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Anti Democracy.

Trudeau believes a UK democratic referendum, where British people CHOSE to leave EU is a "right wing policy".

If that's not enough to convince you to vote him out I don't know what is.

OCT 11-14

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo
🇨🇦 Advanced Voting & Registration:

***NB: If you are a Canadian citizen you can register at advanced voting booths with ID! ***

Details in tweets/links below.

Oct 11th-14th

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo #GoVote…
🇨🇦 You must register to vote by Tuesday Oct 15th!

**NB**: If you don't have your voter info card yet you can register at advanced voting booths or Elections Canada offices.


Friday October 11 - Monday October 14
9am - 9pm…

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Medien, Zivilgesellschaft und Wirtschaft machen vor der #Europawahl2019 einen super Job, aber … Ein paar persönliche Beobachtungen von der Seitenlinie zum Europawahlkampf in Deutschland. Thread.
1/ Respekt für hervorragende Arbeit der meisten Medien. Prominent platzierte Schwerpunkte zu Europa. Erklärstücke, wie das EU-Parlament arbeitet. Interviews, mit denen Journalisten versuchen, Politiker aus der Reserve zu locken, aus den Wohlfühlbotschaften, Formeln herauszuholen.
2/ Niemand kann mehr klagen, Europa komme in den Medien zu wenig vor oder werde nicht gut genug erklärt. Es ist viel mehr Qualitätsjournalismus im Angebot als ich auch in meiner beruflichen Rolle als Sprecher jemals gucken, hören und lesen kann.
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1/ I think today is a good day to follow the advice of @KevinMKruse and talk about some of the work that I’ve been doing here in Oxford, MS. First of all, I’m a part of the University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group.
2/ As a part of that group, we have developed an outreach program to the local African American community to help foster dialogue and engagement between the university and the community. We’re just getting started, but we took a big step Saturday.
3/ We planned a trip to Montgomery to visit the @eji_org memorial and museum. This fell right in line with a major event in the community as just a week prior Oxford held an unveiling for a marker honoring the last lynching victim in Lafayette County.
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W. Eugene Smith, Dream Street, Pittsburgh, ca. 1955-58
Walker Evans, Air, 1930s
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#pleaseshare So, I am here with a plea to fellow millennials and young people: Please #VoteBlue. I have 2 pre-existing conditions, Autism and Depression. The only reason I am able to get healthcare is because of Obamacare, 1/?
which Republicans have said they have wanted to get rid of, and have stated they want to get rid of if they win. They are now putting up a massive dog and pony show to deny this, however, the multiple votes they have done tell a far different story, 2/?
and they have not put forward a plan to help those with pre-existing conditions. The only plan they have are high-risk pools. However, these high risk pools are incredibly expensive, and the insurers will likely still deny many things essential to those of us 3/?
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I've been researching the idea of Unconditional Basic Income since 2013. Here's a list of findings I've compiled from various UBI experiments, unconditional cash transfer studies, and cash dividend research.

The data speaks for itself.

Data:… #basicincome
1) "The design and framing of Mincome led participants to view payments through a pragmatic lens, rather than the moralistic lens through which welfare is viewed… this paper finds that Mincome participation did not produce social stigma."… #BasicIncome
Although there was a slight decrease in hours worked per year when primary earners were provided a basic income guarantee in the 1970s, that emerged as a result of spending more time between jobs, reasonably looking for a *good* job instead of *any* job.…
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This November, millions of Americans’ access to health care is on the line. Each day from #100DaysOut to midterm elections, we’ll share the story of a Little Lobbyist who needs YOU to be a #HealthCareVoter for them. THREAD 0/100
#100DaysOut “Meet our kids and think of them when you vote. Our children deserve that.” @ElenaHung202

This November, Xiomara's access to health care is #WhatsAtStake. She needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter. 1/100
#100daysout Timmy would’ve lost his insurance in the NICU if he hadn’t been born just 6 days after the #ACA banned lifetime caps on care.

Timmy's access to health care is #whatsatstake this November. Be a #HealthCareVoter. 2/100
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