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Quick point on why is there so much confusion around NI-GB / GB-NI checks, formalities, “minimal targeted interventions” and “minimal administrative processes” under the new #BrexitDeal. Two reasons with some background to follow
Reason no 1. The Gov isn't able to give one answer as they don’t know. This issue has not yet been decided and will need to be negotiated with the EU. The UK side knows what the requirements are (see point 2) but are hoping to change that.
At this point, the UK side is expressing what they think it could look like/ what they are aiming for - hence the discrepancies. They know there will need to be a balance between enforcing the border and maintaining the illusion of no hard customs border within the UK
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On the summary exit declarations, @SteveBarclay mentioned today. It's important to understand what they are, why they are submitted and how they differ from #customs declarations.
@SteveBarclay Exit/entry declarations are slightly different than customs decs. Before import/export there is a requirement to submit a pre-arrival, pre-departure notification - info that allows authorities to control what's moving across borders from a safety and security perspective.
@SteveBarclay This information is mainly used for risk analysis and not to calculate the amount of duties due or apply other trade policy measures as in the case of customs declarations.
In principle, they are submitted by the carrier not the importer/exporter
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Along with publication of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) today we are awaiting the programme motion, which sets the timetable for Commons scrutiny.

What would be reasonable on the basis of the previous Brexit bills?

#BrexitDeal @UKandEU

The WAB is estimated at 100 pages.

It will cover topics as diverse as citizens’ rights, dispute resolution arrangements, and parliament’s (possible) role in extending the transition period.

For more on key issues see this thread:
So the fairest point of comparison is the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

62 pages long when first published, it brought EU law into the domestic legal system and gave ministers wide-ranging powers to update the statute book.
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Please note: I'm a vindictive bastard.

Vote for the #BrexitDeal today and I (et al) will spend the rest of your careers reminding people that every bad consequence of it to their lives is because YOU could have given us a democratic way out, but chose Boris Johnson.
You'll all be remembered as the people who failed democracy by treating a signed blank cheque as consent.

We signed 4 words in 2016: Leave the European Union.
That cheque was filled in into a 600-page treaty by two Prime Ministers the country never even consented to.
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Thread. This stuff is dangerously lacking in analysis.

1. Rights were won by the Labour Movement and legislated for by Labour Governments that won elections. #BrexitDeal
2. Rights in other European Countries were won by Labour movements in those countries and legislated by social democratic governments which won social consensus for progressive change. #BrexitDeal
3. Socialists and social democrats along with labour movements across the EU co-operated and won social consensus to legislate rights at work into EU treaties, especially Maastricht. #BrexitDeal
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Concerns being raised in Parliament debate about possibility of a ‘no deal’ situation at the end of a transition period. What does this mean? Well../1 #BrexitDeal
This #Brexit deal only covers the EXIT ie UK leaving EU. If deal is approved by Parliament (+European Parliament) then EU +UK enter a ‘transition period’ where practical relations stay the same (incl freedom of movement, UK membership of Single Market and Customs Union) BUT /2
At the end of 2 year transition (or max of 4 years by EU law) there is no safety net. If a new trade deal and deal on other EU-UK relations eg security co-op has not been negotiated and signed off by then.. EU-GB relations default to WTO rules (ie absence of preferential FTA) /3
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Interesting Development
#BREXIT.. #BoJo..

TODAY: Parliament is sitting on a #SuperSaturday for the first time in 37 years as MPs decide whether to back Boris Johnson's #BrexitDeal. Follow this thread for the latest
Not a Good day for Brexit or BoJo..

MPs vote to delay approving #BrexitDeal. Boris Johnson will be forced to send a letter to the EU requesting an extension
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TODAY: Parliament is sitting on a #SuperSaturday for the first time in 37 years as MPs decide whether to back Boris Johnson's #BrexitDeal. Follow this thread for the latest
LATEST: The U.K. government won't contest the #BrexitDeal vote if the Letwin Amendment passes, official says. More:
Boris Johnson says he hopes Parliament can back Brexit as it's the 2nd #BrexitDeal and the 4th vote on the deal #SuperSaturday
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The substantial changes to the #BrexitDeal Johnson has secured make it significantly better than the deal before.

In fact, I’d say it’s a good deal outright, regardless of previous versions. It unlocks the opportunities that Brexit creates. 1/10
The backstop is gone. The UK is out of the Customs Union. This means all parts of the UK, including NI, can strike free trade deals around the world. Virtually all economists agree free trade boosts prosperity. Win/win for everyone. 2/10
Related, the Political Declaration has been rewritten re future relationship; no longer aiming for a customs-style arrangement, but rather a free trade deal with the EU. The UK will be autonomous in its decision-making; the EU will not be setting the UK’s taxes (ie tariffs)! 3/10
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#BrexitDeal for the perplexed

I joined @BloombergRadio to talk about one of the biggest weekends in British politics for a long while ....

Listen here #FridayFeeling
@BloombergRadio I'm more than happy to be wrong, as book eaters will testify, but as I say my instinct is still that deal narrowly fails. That said, Johnson has v good chance & either way emerges from this w'end in stronger position. You could say it's on knife-edge, a 52-48 scenario ...
@BloombergRadio *classic hedging
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Boris Johnson getting a #BrexitDeal today only strengthens the case for a referendum.
It means people will be voting a Brexit that belongs to the man behind the Leave Campaign rather than a "reMAYner Deal".
A vote on a Labour deal or a May deal would be seen as a rigged referendum. Boris Johnson's name on the deal makes it legitimate. #Bbcqt
I said the same thing about Michael Gove during the leadership race.
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A #BrexitDeal has been agreed by the UK and EU, but what does it all mean?

We answer some of the questions we have received from readers THREAD ⬇️…
Under law, yes he does

The Benn Act says that Boris Johnson would be required to request a three-month #Brexit delay - unless he can pass a deal, or get MPs to approve a no-deal exit by 19 October

More on this:
UK nationals living legally in an EU country at the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 will be able to stay and enjoy the same rights

Anyone arriving after that will be subject to each country's immigration rules

More on this:
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Excuse the long thread, but I have looked carefully at the #BrexitDeal negotiated by Boris Johnson. Here is my analysis: 1/
Labour’s concerns with Theresa May’s deal were not principally about the backstop. They were about the Political Declaration and our future relationship with the EU after Brexit. 2/
Having reviewed what has been agreed, it is clear that the Johnson deal is a far worse deal than Theresa May’s deal. It paves the way for a decade of deregulation. It gives Johnson licence to slash workers’ rights, environmental standards and consumer protections. 3/
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Things I want to know about this #BrexitDeal:
- If the Joint Committee doesn't agree on how to manage risk to SM in NI, who decides?
- Are we out-out, including stuff like EAW?
- Does this mean customs checks in the Irish Sea?
I also want to know how many of the issues over NI would be solved by a Free Trade Agreement?

And the detail of the 14 month transition - specifically the mechanism for extension and the timetable for negotiating that FTA?
And a further question. Imagine ourselves 2 or so years down the line. FTA talks have failed, or do not mitigate the worst parts of the settlement for NI.

What can the Westminster Parliament do? Repeal the legislation for a WA and set NI free from the EU?
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Know One thing to see the #BrexitDeal lunacy.

Brexiters were just cheering the new 🥇FTAs with Japan and S.Korea. Deals "could not be improved".

Both Dead as a Dodo

#Brexit = cretins selling myths to people who can't afford them to profit tax evaders.

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The forthcoming @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn #BrexitDeal - a thread.
The UK has 3 options - #NoDealBrexit, #WithdrawalAgreement or #Remain. Most Tory Party members back BJ for leader, most Lab members back JC. In both cases most members would back their Brexit decisions. 1/
Corbyn's two main Brexit advisers are #SeumasMilne & #AndrewMurray (who also still works for Len McCluskey in Unite). In Oct18 Murray argued that Lab should back May's deal to avoid NoDeal. 2/…
@Channel4News 11Nov18. Tory MP Jo Johnson had called for a #PeoplesVote. When asked if he would back another vote Corbyn replied, "No, not really. The ref took place. The issue now has to be how to bring ppl together" 3/
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A #Brexit extension is “almost inevitable”
- Nicola Sturgeon to me earlier @FRANCE24

Scottish First Minister wants Labour’s Corbyn to
“get off the Brexit fence & put his weight behind [...] something that would break the deadlock”
#Scotland #SNP #F24
2/ Sturgeon on Theresa May:

“she should change her approach... 1st thing she should do is request an extension to #Article50

“My preference then would go back to the people in another referendum- bcs people have so much more information now than in 2016”#Brexit #F24
Nicola Sturgeon accuses both Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn of
“probably trying to run the clock down as much as [each other] in all this.”
#Brexit #Article50 #PeoplesVote #F24 🇬🇧🇪🇺
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1/ Following the defeat of the #BrexitDeal in the UK Parliament we have written to the @eucopresident Donald Tusk today demanding the ring-fencing of the #citizensrights of EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope under Article 50.
2/ We have highlighted to the @eucopresident how weak the unilateral #citizensrights 'guarantees' given by the Prime Minister to EU citizens in the UK are.
3/ We have also highlighted that unilateral 'guarantees' will remove all #citizensrights for EU citizens in the UK & @BritishInEurope which are based on bilateral agreement between the EU & the UK
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ALL of the Neoliberal Globalist orgs strongly support the EU.

The aim of the Neoliberal Globalists is to transfer ALL wealth and power to a cabal of anti democracy Oligarchs, Bankers and CEOs.…

#MayMustGo May is a Globalist TRAITOR to the UK
The Round Tables for Global Control were set up by Oligarchs Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Lord Milner and Lord Rothschild around 1900.

CFR & Chatham House were created in the 1920's.…

#MayMustGo May works for the Globalists, she is a TRAITOR to the UK
"Europe's Nation's should be guided towards the Superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but will inevitably & irreversibly lead to Federation" Jean Monnet
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Citizens’ Rights Myth Buster

The UK Govt, like @WalkerWorcester here, and UK press in general keep on repeating that the #citizensrights of the EU citizens in the UK have been guaranteed even in case of a #NoDealBrexit.

This myth buster will look these claims in more detail.
Myth 1: #citizensrights in case of no-deal are guaranteed
@Stuart_McDonald busting this myth here: “a unilateral promise from the Prime Minister can be here today & gone tomorrow. [...] it doesn't bind her successors [...] their rights can be repealed at a blink of an eye"
Myth 2: It is a registration process
Often repeated in the press that Settled Status is a registration process:
@Dr_PhilippaW busting this myth: “There should not be an application. Even a registration would suggest something different. An application implies you can be refused"
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The only deal is Theresa May's #BrexitDeal.
So just #HowWillBrexitBenefitMe? (& the UK?)
What about Labour's 6 tests for the deal?

No 1. Does it ensure a strong and collaborative future relationship with the EU?

Absolutely not! - UNDELIVERABLE
#RevokeA50 #PeoplesVote
What about Labour's 6 tests for the Brexit deal?
No. 2. Does it deliver the “exact same benefits” as we currently have as members of the Single Market and Customs Union?

Absolutely not! - UNDELIVERABLE
What about Labour's 6 tests for the Brexit deal?
No. 3. Does it ensure the fair management of migration in the interests of the economy and communities?
No. 4. Does it defend rights and protections and prevent a race to the bottom?

Absolutely not! - UNDELIVERABLE
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#Brexit #thread
1/ If you don’t follow Brexit every day, here’s some advice. Let go of any illusions that this drama is about trade protocols, residency rights or the status of the Irish border. Brexit is the story of a proud former imperial power undergoing a mid-life crisis
2/ The rest of the world is left listening to Britain’s therapy session as they drone on about their ex-spouse, unable to see, admit or address their own flaws.
3/ The promise of Brexit was that it would make Britain feel big again. “Britain is special,” the Brexiteers assured British voters, who cast their ballots accordingly. But Brexit has proven that for the first time in modern history, Britain is small.
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1/ #citizensrights Fact Check:
Vote Leave promised EU citizens that they will be treated no less favourably than they are at present.

Now that we have a #BrexitDeal with the EU in form of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) it is time to check whether Vote Leave told the truth.
2/ Free movement for British citizens living in the EU
The WA only protects rights for British in Europe in their country of residence, their continuing free movement rights have been taken away.
3/ Lifelong right of return for EU citizens in the UK
The WA only insists that rights may lapse after an absence of a minimum of 5 years, and the UK has chosen to use this minimum. Other member states may well do the same.
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We'll be live tweeting from BBC Any Questions for the next hour or so.
It's been a busy week on the Brexit front, so it promises to be interesting.
Panel includes:
@Andrew_Adonis @Juergen_Maier @JennyChapman & Wokingham MP @johnredwood
#bbcaq #anyquestions
The question on everyone's lips with #brexit "was this really what you envisaged you were going to get"
Once again they say there was a very strong instruction to Parliament - the minority was a tiny percentage - this can't be seen as a strong instruction.
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