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As the #Taliban continue to claim moving #TTP fighters to western #Afghanistan, TTP fighters have been confirmed in northern AFG, today the head of district intelligence of the Taliban’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GID) can under attack in #Badakhshah province.
For those unfamiliar with #Badakhshah provincial borders… Image
Another important factor to keep in mind is the #geological value of #Badakhshah province.

This is of key importance to #China’s investment into minerals in #Afghanistan. Image
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"International C markets are a very potent tool for mobilizing #CarbonDioxideRemoval in line with Paris Agreement ambitions to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Yet, C market regulators have not systematically approached removals."

🧵1/7 Image
So, a review paper recently published "assesses the highly fragmented treatment of #removals under compliance and #VoluntaryCarbonMarkets, including baseline, credit and cap-and-trade systems."
2/7 Image
"The Kyoto mechanisms and the large #VoluntaryCarbonMarket standards have long focussed on biological removals without inherent storage permanence and only recently started to develop methodologies for removals with #geological storage, #mineralization or #biochar."
3/7 Image
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"Researchers recently investigate the feasibility of industrial-scale geological #CarbonSequestration as an effective #ClimateChange mitigation technology."

📜Details are discussed in a🧵⬇️

[1/9] Image
"This investigation was done by performing numerical simulations of coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics on a representative field-scale #geological model in the Gulf of Mexico that could become a typical CO2 #storage site."
Authors use "representative model to examine 2 potential hazards associated with large-scale CO2 storage:
🔸CO2 might migrate to shallower formations
🔸CO2 injection might induce seismicity due to destabilization of pre-existing faults."
3/9 ImageImage
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"The recent paper aims to highlight key operational challenges related to #CO2 #Injection in low-temp environments at various pressures."

So, a new approach is provided "to assess injectivity impairment phenomena, & their remediation at the lab scale."

1/11 Image
"A novel core flooding-based testing apparatus was used to reckon permeability changes of porous core medium during injection of #CO2 across a range of saturations/T/P. This shows the effect on injectivity of
formation-damage mechanisms, including formation of CO2 hydrates."
2/11 Image
"The new dynamic dual-phase injection test rig was designed, built, and used in this study to assess a range of conditions expected during #CO2 #injection either into deep saline aquifers or depleted oil and gas reservoirs."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/07/2020…
The Pandemic's Biggest Mystery Is Our Own Immune System - The Atlantic…

#pandemic #system #immune #mystery
In northern China, scientists have found what may be the 2 billion-year-old birthmarks of Earth's first supercontinent…

#china #geological #earth
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We love TV show #TheCurseOfOakIsland which is about one of #NovaScotia's greatest mysteries! Here is a #geological take on the treasure hunt that highlights the searchers' challenge in figuring out what really happened on #OakIsland.
#nspoli #NS
Like many islands in #MahoneBay, #NovaScotia, #OakIsland is a #drumlin - rock, sand, gravel and clay deposited by glaciers as the last ice age ended
about 12,000 years ago. Actually, the island is 4 connected drumlins.

#nspoli #NS
Because #OakIsland is #drumlins, it may have layers of #gravel below sea
level which could explain the flood tunnel mystery. Searcher shafts might
just be intersecting sea water naturally flowing underground through porous gravel.
#nspoli #NS
@HISTORY #NovaScotia Image
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Though I am really glad that #arsenic contamination of #groundwater in India, and specially #WestBengal is getting the attention it deserves, there is a major issue that needs wider discussion.
There is a simplistic argument that arsenic naturally occurs in the #Gangetic belt, the author uses the term “#geological curse”. If this is the case, why is heavy #arsenic contamination being reported from #Jharkhand and #Chattisgarh in Central India?
A possible answer to that may be traced to this MIT paper that was published in @NatureGeosci on #anthropogenic influence on #groundwater #arsenic contamination in #Bangladesh…
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