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Democrats, in real life have utterly lost their minds and are filled with hate.

I used to think the hateful behavior was unique to social media until I encountered a Democrat Attorney running for County Attorney office in Ft. Bend. #SoniaRash

Can you imagine she will literally
Hate most of Fort Bend voters.

#GetOutTheVote #KeepTexasRed #BetterLedbyRed
Yes, the divider was ridiculous and your evil eye as I walked by will be a focus of my case against you. I'm a nobody. If you hated me that much I can only imagine if you had opportunity and malice in your heart.
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Good advice can come from the most unlikely places which is why it's so important to listen to the message, not the messenger.

"You should wake up every day with the absolute belief that we are going to get our a$$es kicked" Michael Moore

Guidance is all around but a closed mind can make it easy to miss which is just one of many of the left's problems.

It doesn't matter who says it, if it's useful, then use it.

We should take his advice. Always cover all your bases.
Here's just a reminder of why we must win at all costs.
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Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Becomes Warrior Fighting Against State-Sponsored #CPS Child Kidnapping… 🗣#ChildProtectionServices, because it sounds better than #SexTrafficking👊
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(1) @BarackObama just said "It did not start with Donald Trump. He is a symptom, not a cause" You're right Barack, YOU are the problem! YOU are the reason the country is so divided! YOU are the reason! You promote domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa
(2) You support Anti-White racism! YOU are the bigot! You alienate half the country then stand there and give us this sanctimonious shit! #GimmeABreak! We're not buying it! You want to see a demagogue look in a mirror! It's not about Democrat or Repubublican, it's about #MAGA
(3) Voter ID laws are not about making it harder for the poor or minorities, it's about ensuring the integrity of the election and making sure illegals aren't voting in our elections! And don't get me started on radicals. @Ocasio2018 @BernieSanders, need I say more?
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This November, millions of Americans’ access to health care is on the line. Each day from #100DaysOut to midterm elections, we’ll share the story of a Little Lobbyist who needs YOU to be a #HealthCareVoter for them. THREAD 0/100
#100DaysOut “Meet our kids and think of them when you vote. Our children deserve that.” @ElenaHung202

This November, Xiomara's access to health care is #WhatsAtStake. She needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter. 1/100
#100daysout Timmy would’ve lost his insurance in the NICU if he hadn’t been born just 6 days after the #ACA banned lifetime caps on care.

Timmy's access to health care is #whatsatstake this November. Be a #HealthCareVoter. 2/100
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