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Some of the brightest minds are researching in the field of metabolic psychiatry, developing multi-scale models based on principles of statistical physics. #metabolicpsychiatry (1/4)
Researchers investigate at the neuronal, glial, and mitochondrial level to understand brain function. and includes a neurovascular coupling function to link neural activity with blood flow. (2/4) #neuroscience #brainresearch
It's all about understanding how networks reorganize. They are using an optimization function to analyze fMRI data and understand the brain's activity on a large scale. (3/4) #fMRI #brainimaging #brainfunction #neuroscience
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High-order dynamics in brain networks & dementia are not well-captured by connectivity. We developed a new framework of high-order interactions (3-to-N plets) with information theory + greedy algorithm in #fMRI - #EEG across #AD & #FTD Paper… & 🧵👇1/5 Image
High-order functional connectivity (HOFC) at 3-15 plets yielded networks with large effect sizes for both modalities (fMRI and filtered EEG) and comparison (CN vs. AD, CN vs. FTD). Results included decorrelated networks for fMRI and EEG but also hyperconnectivity. 2/5 Image
The fMRI/EEG characterization of neurodegeneration revealed hypo/hyperconnectivity on high-order interactions. Regions such as the amygdala, the insula, and the frontal gyrus were associated with both effects, suggesting more complex processes in hub regions. 3/5 Image
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Even if small differences exist between the brains of male and female individuals, the two are similar for the most part. So why are the differences highlighted more often?

I tried to find out for @TheWireScience. A 🧵-

#gender #science #neuroscience
A 2021 paper by @Lise_Eliot et al. found that other than size, sex differences in the brain were “trivial and population-specific”. That is, it concluded, the human brain *wasn’t* sexually dimorphic. /2

#SexualDimorphism #gender #science #neuroscience
@Lise_Eliot and @Fausto_Sterling have said that the gendered ways of society and culture can affect an individual’s biology. If they are right, sex differences in the brain could be *created*, rather than innate. /3

#natureculture #gender #science #neuroscience
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Thrilled to see this one published in @JAMApsych. Here's a short thread discussing our findings on neurobiological #biomarkers of #depression.…
In a large, bi-centric study (#FOR2107) on depression (n=1809), we quantified the univariate neurobiological differences between healthy subjects and patients with major depression across a number of MRI modalities (#sMRI, task and rest #fMRI, #DTI).
We show that the univariate difference between the two groups is remarkably small for all modalities, all explaining less than 2% of variance.
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My neighbor (older, mechanic, military veteran) told me he admired how I write things. That he couldn’t picture things in his mind. I asked if he could think of and see a red ball. He replied no. He never could. (Smart man who can fix anything.)
He asked me if I could. I told him I could visualize anything, like a fork, a house full of furniture room-by-room, or even whole worlds with people. Sometime I drift away into the past, or future. He looked shocked. I love learning how people’s minds are so different.
I have another friend (Harvard grad, advanced degree) who mentioned she also has this. I have never asked either of them deeper questions, but I am interested in how does one write or repair things without the ability to picture concrete objects. What does that feel like?
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ما هو #الخرف؟

هل هو مجرد نسيان؟

هل #الزهايمر هو ذاته الخرف؟

وهل يتم تشخيصه بتحاليل/أشعة طبية؟

هنالك الكثير من الخلط بما يخص الخرف بلا شك المختصين لهم دور فيه حيث تم تغيير مسمياته عدة مرات اخرها في ٢٠١٣.

سنجيب عن هذه التساؤلات في هذه السلسلة @CogNeuroKSA @SaudiAlZheimer ١/١٢
الخرف #dementia مسمى يصف مجموعة من أمراض الانتكاس العصبي والزهايمر احدى انواعه

يتصف بتدهور عقلي ليس فقط بالذاكرة ولكن قد يؤثر على التفكير والسلوك والقدرة على أداء الأنشطة اليومية

على الرغم من أن الخرف يؤثر بشكل أساسي على كبار السن إلا إنه ليس جزءًا طبيعيًا من كبر السن. ٢/١٢
يصيب الخرف ٢٠٪ من الأشخاص فوق ٨٠ سنة، و ٤٠٪ من هم بعمر ٨٥ سنة وأكبر

بفضل الله ثم تطورات الطب الحديث ازداد عدد السكان بعمر٨٠ وما فوق من ١٪ في ١٩٠٠م إلى ٤٪ من إجمالي عدد سكان العالم حالياً،

وبذلك ارتفعت عدد إصابات الخرف اليوم الى ٥٥ مليون والمتوقع ان تصل ١٣٩ مليون في ٢٠٥٠م

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It's Good Friday.

As a sacrifice to Science, I'm going to criticise every single paper I've ever written, one tweet at a time.

Stay tuned..!

Paper #1: Holmes & Spence 2004 @xmodal

Criticism: A non-systematic review of selected papers, no assessment of study quality, bias, or effect sizes. The only novel thing in this paper was a long, harsh critique of Iriki et al. (1996)

Paper #2: Skaliora et al. 2004

Criticism: I contributed only one figure (#8) to this paper, but >30 neonatal rats paid the ultimate price for my crappy patch-clamping skills (only 17 cells) as an MSc student. I still feel the guilt.

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Excited to share this new preprint…

Is #caffeinated #soda bad for children's #brain development? If so, which specific intellectual capacity is affected? It is a question that many parents and caregivers are asking daily but there is no clear guideline 1/n
Using the #ABCDstudy data, we addressed the question in this work, “Daily caffeinated soda intake is associated with impaired working memory and higher impulsivity in children” 2/n
Some soda contains #caffeine (Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, etc). The physical side effects of caffeinated soda such as obesity have been well documented and the short-term effects of caffeine consumption (mostly in adults) are well known. 3/n
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Want to do #eyetracking in #fMRI without eye tracker? Check out our #preprint!

@CYHSM & I developed #DeepMReye, a #DeepLearning framework to decode gaze position from the MR-signal of the eyeballs. No camera needed! w/@doellerlab…

Thread below! 👇 ImageImageImageImage
How does MR-based #eyetracking work?

The orientation of the eyeballs naturally reflects gaze direction. This & the strong MR-signal variations induced by eye movements serve as the basis for gaze decoding.
What is #DeepMReye & what does it do?

It's a #CNN that uses the multi-voxel-pattern of the eyeballs to decode gaze position on the screen. It can perform #eyetracking even in existing #fMRI data.

We tested it on 268 participants scanned with 14 scan protocols on 5 MRI scanners!
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Brain imaging shows we're more empathetic to others' #pain if we share skin color. Explicit bias is equal in members of majority & minority groups, but implicit bias is higher in members of the majority, an impt finding for policing & medicine. /thread…
The perception or imagination of someone else's #pain kicks off activity in the parts of our brains that process our own pain, #fMRI imagining reveals. This "embodied empathy" is "tuned by a variety of factors," including individuals' personalities, relationships, & experiences.
"Culturally acquired implicit attitudes & perceived similarity/familiarity" also shape our “emotional responses to others' physical #pain.”

"Considerable evidence" from #brain imaging shows we make evaluations based on "race" w/in "milliseconds even when processed subliminally."
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I am very excited to share our latest work published in @eLife! We combined #MEG, #fMRI and #MRI for #BrainAge prediction & #biomarker development. Each modality added unique information & enhanced brain-behavior mapping! Thread👇
1/ We combined anatomical MRI (surface area, thickness, volume), fMRI-connectivity and MEG (source power, connectivity, alpha-peak, 1/f, latencies) with a stacking approach (1: ridge, 2: random forest). We made sure our model potentially extracts information from missing values.
2/ Is combining multimodal brain data worth the effort for brain age prediction? Compared to anatomical MRI, fMRI and MEG added similar improvements. Combining all modalities yielded to markedly improved prediction performance. MEG and fMRI contributed independent information!
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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I am performing some tests with multiband EPI sequences. Why are the beta values of the GLM higher for the sequences with lower TR? @practiCalfMRI @fmrwhy @fMRI_today @fMRIstats

#fmri #multiband #magneticresonanceimaging #glm
I have performed some tests with simulated data at different sampling rates and it does not seem to affect the GLM results
Just a quick follow-up: I simulated four BOLD signals at four different sampling rates.
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