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#SriAgenda in 5min - #May24 9am CEST

Taxonomy CDA: Implications on financial markets and the role of #fossilgas in EU green transition "@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds…

#fossilfuels #climatecrisis #climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @andytuit
@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds @andytuit there's a lot of #greenwashing in the financial industry, this is why there's the need for a taxonomy, says @ph_lamberts starting his speech

#fossilgas #fossilfuels #climatecrisis #climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @GreensEFA
@Bellona_EU @ClimateBonds @andytuit @ph_lamberts @GreensEFA we need to block the CDA-Climate Delegated Act because we want a label that is reliable, we need reliable market infos, if we include gas and nuclear we're distorting the market, says @ph_lamberts

#climatefinance #greenfinance #sustainablefinance @marietouss1 @EleonoraEvi
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🌟The Dutch Insulation Programme was launched last week.
👎I can't help but compare to the woeful lack of focus on insulation in today's British Energy Security Strategy and the UK Heat and Buildings Strategy.
Some highlights from the Dutch approach from which we can learn 🧵 1/7
Headline: aim to insulate 2.5 million Dutch homes by 2030. That's about 30%!
Focus on the worst first - those with energy label of E, F or G (which make up about 20%). This is important for #energypoverty alleviation. 2/7 Image
The plan sets out 4 combined approaches to insulating 2.5m homes by 2030 (machine translation below). Nice combination of area-based, individual and collective approaches. 3/7 Image
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There is so much talk about the risks of being dependent on Russian #gas. But what are other risks of natural gas?🧐 Answers provides this freshly published literature overview on the risks and challenges of #FossilGas:… (1/6)
(2/6) The reviewed literature highlights the barriers natural gas poses to sustainability transitions: Natural gas has a significant negative impact on the climate & natural gas use is likely incompatible with long-term climate targets.
(3/6) Only little research exists on natural gas' potential to delay sustainability transitions, with the few studies identified (by screening more than 4,500 studies with #CADIMA) highlighted on the map. This paper is a comprehensive compilation of hitherto disperse evidence.
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(1/8) A few thoughts on the current debate about the #EUTaxonomy on sustainable energy finance, especially the classification of #gaspower and #nuclear.
(2/8) #Nuclear power has a very peculiar risk profile. It certainly is climate-friendly, with small life-cycle CO2 emissions (like wind and PV). But its waste problem and nuclear accident risks are unique. Ultimately a value judgement whether or not these eco-risks are acceptable
(3/8) The true risk about #nuclear for climate change mitigation: Its track record of delays and cost overruns. New nuclear power makes for a very risky and costly bet for reaching climate targets. Just look at #Olkiluoto, #Flamanville, #HinkleyPoint. #FalsePromise?
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Our take on the @EU_Commission’s second part of the #Fitfor55 package aimed at re-designing the EU’s internal #gasmarket rules and governing a future European #hydrogen pipeline network. 1/12
1️⃣ gas market: The proposed revisions to the internal gas market rules do not address that Europe’s #climatetargets imply a rapidly shrinking market for #fossilgas use already this decade. 2/12
The need to scale down #fossilgas and replacement by #electrification and only partially by non-fossil gases must become the underlying narrative of the gas market rules. Here is why! 3/12
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EU #CoalPhaseOut action plan: 16 EU Members States will be #coal free by 2025, remaining states must follow by 2030 for a cost-efficient #netzero pathway. 6 countries not yet committed to 2030. We identified a policy mix without new fuel lock-ins & minimum costs. Findings 👇1/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
Key Finding 1: The EU's 2030 climate target of -55 % requires a complete #coal phase-out in the power system by 2030. An EU-wide #CoalPhaseOut2030 saves 1 billion tons of CO2 compared to 40 % emissions reduction at little additional costs to consumers. 2/9
How will the EU coal phase-out by 2030 affect the price of #electricity? Consumers can expect a price increase of only 0.5 ct/kWh with a policy mix scenario - a figure that is dwarfed by the current increase in #powerprices driven by more costly #fossilgas. 3/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
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It’s a bit overdue, but I did promise to write a report on my trip to China, to attend #IPHC23. (23rd International Passive House Conference.) Here it is.... as long, and probably rambling,🧵.
I’ll break my #iphc23 report into chapters: 1. Plenary & Policy Overview, 2. Conference presentations, 3. Expo, followed by 4. An editorial. (And perhaps some highlights of the short vacation I took afterwards to #Xinjiang, if I have time.)
1. Plenary & Policy: it was clear from the first moment I landed in Beijing that this event would not be a typical #Passivhaus conference. The Chinese Gov rolled out the red carpet, not just for practitioners, but as an all out International trade event. #IPHC23
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