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Steve Kerr's legacy and life deserves to be unpacked in full.
Also, I met Steve Kerr and he is genuinely one of the nicest notable figures ever. His life story is also incredible. It explains so much of his resolve and how he approaches the game and his players.
I just think that Steve Kerr being part of one of the greatest basketball teams ever and now ushering another dynasty needs to be talked about in full.

I want an ESPN documentary series on Steve Kerr.
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1/Tonight, for the 17th time in the last 50 years, the #StanleyCup champion returns to defend their crown. This time, the #TBLightning are going for that rare feat - a three-peat and #dynasty status.
2/Three-peats and dynasties themselves are relatively rare. Below is a tour of the dynasties from the last 50 years starting with the 1974 Oakland #Athletics completing a three-peat with a 4-1 win over the #Dodgers with this home run.
3/ In 1979, the #CanadiensMTL completed their second four-peat, winning 4-1 over the New York Rangers. #StanleyCup #Dynasty
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What RU here 2 do, say, be & create? Well, go out there & getter done ✅ no time 2 loose. And by the way...the world NEEDS you‼️ Who wants to spend the rest of our days like this👇 #HellNo #RiseUp… #Superman2 #superman II #General Zod via @gifkeyboard
This is a message4 @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @cafreeland @marcomendicino et al... you have activated the world’s most potent #SuperHeros, #Warriors & #Fearless #Champions. We will NOT back down we’ll not give up & we will NEVER surrender. #YouLose #GodWins this clip’s 4U👇
You have no idea what we are capable of, and we grow stronger each day as more & more join our ranks.
#WatchThisSpace #PainIsComing4TheElites
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A few thoughts on #Warriors #Mavs in 3,2,1…
First off this is an extraordinarily difficult series to analyze. We have two brilliant and dynamic coaches going head to head, who are willing to make any adjustment necessary to win a game or the series.

The tactical possibilities are dizzying.
Another reason is that you can throw out the regular season results of the two teams. Klay didn’t play in the first Dubs loss, and Dray didn’t play in the second two.

And the Mavs only loss was prior to the great midseason trade that instantly made them a contender.
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On a road trip today but will be tweeting #Warriors #Grizzlies intermittently as I go…

Let’s start with this: This series is for the Western Conference championship. The Suns aren’t in it.
Strong statement? The oddsmakers certainly disagree - theyve installed the Suns as co-favorites with the Warriors in the West.

This line is broken. Set by fan expectations, which have in turn been set by the clueless NBA media. The Suns aren’t in it.
Here’s why: Unlike the Grizzlies, the Suns have two players the Warriors can attack: Ayton and CP.

Ayton will appear to dominate inside, and the commentators will moan and groan about the Warriors not being able to match up.
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Not a ton of games but some interesting TWEETSTORM WORTHY developments.

Lemme see some QTs tonight, eh friends?

Title: The Dwight Game
#Grizzlies @ #Raptors

A few things jump out on the Grizz side beyond just JJJ having a juicy one and Bane continuing to romp without Ja.

Thing 1 - Melton only got 17 mins. He tried to make the most of them with a usage of 35 but 17 mins is gross no matter how it goes.
I'm going to hang tight because while we all know Jenkins likes to yank him around, this is just ... come on. If it happens again, then I guess we just call Tyus Jones the guy who soaks up all the newly found mins and go from there.

On Jones, he played 34 mins and...
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Biraz gece floodu gibi oldu ama gelin #GameFi ekosisteminin merkezindeki #MetaVerse projeler ses getiriyorken @BinanceLabs inkübasyonunda geliştirilen ve ilk oyunu bu ay çıkacak @StarSharks_SSS ı tanıyalım🦈
Bir #metaverse projesi olan ve #BSC ağında yer alacak #StarSharks oyuncular, topluluk ve oyun geliştiricileri tarafından geliştirilmekte olan çapraz-çalışabilir (sayısı sürekli artacak) oyunlardan ve #verse lerden oluşacak. Image
Oyunlar arasındaki bariyerleri kaldırarak, bir oyundaki köpek balığı karakterinizin diğer oyunlarda da kullanılabileceği, #metaverse içi oyunlar da #PvP ler, yetiştirme, geliştirme ve farklılaştırma gibi çeşitli #NFT uygulamaları zamanla artarak/çeşitlenerek devreye girecek. Image
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The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

RTs/Likes always appreciated!

Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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WEDNESDAY 11/17 Julius Jones Execution Decision Watch
We’re less than 32 hours from Julius Jones’ scheduled execution. No decision yet from Gov. Stitt about clemency.
Rallies are planned across the country.
Today Julius will have his last meal.
#Oklahoma #deathpenalty
Julius Jones’ family says they are having their final visit with Julius now.
#Oklahoma #deathpenalty
“I think the hard thing is doing the right thing sometimes.”
Rep. @MaureeTurnerOK spent the night with Julius Jones supporters keeping vigil outside the Governor’s mansion.
#JuliusJones #deathpenalty #Oklahoma
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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵
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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵
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Mini-#Thread on ‘distinctive humane traits’ of Indian warriors in early 9th century CE. #History #Bharat #India #Medieval #warriors #war #battle #humanity #Hindus ImageImage
Sulaiman, one of the first Arab merchants, who had undertaken multiple voyages to India and China during the first half of the ninth century, in his travel diary, ‘Akhbar Al-Sin wa’l Hind’ dated 851 AD, writes repeatedly about the following distinct.. Image
.. code of conduct exercised by Indian warriors even in battles fought by them which according to him was quite ‘not warlike’, and was more humane than anybody else :- Image
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THREAD RT: My dad #MarkUrquiza was an actual warrior, @IvankaTrump. Your father killed my father. I know you know who I am and what I think. I saw you nod at me when you and your caravan of vectors walked past me at Tuesday night's debate. (1/9)
I practiced restraint to show respect to you, your Dad, the rules @debates, and @ClevelandClinic set before us, @JoeBiden, and democracy. I had a copy of my Dad's obituary ready to hand to you. (2/9)
But I don't have to show the same kind of restraint here, especially in light of the developments that your family and the ghoulish republican party in complete arrogant disregard of the rules the rest of the attendees agreed to put our lives in danger. (3/9)
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This Child. Born Patriot and Warrior of God. We were on vacation I told him he could pick out any t shirt he wanted. Out of all the choices he picked I STAND FOR THE FLAG AND I KNEEL FOR THE CROSS. He's 7. Image
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Today is the start of a new month so all month long I thought I would share a video every day of some of my favorite sports moments in my lifetime. These are in no particular order because that would be impossible to do! Hope you guys enjoy!
Day 1: Howie Kendrick’s go-ahead home run off the right-field foul pole in Game 7 of the 2019 World Series.
#MLB #Nationals
Day 2: Paul Pierce banks in the game winning buzzer beater in game 3 of the 2015 Eastern Conference semifinals.
#Wizards #NBA
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Cómo eran los túneles del vietcong en Vietnam?
Una de las "armas secretas" del vietcong,los túneles eran cavarlo con con paletas y otros instrumentos, alcanzando hasta 20 m de profundidad y pudiendo llegar a decenas de kilómetros de extensión, como encontrado por australianos.
Mientras tropas y #helicópteros #estadounidenses ocupaban los cielos y los bosques de #Vietnam, durante la guerra de 1961 a 1975, los vietnamitas del norte y las fuerzas comunistas se valieron de esa estructura primitiva, pero extremadamente eficaz.
#Historia #Guerradevietnam
Cada malla subterránea podía albergar a miles de personas,por períodos que podían durar varios meses. El complejo más famoso se encontraba en el distrito de Culo-Chi, a unos 70kms al SurEste de Saigón,la capital de 🇻🇳 del Sur,y cerca de importantes bases militares estadounidenses
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🇺🇸 #FIFAWWC/ El #FutbolFemenino estadounidense se le planta a #Trump de la mano de @mPinoe, quien dice: "No voy a ir a la maldita Casa Blanca. No, no voy a ir a la Casa Blanca. No vamos a ser invitadas, lo dudo"

#EEUU #Rapinoe #soccer #WorldCup
#Trump no se calló y hoy le respondió: "Megan debe ganar primero antes de hablar. Aún no hemos invitado a Megan o al equipo, pero estoy invitándolas ahora. Megan nunca debe faltar al respeto a nuestro país, la Casa Blanca o nuestra bandera
La pelea viene de antes, cuando #Trump le dijo que no era apropiado que no cantase el himno, quien no lo hacía como protesta contra la brutalidad y el racismo policial. Primero se arrodillaba, como Colin Kaepernick, pero frente a una regla que lo prohibió, cambio al silencio. Image
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1/ Congratulations to the #Raptors and to #Canada on winning their first NBA title. They played a great series - #kawhileonard was a great leader but 4 players with 20 points in an elimination game is huge. #NBAFinals
2/ The #Warriors showed a lot of heart and hustle in staying in this game despite injuries and had the ball in Curry's hands with a chance to win, but didn't get it done. #NBAFinals
3/ Yes, the #Warriors were banged up in an epic way, but that doesn't take away from what the #Raptors accomplished. Remember when the 1987 #Lakers beat a banged up #Celtics team? As a #Celtics fan, I was still in awe of how talented the Lakers were.
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I have read through the comments on this thread and seen so many joking about this! Have seen people ask the thread owner to park well! What I say is simple, don't bring a child here to go through what I have gone through for 33 years! Am moved to tell my story a bit!
I don't like the life I have to live under rules, treat malaria every month, filter out certain meals, cant do certain sports, cant swim, the room you sleep in must not be too cold or too hot, drugs on daily basis, antibiotics every now and then to keep infections away, consume
over 6-8 litres of water daily, Pain killers every now and then, I cant even talk about the cost of bringing up such children. First quarter of 2019 alone, spent over 780k on drugs and that should be running out by June, this excludes frequent malaria treatment &healthy eating!
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76 yr old Mom needs help…
Please take a moment & read our story. 💔
I just found out that I will be getting $514/mo for SSI but that has to go towards our home & bills/food.
I still need help w/$198/mo RX.
Also received notice that foodstamps will be CUT to $15/MONTH! 😭
Who could possibly eat on 50 cents a day or survive on $17.13/day?
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Castigate… vilify… demonize… then dehumanize! We have your political playbook, Donald Trump, and it reads like a page out of another fascist leader's in modern history.
#ProtectImmigrants #WeAreHumans
Like Benito Mussolini, your weaponizing of language is not merely a metaphor but a calculated attempt to reframe an issue-immigration-while ramping up fear, manipulating perceptions, broadcasting, and then unleashing a crisis to justify extreme and inhumane border policies.
But, we also hear the mania and desperation in your demagoguery. Jumping from subject-to-subject without a definitive line of logic or consistency in policy and actions, your malignant gibberish is infused with a daily fusillade of attacks, bullying and tedious tweets.
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#Warriors --> YOU ARE NEEDED...! Starting, NOW...!

Starting tonight, WE TWEET, WE CALL, WE EMAIL, WE THE PEOPLE...!


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