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Some years ago Oxford University Press embarked on an exciting venture to reprint classics of Urdu literature in highly readable, carefully edited/researched & aesthetically produced texts. Under @microMAF’s driven/inspiring watch many lovely vols came out including 3 vols 1/
of Tilism-e-Hoshruba, 4 of Ratan Nath Sarshar’s Alif Laila, & Ghalib Lakhnavi’s brilliant condensed version of Dastan-e-Amir Hamza. For the 1st time these texts being made available in readable scripts, professionally edited versions with great cover art by Michelle Farooqi 2/
Then tragically project was abandoned with 21 vols of Tilism, 1 of Alif Laila, other books in the works left undone. Not only that all those already printed out of print for some time. This was potentially a great literary contribution. I fail to see how it wasn’t sustainable 3/
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We have over 60 participants, but there are still some spaces left on our @Classical_Assoc Teaching Board CPD for Ancient History next Thursday. Supported by @Manchester_CA & @mcys_mmu #GCSE #ALevel #Classics #History
Pre-recorded videos for the subject-specific sessions will become available over the weekend through @Manchester_CA:…
Some great sources and approaches from @Papyrus_Stories on #Cleopatra #Rome & #Egypt 60-31BCE - inscriptions, coins, statures and more:
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As a little light summer reading for #ClassicsTwitter I am starting a series of #MarcelDetienneStories. Feel free to contribute using the tag. The last time I saw Marcel Detienne was when he came to my apartment for dinner in 2007. He had already announced his retirement from 1/
@JohnsHopkins and arrived at my place in a brand new Chrysler 300, instead of his usual green sedan, because the City of Baltimore had given him this car as a gift for service to the city when they learned he would be returning to Noisy-sur-École. We ate chicken and asparagus 2/
which I prepared with Marcel looking over my shoulder and instructing me where to cut the asparagus from the woody bits and to season the chicken only with salt. We ate and listened to Leonard Cohen's "Recent Songs." At the table I asked him if he would supervise Hopkins PhD 3/
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A thread: please be aware that the convo re multiculturalism, racism, proto-racism, oppression, etc. Is not a NEW thing in #classics and #latinteach ... A number of people have been and are doing this work for years and we've been ridiculed for it. 1/? #classicstwitter
Just because a white man says something women and BIPOC have been working on and saying doesn't mean it's new. We've been saying for years to (1) reconsider the canon, (2) BIPOC and women and LGBTQIA+ need to be included in the conversation. #Classics #latinteach #classicstwitter
(3) the Romans were colonisers, rapists, and violent. This isn't new. There is a lot of work to be done and there is room for everyone to do it. In the classroom, in professional orgs, in scholarship. #classics #classicstwitter #latinteach
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Dia 59: Avui traiem el minion de la gàbia perquè ens ajudi a fer una amanida tèbia de cors d'enciam escaldats, amb anxoves, pernil salat i pimentó fumat 🥰
Una recepta senzilla que vaig aprendre a fer fa vint anys a La Fonda Europa 🏠 #clàssics
Ingredients! 🥬 Els cors d'enciam tallats longitudinalment, els filets d'anxova tallats segons com d'estupendos us sentiu, el pernil salat i el pebre vermell dolç fumat.
Els alls a confitar ben suaument en bon oli. ImageImageImageImage
Posem les anxoves sobre els cabdells i ensenyem els tatuatges de dinosaures. Això és especialment important perquè quedi bo 🦕🦖🐊
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Wheelock: Time to introduce you all to participles.
Students: What are those?
W: Verbal adjectives!
S: okay...?
W: That means that in addition to having a case, number, and gender, every participle also has a tense and a voice.
S: wait what
W: It's easy!
Students: is it tho
Wheelock: Sure! Let's start with the perfect passive participle. You already know it!
S: do we?
W: I hope so! Here's the present active, too.
W: By the way, participles can also have direct objects, so participial phrases get their own internal grammar.
Students: wtaf
Wheelock: Here's the future active participle! Just remember to from the perfect passive stem.
S: are you shitting me
W: We'll finish with the future passive participle.
S: ...from the perfect passive stem?
W: Oh, no - use the present stem.
S: what
W: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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(THREAD) When my son was in Gr 10 he brough home, To Kill a Mockingbird. I was angry -my child, was reading a text of a past romanticized by some, even tho it was riddled with #racism. I wondered how many texts he would read that looked like him. But he had to read that- why?
I had asked many times for a reading list of books theyd have in their English class. I asked if the texts looked like them, reflected their experiences bc #IdentityMatters. I never could get an answer. Replies included, it was a #Classic but y'all know #Classics aint #Neutral
Of course, the response when we have these convos - "Y'all want to Censor...". Funny how "#freeSpeech" and "#censorship" always come up when issues of #equity are being discussed. That our children shouldn't be exposed to #racism and #trauma they live EVERY. SINGLE. DAY
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A thread about understanding my role as a teacher of color in the discipline of #Classics through some unexpected but very welcome and engaging one-on-one conversations with students today. #ClassicsTwitter #TeachAncient 1/
Today is the first (and probably last) Sunday for me in Worcester this semester, so I decided to spend the day on campus to get some work done. I extended an invitation to my students in #CLAS102 to come visit me in my office since their first papers are due this Tuesday. 2/
I was surprised to have four students take me up on my offer, but glad for it, as I love talking with students one on one, hearing their ideas, helping them strengthen arguments, etc. I hope to have more one on one meetings as the semester progresses. 3/
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Introducing #ClassicalZooarchaeology
This is my 1st thread highlighting how animal bones can answer important questions in the ancient Mediterranean
#Zooarchaeology is often thought of as a niche study, but it relates to traditional forms of evidence
#scicomm #humanities
When we think of #Classics, ancient texts are often prioritized. Animals were an important topic for ancient authors
For example, according to the TLG the lemma hippos (horse) is the 13th most common term in Homer’s Iliad (417 mentions). Horses were important to epic warfare
It’s no surprise that animals – especially plow oxen – are important to Hesiod’s agricultural poem Works and Days
But texts don’t tell the whole picture about #AncientAnimals
Pigs are only mentioned once in Hesiod: boars should be castrated on the 8th day of the month (WD 790)
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