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1/11 🚀 Elated to share top 10 takeaways from @elonmusk's @Tesla shareholder meeting on May 16, 2023. Buckle up! 🌌
2/11 🚌 An attendee asked about an RV or a camper. @elonmusk revealed no current plans for an RV, but the upcoming Cybertruck could be converted into one. Fun times ahead! 🤠 #TeslaRV #Cybertruck

#TeslaShareholderMeeting #ElonMusk #Tesla
3/11 🐦 Regarding his $44B takeover of @Twitter, Musk called it a "short-term distraction." Also, @lindayacc is on board as the new CEO. And guess what? Tesla might try traditional advertising! 📺 #TwitterTakeover #TeslaAds
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🔋🔋2023 the TWh year🔋🔋

Our what to watch in 2023 briefing and roundtable is now available! Highlights in the thread below

Request the full briefing here:

#battery #energystorage #EV #Batteryrecycling #EVCharging #EVmotors
Our headline figure for 2023 will see EV
sales rise to over 14 million units, up
from 10.2 million in 2022. #EV #EVsales
Battery Deployment across all markets is set to exceed 1TWh for the first time. The EV market making up over 2/3 of this. We expect to see LFP growth continue in 2023, with the first deployments of high manganese chemistries expected #EVBattery
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“Interested in sustainable energy and energy transitions?
My research group—Energy Technology and Policy Assessment—is looking for graduate students (master’s and PhD) and postdoctoral scholars interested in #lifecycleassessment (LCA), technoeconomics, and innovation. McGill
Civil Engineering is an excellent program for sustainable energy, spanning electricity, transportation, and environment (including collaborative, interdisciplinary opportunities across engineering departments and campus). ETAPA research is in line with #TISED goals for
sustainability in engineering and design. Undergraduate research assistantships will also be available.

Present student/postdoc opportunities focus on:

♻ LCA of #transportation in Peru and Canada
♻ Land use impacts of electricity and energy #infrastructure, USA, Canada,
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NEW report: Western Balkan countries can decarbonise their power systems by 2045 – and save money – if they invest in #renewableenergy, #energystorage & #greenhydrogen when replacing aging lignite power plants. A 🧵1/6
A decarbonised power system ensures security of supply that can be further reinforced through deeper regional integration. 2/6
Fossil gas is no bridge fuel. Need for accelerated #climateaction, high & volatile #fossilgas prices & ever cheaper #renewables undermine business case for new fossil gas infrastructure. WB6 can cut gas use by 50% up to 2045 by investing in H2-ready infrastructure & storage. 3/6
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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Our analysis of materials released by @IESO_Tweets in response to our Freedom of Information Request

1. Thirty-two Ontario municipalities, representing almost 60% of Ontario’s population, have asked @ONgov to phase-out gas-fired electricity generation. 1/

2. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) October 7, 2021 (misleading) report,Decarbonization and Ontario’s Electricity System, phasing-out gas power by 2030 would raise residential electricity bills by 60% [page 1].

3. In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI), we obtained drafts of the IESO’s report. These drafts reveal the following facts:

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$GWSO 🔥 Dr. Elena Shembel has been working with startup MaxAh to enhance #Lithium-ion batteries with novel graphene that THEY source and synthesize. DYK #Graphene also happens to be the most promising electrode material for superior performance in #Sodium-ion batteries. 😁
👀 Presented at ABAF, partnered with Delfast and published with ECS… Dr. Shembel is drawing attention from the industry’s scientific community as she has in the past. I see a preview of catalysts to come for $GWSO…
The PR timeline is interesting here as well… all sorts of validation 😏…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/14/2021…
This mineral shouldn’t exist on Earth’s surface. But researchers found it inside a diamond.…

#diamonds #minerals #discovery #botswana #davemaoite
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Investors are pouring billions into novel 'long-duration #energystorage technologies. What techs are most promising?

Dept of @Energy's Storage Earthshot wants to cut storage costs 90%. Is that enough?

How long is 'long duration'?

My new paper w/@nsepulvedam has answers... 🧵
Our new @Joule_CP commentary (…) builds on a recent @NatureEnergyJnl research paper (…) to sift through the broad ‘‘design space’’ for potential long-duration energy storage (LDES) technologies & offer insights to guide innovation...
In short: to meet the cost & performance targets identified in our research, LDES techs need:

1. Ultra-low energy capacity costs (~$1-10 per kilowatt-hour the device is capable of storing)
2. Suitably high efficiency (particularly for discharge)
3. >100 hrs sustained discharge.
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When I said this was HUGE, it might not be obvious to even the rarefied air of #energytwitter why I'm so amped about @FERC approval of @pjminterconnect capacity accreditation reforms for #energystorage.

Allow me to explain... (thread alert!) 1/
@FERC @pjminterconnect First, grid operators can now compare how #energystorage contributes to power system reliability on an apples-to-apples basis with fuel-based generation. It's a definitive statement that "yes, storage can be counted on for reliability" and answers analytically how much 2/
Every supply resource has its own constraints for providing power system reliability. Fuel-based generators break down or have fuel constraints. Wind & solar output depends on weather. Demand response can vary with customer behavior/fatigue. #energystorage has output limits. 3/
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We're going to share the #cleanenergy innovation provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure bill (BIB) today. If we miss any, feel free to comment or RT.…

THREAD 🧵(1/20) ⤵️
p. 2528 of BIB – includes $21.456B for the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, which would execute ARDP, CCUS demos, energy storage demos, among other demos.
Energy Storage:
p. 1866-1867 of BIB – includes $505M for #energystorage demo projects, including for the Long Duration Demo Initiative and Joint Program.
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The Concord project opted to go with Solar (PV) connected to an energy storage system (battery storage) in lieu of a backup generator.

This system has been designed to keep the critical loads for the home operational even if the utility power is knocked out.
This includes the backup heating and domestic hot water system (gas boiler with radiant floor heat + indirect hot water tank), the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, TV/WiFi, lighting and receptacles in strategic areas.
The Generac PwrCell provides 18 kWh of battery storage in a single cabinet, and up to 9 kW of continuous power output, enough to power the critical loads for extended periods of time. It can also be expanded to 36 kWh of battery storage in the future should it ever be needed.
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$DCRN ➡️ @tritium IP highlights
Valuation at 1.4b
Free cash flow 2023
Will trade under $DCFC (DC fast charge 🧐)
24% for $DCRN share holders
No pipe
IP -… Image
The #EVrevolution
As batteries decrease in price and achieve longer range it’s now possible for electrification
Projected growth to 55 million #electricvehciles by 2040 Image
DC charging company (5-10) competitors globally
Around since 2001
Global reach with charging in 41 countries
Market share - US 15%, EU 20%, Asia pacific over 75% Image
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🔋China to boost Energy Storage above 30GW by 2025

🇨🇳 state planner NDRC released draft 'Guidelines on Speeding up New Types of Energy Storage (excl. pumped storage) Deployment'

That is tenfold increase in Battery Storage capacity from 2020 level of 3.3GW
The draft NDRC guideline states key targets:

2025: New Type of Energy Storage will evolve from initial commercial stage to large-scale deployment.

2030: Full market-based mechanism for Energy Storage 🔋, meeting needs in New Power System.
🇨🇳energy regulators pinned main measures to boost #EnergyStorage in draft guideline:

🔹Energy Storage sectoral Plan, with targets and key tasks in 14FYP and mid-long term
🔹🔋Technology progress
🔹Energy storage joins power market incl. capacity mechanism
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Did you see yesterday's announcement about the EasyBat app, built by @bebat_BE and running on the #EnergyWeb tech stack?

Learn more about EasyBat and how it works here:…

Also, check out this brief thread. 👇 Image
EasyBat is a #blockchain-based solution for identifying and tracking batteries throughout their lifecycle, from production, to ownership and operation, to second-life uses, recycling, and/or end-of-life disposal.
#Electrification & #energystorage are key components of the global #EnergyTransition, so this is a pretty big deal... not just for consumer batteries, but also for stationary batteries that are part of residential & commercial #solar PV systems, not to mention #ElectricVehicles.
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Hey #energytwitter, if you want to tune in to the Senate and House hearings on the #TexasBlackout, links are in next tweet. I'll tweet on it throughout the day on this thread.

Please tweet using #txlege and #txenergy, esp. if you have relevent info that could help going forward
Joint hearing House Energy Resources and State Affairs

Senate Business & Commerce
First witness in Senate is Bob Rose, meteorologist with @LCRA #txlege #txenergy
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1/4 #Nuclear power plants are bespoke, slow to build, and fat tailed for financial and safety risks. #Wind farms and #energystorage are modular, fast, and thin tailed.
2/4 By choosing wind over nuclear, the risk of regression to the tail will be significantly reduced, and #climate goals will be achieved sooner. This is just one example. Many others exist.
3/4 Every investment alternative must be assessed in this manner to ensure that #stimulus spending becomes a boost instead of a drag on the economy. The latter is happening more often than we like to think.

Free pdf with new paper:

Please help share.
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It is a new tool box. A way to apply new thinking to the problems of contemporary life. What are we DOING when we change something in a system like #energy #transport #housing or #food?

We are changing a system which makes us free. Free to cook, clean, move and shelter.
So it is never just #energy #energytransition work we are doing. We are not just trying to hit #netzero we are intervening in peoples lives and #capabilities

These freedoms are part of a contract between individuls, society and institutions.
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Key update on #EnergyStorage-as-transmission! @FERC accepted @misoenergy's "storage-as-transmission-only asset" (SATOA) proposal, subject to a further tariff filing by 9/24…

A thread on the issues in the order and some observations 1/
First, FERC approves the basic premise of MISO's SATOA, noting it as an extenstion of the Western Grid precedent that established storage-as-Tx. No real suprise there, other than that it re-affirms the distinction from NTAs 2/
FERC approves MISO's requirement only TOs may own SATOA, since MISO functional control depends on a Tx Owners Agreement; this seems to eliminate the possibility of a TO contracting for a SATOA asset, and thus would require non-TOs to become merchant TOs to offer SATOA 3/
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🚨whoop whoop! thread alert!🚨

What will it take for #energystorage to replace fossil fuels?

A thread on @FormEnergyInc's recent white paper.

Here's a link to a short summary blog (full paper linked at the bottom). Read on for context and a summary!
There are seemingly contradictory answers to this Q.

On one hand, we see arguments that renewables + storage + other cleantech are already cheaper on average than fossils. So cheap, in fact, that a large fraction of plants are at risk of being stranded:…
On the other, we see arguments that a meaningful portion of the gas grid can't be retired today w/out threatening the grid's reliability or cost. These arguments aren't coming from a fossil fuel lobby. Its coming from folks like the CPUC, UCS, and E3:…
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Our #BUwebinar on the @CREATEproject1 is about to start, join us to discuss the possibilities of heat storage!

Or keep up through this thread ⬇️
#CREATEproject #EnergyStorage #RenewableEnergy
Let's begin with @AEE_INTEC Technology Development Department Leader Wim van Helden!

"Revolution in thermal energy storage", here we go 💪
CREATE stands for „Compact REtrofit Advanced Thermal Energy storage“

The #CREATEproject aims to tackle the thermal energy storage challenge for the built environment by developing a compact heat storage.

The aim is to develop a heat battery that fits the following conditions:
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FREE TODAY!! Our webinars for all to share from the @EU_H2020 @Proseu_Project The first with @NewAngliaEnergy and @ChristophMazur on Local Electricity business models for #EnergyTransition . @EnergyREV_UK @UKERCHQ @exeterepg @SmartEnergyGB @ETH_EPG
What did we learn? We are all tackling similar issues in Europe, looking for solutions to share #energy bottom up. #smartmetering key! #energystorage @EnergySysCat @smartcitiesdive @ICLEI_Europe @c40cities research here:… paper here:…
Lunch and Learn 2 RETRO-FIT! whole house retrofit by @BrownSdc and @RetrofitWorks how can we scale up retrofit at the city and neighbourhood scale? #GreenRecovery #GreenNewDeal @heatpolicyrich @UKERCHQ @janrosenow @heatandthecity
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Great event and panel put together by @livemint @UtpalBhaskar converging diverse views from financing, #fossilfuel generation, #energytransition #technology and business operations in the #electricity value-chain! 1/n
As Power Minsiter @RajKSinghIndia rightly said, problems of capacity and #energyaccess has been solved, and the next problem to be solved is reducing #India's #carbonfootprint - #electrification of #mobility and #cooking is one pathway.
Increasing domestic and international demand for #electricity will lead to more #RenewableEnergy capacity installation; new connections and usage will ⬆️domestic demand, integration & #export (neighbors inc #Myanmar #SriLanka) will ⬆️cross-border demand, which India can supply.
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The @TheEIU & @PictetGroup 'Uncovering tomorrow's #innovation hotspots' takes a look at the cities striving for emerging #technology leadership. It provides some interesting #insights. Here are a few takeaways...(1/4) Image
2/4 As traditional #Innovation centers such as Silicon Valley, New York & London faces various headwinds the study looks to identify new potential #tech hotspots, here is an overview using growth in #VC deal activity as an indicator... Image
3/4 Next tier of #Innovation hotspots overview...#Technology Image
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