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#FriendlyFire When @johnroderick asked who the audience was for Captain America it really made me think about why it was me. I grew up in the late '70s and early '80s reading comics when the characters were at the height of their world building. 1/
@johnroderick As an avid reader with no internet and limited TV and movie choices comics were great imagination fuel that fed my need for heroes and endeared them to me. 2/
@johnroderick But, outside of mall appearances or the low budget TV movies, the thought of seeing these characters filmed in a way that was as exciting as the books with a good story based on the world of that hero seemed impossible at the time. 3/
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I had an epiphany!*
There’s nothing that says we can't just start The Twelve Days of Cagemas in July today!

*-12 satisfies the assumed need for a |12| day period between Cagemas and Epiphany.
( should work too.)

(1/12) H.I.
"Cagemas in July" stems from an @flophousepodcast bit, cf.; and
though my toots comprise ~1/7th of all references to it as a seasonal reason for celebration, one day that’ll surely change. 🌘💥 wasn’t a flop but I didn’t see it ‘til this.

(2/12) Ronnie!
My initial exposure to "Not the Bees!” was via the @FilmPigs: i.e. “The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading”.…

You’d think I’d wanna end on this quote as it’s surely the most iconic, but: no! That’s how strong the overall Cage oeuvre is.
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To celebrate #DonaldDuck's 85th birthday, I am gonna watch every DD theatrical cartoon in chronological order (minus the ones I just covered in my #Mickey90 megathread)

Mute the thread NOW if you would like to avoid seeing all of this!
Day 1: "The Wise Little Hen" (June 9, 1934)

Donald's 1st appearance, as a scene-stealing supporting actor in this Silly Symphony cartoon. He is paired w/Peter Pig, who will never have a role this good again. DD becomes an instant star, while Peter is demoted to background player
I think they know they have something here; they save Donald's intro for last, and give him a great entrance.

Also, WLH's singing voice is perfect, and Peter Pig's speaking voice is a true nightmare. You can feel his cartoon career ending the moment he opens his mouth.
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Moves & Countermoves...

JZ Knight or better known as the 35,000 year old, nasty demon she channels, Ramtha has twatter & yt on her side cause she gives out $$. Had all copies of Neons funny vid of her #CULT taken down, including mine. Toushee JZ, please allow me to retort...
A great man once said "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat."
-Ronald Reagan
Prepare to feel the heat you vile creature of satan. We have not even begun to turn the temp up. You claim to be behind #Qanon so you should know Anons store all offline.
True Patriots of #TheGreatAwaking will not waver, for #PatriotsFight true evildoers like yourself. We DRAG the #DarkToLight & expose the #Truth! It's time, you disgusting creature, it is time to kick a$$ & chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum. Prepare your pathetic warriors
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