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#Enshittification is platforms devouring themselves: first they tempt users with goodies. Once users are locked in, goodies are withdrawn and dangled before businesses. Once business customers are stuck, all value is claimed for platform shareholders:…

1/ A complex mandala of knobs ...
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Enshittification isn't just another way of saying "fraud" or "price gouging" or "wage theft." Enshittification is intrinsically digital, because moving all those goodies around requires the flexibility that only comes with a *digital* businesses.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Pluralistic is three; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ William Blake's watercolor of Cerebrus, the three-headed hel
Pluralistic is three: Time flies when you're writing blogs.… 2/
Hey look at this

* 'Landlords Are a Scum Class': Everything I've Learnt About London Renting…

* The Lie That's Destroying the Economy

* What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?… (h/t Tom Jennings) 3/
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In "Social Quitting," my latest @LocusMag column, I analyze the precipitous #VibeShift of the dominant social media platforms: how we so quickly went from wondering how to get shut of them to asking where we go now that we're all ready to quit.… 1/ The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 397. The Israelites colle
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The core of the argument revolves around #surpluses - that is, the value that exists in the service. For a user, surpluses are things like "being able to converse with your friends" and "being able to plan activities with your friends." 3/
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Conspiratorialism's weirdest idea is that word games are the key to uncovering secret plots. As @kenchengcomedy points out, it's very weird that antivaxers are obsessed with the fact that "delta" and "omicron" are an anagram for "media control."… 1/ A blurred Petsmart mall store. In the foreground is a giant
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As Chang says, "do they think the coronavirus was invented by Tom Marvolo Riddle?" And yet, sometimes, villains really *do* use word-games to tip their hands. 3/
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"It’s mediaschmerz—a sadness about the news cycle and news media, which is distinct from the experience of our everyday life. I’m not sure if I think this is good or bad. It simply is. Individual hope and national despair are not contradictions." @DKThomp…
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"If your goal is simply to mitigate the harmful impact loneliness can have on your health, what matters most is having at least one important person in your life — whether that’s a partner, a parent, a friend or someone else." -- Jeffrey Hall…
Missing in action: five issues the major parties are avoiding in the 2022 federal election…
#AustralianFederalElections, #ElectorateIssues, #CandidateDebate
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"Like all of us, love is a complex beast: only by embracing it in its entirety do we truly understand it, and ourselves. And this means understanding its evolutionary story, the good and the bad." -- Anna Machin…
A viral database is helping desperate Kenyans find fuel - Rest of World…
#KenyanStartup, #FuelSupplies, #FuelPrices, #CrowdsourcingData, #OpenSourceDatabase, #IkoWhere
The Great Resignation is becoming a “great midlife crisis” - Vox…
#GreatResignation, #MidlifeCrisis, #EarlyRetirement, #GreatReshuffle, #recession, #inflation
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"When you push against a system and it is an unjust system, you must prepare yourself mentally for the isolation and resistance that comes with that. Activism and whistleblowing looks sexy on TV, but it’s hard on your mind and wellbeing." --Dr. Monica Cox…
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#BLS #NFP Distracted Jobs Day to you.
Hard to pay attention with what is going on abroad.
Fed's move is known, and constrained by market reaction to the above.
A glance will be had at wage and income growth.
Headline number will likely underperform consensus.
But no one will care
Here we go:
Non farm payrolls up by 678,000
Private sector 654,000
Unemployment 3.8%
Boy was I wrong. More to come.
Hourly wages were flat though!
OK, there was a BIG catch-up in all the low-wage/low-hours jobs we had been missing for months. Over 360,000 jobs restored in retail, leisure and hospitality, education and healthcare and administrative and waste alone. This is why aggregate hourly wage growth was only a penny.>>
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/21/2022…
Meet Twist: MIT’s Quantum Programming Language Keeping tabs on data entanglement keeps reins on buggy quantum code…
#QuantumProgrammingLanguage, #DataEntanglement, #QuantumCode
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Over and over in the history of labor rights, we see the same story: if workers exclude a group from labor protections, bosses will recruit that group to scab against them and smash their power. 1/ Child Labor: Breaker Boys, Pittston, PA, USA, 1911. A mixtur
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Xenophobes argue that this means we should block immigration to head off competition with low-waged workers, but history teaches us that this is a losing move.

The winning move is solidarity with every worker, regardless of immigration status, national origin, gender, or age. 3/
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Unternehmen finden in den USA keine Arbeitskräfte mehr. Ursache: Millionen von Amerikaner haben #LongCovid. Das Problem sei viel größer als ursprünglich gedacht. Gibt sogar ne Wortkreation dafür: #GreatResignation. Gefährdet Erholung von #Wirtschaft. 1/2…
Konservativ gerechnet seien es mindestens 19 Millionen Betroffene. Die Forscher sind überrascht, das niemand darüber spreche. Das sind knapp 6% der Bevölkerung. In Deutschland wären das 7,5 Millionen Betroffene. Also grob 1x die Einwohner der Schweiz oder 2x komplett Berlin. 2/2
In your face #Merz, in your face #Scholz, #Lindner, #Kubicki und überhaupt jedem, der gerade schweigt, es negiert, runterspielt, in Kauf nimmt oder über Öffnungen diskutieren will mitten in der schlimmsten Welle. Ihr seid schön versichert, mit hohem Einkommen und habt...
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You've heard about the #GreatResignation, the legions of American workers who have reached a breaking point with their abusive, underpaid jobs and jumped ship. 1/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
It's a remarkable, spontaneous, uncoordinated uprising that sees Alice quitting her job and Bob quitting his, and then Alice getting Bob's old job at a better wage, and Bob getting Alice's old job at a better wage, too. 2/
After 40 years of wage stagnation, workers are finally starting to claim back some of the share of the profits that had been diverted from people who do things to people who own things.

But as great as the Great Resignation is, it could be greater. 3/
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A thread of what I wrote and podcast interviews in 2021, primarily about labor and union topics. #UnionYes #UnionStrong #1u
1) On Laborlines, a discussion of developments in the labor movement,…
2) A deep dive into research on how union membership impacts white workers’ racial attitudes, for @organizingwork,…
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We are at a 20 year low of hiring yield = hires/opening. HR folks, you are not imagining it.

Both an unusually synchronized surge in hiring efforts across organizations as well as a low unemployment rate are driving this.

I am often asked: what can employers do?
Improvements to retention & recruitment can both increase your ability to be selective in hiring, rather than desperate.

For most, start with retention. You already convinced these people to work with you. You are in constant communication with them.

Your employees know what they care about most. Find ways to hear them honestly (pulse surveys, supervisor evals, labor-mgmt partnership...).

Then deliver. Every employer made big operational changes in pandemic. Use job & org design to smooth rough edges created unintentionally
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