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#RomanaDidulo's convoy team speaks out. These next days will be critical to see how she navigates the loss of following and challenged leadership. I hope the authorities are also paying attention.
The fall of #RomanaDidulo has it all.
Dildos, death threats, previous employees dropping receipts, and a little story of Romana nearly burning down the RV.
Her new Admins seem to be MIA. Her Admin chat is 98 percent dildos.The other pages look mostly like this.
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There were lots of comments on this post. I was expecting to see at least a few of #DruthersNews followers calling out the grift. I was wrong. #Omicron #COVID19 #WearAMask ImageImage
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A thread about drug smuggling, the British Empire, and the ways in which historical wrongdoing by the Establishment persists into the present day. 🧐🧵🌳🍃🍂⛓ #EstablishmentPsychopathy #history #ToriesOut #OpiumWar #ColonialViolence
It’s generally well known that the Opium Wars of the mid nineteenth century were launched by Britain against China in order to benefit British drug smugglers… 🤨🇬🇧🇨🇳 #OpiumWars #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
After all, even the National Army Museum – not typically regarded as a bastion of anti-Establishment lefties – states this frankly in its displays on the Opium Wars. #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
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You know what #GUTTERSNIPE? I knew you were a heartless, coldblooded crook when you took your good father's thumbprints while he was comatose to transfer his property to yourself. I also knew you would debase yourself serving our mendacious #DeepState and lie incessantly 2/
2/ in its favour. But I never knew you would dive so deep into the sewer to make some bucks! Have you seen the Food truck in which #nikkaNiazi is shown handing out food with a uniformed chef complete with toque on his head? What do you think that truck would cost? Ball 3/
3/ Park figure is $60,000.00 CIF. Thats almost Rs. 1 Crore for ONE! Got it, #Thumbelina? You are propagating bloody nonsense trotted out by the grifter! Be ashamed of yourself!!
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Donald Trump has been allowed to post again. Here's my critique:
Appalled by this violence - WHAT A FUCKING LIE
Who infiltrated the Capitol - They BROKE IN 1/
I immediately deployed the National GUARD — BULLSHIT, PENCE had to do it.
A nation of law and order - YOU instigated lawlessness
You do not represent the country - EXACTLY, they represent what YOU ARE ALL ABOUT: Me,Me,Me
My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the election - WHAT UTTER BULLSHIT, you were a SORE LOSER!
I was fighting to defend American Democracy — YOU WERE FIGHTING TO CONTINUE GRIFTING for DOLLARS
Ensure faith and confidence - you wanted to overturn lawful election
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🚨BREAKING: self-claimed “billionaire” @realDonaldTrump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017.

Trump paid ZERO income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years—largely because he *reported LOSING much more money than he made*.

🔥The @nytimes **GOT TRUMP’s #TaxReturns extending over more than two decades** for Trump personally and the hundreds of companies that make up his business organization, including detailed information from his first two years in office.💥

Trump’s finances are under stress—huge losses + hundreds of $millions in debt coming due he personally guaranteed. And a 10-year audit battle with the IRS over a $72.9 million tax refund he got after declaring huge losses. An adverse ruling could cost him >$100 million.😎
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@VWurm68 #VWurm68 started a @KickStarter back in April 2015, getting 7 backers who pledged $300 to bring her project to life.
@VWurm68 #VWurm68 started a GFM with a goal of $2,500 for a “Veteran Blessing Pack” on Oct 9th 2018, which was fulfilled through an Amazon Wish List.
@VWurms68 #VWurms68 had another acct called @Trust4Trump #Trust4Trump which no longer exists, and continues to do her thing under what seems to be her primary account.
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Biden puts Trump to shame

Biden made the case that Trump fundamentally doesn’t understand the job. “Trump offers no moral leadership; seems to have no interest in unifying this nation, no evidence the presidency has awakened his conscience in the least,” he said.

Biden recounted the parade of Trump horribles — from Charlottesville (“very fine people on both sides”) to raising fear of a refugee “invasion” to calling Baltimore a “disgusting, rat-infected and rodent mess” that “no human being” would choose to live in.

Biden did accuse Trump of pouring fuel on the fire, retweeting white nationalist messages and cutting funding to fight domestic, white nationalist terrorism.

He said Trump’s invoking of mental health as the issue was “a dodge”
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The Trump Adm has virtually obliterated the lines normally separating gov’t policy making from corporate & foreign interests & sought to profit personally

Flynn, Barrack & others pushed a scheme to build dozens of nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia.


And did so while seeking to avoid 123 restrictions on the transfer of U.S. nuclear technology and reap profits from the effort

Barrack submitted drafts of 2016 'America First' energy speech to UAE & Saudi for edits & TeamTrump largely accommodated requested changes.

Barrack arranged for language requested by the UAE & Saudi officials to be added to Trump’s speech with the help of Manafort.

“This is the most likely final version of the speech. It has the language you want,” wrote Manafort in an email to Barrack
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Trump tells ABC he'd take info about 2020 opponents from foreign powers

Trump Still Hasn’t Condemned Russia for Interfering in the 2016 Elex

GOP & the Trump Adm naked attempt to permanently rig elections—exposed.

Feds eye NatSec case against Mar-a-lago intruder

Trump has denied wrongdoing, played the victim, & refrained from criticizing Russia’s role in the 2016 elex, & failed to do anything, which should raise grave concerns amongst all Americans.

House Holds Barr & Ross in Contempt After Trump Asserts Executive Privilege

House panel passes 9/11 victims fund bill a day after Jon Stewart's emotional testimony

EG: “Just rechecked the ol' PACER for the EDVA Rocket Docket (the one with the National Security) and it looks like around 850 sealed cases in 2019 alone”

Time to load the canon!
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Aly, you’re quite smart for a profoundly dumb potato! So this is how you’ve been killing off all the burner accounts, ha?!
Such a busy busy potato with your lil stubby reporting fingers! Bad potato, bad potato🗞🗞 Image
Aly vacationed in “Indonesia” last year and posted this. Only this...nothing else! 🧐
But he wants to take 5 young women to “Greece”. Okay. Sure, Jan!🙄
#alyashleyjash #scammypotato Image
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Over the past few months, several scam accounts have popped up that call themselves #resistance. Some ask for #donations to help impeach Trump. Some sell shirts, phone cases, etc. And there are others that ask for money for various causes. THREAD 1 #scam #donate #con #PSA
I’ve written about some before, I have a collection of threads about them here. 2… #fraud #con #ripoff #cheat
You can verify a charity’s non-profit status before donating. Donations to non-profits are always TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so get a receipt! 3
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