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Are you a #juniordoctor or #medstudent?

Here's 10 great FREE modules to help get you started on the wards!

#meded #medschool #tipsfornewdocs #juniordocs #FOAMed #medtwitter #medstudenttwitter #juniordoctors #medstudents
Occasionally you'll need to perform sterile procedures. Make sure you prepare the best you can
Providing basic life support is a core skill for all healthcare staff

#basiclifesupport #bls #FOAMresus #resuscitation
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07-11-2022: #MostlyMomentum- Flexi Cap Daily Update



Top 3 Gainers馃挌:
#MAZDOCK: 3.76%
#MIDHANI: 3.51%

Top 3 Losers鉂わ笍:
#GANECOS: -2.11%

#StockMarket #Investing #Stocks
Changes Done鈽戯笍:




Comparative Performance, Drawdown, and Investment Value v/s Portfolio Value:
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Sharp drop in job openings according to the latest #JOLTS data from the #BLS.

Job openings fell 10% between July and August 2022, from 11.2 million to 10.1 million.

The largest fall in job openings were in health care and social assistance, other services, and retail trade. Image
Other topline indicators in the #JOLTS report saw little to no change in August. The hires rate was unchanged as separations ticked up slightly, due in part to a mild increase in the layoffs and discharges rate while the quits rate held steady. Image
The level of hires increased slightly from 6.2 to 6.3 million (mostly rounding) while the level of quits ticked up (4.0 to 4.1 million) and layoffs and discharges ticked up (1.4 to 1.5 million). To be clear these changes are all pretty small and display general series volatility. Image
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La clave de una buena reanimaci贸n cardiopulmonar son las compresiones. Es incre铆ble ver en #simulaci贸n y en la vida real las veces que se paran las compresiones si te pones a mirar desde fuera 馃様.
Son paradas totalmente innecesarias por falta de formaci贸n o de pr谩ctica.
Hay una cosa que se llama Fracci贸n de Compresi贸n Tor谩cica, que es el porcentaje de tiempo del tiempo total de la reanimaci贸n en el que se practican compresiones. Deber铆a ser m铆nimo del 60% pero intentar alcanzar el 80%.
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#BLS #NFP estimates for July hover around 270K, but recent estimates have proven dramatically unreliable to the downside.
At some point, the opposite will be the case.
With unemployment claims rising, let's see if this is the month?
NFP shock at +528,000 jobs created or restored.
Average hourly earnings up 0.5%.
This was NOT the month for a retrenchment, to say the least.
More to come....
Upward adjustments from prior months pretty much across the board. The labor force DECLINED (continuing prior pattern) by 63K and the unemployment rate falls to 3.5%.
The Fed's trajectory is clear at this point.
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How to Spot New Leaders in BEAR Market

A Short Thread馃У

If you want a Youtube Video drop a " YES"
Inspiration and credits: Mark Minervini sir
Youtube Link :

What to Look for ?

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#BLS #NFP Distracted Jobs Day to you.
Hard to pay attention with what is going on abroad.
Fed's move is known, and constrained by market reaction to the above.
A glance will be had at wage and income growth.
Headline number will likely underperform consensus.
But no one will care
Here we go:
Non farm payrolls up by 678,000
Private sector 654,000
Unemployment 3.8%
Boy was I wrong. More to come.
Hourly wages were flat though!
OK, there was a BIG catch-up in all the low-wage/low-hours jobs we had been missing for months. Over 360,000 jobs restored in retail, leisure and hospitality, education and healthcare and administrative and waste alone. This is why aggregate hourly wage growth was only a penny.>>
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This week we will discuss #Ventilation during #Resuscitation. As a starter, we鈥檇 like to hear from you.

In your practice, which of the following ventilation parameters do you routinely measure during resuscitation?

@ERC_resus #ResusciTuesdays #ResusTwitter #CPR #ALS
Thanks a lot for all your answers.

Let鈥檚 reveal the right answer (and more) through this thread with this interesting information brought by @johannes_wittig
An incomplete story of excessive ventilation during #CPR

In 2004, Aufderheide et al. investigated the harmful dimensions of ventilation during CPR. #OHCA CPR attempts of 13 adults were observed; .. (1)..
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Another month, another Swiss railway goodbye.
Today: #CJ's really old school standard gauge branch line Porrentruy鈥揃onfol and the last days of their class RBDe 566 I trainsets.
Join @Felyxorez and me for a little goodbye tour!
#AjoieBijou Image
First point: What line again?
We're in the #Ajoie, a secluded and quite France-like part of 馃嚚馃嚟, separated from the rest of the country by the Jura mountains.
It's here, where the Chemins de fer du Jura operate a short branch line from Porrentruy to Bonfol.
[Maps: SBB]
#AjoieBijou ImageImageImage
The 11 km long line opened in 1901 as 芦R茅gional Porrentruy鈥揃onfol禄 (RPB). Only 9 years later, the line became international, as it was extended by 2km to the border to connect to the German (after 1945: French) Dannemaire鈥揚fetterhouse line built in 1910!
#AjoieBijou Image
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馃挕 Consejos para la colocaci贸n de los parches para desfibrilar/cardiovertir.

#urgencias #emergencias #urgenciasyemergencias #RCP #PCR #CPR #pads #parches #desfibrilaci贸n #defibrilation #reanimaci贸n #cr铆ticos #ACLS #BLS #SVCA #SVB #AHA #ERC
Las 煤ltimas gu铆as de RCP de la ERC nos recalcan algunos puntos interesantes de la colocaci贸n de los parches:
1锔忊儯 Colocaci贸n del parche apical en la l铆nea axilar media izquierda, aprox a la altura del electrodo V6. (ver dibujo del primer tuit)
Es importante ver el dibujo, porque en mis clases de electros tengo que explicar bien donde va V6 y no es donde se cree la gente. Como nos dicen en las gu铆as, en t茅rminos pr谩cticos, la almohadilla debe colocarse justo debajo de la axila.
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Good #BLS #NFP Jobs Day.
Below are my pre-report observations on what to look for.
Stay tuned for quick analysis and, thereafter, the @jobqualityindex data related to today's report.
Non-farms payrolls up 199,000
Private sector up 211,000 (loss of government workers)
Unemployment rate falls to 3.9% as labor force increases by only 168,000. LFPR flat at 61.9.
Stay tuned for additional analysis, but this is miserable data.
Upward revisions for two prior months totaled 141,000. Not bad, but nowhere near enough to offset the bad news today.
Leisure and hospitality hiring DID stall in December, up only 41,000 vs. 211,000 in November. Retail jobs fell (at Christmas!) by 13,300 (perhaps seasonal adj?)
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Good Jobs Day everyone. Today we see if the slow pace of reduction in continuing (not initial) extended and supplemented unemployment claims is again reflected in the #BLS data for June. Estimates for job growth of ~600K private and ~700K total sound reasonable, but its dicey.
If we get a big jump in jobs, we should see a slump in wages as most of the jobs seeking worker are low-wage/low-hours jobs. And they are not likely the type to draw in people off the bench from either the unemployed OR those who have left the labor force:鈥
#BLS Non-farm payrolls rise by 850,000
The U-3 unemployment rate remains at 5.9%
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Good Jobs Day morning! Hopefully we will see a renewed acceleration in the restoration of jobs during May. But after we dissect the data at 8:30am EDT. the remaining question will be which sectors still have not returned to prepandemic employment levels?
Answer: Mostly low income
We know that the re-employment gap is mostly in the low income sectors (below) because there are many workers receiving unemployment benefits exceeding incomes from their old jobs.
What we don't know is whether all their old jobs are really still there!鈥
With the above as prologue, stay tuned for the data in 5 minutes....
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On @NPR @MorningEdition this morning with @NPRinskeep chatting about unemployment and my @nytopinion essay from yesterday...鈥
...and here is a link to the @nytimes piece:
Americans Don鈥檛 Want to Return to Low Wage Jobs
Continuing on the U.S. Employment front this morning, we just had a really good number out of #ADP of 978,000 jobs added in May. We'll see tomorrow if that squares with the #BLS numbers and offers a "catch-up" from the disappointing April data. But now, Unemployment Claims...
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I know many projects in #crypto are using the milagro libraries for #BLS, especially #java projects.

It's a good lib, but is *slow* & the newer version of it doesn't have some stuff I need.

You can find an optimized version at鈥

Most of the optimizations are mid/high level & don't touch any math. Mainly hand optimized loops, memory use & allocations, removing redundant ops etc

Improvement yields ~ 2x on signing, ~5x on aggregation and ~4-5x on verification.

I need to write many tests, use with care!
Oh there was also a pretty critical bug when doing concurrent signing / verification.

This is fixed also.
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The #Ethereum #proofofstake #phase0 #beaconchain is getting close to launch!

So what?

Here's a thread to explain why millions of dollars of #ETH are being moved into this state of the art gadget, what makes it different from other #PoS systems, and why it was worth the wait!
First things first: even though the #beaconchain is being referred to as an #eth2 or "Ethereum 2.0" technology, it does not exist to replace the current Ethereum Virtual Machine we know and love as "Ethereum 1.0" today. If you're using the EVM, you're fine. It's not going away.
Instead, the beacon chain is a gadget that was planned even from before the launch of "Ethereum 1.0" to be swapped in for the #proofofwork system, called "Ethash", which currently secures that same EVM environment.鈥
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The #ADP June payrolls miss (2.4mm vs 3.0mm expected) bodes poorly for tomorrow's #BLS data. This result is almost certainly the effect of PPP monies, that fueled "re-payrolling" in May, starting to run out. We will see more of this in July, as the $512B in PPP has flushed thru.
More to come in July, but there's little chance that we can avoid resumption of layoffs of workers "re-payrolling" by firms needing to get out payroll $s to realize PPP loan forgiveness. PPP sized to eight weeks of support: Not enough. July will be trouble鈥
Stay tuned here for the twin jobs witching hour at 8:30am EDT tomorrow, when we get BOTH the #BLS employment situation data for June (survey date June 12th) and initial unemployment claims data for the week ended June 27th. The calendar is key now!
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The March #JobsReport released this morning largely reflects lagged conditions, as there鈥檚 a mismatch between the timing of #coronavirus-related developments later in the month of March, and the timing of the @BLS_gov鈥檚 establishment survey earlier in the month.
And the decline in nonfarm #payrolls, of -701,000 jobs, while a sharp reversal from strong Jan/Feb #employment figures, is going to get much worse in the months to come, as the #BLS鈥檚 surveys catch up with the reality of significant #economic shutdowns across most states.
Therefore, #employment data such as today鈥檚 report, and initial and continuing claims for #unemployment, will grow in importance from here as a broad barometer of #economic health and for understanding the transition of the #economy through this crisis.
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MARCH 12th - keep that date in mind this morning. We will have lots to talk about regarding the #BLS employment situation report at 8:30am EDT. But remember that the test date for "jobs day" data is the 12th of the month being reported. And March 12 was before the lock downs.>>
>>Consequently, today's Non-farm Payroll data won't come anywhere near reflecting the reality of the #COVID19 pandemic impact.
Nevertheless, will be back at 8:30 and expect to see a material, if early, loss of front line low-wage/low-hours - see why, here:
#BLS #NFP Payrolls decline by 701,000 with the unemployment rate at 4.4. This is just the tip of the iceberg as the reference date for the data is the week ending March 13th, before the social and economic lock downs. But really bad.>>
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Best news from the ECB's Bank Lending Survey: TLTRO used largely to grant new loans to corporates, easing credit standards slightly. Image
Worst news from the ECB's Bank Lending Survey: demand for loans to enterprises聽declined for the first time in 6 years, mostly driven by developments in France and Spain. Image
Overall no clear sign that the ECB is getting closer to the reversal rate (compared with the previous BLS) but a few warning signs that, well, economic growth matters more than anything else. #BLS
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2019 ends with solid job growth and tepid wage growth.鈥
1/n #Jobs #JobsReport #BLS #Wages
This morning鈥檚 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that December payroll employment growth was 145,000 and year-over-year nominal wage growth was 2.9%鈥攖he lowest it鈥檚 been in 18 months. The unemployment rate came in at 3.5%, holding steady since November.
Today鈥檚 report gives a look back on all of 2019. Average monthly job creation has held remarkably steady for the past nine years, but it did soften in the last year, from 223,000 in 2018 to 176,000 in 2019, as the one-time boost of the fiscal stimulus from 2018 has wore off.
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#BLS Today's job's report will be the last prior to the launch of the U.S. Private Sector Job Quality Index (JQI) on November 14th, which will thereafter be updated and released on each "jobs day." #JQI is a collaborative of @Cornell, @cpa_tradereform, @UMKC and @GISP_Tweets,>>
>and tracks shifts in job quality related to relative levels of weekly income (wages times hours) on a real time basis from month to month. The JQI reveals is three decades of astonishing job quality decline, reflecting a substantial increase in the number of>>
> production and non-supervisory jobs that are below the mean level weekly incomes of all such jobs. In 1990, 52.7% of those jobs fell below the mean 鈥 but since then, 63% of all net new job formation has been lower wage/lower hours. >>
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Dear medical professionals,
Do you know how to perform high quality #cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

You have been invited to speak with one of the board members of a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria about your proposal.
1)During the first 10 minutes of your conversation, you noticed that the man has been coughing and holding his chest, suddenly he falls to the ground and you discover that there is no pulse or respiration

As a medical practitioner, what is your first call of action?
2)Do you know the universal sign to differentiate between Cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Are you confident about what to do at this point?

Do you know how to activate emergency response system?

#Nurse #medic #Emergency #heartattack #cardiacarrest
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JUST RELEASED: Tariffs and trade policy seen to be pushing up prices and reducing profits #ESMS #BLS
Supplementary questions to the August Empire State Manufacturing Survey and Business Leaders Survey focused on the effects of recent changes in trade policies鈥攁nd specifically tariffs鈥攐n businesses in the region. #BLS #ESMS
In the current survey, 72% of manufacturers and 45% of service firms indicated that at least some revenues came from foreign customers over the past year. #BLS #ESMS
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