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@EU_Commission presented its #ownresources proposal today. It lays out 3 new revenue streams to:
- repay EU debt #NextGenerationEU
- finance the #SocialClimateFund

A short thread on what it means for #EUETS contributions based on some initial rough calculations 🧵1/13
First things first. 3 proposed new revenue streams are:
- 25% ETS (1+2) revenues: ~12.5b/y
- 75% CBAM revenues: ~0.8b/y
- 15% residual profits from large, profitable multinational enterprises: ~2.5-4b/y

On #CBAM, this was obviously expected; still disappointing. Many (including @e3g) argue that revenues should flow back to vulnerable #LDCs through adaptation and mitigation finance.
@Europarl_EN also seems keen on this @MChahim @kvanbrempt @MalinBjork_EU @KarinKarlsbro 3/13
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#Germany 🇩🇪 is overpaying for #climateprotection by 183 bln USD or 4.5 percent of #GDP. 📉🌍 @BjornLomborg #FalseAlarm #climate #economy /1
How can I argue this? First, I took #Germany's long-term #GDP forecast up to 2060 by the #OECD (2020-2050, in USD, dark blue line). /2
Then I corrected this #GDP #growth forecast with #Germany's expected average annual expenditures for climate protection estimated by the #KfW (ca. 5.2 percent of GDP annually!, green line). /3
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EU #CoalPhaseOut action plan: 16 EU Members States will be #coal free by 2025, remaining states must follow by 2030 for a cost-efficient #netzero pathway. 6 countries not yet committed to 2030. We identified a policy mix without new fuel lock-ins & minimum costs. Findings 👇1/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
Key Finding 1: The EU's 2030 climate target of -55 % requires a complete #coal phase-out in the power system by 2030. An EU-wide #CoalPhaseOut2030 saves 1 billion tons of CO2 compared to 40 % emissions reduction at little additional costs to consumers. 2/9
How will the EU coal phase-out by 2030 affect the price of #electricity? Consumers can expect a price increase of only 0.5 ct/kWh with a policy mix scenario - a figure that is dwarfed by the current increase in #powerprices driven by more costly #fossilgas. 3/9 Phasing out coal in the EU’s power system by 2030
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#unpostalgiorno dal trimestrale #ENERGIA 3.21
@palmisval Lettera da Bruxelles: The survival of the fit(test) for 55 (pp. 76-81)

#Fitfor55: “Chi ricorda il Clean Energy Package del 2016 sarà alle prese con un déjà-vu”

1/8… Image
L'ultima lettera da #Bruxelles non poteva che essere dedicata al #Fitfor55

@palmisval propone una versione ‘light’ dell’articolo su, evidenziando gli aspetti inediti dell’ultimo pacchetto di iniziative legislative UE

Per il gruppo dei Socialisti e Democratici “La transizione dovrà essere #giusta, o la transizione non ci sarà affatto”

Il Partito Popolare Europeo afferma: “Vogliamo la decarbonizzazione, non la deindustrializzazione”

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.1/ On Monday the #IPPC WG1 published its report, and it is a stark warning that human activity is damaging the planet at an alarming rate.

@IPCC_CH | #ClimateAction
2/ Significant progress has been made since Paris, but more is needed and the UK is using our #COP26 Presidency to ensure we’re back on track.
3/ #COP26 will need to see major increases in ambition both through national level commitments and real economy changes.
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1/17 L'impact d'une taxe carbone sur les ménages dépend-il de leur lieu d'habitation ? La géographie explique-t-elle les difficultés rencontrées par cette taxe ? Peut-elle apporter une solution ? Quelques réponses dans ce papier écrit avec M. Lafourcade et C. de Thé. Un thread ⏬
2/17 La tarification du carbone est vue par beaucoup d'économistes comme un levier majeur de la #transition écologique 🌍 En faisant payer aux entreprises et/ou aux ménages le coût social du carbone émis, elle rend rentable pour eux d'investir dans la réduction de leurs émissions
3/17 C'est un des piliers de la politique climatique 🇪🇺, avec l' #ETS, qui impose depuis 2005 aux industriels l'achat de quotas carbone correspondant à leurs émissions. Le récent paquet #Fitfor55 de la @EU_Commission propose de renforcer et d'étendre ce système.
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Here we are ! Finally, after 18 months of big talks and long-term objectives about #EUGreenDeal, @EU_Commission releases its mammoth package #FitFor55 #FF55.
Here is my key take-aways: the good, the bad, the ugly. #Thread 👇
Good 1: that’s a massive policy push to transform #EUGreenDeal promises into concrete actions to change our ways of life. @FransTimmermans recognises this will be “bloody hard”, but righly underlines that our future depends on it.
Good 2: Creation of the Social Climate Fund that we @DelorsInstitute have been calling for years. This Fund should start as of 2025 with EU budget, and could invest up to 70Bn€ from 2025 to 2032 to finance national plans to ensure social justice in the transition. #EnergyPoverty
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1st day of the #Slovenian 🇸🇮presidency of @EUCouncil Watch this space for live updates from @EURACTIV 👇
For a short take for what's on the menu today in #Ljubljana, check out…
#Cybersecurity and #AI will be one of the priorities for 🇸🇮@EU2021SI, first briefing of the day by @BostjanKoritnik, responsible for #DigitalTransformation, who says "it is important for us to create a high level of trust in human-centric #AI"
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#Kohleausstieg 2030: Green Deal und Klimaschutzgesetz sorgen dafür, dass Deutschlands Ausstieg aus der Kohle deutlich früher kommt als geplant. THREAD. Mehr Details gibt’s hier: (1/7) Warum Deutschlands neue Klimaziele den Kohleausstieg bis 203
Zwischen 2015 und 2020 hat sich die europäische Stromerzeugung aus #Kohlekraftwerken bereits halbiert. (2/7)
Der Hauptgrund: Mehr #ErneuerbareEnergien, niedrige Gaspreise und steigende Preise im CO₂-Zertifikatehandel. Letztere sind bis Mai 2021 auf über 50 €/t gestiegen. Das führt dazu, dass #Kohlestrom immer teurer wird. (3/7)
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Auch @dieLinke hat den Entwurf für ihr Wahlprogramm veröffentlicht. Was steht zu #Klimaschutz und #Energie drin? Und wie ist das zu bewerten? Ein Thread (1/x): ⬇️
Zunächst: Tolle Ziele, zum Beispiel #Klimaneutralität bis 2035. Für alle wichtigen Bereiche werden konkrete Maßnahmen beschrieben. Erkennbar wird, dass @dieLinke die Nähe zur #Klimabewegung sucht. Gut! (2/x)
Bestimmendes Thema ist #Gerechtigkeit. Wer zahlt für den Ausbau #Erneuerbarer? Für die energetische Sanierung von #Gebäuden? Den Aus- und Umbau von #Netzen? Hier möchte @dieLinke Bürger*innen entlasten. Der Staat spielt eine starke Rolle und muss häufig einspringen. (3/x)
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What else can be said that has not, concerning this corrupt #Kakistocracy & their equally corrupt #MSM ?

The only reason these @LiberalAus lead criminals are in power is because of #newscorpaus criminals keeping them there
But hey, let`s revamp some social media goings on

We also have a cabal who despise this corrupt LNP gov but this cabal has been undermining the only #SocialDemocratic that can replace them = @AustralianLabor
This cabal has undermined @AlboForPM

This cabal has creamed why aren`t they/him doing more

This cabal even has some ALP supporters amongst them

But most of all thus cabal are represented by @Greens & those promoting Independent politicians
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1 - Which political party has been around for 28 years & has managed to achieve just one seat in the House of Reps?

2 - Supporters of this party think it`s founder saved the Franklin from being damned

3 - Their leader also supports more Coalition government
4- How many times did this political party stop Australia from having an cap&trade ETS?

5- Is Europe achieving more on Climate Action than Australia?

6- Which model should Australia follow on Climate Change, Europe, the US or ?
7- Should an abuser be allowed to manage/control those abused?

8- Is opposing major steps to fight climate change akin to denial?

9- How many actually understand what a cap& trade #ETS actually is & does

10- Should the fight against AGW be above politics?
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Entlastungen beim #CO2Preis für Unternehmen im #BEHG: Ausnahmen verhindern wichtige Klimaschutzanreize. Sie sind auf ein absolut notwendiges Maß zu reduzieren. Hier eine erste Einschätzung zu den Eckpunkten der Bundesregierung
1/7 Sektorenliste Emissionshandel #ETS als Grundlage: Diese Branchenliste ist sehr lang und wenig ambitioniert. Geplante Ausweitung der Sektorenliste ist anfällig für Lobbyinteressen
2/7 eine abgestufte Entlastung ist grundsätzlich gut, aber das Kriterium „Kostenbelastung“ allein ist nicht sehr aussagekräftig – es kommt auch darauf an ob Kosten weitergereicht werden können (Handelsintensität)
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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[Thread] Wie kann es sein, dass #rwe #leag #eph *intransparente* 4,35 Mrd € für unrentable Kraftwerke bekommen. Ich finde: das braucht Öffentlichkeit!
@dlf @KaiserSte @traufetter @ClausHecking @maulwurfsky #Kohleausstieg
Es gab eindringliche Warnungen und konstruktive Verbesserungsvorschläge an das Parlament, vgl. u.a. @HannsKoenig 2/n…
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You get diagnosed with #cancer while on transitional leave. You get referred to MEB, you return to your unit and your #ETS orders get revoked, your elect to continue the #MEB process IAW AR 635-200 para 1-24, you file a reques for an extension to complete MEB. 1/
The CG denies your extension because his office says you were #cancer free and was recalled to AD to get diagnosed. You have never left the #Army up until that point. The Army separates you. While you are still waiting for final cancer determination by the Army itself. 2/
You still have Army appointments to go through next week, but you are no longer in the #Army. And the Army didn't pay you EOM either and the money's tight because your $ cushion was for 5 months. // This is why we volunteer our time to do what we do.
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