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Servicetweet neu zu Long Covid, ME/CFS:
Forschung, Studien, Behandlungsmöglichkeiten, Fallbeispiele Betroffener und Hintergrundberichten. Der Tweet hier wird gepinnt und fortlaufend aktualisiert.
Eine Studie des Uniklinikums Halle zeigt offenbar erstmals Schlüsselmoleküle zur Entstehung des Long Covid Syndroms. Im Kern geht es um Makrophagen, Monozyten und deren Ausschüttung von Immunfaktoren als Botenstoffe zur Steuerung der Immunreaktion:
Die gewonnenen Ergebnisse leiten sich ab aus der DigiHero Studie, die bereits Ende Oktober 2021 initiiert wurde:
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1/4 If you read one #depression #biomarker paper this year, read this one by Nils & the gang. They looked at a large sample of depressed and healthy participants, investigating numerous features (neuro, genetics, etc) in 2.4 million #MachineLearing models.
2/4 I'm not surprised by the results: depression is not a unitary, biological disease entity. It is a label that was historically developed for clinical utility: it is a heuristic superimposed on a complex landscape of mental health problems people experience.
3/4 The label has strenghts (and I believe labels can be helpful), but of course biological investigations into labels such as depression will have limited success.

This view is summarized in 2 recent papers:

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2/5 "But, as the researchers expected, the brains of #Alzheimer’s patients had higher amounts of #insoluble #Aβ #fibrils, the form of #amyloid #protein that aggregates to form the telltale “#plaques” seen in the #disease,..."
3/5 "... higher levels of #fibrillary #amyloid appear to be a better indicator of #poorer #brain #health."
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Uppsala- Sweden
"Do we Need a biological definition of ARDS"

- Berlin definition has NO Diffuse alveolar damage .
- the Berlin defn does not capture well
Frohlich - different definitions specificity of 0.63, 0.42, 0.31 even!
#ventilation #ards #LIVES2022…
The BJA article by Frohlich.
Fibrosis only starts after 7 days
Thille article :…
In essence, different disease processes are happening to the lung at different times in the "ARDS"
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Heading to LA to do a HDEEG with Tony for a @curesyngap1 supported #SYNGAP1 #biomarker study @UCLAHealth then meeting Drs COBA & @MarcellaBirtele at @KeckMedUSC. 🤞

Grateful @BostonChildrens - @sahin_m & @BCH_PoduriLab added a West Coast site!

Follow this 🧵 today!
Made it to #LAX on @SouthwestAir (thanks to iPads and @angrybirds). So many questions. Reminds me how much we don’t do with Tony because of #SYNGAP1. He’s sporting his @GlobalGenes backpack & @cureSYNGAP1 shirt.
SynGAPians are photosensitive so must remember 🕶. And they don’t really 😓 Sweat. So I brought a cooling vest. Didn’t think I’d need it to get to Lyft. I was wrong. He’s already done.

Haven’t done escalators for a while. Notice the in-toe on the ride down. #hypotonia #Syngap1
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Es folgt ein wichtiger Thread zu #laborwerten bei #LongCovid

Es erreichen mich immer wieder auffällige Laborbefunde wie dieser! Liebe #ärzte, ein sehr auffälliger #biomarker ist oft die #dysregulation des Immunsystems was sich im #th1th2shift zeigt! 🧵
Natürlich ist dies KEINE Kassenleistung und mal wieder von Betroffenen selbst zu zahlen!! Diese Auffälligkeiten sind also NICHT Teil eines klassischen Blutbildes! Bitte weist die Patienten auf diese Werte hin 🙏🙏🙏
Ich selbst habe unzählige Telefonate mit #laboren geführt und sie zum #vegf im Falle bei #longcovid informiert! Ebenso wie der #Rantes-Wert (auch unter CCL5 bekannt), steht dieser für eine #endothelentzündung! Andere Immunzellen werden durch dieses Zytokin alarmiert!
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@jmikhaelmd @BonumCe @JanssenUS @pfizer 2/ 🎇🆓 AMA PRA Credit 🎇
CME ℹ️ & ref list👉
🗝️ Disclosure info 👇
#BonumCE #MMSM Image
@jmikhaelmd @BonumCe @JanssenUS @pfizer 3/🛫Taking off...
🤔#biomarker definitions
🎯Dx biomarkers distinguish👥w disease &👥 w/o
🔮Prognostic biomarkers forecast likelihood of a clin event, dz progression or recurrence
🔮Predictive biomarkers identify 👥 more likely to experience favorable/unfavorable effect from 💊💉 Image
@jmikhaelmd @BonumCe @JanssenUS @pfizer 4/ 📊 #BonumCE #MMSM

SP is 63 yo/M presents w anemia & bone pain
BMBX shows 70% clonal plasma cells and FISH reveals t(11;14)
MRI shows multifocal bone lesions
sBCMA is 227 ng/mL and SLAMF7 8.3 ng/mL by ELISA

☑️ Which is diagnostic of #multiplemyeloma in SP❓
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🧵1/9 Psychologist
"We think your symptoms are psychological." I couldn't get this sentence out of my head. How could my symptoms be psychological? Bulls**.

But what if he was right? I couldn't get rid of the thought & followed the doctors advice & went to see a psychologist.
2/9 It was an old man, around 75. After I have told him about everything, he asked me what bothered me. "My symptoms" I said. “But there has to be something that burdens you mentally” he answered. The following conversation went something like this:
3/9 "Did you have a bad experience in your childhood?"
- "No"
Did you lose a close family member?"
- "No"
Are your parents divorced?
- “No”
He was desperately trying to find something in my past and I was getting more and more confused.
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What is ME/CFS?
In short, in its severe stage, it is the worst non-fatal physical disease you can have.

ME/CFS is a severe, physical and complex disease, usually caused by a viral infection. Because so little research has been done on it, scientists are not sure about the
underlying cause yet.
An incorrect response of the immune system to an infection is likely which then, as in a chain reaction, leads to a dysregulation of the immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the energy metabolic system and the cardiovascular system.
The disturbed immune regulation also leads to a sustained T-cell activation and a reduced function of natural killer cells.

Who is prone to develop ME/CFS is also still unclear. There are probably two factors:
-An infection at the time of high physical activity or stress load
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On the top picture, you see me.  
Back then I enjoyed life and did not worry about the future. I had just finished school and couldn't wait to see what life had in store for me. I was a very sociable person and loved having people around me. I lived a very active life and there Image
was hardly any party I missed. Photography and travelling were my great passions. 
On the picture below, you see M.E.  
A severe and utterly frightening disease that hardly any research has been done on. This disease is to blame for the fact that I have lost everything about my
old life. Here I am getting another infusion because I am in such a bad general condition again. 
So, what happened between the two pictures? 
I developed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / ”Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” after a mild virus infection. (hard to pronounce, even harder to
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“Research has demonstrated micro clots in the blood of #LongCovid patients, beyond the shadow of a doubt” @doctorasadkhan on @BBCWorld

On treatment:
“My blood was so full of clot material it blocked the machine 4 times, all despite normal d-dimer & fibrinogen blood levels”
So the elephant in the room is we need a damn #biomarker for micro clots… !!!

My #LongCovid clinic says 99/100 doctors will not administer anticoagulant therapy empirically.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/21/2021…
Similar patterns of [18F]-FDG brain PET hypometabolism in paediatric and adult patients with long COVID: a paediatric case series…

#COVID19 #children #LongCOVID #biomarker #BrainPETScan #DataAnalysis
A Tunguska sized airburst destroyed Tall el-Hammam a Middle Bronze Age city in the Jordan Valley near the Dead Sea…

#CosmicAirburst #archaeology #MiddleBronzeAge #JordanValley
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Predicting #risk ⚠️of Post-operative #AFib 🫀 with atrial-natriuretic peptide #biomarker🔎

#interview with authors @felix_hof, Patrick Sulzgruber and Andreas Hammer in thread 🧵 ⬇️

📄Article 👉…

📄#Editorial #Freeaccess👉… Image
Why did you write this paper? What was its main purpose?
F. HOFER, P. SULZGRUBER and A. HAMMER: "Post-operative atrial fibrillation (POAF) represents a common complication after cardiac surgery which is associated with major adverse events and poor patient-outcome."
"In the era of personalized patient care the measurement of atrial-natriuretic peptide (MR-proANP) represents an easily assessable biomarker picturing atrial function and strain before the surgical Intervention that potentially allows risk stratification for POAF."
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With 2020 almost over, it's time again to look back at some of the BEST in the #bone field: 🔝20 papers (+extras).

Happy to hear your input! Disclosure: fully subjective ranking!
@ASBMR @AcademyEcts @Osteoporosis_NL @osteoporosisNI @mmse30 @NatalieASims
#1 Atypical Femoral fractures @NEJM (Black DM et al.)
Risk reduces within months of @Bisphosphonate1 discontinuation. Benefit>risk in any group but less so in Asians and women <65yr…
-side note- @ECTS_science very useful systematic review and recommendations for managing osteoporosis following AFFs.…

And oral BPs may not only reduce fractures but also cardiovascular events
@Dr_BoAbrahamsen @prieto_alhambra
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I am very excited to share our latest work published in @eLife! We combined #MEG, #fMRI and #MRI for #BrainAge prediction & #biomarker development. Each modality added unique information & enhanced brain-behavior mapping! Thread👇
1/ We combined anatomical MRI (surface area, thickness, volume), fMRI-connectivity and MEG (source power, connectivity, alpha-peak, 1/f, latencies) with a stacking approach (1: ridge, 2: random forest). We made sure our model potentially extracts information from missing values.
2/ Is combining multimodal brain data worth the effort for brain age prediction? Compared to anatomical MRI, fMRI and MEG added similar improvements. Combining all modalities yielded to markedly improved prediction performance. MEG and fMRI contributed independent information!
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