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#Brexitdeal summary: Boris #Johnson had no deal to propose when he proposed a deal with the EU and so made one up on the fly, which he didn't read and so didn't understand what he wasn't reading, which he delegated to his subordinate ministers which they also didn't read so…
1/ …that the final agreements wasn't ever read by anyone in Cabinet yet signed by everyone in Cabinet who was then responsible through the collective accountability which they all individually lacked, for the final agreement which they also had not read.
2/ This was awkward for them when the Deal they had not read studied or considered but sold as oven-baked turned out to be, objectively, the worst Deal in history since it reduced sovereignty, handed over independence, created uncontrolled borders and did so at significant…
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49% British prefer a closer U.K.-EU relationship than #BrexitDeal provides

Only 24% are happy with the deal

Twice as many Brits 53% believe the U.K.-EU relationship is more important to 🇬🇧 than the “special relationship” with America (27%).…
Findings in preparation for the Integrated Review, intended to outline Britain’s post-Brexit policy priorities.

The review is expected to focus on recalibrating 🇬🇧 foreign policy towards Asia.

The survey suggests the public are unconvinced.…
China is regarded as a critical threat to 🇬🇧 by 41% of respondents, up from 30% last year. Just 22% support the govt pursuing any form of economic engagement with China, and 15% did not want any level of engagement.
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When Jacob Rees Mogg threw dead fish into the Thames at WETminster, I thought, like most of you, he was making a point on behalf of the Fishing INDUSTRY.

It was only yesterday that we all learned he was acting on behalf of the FISH.

Fish happiness, not Brexit, was the goal!
In the year before #Brexit started -
(note: Brexit was not done, it's just begun)
- I worried about those most impacted.

My logic was while those wishing to remain would be most disappointed, they would also be most prepared.

#BrexitDeal would hurt its supporters.
Starting ☝️
Two reasons were anticipated.

1. Famously the economic consequences would hurt Leave voters the most (albeit no one expected the madness of combining #Brexit with #Covid19)

2. Sovereignty and independence would be reversed; we'd end up with less of both (as we have).

Number 3?
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Every day, @Reuters photographers capture the news: the first vaccination; protestors in HK; a mob attacks the U.S. Capitol. I love the way many also spin patterns + even art from the events around them. Here are 5 pix from recent days that force you to look at the world afresh:
1. (Above) A person walking with an umbrella during heavy snowfall in #Madrid, Spain. Pic by Susana Vera

2. People in #Singapore watch a movie outdoors. The setup allows them to distance themselves and avoid catching the coronavirus. Edgar Su took this pic.

#madridsnow #COVID19
A protective bag covers a defaced bust of President Zachary Taylor in the U.S. Capitol. This pic, by Erin Scott, was taken a day after supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump stormed the Building.

#Capitol #CapitolRiot #CapitolHill
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Thread 👇 Amidst #Covid crisis & everything else happening at home & abroad we must be alert to the British Government’s continued attempts to shut down or curtail parliamentary scrutiny. Latest manifestation re scrutiny of @BorisJohnson #BrexitDeal 1/3
And here’s an example of why @BorisJohnson & Jacob Rees Mogg don’t want MPs with the assistance of expert witnesses looking to closely at their deal 3/3
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"FARCICAL proceedings, rubber-stamping a CRUCIAL Bill in an afternoon"😱
What's most striking =treaty's ASYMMETRY: We are a service economy running goods deficits & service surpluses, yet this treaty gives the 27 free access here for their goods but gives us nothing..
❌NOTHING in return on services:
❌NOTHING for the City or Edinburgh;
❌NO passporting
❌NO equivalence
❌NO recognition of qualifications
❌NOTHING on data adequacy
❌NOTHING for the digital or creative economy, hard hit by the loss of free movement.💔😭
As for exports of UK goods, on top of the NEW BORDERS & BUREAUCRACY, our negotiators have LOST on:
Rules of origin, on SPS & on testing & certification.😭

EU exporters to us face no similar costs here, so it is not just asymmetrical, it is LOSE-LOSE😭#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal
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LORD FOX #BrexitDeal #BrexitReality
2. Double regulation means double cost! Any UK company wishing to export to EU now must comply with both new UK regulations & standards & EU ones—an extra set of design, testing, certification & admin costs. Eg Chemicals = £1 bn of EXTRA cost!
What are Govt doing to alleviate millstone hanging around British industry?
3. Rules of Origin: #BrexitDeal does not allow for parts imported from regions outside UK & EU to be counted towards local content = diagonal cumulation.This will make it hard, or impossible☡😭 for...
our more complex MANUFACTURERS to avoid being hit by heavy tariffs from EU.😭What are Govt doing about that?
..undeniable issues. This Conservative treaty makes things WORSE for:
Finally, it is clear..there are many further deals to be made😱😭
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I've been tweeting a lot about UK #OverseasTerritories not being part of the #Brexit deal and a bit more has emerged ...
#Falklands MLA @teslynbark has answered a q about #Brexit and the #Falklands on fb - highlights:

1 Original UK EU mandate didn't include OTs except for Gibraltar.

2 In May, EU said they didn't have a mandate to negotiate for their OTs and wouldn't negotiate on UK OT issues.
(2 possibly explains what @BorisJohnson said about EU "intransigence" in his Christmas message to the #Falklands, but wasn't mentioned when he replied to a pmq from @DerekTwiggMP earlier in the month)
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As the transition period ends, the #BrexitDeal applies from tomorrow. But there's also a parallel significant legal change - most of the rest of the withdrawal agreement starts to apply. A thread on the legal issues in the rest of that agreement.
The citizens' rights provisions of the withdrawal agreement (on EU citizens who moved to the UK, and UK citizens who moved to the EU, before the end of the transition period) start to apply.

Annotation and detailed analysis of those provisions here:…
After today, UK citizens newly moving to the EU, or EU citizens newly moving to the UK, are in principle governed by national law (partly harmonised by the EU, on the EU side).

However, the #BrexitDeal contains some provisions on visas for service providers.
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Think someone at Tory Party HQ is a feeling a bit “triggered” right now.

Can’t think why? [thread]
Imagine voting for a #BrexitDeal that isn’t just worse than the one we already had, but which will be a near permanent drag anchor on the U.K. economy.…
Imagine voting for a #BrexitDeal that delivers “mountains of new red tape” and new £ overheads for British businesses:…
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LORD PURVIS was wondering what a cynical govt wd do if knew it could only get a POOR #BrexitDeal🤔👇

▪leave it to the last minute
▪issue a misleading press statement
▪only allow minute scrutiny
▪seek to prevent post-legislative scrutiny
▪refuse to publish impact assessment
The INDEPENDENT UK Trade Policy Observatory assessment stated:
“Even with the FTA announced on Christmas Eve, Brexit INCREASES UK-EU trade COSTS, REDUCES TRADE btwn them, & requires resources for form-filling, queuing..These in turn, lead to change in consumption which..
UK residents’ welfare.”
It goes on to a sobering conclusion:
“Exports of value added will fall by nearly 5.5% relative to a pre-Brexit scenario & GDP by 4.4%.”
My noble friends Lord Fox and Lady Kramer will outline this in more detail.
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Thread: I have digested implications of #BrexitDeal for independent software services professionals. Big omissions, still big restrictions. Government was offered the chance to speak to us but never accepted our help. So they have messed up.
2/ Professionals must have 6 years experience and a degree. p 88 of the trade deal states that only direct work business to business or professional to business customer is allowed, thus disallowing project work via agencies... Big mistake.
3/ Most freelance professionals use agencies to source project work, if not agencies a 'broker' for projects for administrative purposes. Trade deal makes no difference between these 2 concepts.
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The government has an 80 seat majority. It should use it. Labour voting for this terrible deal means them doubling down on Corbyn's idiotic support for triggering Article 50 without amendments. Whatever happens from now with Brexit, Labour will co-own it. Labour is a Brexit party
For the record, here are the times Labour abstained or voted against pro-EU legislation on Brexit. But somehow, whenever it came to votes on pro-Brexit legislation they felt compelled to support the Tories. Labour is a Brexit party.
In case you're wondering, here are Keir Starmer's original 6 Brexit tests vs the Tory deal he's about to support. Truth is, Starmer has betrayed himself, and he now has no more credibility on Brexit than Corbyn had. Labour is a Brexit party.
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Remember: because we held all the cards, they needed us more than we needed them, and the genius move of keeping no deal on the table as "no deal is better than a bad deal'", whatever Johnson brought back from Brussels was the best Brexit deal possible.

So what did we win?
More on the issue that was, according to Brextremists and even @bbcnews, so emblematic of the importance of "sovereignty" to #BrexitBritain - fishing.

"We have been sold a basket of stinking mackerel, and red herrings"

#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal

@lbc #bbcwato
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THREAD ON FISHING: I've spent hours poring over the #BrexitDeal
* There are 87 species of fish subject to shared EU/UK quotas

* In 2020, across them all, UK gets average 33.6% of quotas

* In 2026, it "rises" to 35.92%

>> So the UK gets just 2.32% more fish after Brexit << Image
For the UK, post Brexit 7 species increase between 10-14%, 6 species increase between 5-10%. 42 species increase between 0-5%

But by far the most common (32/87) = stays same

This is pp 893-896 of the Agreement. Does this feel like an Independent Coastal state to you? Image
On ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) the EU takes minimum 98.48% of species (0.25% bluefin tuna, 0.01% swordfish!)

In species only in one Party's waters, EU takes huge share in 9/12 species. But the worst is to come... Image
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#RishiSunak is delluded, access for financial services but not for IT, creatives, those who work on site in EEA are ruined.
@SkyNews you must represent the voices of those in all services

#Brexitdeal can be 'unifying moment' for country, chancellor says…
#RishiSunak "anyone who is worried about the economic implications of the breach with Brussels should be "enormously reassured about the comprehensive nature" of the agreement". Utter bollocks @NE4EU
@SkyNews "A #Brexitdeal without services is a #noDeal" said Lord Clancarty. There are no #mobility frameworks for UK citizens to work on site in EEA. 45,000 IT contractors work in Europe. I've written about this for the @NE_Bylinetimes
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*That* Gove article shows exactly what has been wrong with the Brexit project since 2016.

It doesn’t offer truths or even perspective. It only offers dishonesty or misrepresentation. Coming as it does from the heart of this govt, the damage is more fatal than “ugly politics”.
For all the breathless reporting of the #BrexitDeal in Britain, as ever with this sorry saga, outside eyes are often the clearest.

This analysis in the @nytimes is a better starting point than so much of what passes for reporting here.…
For example:

“Britain’s services sector — encompassing not only London’s powerful financial industry, but also lawyers, architects, consultants and others — was largely left out of the 1,246-page deal, despite the sector accounting for 80 percent of British economic activity.”
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Sadly for the @cityoflondon, the future EU-UK Cooperation and Trade Agreement's provisions on financial services fares very poorly, even in comparison to the CETA or the Japan-EU FTA. [short thread /1]
Requirements are very limited. Both parties abide by international standards. Financial services seem concerned by national treatment and MFN clauses, but no more. Access to public clearing and settlement. A classic prudential carve-out... and that's it! /2
Nothing on equivalence, not even commitments for transparency and swiftness. Regulatory transparency is also out. Furthermore, it seems that the future treaty is dramatically silent on regulatory cooperation, which is quite stunning for such interdependent and close partners. /3
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EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Leak) Thread 24.12.2020 #Brexit #BrexitDeal…
EU UK Civil Nuclear Agreement Final DRAFT 24.12.2020…
EU UK Security of Information Agreement Final Draft.…
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Thanks, Santa!

A few preliminary comments...
Agreement on provisional application. It ends on February 28th but the EU and UK can agree to amend that date.
Dates to come up with a final version of the text in English and in EU languages.
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The Government’s position on #Erasmus post #BrexitDeal is profoundly damaging to future relations. Such a lack of generosity shows Johnson to be mechanically transactional. It’s that base - the Government don’t want to educate Europeans, as more travel to UK than vice versa.
Unfortunately, the EU missed an opportunity to act with true grandeur and magnanimity by allowing gratis participation by British students - NI students not affected owing to different status.
Thus British students are further marginalised. The EU could have exercised soft power by making this unilateral offer, not contingent upon cost.
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How the UK-EU deal compares to EU membership. (Graphics taken from the EU's own tweet, attached below)
#BrexitDeal ImageImageImageImage
This says it all. The EU has cherry picked its access to the UK market, while the UK has shot itself in the foot.
#BrexitDeal Image
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Yesterday's #BrexitDeal is the first free trade deal in history to disintegrate a trading partnership rather than build a new one, erecting and defining barriers between markets.…
One of the most extraordinary aspects of these negotiations is that both sides fought so intensively over fish, a very small part of their economy.

But the UK didn't put up much of a fight on services, which is *80%* of the UK's economic activity.
There is no provision for financial services in the #BrexitDeal. Passporting that allowed automatic access for British firms to EU market, will suddenly end in 6 days.

This will make a heavy impact on the UK economy given 40% of the UK's exports to the EU are services.
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[À LA UNE À 21H] Après dix mois de négociations harassantes, l'Union européenne et le Royaume-Uni ont annoncé un accord historique sur leur future relation commerciale, qui leur permettra d'éviter in extremis un "no deal" dévastateur pour leurs économies #BrexitDeal #AFP 1/5
[À LA UNE À 21H] C'est un Noël à nul autre pareil qui se prépare aujourd’hui dans les pays le célébrant, les festivités se trouvant un peu partout restreintes, voire plombées, par un cortège de restrictions ordonnées pour lutter contre la pandémie de Covid-19 #AFP 2/5
[À LA UNE À 21H] Réveillon inédit pour les Français: gestes barrières et en petit comité, à quelques jours avant le début de la campagne de vaccination contre le Covid-19 prévu dimanche #AFP 3/5
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