UK from #Europol and #Eurojust affects our present, as much as the refusal to join #Erasmus blights our youths’ future.
These concerns, so far as #Europol and #Eurojust are objective: Britain is less safe, its resilience weakened and ability to fight crime degraded.
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Lots of discussion on #Erasmus, and rightly so. It is close to my heart, as a former participant (Lille, France), and the coordinator of a Uni department that expanded to take full advantage for our students (22 countries, 100+ going each year). /1
It was always a risk it would be lost, even with assurances by Johnson as recently as this year (see @AlexTaylorNews). May's 'red line' on free movement set the tone: Erasmus cannot be fully separated. I wrote as much in 2017. /2… @timeshighered
As the risk of 'no deal' loomed in 2017, I returned to this theme. On both these occasions, I faced Brexiter criticism for (a) suggesting that it would/could end (b) it is not that important and (c) 'Global Britain' means students can go elsewhere. /3…
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🇬🇧🤝🇪🇺White Smoke: Habemus #BrexitDeal 🇪🇺🤝🇬🇧
UK govt spokesperson: "This agreement allows the beginning of a new relationship between the UK and the EU. One that we have always wanted - a thriving trading and economic relationship between a sovereign UK and our European partners and friends."
UK spokes says the #BrexitDeal just agreed ensures:

💷100% tariff liberalisation.

📦No constraints for UK investors & service suppliers on EU market access

👩‍⚖️Future law enforcement and judicial cooperation

🧑‍🔬Future research cooperation
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I have sent many students on exchange to all these countries, and to about 20 European countries covered by ErasmusPlus. A worthwhile experience for all but the idea of replacing #ErasmusPlus exchanges with Aus/NZ/Canada comes with problems: /1
First, an 'exchange' is reciprocal. So you need approx same numbers of students coming in coming as you do in going out. NZ/Canada/Aus all smaller than UK: so for this to work, all those students interested in an exchange must want to come to the UK over anywhere else. /2
Likely? Not so much. Many will want to go to non-English speaking destinations, including in Europe and Asia. UK often seen as too 'obvious' a choice in my experience. So the UK is going to be limited in scope for partnerships. /3
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Since we are discussing academic achievement and Brexit today, time to consider that the loss of #Erasmus and its funding will mean a lack of opportunity for students with limited financial means to gain valuable experience abroad. /1
The UK govt has not committed to seeking to remain in the programme (as non-EU Norway, Turkey etc are) but claim that an alternative will be developed. This will be very challenging and will likely be a complex and underwhelming solution. /2…
More to the point, it is difficult to see how the UK government will match the funding to individual students that was previously available under Erasmus. The House of Lords EU Committee has outlined the problems with a UK-only approach. /3…
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Ambitionierter Plan für herausfordende Zeiten: nach den Prioritäten letzte Woche hat heute 🇩🇪 das Programm zur Ratspräsidentschaft #EU2020DE vorgestellt. Freue mich, dass Kernelemente der @NetzwerkEBD-Politik aufgenommen wurden. Doch eine wichtige Prio fehlt. (Thread 👇)
💶 Im Fokus #EU2020DE steht natürlich das Geld: #EUHaushalt & #RecoveryPlan. Sondergipfel im Juli muss Einigung herbeiführen. 🇩🇪 muss darauf achten, dass #MFR mit wichtigen Programmen wie #Erasmus+ nicht zu kurz kommt.
👍 Neben Herkulesaufgaben wie #MFR- und #Brexit-Verhandlungen, bleibt Stärkung europ. #Werte und des #Rechtsstaat|s Prio. Sehr gut. Denn wir brauchen eine Rechtsstaatsverknüpfung im #MFR & Rechtsstaatsdialog im Rat
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It's hard to capture the absence of activity. How do you show something that is missing? These wonderful @reuters pictures do just that.

First, the National Mall in Washington on March 15.

Pic by Carlos Barria

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #PictureOfTheDay #photography
An empty lecture hall at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on March 16.

Pic by Piroschka van de Wouw
A swimming pool in Mumbai on March 16.

Pic by Francis Mascarenhas
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Bilim adına konuşan patronizing preacherların sesini-sözünü [neden olduğu anlamadığım bir ısrarla] salgınlaştıran paylaşımlara karşı [bir tür mental sterilizasyon olarak] biraz da şöyle şeyleri yaygınlaştırmalı diye düşünüyorum.
Amara Miller | The Social Science of COVID-19.…
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The UK's Approach to EU negotiations document is now available. What does it say about #Erasmus #ErasmusPlus? /1… @lawstrath Image
In short, not much, but more than we had before. The Political Declaration spoke of "general principles, terms and conditions for the United Kingdom's participation in Union programmes" which includes education (point 11) /2…
The EU negotiating directives do not mention #Erasmus specifically, but use the similar terms as in the Political Declaration re cooperation in education and other programmes (point 14) /3…
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