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Amazon is a perfect #enshittification parable - platforms subsidize end users until they're locked in, then make life good for business customers at users' expense, until *they're* locked in, then claw back all the value they can, leaving just enough to keep the lock-in going.
1/ A desert ruin. In the foreg...
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In a new report for @SOMO, @margaridasilva2 describes how the end-stage enshittification of Amazon is playing out in the #EU, with Amazon repeating its US playbook.

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I filmed a video at the Supreme Court, opposing anti-Asian racism. @Marcel4Congress told me "shut YOUR mouth." He doesn't know me😂
I debate Marcel tonight, MON 11/7, 8 PM ET Moderators: @CDouglasLove3 @nasescobar316
Organizer: @ozprattboxing
Please join…
@Marcel4Congress @CDouglasLove3 @nasescobar316 @ozprattboxing The debate question was chosen by the organizer @ozprattboxing. I believe it sets up a false binary. But I agreed to the question because at the heart of it lies the xenophobia that lies at the heart of the question and the distraction to serious inequalities. What do I mean?
@Marcel4Congress @CDouglasLove3 @nasescobar316 @ozprattboxing Over the past week, I have received more hate than I have ever gotten in my 53 years in America as an immigrant, most via @tariqnasheed's Foundational Black Americans #FBA disciples, including this one, mocking my name + people from India who "wipes their butts with their hands." Image
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Black America is the target of a psychological operation ("psyOp") designed to divide it for the political purposes of voter surpression. It is evident and identifiable to those who understand the use of narrative to persuade and influence human behavior.

A 🧵 (with citations)
What is a psyOp?

Psychological operations...are intended to “convey selected information and indicators to ... audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of...organizations, groups, and individuals. ...
The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives.”…
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🧵#FBA tweets are purposely written in terms of conflict & competition. The white replacement framing isn't accidental. Theyre fixated on points of Black 🇺🇲/ Black 🇺🇲immigrant tension? Each tweet searchs for a conflict storyline with the diaspora.

Never with white immigrants..
White conservative anti-immigrant groups intent on driving a wedge between the "diaspora.” are paying #FBA #FREEDMEN #ADOS influencers to manipulate the Black American social media users. Steve Bannon admits the goal has always been to split the vote & drive up Dem unfavorables.
Racists have always used Blacks when influencing African American public opinion. Twitter is the perfect aggregator and carnival mirror. Let's look at the dual purpose of Marcel Dixon for Congress served as a tether for White Supremacy, but also a litmus test to see if
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Marcel Dixon aka Harpo has been a disgusting and vile human being to Black Women, Black Elders,the LGBTQ+ community and of course Rep Clyburn and his family. Let’s roll out the receipts.
He hosted a space (full of #FBA and #ADOS 🐀) disrespecting and degrading Vice President Kamala Harris. When he was challenged by @2RawTooReal and yours truly, he disrespected and belittled us.
About a month or two later after his sh*tty spaces, one of his #FBA maids wrote an article about yours truly all b/c I read their “precious king” aka Harpo in real time.
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In a district that has more black people than Latinos (WA-9,) Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate @ElectGallardo is running for Congress so that she can help immigrants. Not Americans. She doesn’t mention black people at all. #dragGallardo Get to work family!! #FBA #Freedmen
You can also add Suspected #AntiBlackRacism candidate for CA-52 @Vazquez4CA52 to the list. He’s using that black and brown, underrepresented community word salad language.
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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These #B1 #FBA #ADOS love to call #RolandMartinUnfiltered @BlkStarNetwork a failed platform. So why keep tweeting about and posting about me? Oh, maybe because we are growing and they are mad. Boo, this is our 2021: 1/5

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1/ **how to increase your #amazon seller revenue and #buybox by using FBM as a #FBA backup so you never go out of stock**
2/ Over the past year, @amazon added stock limitations for sellers which means you can send only a certain amount of products to their fulfilment centre
3/ If Demand is high there is nothing you can do until you build enough sales velocity that will allow you to increase your storage level

Often you do have items in stock in your own 3PL but you can’t ship them to @amazon because of the limited inventory. What does happen next?
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GENERATION FAIL: How The Civil Rights Generation Failed Us

"We need a resurgent BLACK MEDIA now more than ever. Ever since the 1960s, we've had the white media indoctrinating us w/ the story that the civil rights movement was a good thing for Black people." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
@ProfBlacktruth "We've had Black Baby Boomers bragging for over 3 generations that they were all apart of it; constantly telling us we owed them b/c things were so much better now than they had ever been before; that we had all sorts of opportunities & freedoms b/c of them." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
@ProfBlacktruth "Meanwhile, when we looked all around us, we saw that our condition had gotten gradually worse & worse & worse. Clearly, somebody lied. We took a dangerous & now it seems, fatal wrong turn somewhere back in the past." @ProfBlacktruth #B1
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"The Constitution relates to interests. Contrary to the idea that this document was established to protect minority rights or to give people certain freedoms, it was simply a contract that reflected various interests." Attorney Alton Maddox

"When this document [the Constitution] was written, everybody who was part of this process either owned real property or personal property (i.e., stocks, bonds, etc.)."

Attorney Alton Maddox


"How did George Washington become General of the Army and how did he eventually become the very first President of the United States? He was the largest land owner in America."

Attorney Alton Maddox


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#BHM - Immigration and, Black Americans: Testimony - U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

1. Illegal immigration negatively impacts #ADOS U.S.-born workers.

2. #ADOS Black men are
disproportionately effected.

3. Black men, haven't generally fared well in the U.S. labor market.
#BHM -

1. 6/10 Black men have only a high school degree.

2. 47% of #ADOS men are employed in occupational categories, described as illegal-immigrant heavy Vs. only 34% of native-born white men.

3. Black men unemployment 13% in these same occupations Vs. only 7% for White Men.

Top countries of origin for (DACA) Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals recipients: 97.7% South American.
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